EXCLUSIVE: Heineman to announce Presidential Exploratory Committee

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is forming an exploratory committee to run for President of the United States.  Leavenworth Street has learned that Heineman will make the announcement that he is launching the committee within the next ten days.

The URL Heineman2012.com has already been purchased.  And this “Draft Heineman” Facebook page just went up as well.

His former campaign manager and mastermind of the Tom Osborne upset, Carlos Castillo, will get things moving for the Iowa Caucuses, and they will look to expand for New Hampshire and beyond.

The two and a half term Republican Governor is term-limited and will be out of office, in any case, by 2014.  So frankly, why not.  Consider this:


  • is a very popular Republican Governor
  • is Vice-Chair of the National Governor’s Association — and has political ties throughout the country
  • is a graduate of West Point and the Army Airborne Ranger schools — to help flesh out his military bona fides
  • was a Capitol Hill staffer, so he knows the Washington sets
  • beat the most popular figure in the state (former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne) to become Governor — so he knows what it’s like to come out of nowhere and take on Goliath.

But here is the best part for Heineman:  Currently, Goliath is no where to be seen.

Who is Heineman afraid of?  Daniels?  Trump?  Bachman?

Heck, Heineman lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Iowa.  A trip there takes him a few hours round trip.  He can do that without expending much energy at all.

And if it doesn’t work out for him?  Feh.  He goes back to Lincoln and enjoys his job.

But if it does, Heineman can take the common sense, good governance and conservative credentials nationwide and sweep ‘em off their feet.

Americans are looking for competence right now.  Their crush on Barack Obama has passed.  They want their house in order now that the party is over.

Dave Heineman may just be the man to do it.

We will look forward to watching this as it unfolds.


As it turns out, we are now learning that the announcement of Governor Dave’s exploratory committee by us may have been premature.  We are not saying it is NOT going to happen…but well…

Try this:  Take the first letter of each word in the caption of the photo above (minus the parenthetical) and see what you get.

Have a great weekend and Go Jays!


  1. NE Voter says:

    Absolutely hilarious.

    The egos and hubris of Nebraska’s “big name” Republicans are an embarassment to Nebraskans.

    If anything, Heineman is running for the number 2 spot on the GOP ticket that is on schedule to go down in flames in November 2012. Of course, then Heineman can parlay his newfound “national standing” into a cabinet gig in 2016, assuming the Republicans retake the White House in 2016 (as history suggests). Or maybe a book deal, like his pal Sarah Palin, who at age 46, suddenly becamse the author of two books when, two years previously, she couldn’t name two books that had influenced her.


    I can’t wait to see Heineman wading through the crowds of birthers; truthers; 2nd Amendment nutjobs; anti-choice zealots; Hispanic-hating tea partiers; Glenda Beck 9-12 Hatriots and other assorted misguided Republican primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.


  2. Uncle Wiggily says:

    What would be really April Cool-sy (instead of Fool-sy) is if DH really did run … shoot, he’s got at least as much chance as most of the rest of the Pubbie wannabe’s. And he’s got more game than most of them.

    Good job, Sweeper … not as nifty as a couple other 4/1 posts you’ve done … but not bad.


  3. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds. http://twitter.com/LeavenworthSt
    To wit, See that Mark Lakers’ former campaign manager, Jon Degner, is suing Lakers for defamation and back pay.
    How about this quote:
    “Assets need to be liquidated for cash and, if that can not be done, than (sic) move on cowboy! We simply do not have the cash to do more than we have done.”
    Not an April Fools joke.

  4. NE Voter says:

    Haw — Good one SS. I certainly took the bait! 4/1 Day is so far off my radar that I’ll take the bait every time.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ve just been hired to do the web site for Gov. Heineman’s exploratory committee. And, yes, I had to go register as a Republican before they’d take me.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    Brian, I think that would be a really good gig for you. You have the smarts and, with your ability to turn a phrase, I think you could design a web presence that would be interesting as well as broadly appealing. Congrats and good luck.

  7. Spike says:

    Well Bush 2 proved that any JERK could be POTUS so why not a bit of Heiney!!! I don’t think anyone could possibly F things up worse then B2 did!!!

  8. Anonymostly says:

    Well Bush 2 proved that any JERK could be POTUS so why not a bit of Heiney!!! I don’t think anyone could possibly F things up worse then B2 did!!!

    Then along came Obama and things definitely got effed up worse.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great April fools day joke. I laughed so hard I had bubbles coming through my nose. Deficit Dave would fit in with the num nuts of the GOP borrow and spend and all talk and no do type of government. Maybe he can get RWP to be his running mate.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    That was pretty good. I was fooled for a while because of previous talk about the possibility. Getting Newt and Bachmann to get in on the act to give it even more believability by announcing they were running, too, was an act of genius. You are quite the trickster!

  11. Dennis says:

    Very good April fool’s day joke. Nice work. On a more serious note, the GOP Presidential field for 2012 is so weak it might provide an opening for Governor Dave. He should consider taking the plunge. As Joe Klein said: I have never before seen such a bunch of vile, desperate-to-please, shameless, embarrassing losers coagulated under a single party’s banner. They are the most compelling argument I’ve seen against American exceptionalism.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am waiting for the Republicans to say something about I am smarter than a 5th grader bill (not) that Eric Cantor wants to be a law. It says if the HR passes the same bill twice it becomes the law of the land with out Senate approval or even a Presidential signature. It seems like yesterday when all you heard from Republicans was their love of the constitution. I guess they only like parts of the constitution. The parts about guns. I am sure I won’t get even a peep about why this is wrong from any card caring GOP.

  13. Lil Mac says:

    When I see “humanitarian” Liberal Democrats calling Glenn Beck “Glenda”, I wonder how much hate it takes for a Democrat to denigrate women or homosexuals by throwing a female name at Glenn Beck based on them hating his political opinion? This terrible treatment of women or homosexuals by Liberals reminds me of Obama’s “Special Olympics” joke.

    We see this all the time. Democrats who deem themselves loving souls full of goodness spew hate speech and bigoted KKK-like epitaphs at people they disagree with. The hard core “left” see themselves as so humanitarian that they can say any inhuman thing they wish. We aren’t saying Republicans don’t do the same. But its the Left that prides itself on its heart.

    No matter how hateful the epitaph; no matter how bigoted, rotten, misogynistic, sexist or cruel the comment; the cream of Social Liberal cum progressive, governmentalist, authoritarian’s have it in their somehow minds they are immune to accusations of hateful bigotry and small-minded cruelty because they prove they are lovingly sweet humanitarians by simply being Liberal members of the Democratic Party.

    This is the mother of all circular reasoning and it gives solid electoral hope to every American who sees these people as basically shallow, hypocritical, shortsighted, and mean.

  14. Brian T. Osborn says:

    and … who in the hell ever said that we Liberals have to be nice all the time? That’s just another winger myth.

  15. GeosUser says:

    Debating or arguing with a progressive/liberal/communist/marxist is a waste of time. In all its various forms, liberalism is a form of severe mental illness in which the deluded patient truly believes that everyone has the right to claim some part of another’s life simply due to their own existence. No matter how they rename it, it’s the philosophy of gutter dwelling moochers. Some of the milder forms of this delusional condition can be successfully treated with extensive electro-shock therapy. But the hard core patients, like the progressives who rant on here, are almost always beyond hope or help…unless they happen to end up spending considerable time in other parts of the world where moochers don’t tend to live all that long.

    April 15th may hold out some hope for the future. The first installment of “Atlas Shrugged” debuts in some select US cities…with the second and third parts of the planned trilogy scheduled for 2012 and 2013.

  16. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Go get your guns, grab some grub, and go live in the forest where you can be the independent, free-spirited, stand-on-your-own-two-feet kind of guy that your fervent imagination believes you to be.
    I spent considerable time living in other parts of the world, have you? Go base your utopia on the raving meanderings of a novelist if you chose to, but the rest of us will continue to live in the real world of societies that depend on its citizens supporting one another. We live in a world where we have real identities, not just the imaginary ones wherein we envision ourselves as super-humans possessing supernatural wisdom. Maybe you could be a comic book character if you’d learn to laugh at yourself. The rest of us are already laughing at you.

  17. GeosUser says:

    And so speaks one of the most self deluded moochers of all…BTO. He lives in society “that depends on its citizens supporting one another”, in other words, just due to the fact BTO exists he thinks he has some claim on my life…a classic moocher through and through.

  18. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I wouldn’t want your lousy life if they gave me a million bucks to sweeten the deal. Lounging around in the swill of your misery, fantasizing about your own “greatness,” pontificating on everything that you know nothing about would be pure hell.
    Living in a society with other people does mean that we have to get along with one another, and support one another. That is the whole concept behind the formation of the UNITED States. Our country’s forefathers didn’t generate a nation of independent individuals, they generated a nation that survived because we all pulled together. Remember the old motto: United we stand, divided we fall? What the hell do you think that was all about? I know what it meant. Most of us “get it.” But fools like you believe the Hollywood version of the “rugged individual.” You think you are Jeremiah Freaking Johnson while sitting around in your pajamas in your mamma’s basement. You type your spoon-fed winger mantra, and actually believe the crap that the voices in your head tell you.

  19. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Okay, BTO, we know and bow to your military service. We know and bow to your adherernce to the liberal thought process. But Jeez, give it up for a few moments and think about what a crappy condition this country is in right now because we have a leader who is totally clueless, and cannot reason his way out of a wet paper bag. Most Nebraskans, excluding you, know that this country is going to hell in a handbasket, and we long for a leader who knows our history and our American way of life. November 2012, America will take back America. And Nebraskans will be happy about it.

  20. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sweetwater Woods,
    Unlike the way you believe I think, just because I am proud to be a Liberal, I don’t march lockstep in beat to anyone else’s drum – not Obama’s, not Ben Nelson’s, not the DNC, nor the NDP. I think for myself. As startling as that revelation may be to you, since you obviously believe we Liberals are all cut from the same bolt of cloth – we’re not. Most of us adhere strictly to the dictates of MoveOn no more so than most Conservatives strictly obey the doctrines of Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh. Liberals and Conservatives come in a vast panoply of hues. There are no absolutes despite what several of the self-appointed “experts” here on LS would have us believe.
    I agree with you that our country is already in the whirlpool of the flush heard round the world, but I disagree with your analysis that the cause can be laid exclusively at the feet of Liberals, and particularly, not at the feet of President Obama. Incredible damage has been done to this country – to its economy and its people – by politicians and corporatists of all stripes.
    Perhaps you don’t understand how the U. S. Government works, or at least is supposed to. It was established with three branches of government: the executive (which you blame), the legislative (which, if it were doing its job, would really be responsible for what our government does, or does not do), and the judicial (which has abdicated its responsibilities just as egregiously as have the other two branches.) These three branches were meant to balance one another. Instead, what we have achieved, however, is that those involved (be they Democrat, Republican, or Independent) are in it more to enrich their own bank accounts and inflate their own egos than they are to serve the people. Since we are the ones that put them there, were all accomplices, wittingly or not, to the crimes committed against us.

    Tell us, exactly what it is that you read into the preamble of the Constitution of the United States? It seems to me that your interpretation must be, “Me the rugged individual, of the “every man for himself” States …

    Anonymous @ 5:07,
    “Spoon-fed winger mantra” is not contagious. It is, however, poisonous.

  21. Santa Claus says:

    Sorry, Sweetwater Woods, things aren’t looking real good for the Republicans taking the White House in 2012. That’s why Sweeper’s April Fool’s post worked. You’re welcome to try again in 2016.

  22. Sweetwater Woods says:

    No one believes in Santa Clause any more. But we do believe in November 2012, and the restoration of America.

  23. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Santa Claus is just a nickname for St. Nicholas, and he did exist. In fact, I visited his tomb in Bari, Italy several years ago. The predictions of a Republican takeover of the White House in 2012, however, seem highly unlikely, unless the Republican Party finds a candidate that hasn’t spent most of his/her life in Bizarro World. Those currently leading the GOP pack seem more appropriate for the cast of a Fox Network “reality” show. I’d say the odds are even for them to assume the majority in the Senate.

  24. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Brian, IF we could see just ONE post from you on this site that does not mention your military service, your extensive visits to every country in the world, and the fact that you challenged the Nebraska Democrat Party, it would be quite refreshing. Get over yourself already.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    There are tons of them, but you evidently are fixated only on my posts that mention those things. What the **** do you expect me to do, create a whole new fantasy past (and present) for myself, as so many others who post here do? Or, should I continue to live in the real world and reference those relevant parts of my life that I have actually experienced? I am the result of everything that has happened to me in my life, I can’t change that.
    As for “getting over myself,” WTF do you want me to do, forget that I am me? Those of you that prefer to post anonymously will always be at a disadvantage because you can’t credibly reference any real life experiences without the FEAR of exposing your true identities. Those of us that post as ourselves have the responsibility of defending what we write with our reputations. Nameless avatars have no reputations to defend, so they can get away with posting mindless drivel and throw stones from behind their mommies’ skirts.
    I respect those that say what they mean, and mean what they say. Believe it or not, despite all the harassment I give RWP (aka Prof. Gerard Harbisson,) I respect him for speaking his mind and defending himself – as himself. I respect the work that he does as a chemical researcher and the real accomplishments that he has achieved in his lifetime. I just disagree wholeheartedly with him on several core issues. How can I respect an anonymous avatar?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dear self-Important war hero. Don’t assume too much of yourself and too little of others. For there are people here with more than a few scars from more than a few wars. Guys who talk about it, who applaud themselves, are always suspect of inflating. So put away your DD-214, Rambo, and stick to talking policy and politics.

  27. Lawl says:

    Anonymous @5:34 – policy and politics are two entirely different things. This blog’s only about the latter.

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anonymous ass @ 5:34,
    I’m going to assume your comments about “self-important war hero” are directed at me due to the comments by SW. Please demonstrate where I have ever called myself a “war hero.” I am a veteran, but I have never “inflated” anything about my service. You, on the other hand, speak for others without their permission. What that makes you is nothing but a self-important moron.

  29. shrink says:

    1. Rant angerly, obsessively post, attack other bloggers.
    2. “Out” the identity of a blogger who had been using a pseudonym.
    3. Advertise yourself as an expert miltiary killer.
    4. Obsessively demand to know the “real identity” of every other blogger.

    Seems normal enough.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Shrink , out side of number 3 you must be talking about RWP. Or does the terrorism in his family background count ?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Boys and Girls, it’s getting nasty in this sandbox. Not too mention all it takes is a court order and all the identities (ok actually the IP addresses and Machine identities) can be determined. Try to not bring Big Brother onto the street snooping.

    BTO- I actually agree and liked your synopsis on Apr 2 at 7:43. While I may not agree with your political stances on many issues your assessment rings true enough.

    Now what are is the scuttlebutt on the street about CIR reform and the NSEA efforts to avoid being touched by the proposed reform? Seems they didn’t show up to any meetings Sen Lathrop had so didn’t get included in the cuts. Pretty smart on their part, unless it backfires and the Gov and the Republican led legislature slaps them down with an amendment? While it is a Constitutional requirement to provide public education there is no “Constitutional” definition of how much needs to be spent. Nor is there any such Constitutional Requirement to fund $400K+ salaries for superintendents. Perhaps there will be enough gumption in the legislature to change the way and amounts education is funded. I would hope the retirement plans are revised and tenure is eliminated. Sure would be a good start. Oh and tie teacher & administration pay to performance, within the same year and over time.

  32. Greg says:

    Dear BTO,

    As you should know, at the founding of the UNITED States there was a very uneasy truce between the State and the federal government. States were even printing their own currency up until the 1780’s. The dollar was not created until 1785. The States were extremely worried about the federal government having too much power and becoming a dictator much like the one the Nation had just defeated in the Revolutionary War. The UNITED States was born out of necessity so that foregin nations would trade, import, and receive exports. The return to a less powerful federal government and stronger State government is what the Rupublican party at one time stood for and is the ideal held by Conservatives.

    I think you should remember the motto: “Don’t tread on ME”. Not, “Don’t tread on US, because it takes a village to raise a child, and I think that the social contract I signed with all of my liberal brothers and sisters entitles me to force the rest of the people who do not agree with me to take care of all of the down trodden individuals who do not have it as well off as me because they were not born with certain privileges and that is unfair and they should be afforded a fair opportunity and be helped by the government and the people who were born with advantages.”
    Because let’s face it, “Don’t Tread on ME” is a lot shorter and catchier.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ shrink:

    You must be new here. Welcome. RWP outs himself every time he hyperlinks his effing name. That whole “reacting before you know what the hell you’re talking about” thing will fit in great here.

  34. Brian T. Osborn says:

    You make some good points there, Greg, but the United States survived over two centuries because of what we have done together, as a nation, not because we (as people, and as states) were all a bunch of self-absorbed loners. I prefer the motto, coined by Benjamin Franklin, of “Join, or Die.”
    Insofar as the symbolism, and the origins, of those two mottos are concerned: “Don’t Tread on Me,” with a coiled rattlesnake, first appeared on the drums carried by the first five companies of Marines authorized by the United States Congress. They were from Philadelphia and were formed to help the U.S. Navy intercept British ships. Col. Christopher Gadsden made a flag bearing that symbolgy and presented it to the commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy, Commodore Esek Hopkins. Gadsden was from South Carolina. So it is difficult for me to understand how this became a symbol for individualism and not one for a united cause. “Join, or Die” originated with the first known published cartoon, penned by Ben Franklin in 1754. It symbolized the need for the colonists to pull together during the French and Indian War. Paul Revere placed it prominently near the masthead of his revolutionary paper, ‘The Massachusetts Spy” to incite the colonials to join forces against their British oppressors.
    As for your commentary on your “Don’t Tread on Us” bit, it sounds to me that you would have made a wonderful Tory and a staunch defender of King George III. After all, the royal family had no use for the downtrodden that weren’t as well off as them and certainly didn’t deserve the same privileges due to those born in the right beds. Perhaps you might have enjoyed sharing a bit of cake with Marie Antoinette, at least up until the point when the downtrodden masses decided that perhaps they would enjoy sharing her advantages.
    Ah, those village children!

  35. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Shrink (aka anonymouse @ 7:14)
    I thought you weren’t supposed to be able to use a computer after your conviction for child porn.
    See how that works? If you don’t have to be responsible for what you write, you can write whatever you want.
    Now, to put your idiotic rampage to rest – for the record, I was an avionics technician in the Navy. I have NEVER claimed to be a killer, a Rambo, or a hero. I was discharged honorably after six years of service. Now, if we could verify YOUR “service,” what do you suppose we would find? My record is in the public domain, how about yours?
    Don’t you have some pork to pull?

  36. Greg says:


    I love the Marie Antoinette reference and you are not the first user to compare me to her on the site. Funny thing is, in pre-revolution France there was a feudilism model in place, much like there was in pre-revolution America. You see the down trodden always stayed the down trodden because of their place in society. But as you know the Unites States has no feudalsim in place today, you know “each man created equally”, so now know Tom, Dick, Jane, and Harry has an opportunity to achieve the “American Dream” through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, etc.

    By the by, in making your Marie Antoinette reference have you ever thought that the reverse could happen? Maybe a government dedicated to much of its efforts to the poor while the working class suffered? While you want me to buck up and “pay my fair share” to those less fortunate, which I am more than happy to do if I were see a return on my investment, I want the people who I am subsidizing to buck up and start contributing to society. Simply laying around listlessly while I routinely work 100 hours a week to pay bills and students loans makes me think that the federal government has said “let them eat cake” to me.

    I also must thank you for your service to the country. Whatever part you played in the military was an important one and your sacrifices will not be forgotten.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yikes. Looks like everybody’s Wheaties went bad this AM. Sweeper, could we have a new topic please so these guys don’t have to stand in a circle firing at each other while the rest of go to sleep. Please. Do it for your country.

  38. Serf says:

    Some folks in the Tea Party, and others who claim to be progrssives, think we may have returned to a feudal system. Republican and Democrat representatives in Washington are serving the big corporations and ignoring “we the people.” When people who’s only income is from the work they do are paying a higher percentage of their incomes in taxes than the CEO’s of corporations it’s statrting to look like modern feudalism.

  39. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Perhaps like General Electric and Jeffrey……but of course, Jeffrey is BFF of Obama, so that makes it just fine with liberals, no matter how crooked it is, or how unfair it is to the working stiffs of America.

  40. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Do you honestly believe that the United States of today, as compared to … let’s say the U.S. in the ’50s and ’60s … isn’t fast becoming a feudalist state? Rather than paying our “respects” to and serving kings, princes, and dukes, we must bow down and be obsequious to bankers and corporations. The names of our despots change, but the servitude has its similarities. It is undeniable that those with the money are those that influence our laws and our government.
    While we are all “created equally,” it doesn’t take long before our differences become more than apparent. I believe that the only reason a person can still get ahead in the U.S. is thanks to the vigilance of mindful patriots, many of them being Liberals. Hard work, sacrifice, dedication, etc. will still reward a hard working person, but the well entrenched “Old Boys Club” will elevate you to the highest levels with little to no effort.
    I will agree with you that there has been far too much abuse of the welfare system in our nation. There are entire generations in some families that have never worked an honest day’s labor in their lives, and that is where the left and the right need to work together and come up with a sane system that helps those that really need it, and punishes those that abuse it. But would that be interfering in their individual “rights” to be sloth-like? (sarcasm intended)
    If our welfare state is one that seems burdensome to you, just look at where the money is really going. Corporate bailouts ($$$ under the table to campaign donors), economic stimulus bills (brother-in-law effect), subsidies (welfare for the already wealthy) cost us at least as much, if not more so, than food stamps and public housing ever has.

  41. TedK says:

    There’s a great article in the Milwaukee newspaper today that describes a job that Scott Walker’s administration gave to the son of one of his biggest campaign supporters. The kid has no college degree, no experience related to the job, and 2 drunk driving convictions. And he is only 26. Job pays over $80k a year, and the kid got a 26% pay raise in just 2 months. I thought Wisconsin was supposed to be broke. Any of you conservatives have a problem with this?

  42. Brian T. Osborn says:

    They’re only interested in the bad things that Liberals do. They don’t want to admit that Conservatives do bad things too. As for me, I’m an equal opportunity complainer. I don’t care which side of the aisle the S.O.B.s sit – if they are wrong … they are wrong.

  43. Sweetwater Woods says:

    TedK, Who ever thought that Fannie and Freddie, broke and defunct as they are, would ever have been able to bless their exiting execs with millions and millions of dollars. So pick your embarrassing money laundering and corruption where ever you find it convienient, but BTO is right. The corruption is this country is rampant and out of control, and it is being practiced by the governing class on both ends of the spectrum. American politicians have become as corrupt as any third-world country ever thought of being.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    There shouldn’t be such a job available. I would support cutting out those phony patronage jobs in addition to ending collective bargaining for public service unions. I would also support chopping lots of other government jobs as well as services. Kudos to whomever uncovered this and I hope the kid gets fired and the position eliminated. I also hope that he doesn’t protest in the capitol building and otherwise make a fool out of himself even though the precedent has been set in Wisconsin. I also hope that Gov Walker learns a lesson from this and works to root out and eliminate other patronage jobs. The Left in Wisconsin should keep up pressure to make sure those jobs get eliminated. Unfortunately for them, they would be conceding that government needs to be cut.

  45. Greg says:


    I do agree with your previous post that much of corporate America is getting a free ride and there is an old boys club where entry is simply being a member of the lucky sperm club. i don’t have a problem reforming that system after we reign in the entitlment spending that has flown out of control. The corporate subsidies are disgusting, but remember Bailouts, TARP, Cash for Clunkers, QE2, were all done by a democrat majority congress and many of them were signed by Barry or Barry urged W to support TARP.

  46. Anonymous says:

    “Barry urged W to support TARP”??? Try the exact opposite. TARP started under Bush – it’s just that no one complained about it until Obama took office. Why are conservatives dead set on rewriting history?

  47. Don Kuhns says:

    Speaking of April Fools jokes, am I the only one who is beginning suspect that “Geouser” is actually a hillariously subversive liberal parody of a conservative in the tradition of Bob Roberts, Steven Colbert and General J.C. Christian?

  48. TexasAnnie says:

    New post coming today, you say, Street Sweeper? Then I better get this comment in here:

    I agree with Don Walton at the LJS. Your April Fools diddy didn’t fool. But I did get a rush from Barry Kennedy’s April 1st diatribe at the OWH…

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