Nelson: I was TOTALLY for that 1099 repeal…

Today the U.S. Senate passed the repeal of the 1099 provision of ObamaCare which would have put an onerous requirement on small businesses for reporting to the IRS. It passed 87-12.

Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns spearheaded this repeal, has been working on it for months and never bowed to the pressure from the White House and others to back down from his plan for a repeal. Without Johanns’s leadership on this issue, it would likely have never happened. Small business owners should thank him.

But on to Nebraska’s other Senator, Ben Nelson.

You remember Ben. He hated ObamaCare until the President twisted both of his arms and noogied him and then “someone” proposed $100 million for Nebraska, which became known as the Cornhusker Kickback.

Yeah, THAT Ben Nelson.

So back in July of last year, Nelson wrote an editorial saying this about the 1099 provision of ObamaCare:

The new provision is expected to bring in $17 billion in revenues from taxes that are currently owed but not being paid from 2012 through 2020. Furthermore, it levels the playing field for all businesses. It is fundamentally unfair that some Americans pay taxes they legally owe while others do not.

He went on to say:

A repeal of this section of the law, which some have called for, would keep the unfair system in place and would add $17 billion to the deficit.

Oh, by the way, those “some” that had called for repeal? Yeah, that would be Mike Johanns that Ben Nelson was calling out there.

Oh Ben wanted to get rid of this burdensome requirement on small business. Except, you know, he didn’t.

Ben Nelson on the fence?   Oh my! The room is spinning!

So what does Senator Nelson say today about the REPEAL of that same 1099 provision that he called “unfair” (repeatedly) — the repeal that he voted FOR?

I have repeatedly voted to eliminate this misguided ‘tax collector protection plan

Uh huh wha?

(Oh, and Nelson never once uttered the name “Johanns” in his press release congratulating himself for voting for the Johanns bill.)

Soon, when the 1099 repeal is signed into law, Nebraska small businesses will breathe a sigh of relief.

Well, he has that right. They will breathe a sigh of relief that most Nebrakans currently think Ben Nelson is the wrong man for the job and shouldn’t be reelected in 2012.

Because otherwise they will be subject, over and over again, to hearing Senator Nelson say how much he hates something, then vote for it (or, you know, vice versa).

And some, when they see how Nelson votes, simply just siiiiiigggghhhhhhh.


  1. GeosUser says:

    The Benator’s antics would be hilarious, if only he hadn’t been the critical vote in favor of Obamacare…and there’s nothing funny or forgivable in that action. It will be fun to see him waste over a million dollars or more of Dem campaign contributors money in losing campaign…and no matter how much he spends…he can’t escape his “Cornhusker Kickback” legacy.

  2. Brian says:

    Senator Nelson is a convenient conservative. He is only a conservative when it is convenient for him (meaning it is election time). If you don’t believe me, take a look at his rankings in the Congressional Quarterly yearly scorecard. Here is a recent history of Senator Nelson’s support of the Democrat agenda in Washington (keep in mind his elections are 2006 and 2012):

    2005 – 46% democrat support
    2006 – 36% democrat support
    2007 – 70% democrat support
    2008 – 72% democrat support
    2009 – 63% democrat support
    2010 – 54% democrat support

    Notice a trend? Anyone want to bet a soda his 2011 democrat support goes below 50%?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson is giving Nebraska voters the bad representation they so richly deserve. Nebraskans knew exactly what Nelson was when they elected him.

    Ben Nelson ran as a Democrat in a basically GOP state, as a “conservative” within the liberal party. And yet Nebraskans are now surprised he is in a vise? This same kind of stupidity “hoped” that an Obama with zero experience could somehow magically not be inept.

    Ben Nelson represents a conservative state, as a member of the liberal party, within the most partisan political body on earth. How could anyone not see this coming?

    A politician on any side of any fence, right or left, up or down; if they have leadership experience and they join a party honestly (i.e. Progressive governmentalists=Democrat, Conservative libertarians=Republican); will function better than someone living a lie like Nelson or the honestly clueless like Obama. The former cannot function and the latter is dangerous. If these guys were Republicans, yet similarly lying and clueless, the result would be equally bad.

  4. The First 'E-Update' ... says:

    This is kind of sad. Tonight, Ben Nelson sent out his ‘First E-Update’ (ever..). They sent it out to everyone that’s ever sent him feedback, he says: “You are receiving this message because you’ve written to me and I’d welcome feedback, which you can offer by clicking a link below.”

    So, in my humble opinion, this must have Ben scared. He’s trying to get ahead of this story (which he is woefully behind), he says: “I’d like to let you know that today I voted to help Nebraska small businesses … I’m very pleased the Senate voted 87 to 12 to repeal this burdensome I.R.S. form 1099 requirement.” As we see above, there was a point where he was absolutely opposed to repealing the 1099 measure. Nice try.

    He’s scared this will become an issue in the election. He’s worried this may be a clear example of his tendency to ditch Nebraska in his deal making. And the best part, not even the usual suspects are defending Ben at this point. Even they know this is sad.

  5. Johnny Rotten says:

    To our favourite Senator from the Colonies, E. Benjamin Nelson

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    Lie lie

  6. RWP says:

    I got Nelson’s spam at both my work and private addresses. I think his list is bigger than just the addresses of people who’ve sent him feedback.

  7. NE Voter says:

    In other news, Chip Maxwell is the new ED for the “Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector.” I’m sure you recall, that Chip is, along with Kate Witek, one of 2 Nebraska pols who have lost 2 elections in the same year.

    LO to the L.

  8. Dan Brown says:

    Maxwell is a dud! The Alliance has lost all credibility with me. Maxwell was anonymous as a Legislator and a frequent absentee while on the County Board. The Alliance will now wither away.

  9. Chipster Fan says:

    Good for the Chipster and the Omaha Alliance. For the record, Chip lost 2 elections in a row but not in the same year…Nov of one year and May of the next year.

  10. How about it... says:

    Sad. Here come the usual suspects. Hey guys, do you have anything to say about Senator Ben Nelson? Don’t you want to attempt to explain away the flip flopping on this issue?

  11. NE Voter says:

    Chipster Fan:

    Nope — Marc Kraft beat Chip in the Douglas County Board race in 2008. A scant 6 months later, Chris Jerram defeated Chipster in the May, 2009, City Council race.


  12. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Nebraska has not seen political magnanimity since the brief, shining moment in the late 1970’s when Reps. John Cavanaugh, Doug Bereuter, Virginia Smith and Senators Exon and Zorinsky served as authentic Cornhusker stewards. Talk about a diverse and talented delegation.

    Sure, it would have been nice if Senator Nelson had acknowledged his colleague but then credit, and fair play, should work both ways.

    What about the Nebraska GOP hypocrisy with respect to the stimulus where Members have flat-out taken credit for programs that came to Cornhusker via legislation that they all voted against. At least, in this case, Senator Nelson actually voted for the program that he is writing press releases about.

    In 2010, I discovered weekly Nebraska newspaper columns from Rep. Fortenberry in which he praises teachers at the same time that he voted against the stimulus that brought $260 million to Nebraska K-16. He voted against the Education Jobs Fund that kept many, many Nebraska teachers in the classroom. Why not write about that disconnect, SS?

    I attended Rep. Fortenberry Town Halls where he brags about what great economic shape Nebraska is in not ever noting that had his voted against TARP and the stimulus prevailed, Nebraska would be more than two billion dollars in the hole. If not, billions more. Even Rep. Lee Terry voted for TARP.

    Why don’t you ask Warren Buffett and other economic experts if Nebraska would be in terrific fiscal shape – the shape that Rep. Fortenberry, who is from Louisiana,, always brags about – if The Fort had prevailed in his “no” voted on TARP?

    To quote Charlie Reese, “Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits?”

  13. Chipster Fan says:

    NE Voter,
    Since one election was in 2008 and the other was in 2009, how does that equal 2 losses “in the same year” (direct quote from your post)? I see you handle the calendar like your fellow liberals handle budgets…the numbers don’t add up or matter.

  14. Sweetwater Woods says:

    The dust bin (or in this case, the road ditch) of elections past. Yesterday, I picked up trash along 2 miles of my adopt-a-highway project. Near Sweetwater, of course. I usually find some really odd stuff, but yesterday, I came across one of the oddest. A political yard sign….in great shape…the kind you put over a wire frame. Meister/Boyle for Governor. Life is good, even when picking up trash.

  15. Uncle Wiggily says:


    God Almighty hizownself knows I am no fan of E. Benjamin Nelson, but I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being (somewhat) dubious about your claims regarding his record in this matter. I went back and carefully read Benjy’s piece that you reference and, even to a casual reader, it is pretty obvious that, in that article, he was taking a position against the 1099 mandate (though I will admit he couched it in surprisingly general terms … like “cut[ing] back on paperwork”).

    Moreover, it is equally clear that the quotes you use are, in my opinion, somewhat out of context. The parts you quote are, it seems to me, from a section of his article in which he was presenting the arguments put forth by the proponents of the 1099 clause – of whom he is clearly not one.

    In his recent E-mail blast (yup – I got one too – who knows why?) he states “Eliminating this paperwork burden just makes sense for our state. That is why I have voted to eliminate it every time it has come up for a vote …” I checked, and, sure ’nuff, he has.

    So … has Bennie the Jet been in favor, from the jump, of Obamacare writ large? I think it’s blindingly obvious that he has been. Has he quibbled with bits and pieces of it? Again, the record seems clear, at least with regard to the 1099 mess, that he has.

    And finally, none of this changes the glaring fact that Ben is a BPA (brown puckered a$$hole) and deserves to be electorally flushed down the nearest available biffy ASAP, but it does mean that he has enough well-documented defects that no one needs to massage the facts to fit an anti-Nelson scenario. Like most hypocritical ideologues, Ben is most susceptible to the plain unvarnished truth.

    I hope my criticism of your post doesn’t mean we can’t go to the prom together …

  16. NE Voter says:


    I did not say “calendar year.” Though I’m sure you agree that a loss in 11/08 and a loss in 5/09 constitutes 2 losses in one year.


  17. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @Uncle Wiggily…my kids’ favorite childhood book of all time:

    Why would you write a paragraph like number five?

    Seriously, your words – and images – are unacceptably disrespectful and crude. We all deserve respect by virtue of being human beings. How can we expect younger Americans to be inspired by politics when Posts like yours enter the arena?

    The reason so many Americans abhor politics is because it can get so mean-spirited and Posts like yours simply engender turning away from it.

  18. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m fed up with my elected representatives not doing what they are overpaid to do in Washington. I just sent the following to each member of the Nebraska Congressional delegation:

    It is time for you and your colleagues, both Republican AND Democratic, to quit acting like a bunch of spoiled rotten junior high school kids and do what you were elected to do … YOUR JOB!
    Now quit playing grab-ass and GET TO WORK on that damned budget!!!
    c/c to Rep. Fortenberry, Rep. Terry, Sen. Nelson, Sen. Johanns

  19. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Sorry if I offended your sensibilities … I believe Ben Nelson to be a thoroughly despicable and self-absorbed collection of protoplasm who is not, in any way, representative of the heartland or its citizens. He has dissembled, prevaricated and sleazed his way through more than 10 years of purporting to serveus, and I, for one, have had waaaaay more than enough of him. If my rhetoric is too harsh for you, then maybe its just as well that your recent bid to join the pols at the trough in Washington was unsuccessful. If my words bother you, you would have been manifestly miserable inside the Beltway. They play REALLY rough there.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Funny talk by the republicans today. Maybe it is a cover up for losing elections in Wisconsin or for their hero Glenn Beck getting fired. Oh well no one on the national level really listens to Republicans.

  21. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @Uncle Wiggily, please allow me to quote from a wise Letter to the Editor in Wednesday’s USA Today that discusses the “paradigms that drive the current polarization of right and left political thinking…”

    The headline: “Political parties must learn from each other…neither side is capable of moving this country beyond its current challenges without some wisdom from the other. But effective solutions require a level of humility and mutual respect that Americans no longer seem able or willing to offer. Hence our great wealth as a nation appears to have come at the expense of both our common sense and our common good.”

    Perhaps you should go back and re-read what Lee Atwater said during the last weeks of his life about scorched-earth politics.

    In the meantime, as a fearless justice-seeker – who coined the phrase, Center-Pivot Party – you should know that I’ve lived half my life inside the Beltway and the other half in Grand Island, Lincoln,and Omaha.

    No geographical area has the market on hard-charging, dogmatic Americans. Trust me.

  22. Uncle Wiggly,
    Sorry, but you are wrong about Nelson’s original position on this.
    In his release Nelson plays it both ways.
    He says, on the one hand, “oh, we have to get rid of this terrible burden on small business.”
    Then in the next paragraph he says, “oh, but we CAN’T repeal it!”

    And we didn’t quote out of context.
    Here is the first sentence of his summary paragraph:

    “A repeal of this section of the law, which some have called for, would keep the unfair system in place and would add $17 billion to the deficit.”

    The first time I read it, I thought, “Well, he does say he wants to get rid of the burden.” But then in the same breath says, “But we can’t repeal it.”

    This is classic — CLASSIC — Ben Nelson double-speak, straddle-the-fence, Washington talk.
    And it’s crap.
    Which is why I devoted an entire post just to it.

    And then he pats himself on the back for his vote, and doesn’t even bother to acknowledge his Nebraska colleague for leading the efforts on it. The SAME colleague who he called out for wanting to repeal the section in the first place.

    Nelson’s double-playing the issue is transparent, and deserves to be called out.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, perhaps you should have thanked the Republicans in the Nebraska delegation for working on the budget and sent some letters to Reid and Obama to actually come up with a budget, something they were supposed to have done 7 months ago by the beginning of the fiscal year…when they controlled both houses of Congress and the Oval Office. Oh, I guess passing the budget isn’t Obama’s responsibility and he was very, very busy so he didn’t have time to lay out his priorities for the budget, however, I can’t recall what he was doing last summer. Probably playing golf. I do agree with your letter to Nelson, although I’m sure he will send you one back touting his ability to work on both sides of the aisle, watching out for Nebraskans, blah, blah, blah.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If you think the Ben Nelson switch is neat, wait until all the details of the Lathrop Two Step is done. His CIR amendment to the bill has been voted on by the committee, but not reported out. Then at the last moment today (wed) he scheduled a hearing for the amendment which had already been voted on and passed. Now why the two step? Perhaps the 67 page amendment was only a smoke screen for the upcoming changes to the amendment? And the amendment voted on, well it is chock full of neat things for Unions. Especially well treated are credentialed school employees. As a matter of fact the “Credentialed” employees are spared at the expense of support staff. You can thank Sen Lathrop for that little move. Oh and a really neat feat is the ability for the CIR to call up an individual to ask questions…. and no rule of evidence, which means just about any BS can be entered into the record!

    Sen Steve Lathrop is a reall piece of work! I guess if your union bought and paid for then this is what you get.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’m thanking none of them because they are all in collusion with one another. They muddy the water with a bunch of inconsequential B.S. to get Libs and Cons at each others throats, then, while we’re not paying attention, they sell America to the highest bidder.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy – Budget bills have to originate in the House. Since the Dems control the Senate and WH, the Admin sent the House a budget proposal, but it was largely ignored. Instead, the House, which once again has to author the budget bill, decided to go their own way so that they could dupe the Tea Party into thinking that they give two shits about the deficit, even though their bill had no chance of passage. Obama can’t write the bill. Neither can the Senate.

  27. To NE Voter says:

    I have to stick up for Chipster fan here…you also didn’t say “within one year.” You said one year, which would be 2008. The next year would be 2009. That would be two different years. If you said he lost twice within one year, that would’ve been correct. Not a grammitcal error, but a written word error. 😉

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 8:29: The WH sent what they wanted in the budget over in December, 3 months after the start of the fiscal year. Pelosi and Reid chose to ignore it. You do realize that we’re talking about a budget that governs the current fiscal year that started last October 1st. Nancy Pelosi didn’t think it worth her while to actually put together a budget and Obama didn’t really care either. Their current interest in the budget would be amusing except that they aren’t serious about any of it. Oh, wait. They want to make sure NPR, Planned Parenthood, and the unconstitutional monstrosity known as Obamacare get protected. Everybody else can go pound sand as far as they’re concerned.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Mac – Complain all you want about Pelosi et. al., but the ball is now squarely in Boehner’s court. You should be glad that a democrat-controlled congress decided to stall instead of pass their own bloated budget. At least now the GOP has some say over what goes into the next budget.

    Boehner has two choices: pass a budget that the Senate and WH will approve, or continue to kow tow to the Tea Party while the gov’t gets shut down. Dems met his original $ target, but he buckled under pressure from the far right, and is now seeking cuts that go farther than HIS initial budget demands. He is trying to have it both ways, just like Nelson.

  30. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Ah – now I got it … in the quote (that you quote) which says “A repeal of this section of the law, which some have called for, would keep the unfair system in place and would add $17 billion to the deficit”, Bennie has adroitly juxtaposed the issues; the “unfair system” he references is NOT the 1099 clause, but the situation before Obamacare when all them nasty small business thugs and raiders were ripping off the rest of us to the tune of $17 billion (or some other ridiculously large and unsupportable-by-actual-facts number). What I can’t find is where he says,in the next breath, “But we can’t repeal it”, but I presume you inferred that from the context and content of the preceding quote (as well as others in his statement).

    I’m not trying to be obtuse or argumentative here … I just didn’t immediately see the basis of your contention.

    Fact is, E. Ben is not worth defending anyway … I just have a thing about intellectual consistency.

    Be well

  31. ChipsterFan says:

    NE Voter…
    I’m not disputing that Chip Maxwell ran two consecutive losing campaigns against Marc Kraft and Chris Jerram. The Chipster doesn’t have the ability to “go for the jugular” in a campaign and treats an election like a debate club exercise. He’s well suited to a weekly talk radio show and as spokesman for various interests groups. He really should be a professor where he could lecture and interact with his students.

  32. UW:

    July 2010 editorial:
    Subheading: Cut Back on Paper Work
    Next subheading: Fix it, don’t repeal it. (Essentially calling Johanns a knucklehead for wanting to repeal it.)

    April 2011:
    Nelson congratulates himself for voting for the repeal. (Ignores Johanns).


  33. Anon says:

    Chip is a very nice man. True, he doesn’t like to attack, believes everyone has something good about them. NOT cut out to be a politician!

  34. Greg says:

    I’d like to respond to Ivy: Back in my day politicians very used such foul language as these kids today often use. But of course we all called politicians top hatters and we called kids rooster muffins. This was before the advent of the victrolaphone so most of the time we had a village silly gagger recreate the speeches of the top hatters. All of the rooster muffins would gather around and laugh and laugh and laugh at the silly gagger as he went on and on and on about those crazy top hatters in Washington D.C. I can recall one time when a Stuntz Bearcat came cruising through the thoroughfare and the driver which we of course called a pilot began throwing out buffalo nickels for everyone to have. That was a nice day.

    Wait what were we talking about again?

  35. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t necessary to go for “the jugular” to win. Again, it’s the ability to know how to run a ground game and there’s a pattern here of a out of town consultant with a track record of failing to do so. Maxwell is a viable candidate who took horrid advice, if any and we got stuck with the likes of a guy who thinks taxing a satelite dish is brilliant and thinks his pontificating is equally so. Haven’t followed Kraft on the County Board, but while on the City Council I can remember the stink he made about the downing of the Candlewood trees in some sort of weird priority to save the people from a flood a fate that was simply smoke and mirrors. Point? Maxwell doesn’t have to get dirty to win, he just needs to be aware of how others play the game and outsmart them which should be easy given his intellect.

  36. MacDaddy says:

    Anon Whatever: The Republican Congress just passed a one week extension that makes sure that our armed forces aren’t caught up in all the haggling going on. Reid said forget it and Obama said he would veto it. In other words: “Since I am in charge of all you idiot grunts, screw you!”

    Time and again, the Republicans are trying to get us back to living within our means and time and again the democrats just laugh and go back to playing golf, campaigning, telling people to trade in their cars, and going on shopping trips. They are rooting for a government shutdown because they think they’ll win the pr battle. They think it’s the 1990’s all over again. Of course, the Republicans kept control of Congress in 1996 and Clinton won another plurality to squeak by Bob Dole (Bob Dole!).

  37. Anonymous from 8:29 & 10:05 says:

    Squeak by?! Are you effing kidding me?! Clinton won by 220 electoral votes! Or 8,000,000 ballots if you want to go by the popular vote. Just keep on rewriting history in your head though…

    Back to the budget – don’t throw the “support our troops” bullshit at me. You know that they will be fine – well, no less fine than some one stuck in a Iraq or Afghanistan can be. Obama is putting his foot down and saying that it is time for Boehner to make a decision. The Dems in the Senate and Obama are holding all of the cards, and they are not going to let Boehner continue to stall. They already gave in to his first set of changing-by-the-day demands. Now he continues to waffle because a few hundred Tea Partiers’ are holding signs in front of the capitol. Time for Mr. Speaker to sack up.

  38. NE Voter says:

    OT, but things are getting a bit FUGLY between Dave Nabity and the friendly folks at the Objective Conservative blog.

    Grab some popcorn.

  39. Oh Mander says:

    I’ll read the Objective Conservative when they learn to write a proper sentence. Christ Almighty… Blogspot should put that site out of its misery.

  40. Anonymous says:

    3:50. “Obama is putting his foot down and saying that it is time for Boehner to make a decision.”

    So, its not time for Harry Reid to make a decision? The Republicans must obey the Democrats, after an election in which We the People shoved a red hot poker up the Donkey’s Butt?

    You are a bunch of Jackasses by choice. But are you delusional Jackasses too?

  41. Anonymous says:

    “shoved a red hot poker up the Donkey’s butt? You are a bunch of Jackasses by choice. But are you delusional Jackasses too?”

    What stimulating dialogue to invite mature discussion.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:11

    No, the decision is Mr. Boehner’s. The budget bill has to come from the House. Republicans don’t have to “obey” the Democrats, but they do have to produce a bill that the Dems will approve. As longs as the representatives that “We the People” elected in 2006 and 2008 control the Senate and the White House, then the hands of representatives that “We the People” elected in 2012 are tied. Aren’t you right-wingers supposed to be experts on the constitution?

    And great donkey joke. Hilarious and original.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Read the constitution Tea party fools. It is the House that comes up with a budget plan then sends it to the Senate then off to the President. The Democrats caved on everything to the Tea party. The GOP is out of it. They can’t control; the Nutbaggers any more. The polls show that the public knows this and agrees with the President on this. Since a lot of the Tea party people are over age 65 I wonder if they realize they won’t get their Social Security checks? Or are they clueless on this government program like all the Tea party folks who held up signs during the Health care debate. ” Saying keep government out of our Medicare” Then when interviewed about Medicare being a government program . said no it is not. That is the type of people we are dealing with here.

  44. Sweetwater Woods says:

    Has everyone forgotten that we would not be in this budget dilemma if the Democrats would have done the budget when they should have…when they controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency? It was their job to produce a budget, they didn’t. They had the power, but chose not to use it. And now they bitch and moan that the Republicans are refusing to cooperate?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yes SW, I’m sure that you heartbroken over Republicans having input on the budget. Are you seriously complaining?

  46. Anonymous 8:29, 10:05, 3:50, 6:37... I know, I know says:


    You have no idea what you are talking about. There is no way that a budget bill would have a gotten passed a filibuster in the Senate. No way. The House, Senate, and President Obama could have cut spending by $100 Billion and the Senate Republicans would have filibustered the bill because the Democrats wrote it. They would claim that $100 Billion is not enough. Obama knew it, Harry knew it, and anyone that has been paying attention to the Senate for the last few years knows it. Instead, they worked through issues within their control. Seriously people…

  47. Sweetwater Woods says:

    anon 9:16…..The only thing I am seriously complaining about is all of the bitching and angst I see about the current budget troubles, and no one complaining that it was the duty of the Dems to do a budget at a time when they controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House. They couldn’t get it done, and now they want to blame Republicans.

  48. They know and love trash says:

    Jonah Goodman, listed on the Democrat National Committee Network, and Nolan Treadway, the political and logistics director for the liberal Netroots Nation, are planning and inviting people on Facebook to dump trash at Speaker Boehner’s private home. In retaliation for the budget crisis.
    Seriously people…….

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymany: that has to be the weakest most pathetic excuse for laziness I have ever heard. “Democrats didn’t waste time passing a budget because we couldn’t persuade a single RINO to our side.” Democrats didn’t even try. That is just pathetic. It is their jobs to try and they decided that vacation, golf, flapping their gums, flying their family members back and forth across the country on military jets, and otherwise inspecting their eyelids for holes, was more important. Even now, they don’t have a budget to propose. Heck, despite what you leftist know-nothings claim, the Senate can pass their own budget. It has to be reconciled with the House budget, but nothing has been stopping Harry Reid from tossing his own budget into the ring except either his own frickin’ laziness, cowardice, or naked partisan politics. The Democrats in Congress are a disgrace and if they think the lame stream media’s water-carrying will help them win in the event of a government shutdown that they are trying to engineer, they will have a rude awakening.

    BTW, is Obama going to leave for yet another vacation before or after the midnight deadline? Will he even be in town to sign the budget if it gets passed? Actions speak louder than words, and the Democrats’ actions scream: “Screw America! You frickin’ ingrates!”

  50. Lil Mac says:

    To Progressive Democrats, a government shutdown is the ultimate boogie man. They assume most Americans share that fear. But a government shutdown is hell only to those who love government. And Progressive Democrats love Government like a fat kid loves cake.

    The opposite of the Progressive Democrat’s implicit love and trust of government isn’t the GOP. It is the “tea party” sentiment that distrusts government; a sentiment shared by most Americans. Most Americans see government as a necessary evil, often bad and usually inept. More government is more inept. This stabs to the very heart of Progressives, who dream of being sexually serviced by Uncle Sam.

    It is ironic then that these same power loving Democrats, when they finally attained control of House, Senate and Oval Office, they didn’t do their main job of passing a budget because they feared a Mr. Smith would come to Washington and talk them to a standstill. Even with all the power, they whine that “We didn’t have ENOUGH power.”

    The essential ineptitude of government is distilled in Progressive Democrats who crave to lay in the arms of their beloved Uncle Sam. What “tea party” sentiment does is offer the discomforting observation that it isn’t particularly sophisticated or normal to sleep with one’s own uncle.

  51. Brian T. Osborn says:

    What Congress does, or at least is supposed to do, affects the lives of each and every one of us in the most profound way. But the way some of you nimrods are arguing all this, it would seem you’re merely rooting for a freakin’ football team. Demonizing the opposition by throwing insults isn’t the way to fix all this, working TOGETHER is. It’s time for our politicians in Washington (and Nebraska) to start acting like adults and not like a bunch of drunken hooligans. It would help if we, the people, could set the pace for them, but given the evidence, I fear it may be too late.

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