The 2012 Senate campaign picks up just a bit more each week as we roll through Spring.

Attorney General Jon Bruning recently spoke out about the need to make changes to Social Security and Medicare. So Senator Ben Nelson chatted to the press that, eh, Social Security isn’t really that big a’ deal, and darnit, quit scaring the seniors!

This from the guy who, a scant six years ago, was President Bush’s go-to Democrat to push Social Security changes. Some people want to keep kicking the can down the road, Nelson suggested.

But, since it is election season, well, quit attacking seniors!

And while we were using the Google machine to notice some of Nelson’s old SS statements, we came across this bio of Nelson in the New York Times:

But Democratic leaders have tolerated his departures and worked hard to keep him happy. Their focus is on the fact that he is the only Democrat elected statewide in Nebraska, and that he generally delivers a vote they otherwise would not get.

All the news that’s fit to print!


Nelson’s old buddy, Tony Raimondo seems to be coming through for Nelson right now as well.

The National Association of Manufacturers — of which Tony has been in the leadership — have bought radio ads in Nebraska touting Nellie, and blah blah blah.

Watch it keep gearing up.


The AP did a synopsis on Nelson and his campaign chances.

Nothing really new — boy Nebraska sure is Republican, but Nelson has gotten elected before, but now it’s different, mainly because of the Cornhusker Kickback.

The one thing that sort of cracked us up at the end, was a quote from a “strong Republican” and longtime supporter, John Emery.

Who, if it’s the John Emery we are thinking of, is a very close personal friend of Nelson’s. Which is fine, but that’s the Republican you have to go to to find GOP support for Nelson? What, he doesn’t have an uncle they could have spoken to who has liked Bennie since he was a toddler?


With Leon Panetta apparently going to the Defense Department, that would seem to leave out Chuck Hagel, no?

Well, we have always said he would be better suited for the State Dept gig, but that would be a toughy to swing.


And we see that Donald Trump finally got the President to dig up his long form birth certificate, after what?, three plus years of people asking for it.

And that’s fine and all, but we are really looking forward to seeing how much lemonade Obama can sell in Times Square with Gary Busey and Latoya Jackson.

Our money is still on Meatloaf though.


  1. Hagel is a Joke says:

    Funny! I was thinking the same thing about ole Chuckie…..what DOES he do now? Knowing him he will ask for a refund of his wife’s contribution to Obama. And maybe he retracts his endorsement of Sestak…lmao!

  2. slimshady says:

    While Republicans are busy measuring the curtains in Senator Nelson’s office, Nelson is already making progress in organizing one of the biggest political comebacks in the state’s history.

    While we are laughing it up, assuming everyone is still outraged over Nelson’s healthcare vote, he has been raising millions, hired Nebraska’s best campaign manager (Paul Johnson), already started chipping away at Brunning (ties to Sokol), moved to the right politically, is spending more time in the state, has the liberal base fired up over Trump, budget showdown,etc which he lucked out on but now the liberal base will be so scared off what they see as radical right-wing extremism, they will have no choice but to vote for Ben again.

    So, what I am saying is, we better wake up! or come election night we are going to be stunned.

    Don’t count Nelson out, this guy knows what he is doing and is a very clever mover.

    You can call me crazy, but I am nervous that Nelson will win again.

  3. Has anyone else been getting vast volumes of spam from the Benator recently? I’ve gotten no fewer than five truth-deficient missives in the last month alone. The last one was about the purchase of a RV by UNMC. Riveting stuff.

    Evidently Nelson believes the best way to restore his reputation is to dump large amounts of email garbage on hapless voters, and then ignore requests from them to be unsubscribed.

  4. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sweeper wrote, “And we see that Donald Trump finally got the President to dig up his long form birth certificate, after what?, three plus years of people asking for it.”

    So, what is the dust under the rug going to ask for next, the even longer birth certificate?” The one the President provided earlier, the short form, was sufficient for legal purposes. With it you could get a passport, a driver’s license, a marriage license, and establish your legal right for EVERY other legal purpose. But, NO, the Donald and a bunch of other idiots weren’t satisfied with that, they probably wanted one with the baby’s footprints on it, which has all the legal value of toilet paper.

    Donald Trump DID NOT finally get the President to dig anything up. Donald Trump only took credit for it, as he does everything else. Hell! Donald Trump would have us believe it is HE that makes the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening, and there are fools that would believe him, just as there are fools that believe his birther BovineByproduct ®.

    What the Donald HAS done is publicize his “reality” TV show, a healthy, steaming lump of ********* if I ever saw one. So, if he was ever elected, what kind of cabinet would he have … Meatloaf and Gary Busey? Give me a break!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pundits see the Kickback as a bribe. Non-Nebraskans see it as robbery. But Nelson did it for every Nebraskan. While Nebraskans imagine themselves as self-sufficient pioneers who don’t need goverment, Nebraska is the home of the Fighting Progressive who created modern Liberalism and today there are five time more government workers than farmers in Nebraska. When the saluting and posturing is over, most Huskers line up for the free government cheese.

    Nelson is Nebraska’s dirty old uncle who brings every Nebraska boy a skanky whore and offers every Nebraska girl a piece of lifted jewelry. Every Nebraskan will deny it, but expect most will reelect him. They won’t dare admit that to any pollster but they remember his intention to shower them with federal bacon. Nebraskans love pork. Nelson tapped into that. To have any chance of beating Nelson, the GOP needs to find a candidate who offers Nebraskans more than just a promise to cut off their federal supply of free bacon. Nebraskans, like all Americans, are addicted. And thus Nelson’s reelection seem a test case for America’s larger ethical dissolution.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of a dirty uncle, anybody get wind of the pipsqueak nephew Mello of late. That poor boy just about blew a gasket over redistricting, Heck he was so flabbergasted that he bracketed his own bill! Makes ya wonder just how slim the chances are for him to get any of his, and Lathrop’s, agenda passed.

    No ol Ben Nelson is in a money collecting mode to be sure, but heck why wouldn’t he? It’s not like he has to face the Governor, who is strangely very quite these days for a “SUPREME” politician. It will be interesting to see just what it is he is cooking up in the kitchen.

  7. Dennis says:

    Nelson will win because Bruning has endorsed the politically radioactive Paul Ryan budget plan. Paul Johnson’s specialty is slicing and dicing extreme conservatives. Johnson’s take down of Ricketts over his support for S.S. privatization and a national sales tax is a good example of the buzzsaw that Bruning will be facing.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Donald Trump is a tool and Obama just used him to unclog a toilet. Saw that coming from a mile away. Hopefully The Donald will now be ignored, especially by Republicans. This whole incident demonstrates the unseriousness of a Trump candidacy. Can we get back to the issues now?

  9. Bob Loblaw says:

    Wonder if the new report from the Berkshire committe investigating Sokol will leave Jon Bruning with some egg on his face? Afterall he did say that Sokol did nothing remotely illegal. Pretty big words from the top law enforcement man in the state to say when he hadn’t even let any sort of investigation pan out. Does this story have legs or not?

  10. Cigar Smoker says:

    I for one wish Obama hadn’t released the birth certificate. Acknowledging the controversy only legitamizes the radicals, all the birther retards weren’t going to vote for him anyway so I dont see a gain for Obama. Oh well, now we get to look forward to Trump asking about the college records!

  11. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I just want to know who ghost-wrote Donald Trump’s papers when he was in college. The fool is obviously too much of a snake oil salesman to have “earned” his degree.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So Lee Terry completely betrays the seniors of Nebraska just a few months after promising not to touch Medicare, and it’s Ben Nelson that gets the hit piece? Selective reporting at its worst.

  13. anon says:

    You you stupid or what don’t you understand? The Ryan plan does not touch Medicare for those currently in the system.

    You know who doesn’t care for seniors? Obama and democrats who refuse to let us develope our own energy sources. Yeah, developing Green tech will help in the future but talk to the senior living on a fixed income who is about to pay $5 a gallon.

    Seniors can’t wait 5, 10 or 20 years.

  14. RWP says:

    We have an authentic piece of Obama’s college writing. It was for a short-lived campus magazine called the Sundial. It’s truly awful; riddled with misspellings, bad grammar and confused sentences. It makes the Daily Nebraskan look like the New Yorker.

    I doubt Trump will be able to goad Obama into releasing his college transcripts, though. I suspect teh O really wouldn’t like them published.

  15. Dennis says:

    The GOP talking point that the Ryan/House GOP budget is OK because it doesn’t affect anybody below the age of 55 assumes that our senior citizens are selfish and don’t care about their kids and grandkids. IMO, they’re insulting our present generation of senior citizens in making that assumption. If the Paul Ryan/House GOP Medicare voucher scheme is so awesome, why doesn’t the GOP advocate that it be implemented ASAP and have our present generation of seniors “enjoy” the plan’s “benefits?” Why wait to implement such a great plan?

  16. anon says:


    I think they’d rather not have their children and grandchildren burdened with the out of control debt and devaluing dollar.

    They’d rather have it so their children are left with something that is workable and that will not be the case unless we make major changes.

    And I know they’d rather be able to afford gas to visit their children and grandchilren in the present without having to take food off their table to afford to do so.

  17. Dennis says:

    Just about everybody favors a reduction in the deficit. However, the Ryan plan isn’t a bona fide deficit reduction plan because it cuts taxes and doesn’t cut defense. Moreover, the Ryan plan relies upon unrealistic numbers and doesn’t balance the budget until 2040.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seems Paul Hammel of the OWH thinks Senator Mello is partisian. Now that is funny. It does seem interesting how a Democrate Senator is saying the Latino/Mexican American people of south Omaha don’t deserve a majority minority district? Yet there is an African American majority minority district for Sen Council. Even of more interest it is two anglo saxon/European Americans who are proposing the “new” district. Looks like the cival rights all over again, where it takes Republicans to get something done for a minority. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it was Democrats who pushed and passed the Civil Rights act of the 1960’s. They may have had control of the congress and the Presidency but they DID NOT vote to provide the changes needed!

    Now Senator Lautenbaugh is out trying to do the Right thing, and here comes Senator Mello poo pooing it all

  19. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    I read the same article. Paul says Mello & I are “two of the most partisan members of the Legislature”. I didn’t think it was an “opinion piece”, but who am I to quibble?

    Unrelated topic– I am not “Cigar Smoker” (either).

  20. Dennis says:

    Under this redistricting plan, Mello’s district would have fewer Hispanics and presumably fewer Democrats. Who would benefit from that? The GOP?

  21. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Dennis- As is frequently the case on here, you do not know what you are talking about, and/or you are simply making things up. In my map, Mello’s district does not cross 72nd street. While I haven’t looked at the party affiliation on the maps, I know (as does everyone else) that east of 72nd in South O is pretty heavily Democratic everywhere. The argument that my map is political Gerrymandering simply makes no sense then- though that hasn’t stopped both you and Heath from making it, of course. If Heath’s district remains heavily Democratic, as it appears to on my map, how can that be political gerrymandering? The argument advanced in opposition to creating a majority Hispanic district in South Omaha was that Hispanics were better off as minorities in two districts rather than as a majority in one. This seems like an, um, unusual argument to make, unless you’re simply interested
    in the status quo to preserve your own seat.

  22. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    And, the online World Herald article has been re-written, with the reference to me and Heath as “two of the most partisan senators” removed.

    Phew- that’s a relief.

  23. RWP says:

    Democrats realized a long time ago that majority-minority districts are bad for them. An effective gerrymander gives you a 55:45 majority, not a 90:10 majority, where 80% of your votes are wasted. It’s just another case where the interests of the ethnic minority really aren’t aligned with the party that would like them to believe represents them.

  24. Dennis says:

    Scott, I was just curious about this whole issue. Perhaps it’s my cynicism but I suspect there is some element of partisan politics in re-districting. I’m sure one would see partisan politics in a Blue State from the Democrats. I will be interested to see how the whole issue plays out.

  25. anonymous says:

    I am glad Senator Scott Lautenbaugh is in charge of the redistricting, not senator ego, Heath Mello. Mello is to the Democrats as Bruning is to Republicans- a total phony baloney. Lautenbaugh tells it like it is. No BS.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mello has a bright future if he can figure a way to stop wearing his loyal opposition on his sleave, and so loudly. Heath is smart, articulate, not ugly, and all in all a pretty good guy. But his doggone mouth gets him in trouble. He is more and more looking like a young Ernie without the race baiting.

    Lautenbaugh runs circles, just a figure of speech, around most in the chamber. If you want to know the validity of this statement just look at how much the trial atty’s spent trying to beat him this last go round. It must be a hoot to be on the floor of the chamber and listen to side bars of how Lathrop and Conrad hate his guts, as he just abuses their poor sensibilities. Of course Mello and Nordquist just wonder why they didn’t go to law school.

  27. Sweetwater Woods says:

    After reading the scathing editorial on Bruning in this morning’s OWH, why not Hal Daub running for the U.S.Senate?

  28. NE Voter says:

    The Omaha Republican establishment knows that Bruning is an epic fail in the making. They’re not crazy about Stenber, either. Bruning’s ridiculous defense of Dave Sokol’s unethical (and perhaps illegal) trading activity is an embarrasment. Very poor judgment — certainly not the type of sober deliberation that Nebraskas deserve from their United States senator.

    The guy is in way over his head.

    As Nebraska’s chief law enforcement officer, he has a duty to prosecute alleged wrongdoing, not pass judgement on the innocence or guilt of an accused part. That’s what courts and juries do.

  29. anon says:


    We are fighting two wars and maybe a third. Defense cuts are a non starter at this stage.
    Tax cuts have, in every instance, increased revenue.

    I like how you keep trying to move the argument on this issue. Unrealistic budget numbers? I think having a budget for the first time in nearly 3 years is a pretty good place to start. Having a plan to actually balance the budget is another good place to start. It is far more than we have had from Obama and the Democrats for Obama’s term.

    And again, why do Obama and democrats hate Seniors and women so much? Stick it to grandma and grandpa on gas prices, increased food costs due to the fuel costs to push a green agenda? Nice. KILL an industry where 70% of the business owners are women…nice!

    Obama and Democrats. Sticking it to seniors and Women is the way to go.

  30. Anony from 9:27:

    I really don’t care about the issue.
    But I’m not into people using this comment board to direct people to another blog.

    That being said, if you want more info on the Lincoln City Council races, try Deena Winter’s blog,

    New post from L.St. coming soon.


  31. Dennis says:

    Douglas Holtz Eakin – an economic advisor to George W. Bush – has said that allowing increased oil drilling won’t reduce the price of gasoline. IMO, the GOP is being disingenuous when it blames Obama for the run up in gas prices.

  32. Grundle King says:

    Dennis, if the problem is oil speculators driving the price up, and not at all related to current supply, then how would increased oil drilling help? They could double the output of oil and the speculators would continue to drive the price up in order to pad their own pockets.

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