You have the right to remain…dead

Here is Leavenworth Street’s take on what went down Sunday night:

It was a very difficult decision, and a gutsy one. But it was a decision that HAD to be made for all the reasons everyone knows.

Trump HAD to fire the Playboy model and keep the other two women fighting, because that is clearly better TV.


And in other news… we too were very pleased with the successful mission against Osama bin Laden. But we will hold off on any political reviews of it for now. Safe to say Democrats, Republicans and Whigs can all rally around the President, the military and all those involved at every level. No need for politics on this.

For a few days, anyway.


Don Walton and others feel that another candidate could get into GOP Senate nomination race, particularly due to issues with Jon Bruning’s support of David Sokol.

We ARE hearing from various sources that a fourth, serious candidate may get in the race by mid-summer.

And that person could potentially get plenty of cash to compete with the two main contenders. Maybe even national support.

We aren’t naming names (right now), but it could change the race dramatically.


From a connected political observer on the proposed Congressional redistricting maps:

We know NE-2 has to lose about 30,000 people. It makes sense to keep Douglas County intact and focus on the growth in western Douglas and Sarpy Counties (per Senator Lautenbaugh’s map).

No matter what map is used, the fundamental is NE-2 is a swing district — nearly equal between Republican and Democrat voters. Elections will be won by the candidate who can hold their base vote and win Independent voters.

And Congressman Lee Terry has been good at that.


Some elections in Lincoln last night. Dems won big.
We haven’t seen much analysis of the results anywhere other than the LJS.
Unfortunately, we have little to give you.
We are sure the area Dems will chime in here.


Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns was recently on a secret trip to Afghanistan with Senator Mitch McConnell and others.

While there, Johanns ran into a soldier from Lincoln. The soldier gave Johanns his wife’s phone number back in Nebraska.

And here’s the follow-up, via a letter to the LJS:

I received a personal phone call from Johanns on Tuesday morning. He left me a message letting me know that he had a visit with my husband and that my husband was in good spirits, looked good and missed his family. I can’t tell you how much it means to hear those words. Not only did the senator give me his personal cell phone number to contact him if I need anything, but he thanked me because he knows it’s not easy for the family members who have soldiers deployed.

Nice to see this kind of work from the Senator, eh?


(First commenter to ID the movie quote from the headline, without the help of the Google machine, wins an official L.St. silver nickel*.)

*Nickel not provided.


  1. Charles says:

    Bad movie. Cool scene though…

    Pilot: Lieutenant, you guys are incredible. Thank you.
    Curran: There’s no reason to thank us because we don’t exist. You never saw us. This never happened.
    Hawkins: One more thing: you’re welcome.

  2. Dem Insider says:

    It was a good day in Lincoln to be a Democrat. Mayor Beutler got a boost of vitamin “D” on the city council and cleaned Tammy’s clock.
    As for Sen. Nelson, there are rumors echoing around Omaha that some big money backers will be helping a soon to be retired, high ranking war hero run a primary race against Ben. The guy is reportedly more ideologically conservative than Ben. In light of recent events in Pakistan, he’d probably be a shoe-in.

  3. anony says:

    I have less problem with the SEALs of today barnstorming a million dollar compound of a known terrorist than I do trashing and burning straw huts with women and children in them and possibly someone with a gun.

    And yes, I did just say that. Back then, most decisions were made on the ground and most of those officers-but not all, have accepted responsibility for split second decisions they made . Thank God we have figured out that patience is a virtue and planning is a necessary part of war.

  4. curb says:

    There is no need to wait to assess the impact of “Obama killed Osama”. This is a political blog and the assessment is a no brainer: –Obama wins reelection and Democrats ride his coattails. The GOP probably retains the House but thanks to Boehner’s compromise on spending cuts, Republicans probably won’t take the Senate.

    Americans understand the USA is equally endangered by Islamic Terror and deficit spending. Obama killing Osama crystalized his bona fides on fighting Terror. But when American voters tried to tackle the debt by electing a GOP House to shut down government until Democrats bent on spending, Boehner balked, allowing one-crutch crippling spending instead of two-crutch crippling spending. A fuzzy distinction. Boehner disappointed many GOP and non-affiliated voters who see nothing fuzzy about “Obama killed Osama”. A bumper sticker for sure.

    Kickback Nelson can still lose and a Republican can still win in Nebraska. But a bullet in Osama’s left eye just made it easier for Nelson. Boehner’s Boner made it harder for Bruning, Stenberg, etc.

    Didn’t say I like it. That is what the facts suggest.

  5. Dem Insider says:

    I’ve heard the rumors about the guy some are pushing to replace Ben on the democratic ticket. They say he wears a DSC and a silver star. Story is he’s a real gungho leader and comes from a wealthy, politically connected family. His wife’s from Nebraska and they’ll be moving to Omaha real soon.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Curb, while I really appreciate Obama making the right call on the op to bag Osama, there is an eternity between now and November 2012. Just ask Bush the Elder how far military successes get you. There’s only one thing that Obama can do to win re-election: get gas prices below $3. A year of $4-5 gas is going to strangle the economy. Every time people fill up their tanks, they’ll see Obama’s refusal to do anything to increase the supply. Politics is a game of “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?” I like the Republicans’ chances in 2012. Osama roasting in Hell doesn’t change those chances.

  7. Kortezzi says:

    Obama had no choice but to green light a mission to kill bin Laden, so I don’t give him any credit for courage.

    If he hadn’t approved the operation, surely it would have leaked that he’d turned down a chance any other President would have taken in a heartbeat. That’s the only reason he said OK. Yeah, I suppose you can say it was “risky” TO OUR TROOPS, since the mission might have failed (a shootdown of our helos by the Pakis, or a fiasco of a shootout that results in dead SEALS and no Osama)…but giving a GO was less politically LESS risky for Obama than explaining why he would have said STOP.

    All hail the CIA and special ops guys who planned and executed this job with brains and bravery!

    But now, let’s hear Obama explain (1) why he waited 9 months to approve the operation, (2) why Osama deserved a 40 min. Islamic funeral on the USS Carl Vinson, (3) why he buried the body at sea, and (4) why he won’t release pix of the corpse to squelch rumors that he survived. This idiot President of ours still has some explaining to do – – nearly as much as our so-called allies, the Pakistanis.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Obama’s refusal to do anything to increase the supply”? Really?

    It’s not that Obama refuses to increase supply, because at the end of the day, the oil market is more or less a free global market (with the exception of the billions of dollars the federal government plugs into the system to subsidize the oil market i.e. REDUCE costs passed on to consumers) that is subject to market forces far beyond his reach. Tell me, is this tired argument based on the deep water drilling moratorium? Or Dems stance on ANWR? There are plenty of other places to drill. None of that helps us in the short term, anyways. Despite what Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh might say, at the end of the day, there is very little Obama can do to ease prices at the pump right now.

    During the financial crisis, oil and gas prices went low and stayed low (relatively speaking), and the rate of both exploration and production soon followed. Supply was (relatively) adequate, and the return on oil and gas investments was not sufficient to justify continuation of the high rates of exploration and production in many areas that was spawned by the previous spike. But then all hell broke loose in the Middle East and here we are back at well over $100 a barrel. It will take time for the domestic sources to get the ball rolling again, and even then we are still at the mercy of OPEC to fill the supply void. Oil markets are complex, but the relationship between Middle East “stability” and gas prices is plain to see.

    Obama is powerful, but not “Peace in the Middle East” powerful.

  9. NE Voter says:

    Thanks, Kortezzi. The 18.26 seconds it took me to read that post saved me 3 hours of listening to Rush’s show archive, though I do like Rush talk about ho well he sleeps on his Sleep Number Bed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The answers to all your questions lie in the fact that President Obama had to make his decisions in the the real world, not in the fantasy one created by a Hollywood screenwriter for the fictional TV character, 24’s Jack Bauer.
    If world leaders behaved the way you suggest, it wouldn’t be long before we were deep into World War Three.

  11. Bob Loblaw says:

    Kortezzi I’m not anywhere close to an Obama fan but you do have to give him some credit for this. He could have taken the easy way out and dropped bombs at the compound (what Clinton would have done) but he sent in an elite SEAL team instead. If he would have just dropped bombs from the air there would have been many more casualties and we’d never recover a body and know for sure whether we got the bastard.

    Now to answer your questions

    1) Maybe we waited 9 months so we could figure out for sure who was hiding in that house. Or I don’t know maybe we waited so our SEALs could prepare and make sure that they had the best chance of mission success. What does it matter how long he waited. We’ve been trying to get him for YEARS whats another couple of months. And don’t say he might have gotten away. You know what he didn’t! He’s dead!!

    2) He didn’t deserve a funeral. You’re right. But, I’m sure that not giving him a proper burial, no matter how savage a bastard he was, may have upset moderate Muslims. Now, the crazy jihadists that we’re at war with, it didn’t matter either way. They’ll still hate us. But remember, we aren’t at war with Islam. So maybe by treating a Muslim man with respect the moderate muslims around the world will respect us. You know the whole “Winning the Hearts and Minds” thing.

    3) The body was buried at sea because we didn’t want someplace for the crazy terrorists to have to worship. And tell me what country would take that body?

    4) If some conspiracy nut people are thinking that Osama is still alive you think that some picture is going to convince them? My 8 year old cousin could make you a picture showing Bo Pelini walking on the moon in 10 minutes in his bedroom. If people think Osama is still alive, or that we’ve had him on ice for 9 years, no matter of evidence is going to convince them. People still claim that 9/11 was an inside job by GWB to go to war with Iraq. You can’t fix stupid.

  12. RWP says:

    Just to add to what Macdaddy said; despite QE2, growth has not been strong. The ISM services index this morning was way below expectations. Earnings figures started well last month but are increasingly disappointing. The stock market has hit a ceiling and shows bearish tendencies; today’s sell-off was high volume, which is a bad sign: people are getting out. Unemployment is high, and today’s lousy job-creation figures will not help. Inflation in food and commodities is substantial, and will get worse as the dollar plunges further, which it will for a while. Oil will stay expensive, and will spike on any supply issue, like another problem in the middle east, or a hurricane. And this will be a big year for hurricanes; La Nina is over. China could well see a significant economic meltdown; at least one of the European bailouts is likely to go sour, putting major international banks in jeopardy.

    Going into 2012, Obama will have unemployment still at 8.5%, sluggish job creation, still-expensive gasoline, a stock market that’s at best treading water, and possible signs of a coming recession. And there will still be the federal budget deficit to deal with.

    George HW Bush had a substantial military victory just about this point in his term. The Democrat field looked unimpressive. And frankly, the economy looked better, long term, in Spring 1991.

    I hope I’m not depressing anyone.


    Me, I’m long on oil and short on the rest of the market. But for monetary advice, consult a professional. Oracle informs me I’m not one.

  13. curb says:

    MacDaddy, you are right about gas-oil prices being the economic hinge of the election. Killing bin Laden was the military hinge. But Obama also has that economic hinge in his pocket. Its a drill bit.

    For two years Obama faced a solid Democrat House and Senate to whom he played obedient son. No drilling, neosocialism. For these second two years, however, he has a split Congress that cannot gang up against him, he can play the two sides against each other, and that allows him to do what he needs to do, which is to become America’s military and economic hero in ways that normally make liberals wretch. And he’s doing it.

    Obama killed Osama. When the time is right, he will drill in ANWR.

    He understands momentum. He will drill when it it works best for him. He was so faithful to his liberal base during his first two years, they’d vote for him if he drilled in their backyards. Any serious primary opposition died along with Bin Laden. Obama saw Bush’s popularity zoom with 911. Obama has his own popularity trigger in his pocket.

    Toward election day, voters will see the guy who killed Osama bin Laden out there drilling for American oil.

  14. Bob Loblaw says:


    Just to add a little insight into the CW at the time that George HW Bush was invincible. There is a Saturday Night Live clip from 1992 that has all the democrats running for the nomination having a debate. Paul Tsongas, Bill Clinton, etc. Well, Bushs number were so high that when the moderator introduced the debate he said;

    “Now a debate among the candidates for the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Or as we like to call it the “Guy who’s going to lose to Bush”

    I think Bush the 1st’s approval ratings were somewhere close to 90% after the Gulf War. So anyone who tells you Obama can’t lose is a fool.

  15. RWP says:

    Just to say I fully support what the President did. The 9 month wait was acceptable as long as operational security held, which it did. The SEAL mission seems to have been beautifully planned and executed (of course, that wasn’t him, but if the C-in-C gets the blame when things go wrong). The funeral cost us almost nothing and gave us the moral high ground. Holding back the photos and DNA evidence is fine; if Al Qaida wants to claim OBL is alive, let’s see a videotape. And the sea burial was a good way of getting rid of the foul corpse. It was at least borderline respectful, without creating an Islamic shrine.

    Barbarians mutilate corpses. We are not barbarians. Killing him and disposing of his carcass quickly was both necessary and sufficient.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 3:56: Drilling for oil in the United States is directly under Obama’s control. He has refused to allow any new exploration and in fact, his administration stopped a recent promising drill on the North Slope because Shell did not take into account the emissions from the ice breakers needed for the job and then claimed that the project would increase the air pollution for the “local,” i.e., 70 miles away, residents. Obama’s moratorium on drilling in the Gulf lasted long enough for drills to move to other parts of the world, all this despite being in contempt of court. Obama’s policies concerning Libya have and will continue to cause turmoil there and severely limit the supply from Libya (down 75% from usual) for the foreseeable future. Can’t move forward, can’t move back. Just how Obama wants it.

    The price of oil is not only dependent on the current supply, but also the future supply. Right now, Obama is working mightily to make sure that our contribution and Libya’s contribution to present and future supplies is hamstrung. But I guess we can all just go buy a new car, right?

  17. Greg says:

    My question for my Dem friends is this: How can you support the tactics used by Obama in this mission? The intel was gathered from “black site” CIA prisons, probably using “enhanced interrogation” techniques. Obama DID NOT inform “POKistan” (which was a good thing since the ISI has been tipping off UBL for years) and invaded the sovereignty of “POKistan”. The SEALs (thanks for clearing that up Diamond Joe Biden, acknowledging the existence of SEAL Team 6 was an excellent move) and allegedly shot an “unarmed” UBL.

    So President Obama did AT LEAST three things he and other progressives raked Bush over the coals for. I am still overjoyed that President Obama green light the operation and think it was an excellent move on his part. However, I never decried the use of “black site” prisons, Guantanamo Bay, Etc., Etc. So how can any liberal/progressive support this move by the President without doing a complete 180 in 10 years?

    Finally, why is it that President Obama INSISTED that Abu Gharib photos be shared with the nation, but will not release the UBL photos? The story I am hearing out of the administration is because it might upset the muslim world. Didn’t the Abu Gharib photos upset the muslim world? Why is he so concerned about the muslim world’s feelings now? Trust me I don’t believe that UBL is NOT dead, but this was supposed to be the most honest and open White House to have ever been anointed and I want to see that SOB with a double tap to the forehead.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What is it about the STRATEGIC oil reserves you nimrods don’t understand? It is a STRATEGIC reserve set aside for use if and when we ever need it in the event of a major war. It isn’t a reserve to merely drive down the cost of you driving to the liquor store for another six pack of Bud Light every two hours. Plan ahead, buy a case, save gas.

  19. Oh Mander says:

    Greg – You raise an interesting point. I guess all I can say is this a rare situation in which the end justifies these means. Republicans and Democrats alike seem to agree that the Admin gets a pass on this one. I detest our previous “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but if I knew a detainee had information that could lead to the capture of Osama bin Laden, I’d throw the first punch. I respect international law and the sovereignty of other nations, but at the end of the day, within the context of capturing and killing Osama bin Laden, I suddenly don’t care if we break from theses principles. And neither does the Obama Admin. And neither does the press, really, or the American people in general. This is one of those moments where we realize that there are in fact instances in which we can and should be willing to compromise our own principles. we learned that our convictions and personal policies are clearly not set in stone, and yet we continue to sleep at night. We just need to make sure that this application of situational moral leniency does not become a habit, and is not used to justify future interventions of lesser importance.

  20. Greg says:

    Oh Mander,
    If the ends justify the means, I can list 30 terror suspects who are more dangerous than UBL, if any detainee had information about Ayman al-Zawahiri, the interrogators should absolutely use “enhanced interrogation techniques” to extract information.

    Mr. Holder should also be forced to apologize to all of the CIA employees he targeted when he first was appointed AG, it is now quite obvious that progressives are willing to say that the ends justify the means. By the way ,once the lid is off that jar, it is going to be very hard to put in back on Mander.

  21. Cigar Smoker says:

    1. Obama has said all along that if he had actionable intelligence that OBL was in another country he would go in and get him. You can find video of him saying that in a debate from the ’08 election. And I do not oppose him going into Pakistans backyard to get Osama because I dont think we can, or ever could, trust the Pakistanis. If we had info that OBL was in Britain Im sure it would be a different story and we would let the Brits know and maybe even get him for us. But the fact is we cannot trust Pakistan and we had solid intel that OBL was there. We did the right thing.
    2. SEAL Team Six has been known about and publicized for years, Biden didn’t “out” anyone. The founder of the team is on the frickin speaking and lecture circuit!! Pay enough money and you can meet him in person too! Richard Marcinko is his name and he’s a nice person.
    3. I dont think the photo’s should or need to be released (for reasons other have listed above). I trust that the bastard is dead. Have you ever seen a GS wound to someone’s face? its not a pretty sight to behold. I think that image would do more harm than good for our country.
    4. I’ve heard the the intel gathered that led to OBL involved waterboarding, I’ve also heard it didn’t. No one knows for sure. I am against waterboarding and always have been, as Obama and most dems have been too. Personally I have nothing against sleep deprivation (it doesn’t bother the Air Traffic Controllers) and I have nothing against drugging someone for information either (and I think thats against Geneva but I’m not sure). We prosecuted and put to death Japanese soldiers for doing this to our guys, we should not do it ourselves. And I will take the word of someone who’s had it done to them before, if Jesse Ventura says it’s torture then I’m going ot believe him.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Lathrop is a smug ass. No wonder the Business and Labor committee is the called the Labor & Labor committee

  23. Anonymous says:

    I suppose you see delivering nuclear warheads onto cities full of people as somehow different from you making excuses for embracing killing for your own sake of expediency? Damn your childish sentiment. You kill an armed terrorist, an unarmed one, his wife, a guy while he is taking a crap; you kill a child that’s wired with explosives, you throw a grenade into a house to clear it before checking for orphans, you drop bombs on cities because they are dropping them on yours, or to prevent such. Yes, lots of bad out there. And it all begins with the likes of you who decide “our convictions and personal policies are clearly not set in stone.” Well yours certainly aren’t. Your convictions are false and your policies are as flimsy as your ethics. You would hold people to standards you ignore. It is always you self-righteous authoritarians who would have your personal version of government control other people; you who excuse your own flexible morals. But at what point do you turn your flexible murderous aim onto other enemies, allies, or fellow citizens who fall outside your circle of justice? But of course, you draw that line whenever, in your view, it is necessary for you to draw it. That’s why I hate your faith in government controls, because you want to be the controller. You want your ideas shoved down everyone’s throat. And you are willing, whenever you deem it necessary, to murder people on a case basis. Yet you are too blind to deem yourself the murderous creature you are. It’s apparently a hallmark of liberal relativism and all authoritarianism to accommodate and excuse one’s own wrongdoing as “needed”. You thus stand on sand. You are the most dangerous of murderous louts, the one who thinks he’s above being a murderous lout.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:58: relax. You didn’t know it was all just political expediency? We owe Obama another thanks for sounding the death knell on the “anti-war” Left. If he drills in ANWR he’ll hit the trifecta and claim the title of the most schizophrenic President in US history.

  25. Oh Mander says:

    10:58 – I didn’t murder anyone. All I said was these were unique circumstances, and as a result, I am perfectly fine with looking the other way on the glaring disregard for the necessary oxymoron that is “international law.” I want to know how, in the wake of OBL’s death, do you rattle off a rant like that and somehow view me as the “self-righteous authoritarian.” What you just said is the definition of self righteousness, and in the process, represented yourself as the moral authority in this situation. And “murderous lout”? Give me an effing break. There are two murderers in this story – Osama and Navy SEAL that put a bullet in him. Congrats on being the only person in America that is taking the side of the former over the latter. I did not justify any of the horrible examples that you cited, nor will I ever, so please explain how those actions “begin with the likes of” me.

    Greg – I agree that it is a slippery slope. That is why I once again stress the importance of treating this as an isolated incident that should not be used as justification for future world policing. Let’s face it – when you have the capabilities of the US military, “international law” is essentially an oxymoron. But it is a necessary oxymoron that we must respect 99.99% of the time so that we can get away with this 0.01% without pissing people off.

  26. Anonymous says:

    You prove my point. You say the killer was a Navy SEAL not you. You say “I didn’t murder anyone”. Yet you are in charge because you vote. Triggers were pulled by you. You are typical of the multitude of novices who convince themselves that killing people is something only the insane could do. For by that myth you deem yourself sane, different, better at some fundamental level, incapable of evil. Those are childish distinctions that deny human choice and the reality of our nature.

    The thing that gives more experienced souls pause is them realizing the utter lack of such distinctions; the ease with which everyone can snuff out another’s life, that it can be business as usual, and the falsity of thinking it impossible that your own self could ever be a killer. Many embrace the lie that it is impossible for them to be a killer of human beings, while they say they sleep soundly after killing these special case human beings. They feel they didn’t do the killing. Yet they run the government as voters. They have opinions on executing criminals, but they don’t see themselves as the executioners which as citizens they indeed are. They crave responsibility to hold life and death power over others, to tell others what to do, yet they cannot even grasp their own nature. They see their good potential but deny their dark side. They’d never toss bodies into ovens but they might be candidates for sainthood. In that saccharine myth of innate human goodness is a great danger. For nothing is as dangerous as a killer who thinks himself incapable of killing. MacDaddy mentioned schizophrenia. Indeed. Political philosophical schizophrenia.

  27. Mike Godwin says:

    Like my old pal Texas Andy used to say, “If someone put a bullet in Hitler’s eye back in the ’30s, the world would have been better off.” As for Bin Laden, he needed killing. As for all the self-righteous pinheads that hate our Seals … I don’t think the Street Sweeper will allow me to use the appropriate language here.

  28. Uncle Wiggily says:

    I am officially declaring the pool open for Date For First Made-For-TV Movie of the bin Laden raid. There is no prize … only the warm glow of knowing you are the most knowledgeable boob-tube addict in the industrialized world. I say by July 15. Alternate non-awards will be given for picking the actor(s) to play the SEAL who ventilated UBL, (my candidate = Jim Caviezel), OBama (I’m leaning toward Dave Chappelle), and Leon Panetta (look for Steve Carell in horn-rims – it’s too bad Ed Wynn is gone – he would have been perfect).

  29. Party Player says:

    So Avery thinks they “got rolled” and Mello cries “it was purely political”? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Welcome to the real world little boys! What the Hell was Avery trying to accomplish by moving the Kleebs from the unwinable 3rd to the 1st? And Mello knows damn well that he was just trying to make the 2nd even less conservative by taking one of the largest conservative communities out of the 2nd.

    Game on assholes! You think you have so much power? You handful of Democrats that have managed to convince your new neighbors that you give a rat’s ass about them? All you are is a bunch of wannabe power guys clinging to the Old popularity of the Fahey/Nelson days of lying to get anything you want. Try to pull something like that again and you true stupidity will be shown again.

  30. Expat Democrat says:

    Dems upset by the new 2nd CD would do well to remember what the district looked like in the days of John Cavanaugh and, to a lesser extent, Peter Hoagland.

    The challenge remains fundamentally the same.

  31. Poly Tics says:

    Does anybody feel like the killing of Osama is now turning into a game of “Clue?” I mean, the story has changed fifty seven times since it was announced that I’m pretty sure it will turn into that Col. Mustard wasted Osama in the observatory with a candlestick by the time they get the story straight.

    As to the redistricting. Duh. The GOP controls the Unicam and this is the one issue they actually appear to maybe, perhaps, kinda be unified on….but we ain’t had a vote yet.

    I am too curious to see if anybody else will enter the Senate race. AG Bruning did what everybody expected him to do, insert foot in mouth and tripped over the untied shoelace on the other foot. Stenberg may have a name, but nobody really cares especially if he can’t raise a dime in funds. Who’s Deb Fischer again? She looks alot like former Governor Kay Orr…oh, wait, that was Kay Orr. Never mind.

    I just would giggle like NE Voter at a Jenny Craig convention if somebody challenged E. Ben on the Dems side of the aisle. Heck, which direction would E.Ben move? Left? Right? Up? He would look like a busted up Stretch Armstrong by the general.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Oh you GOP fools. The war hero is not running for the Senate. He is running for Congress. Yes he is a Democrat.

  33. anony says:

    a previous poster stated that he wears a DSC and a silver star, and significant in light of the weekend’s events in Pakistan. those events were Navy and the Silver Cross is an Army award. so which is it? where did the wife grow up and go to school? carpet bagging is still a hard image to overcome-even if you refuse to take off your uniform while campaigning.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anyone in the military will reap the benefit of what happened in Pakistan. What’s so hard to understand about that? I heard the guy is a Nebraska native but has been gone while serving our country, so that makes him a carpet bagger?

  35. Democrat fraud says:

    The dems used Iraq veterans in 2006 and 2008 to win house seats. I can’t wait for the “Hero” to reject Obama in 2012. Beware of the fraud

  36. Anonymous says:

    So, today’s LJS editorial is about UNL being the first school in over a century to get tossed from the Association of American Universities. Oh well — Go Big Red! Anyone else in denial around here?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sweeps, it’s time for something new. How about covering the redistricting plan that came out of committee yesterday?

  38. anonymous says:

    First off, I do not believe in the “evil” GOP line; I’ve always said that there are terrific Americans in both parties and both parties have given the country immoral and law-breaking politicians. It’s called life. No one party or group has the market on any specific behavior.

    Second, it is a Fact that right after their successful GOP takeover of the House of Representatives in 1994, the national GOP began plotting how to keep each and every Republican seat in the country AND – this is where “The Fort” comes in – where to IMPORT potential politicians who would make a “good fit” for Districts that had GOP Congressmen who’d had served a long time and were going to retire in two, three, four, or five years. (City Council first, Congress second in “The Fort’s case).

    Ergo, by 1996, – two years after their historic takeover – the national GOP was hard at work on their national strategy and Rep. Doug Bereuter’s name came up as he’d already served nearly 20 years at that point. In 1996, Jeff Fortenberry – of Washington, D.C. – gets a Master’s Degree in Theology in Ohio and within weeks just happens to move to the country’s most conservative Catholic district in the country. Coincidence. Perhaps.

    The GOP’s success in 1994 marked the last time in American political history that the country’s congressional races were – generally speaking – “organic.” What happened in Kansas emanated from Kansans and so on. The ground-breaking 1994 House takeover emboldened the GOP to plot and plan state by state by state in quite calculating – and under the radar – ways. (Of course, the Dems did the same thing; state races long had benefitted from national union support)

    After 1994, GOP House races in states began to be micro-engineered by the Powers-that-Be in D.C. With respect to Rep. Fortenberry, an analysis of his 2004 Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign contribution reports reveals that, in Fact, a significant number of his contributors are the same D.C.-based law firms, PACs, and lobbying shops that gave money to Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas who was one of the masterminds of the GOP’s national strategy.

    That’s a Fact…not a conspiracy. The Record bears out these Facts.

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