Baby Buffett

First a little Friday Separated at Birth for you, but with a twist.

We are going to do a little math on this one.

Kenneth (from “30 Rock”), plus Justin Bieber, equals, Howard Warren Buffett.


Well, most of the name looks familiar anyway, right?

The sum of the parts above is the 28 year old grandson of Gorat’s most loyal customer and the richest man in America.

He was born in Omaha, went to grade school in Omaha, then went to high school and college in Illinois. He then went on to work on various agriculture projects before hooking up with the Obama campaign and administration.

He moved to Omaha last fall to…


Well, no one has announced against Congressman Lee Terry, yet.
(Joe Jordan’s hints about Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing, notwithstanding.)
Fund raising wouldn’t likely be an issue.
Nothing much else to tie him down to give him a trip BACK to Washington.
He’s a “legacy” — his great grandfather, Howard (a Republican) held the seat back in the 1940’s and 50’s.

And that move “back” to Omaha.
Oh, and a gigantic expose on him by the OWH last fall.

We will keep our eyes peeled…


The Congressional redistricting looks to be a done deal.
The GOP is happy to have the western half of Sarpy, where there are more likely hardcore voters (we haven’t looked at the trends, but that’s our guess). And western Sarpy has the most growth potential in the future as well.

Douglas didn’t get chopped up at all, which would have freaked out many.

And NE-1 and NE-3 may need a bit of tweaking, but in general they’re doable.


Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Jon Bruning has a new campaign manager.

Trent Fellers takes over for the interim head Andrew Northwall.

Fellers was Chief of Staff for State Treasurer Shane Osborn. He did field work on Osborn’s campaigns and has worked on local races in the past.

Good luck on a big job.


  1. anonymous says:

    Any idea if Howard Warren Buffett would represent this district like his namesaked, great grandfather? I guess not.

  2. View from the hallway says:

    I see a little Edward Norton as well.

    Now that re-districting, the budget and CIR are all pretty well done, I would say it’s time to start thinking about who were the winners and losers from the 2011 session.

    The Gov- Bullied, threatened and charmed his way to numerous political wins. Adding to the resume for a presidential run in 16.
    Senator Deb Fischer – May not run against Bruning, but did a very good job of softening her edges and getting her name in the media.
    Senator Mike Gloor – Conservative who showed he had the courage to stand up to the Governor to do what’s best for Nebraska.
    Big Winner – The tobacco industry. Hats off to their lobby team for not only getting Senator Cornett to hold the cigarette tax hike hostage in committee, but also got over $900,000 taken away from efforts to reduce smoking. very impressive

    Losers – Democrats. Couldn’t cobble together a spine on many issues.
    Senator Jannsen – Tea Party has collective yawn for immigration issues and poor Charlie was all spiffed up to grab the national spotlight. Now all he hears are crickets.
    Senator Broomfield – Showed he was not ready from prime time unless the Governor was whispering in his ear. Did he really say that all poor people strip down thier cars and sell the parts for drugs. ouch.

  3. Silver spoon says:

    Baby Buffett sounds like Jim Esch, but with a family with more Zeros behind their checking account. What has this kid ever done? If he wasn’t a Buffett where would he be now?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Northwall was the interim head? that’s a joke if I ever heard one… and a good way to turn off any politicos wanting to help Bruning.

    Trent’s an upstanding guy. Good for Team Bruning.

  5. Jerry Mander says:

    Well, my work here is done. Special thanks to Scott Lautenbaugh for his hospitality. See y’all in 2021!

  6. Dan Brown says:

    John Ewing for Congress? You have to be kidding me. He was a cop, then a County Treasurer and this qualifies him? Any legislative experience?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Buffett is like Esch? Are you kidding? Little Buffett can afford to pay Lee Terry to quit Congress and work on Buffett’s campaign. That’s no silver spoon. Its a platinum steam shovel aimed at whatever seat Buffett wants. Since Buffett is HOR age, and unless he’s a complete idiot, Terry’s seat is his. If Buffett was older, he’d “invest” in a Senate seat. That comes later.

  8. RWP says:

    Amazing how the supposed party of the people contains so many leisured scions of the wealthy. Baby Buffett has never worked a real job in his life, but he wants to be a Congressman?

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can’t name one first teamer on team bruning. That adds up to trouble…no matter how much cash you have.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    Nebraska wasn’t fond of Pete Ricketts endless TV and radio ads a few years back – – struck most voters as trying to take too much advantage of his wealth. It won’t work any better for Buffett’s grandson, especially a 28 year old running for Congress without even trying for city council or mayor or state senator first!

    Terry will do well in NE2 with W Sarpy gained and old town Bellevue lost. The new map might make Fortenberry have to work a little harder in NE1, though, particularly if the Democrats nominate a popular Lincoln politician.

  11. anonymous says:

    $1.2 million cash, 93 county chairs, contributions from all 50 states, a 15 point lead running against an incumbent, 18 months before the election, with a 30 point lead over a primary opponent that raised $14,000. Yeah, team Bruning is pretty weak.

  12. The Boy Blunder says:

    Silver Spoon worked for Obama. How did he get that job? Merit or Grampa’s cash.? Old Congressman Buffett must be turning in his grave knowing the 4th generation went Socialist elite on him. Note to the Faux Cowboy…Cash is King in Carpetbagging for a seat

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anony 4:29,
    With every word, you reveal your own inexperience. It’s not about getting through the primary. It’s about team Nelson, who are first teamers and will have 93 county chairs and all the money they need. On the job training…not all it’s cracked up to be!

  14. Anonymous says:

    If Obama the Osama killer drills in ANWR and Baby Buffett dumps a mountain of coil to crush Terry, expect Ben Nelson to ride high too.

  15. Dennis says:

    The Trent Fellers hire by the Bruning campaign was pretty underwhelming – to say the least. This young man has never managed a state wide campaign before and he will be up against a very experienced and skillful handler for Ben Nelson. This has to be a case of nobody would take on the job. If I were a GOP operative and thought Bruning had a shot at taking down an incumbent Dem, I’d sign on fast. Who wouldn’t want credit for knocking out a 2-term, incumbent Dem in a red state like Nelson? But the big kids on the GOP side of the fence must know Bruning can’t do it.

  16. anony says:

    Gerrymandering would have been a 2 mile strip widening to a 5 mile strip narrowing to a 2 mile strip along the Eastern border of Douglas County, into Sarpy County and stopping at the Offutt fence.

    Population shifts. Facts are facts and the law states similar boundaries for newly drawn Districts. Can’t have the same, but I would agree-as much as I would have loved my map above, keeping Douglas Co whole satisfies that duty.

    Let me remind you. The 2nd used to include part of Washington and Burt Counties too, but it doesn’t anymore. Rather than bicker about who in Sarpy County deserves to be in the 2nd District, let’s all hope that the 2nd has to continue to give away constituents to the 1st, because when that trend ends, we are all screwed because we will be losing a Congressional Seat!

    As for the State Legislative seats? I think they should clean them all up to better reflect the hometown heritage of many of our communities. In Omaha, they have made it impossible for any particular ethnic group to hold a seat in their community except one seat set aside for the African American community. They included wealthy and white Old Market in what should have been a solid Little Italy seat. We should have a seat drawn for solid middle class European Immigrants and a good Hispanic seat too. Instead we get carpet bagger wealthy and , “Hmm, I used to work for a Senator, but now I want to be a politician-what heavily Dem District can I move to and deny a life long resident her chance to serve her community?” Oh, yeah, I’ll rent an apartment in South O.

    I am going to hold off on my other carpetbagger comments, because I am pretty sure that Warren’s grandson never served in the Military and has a better personality for the Senate than the House. And yes, someone that has never lived in this community can still be a carpetbagger if retired military. Now, if they served here and have always wanted to retire here, then it would make sense that he run as a Democrat since they believe that all people should be paying more income taxes. And he will because we still tax military retirement.

  17. politico says:

    Pretty sure Northwall left the bruning campaign months ago sweeper? From what I have been told bruning has been flying blind with no campaign staff for some time now.

    At least he hired someone.

  18. The War Is On says:

    No one on either side, Republican or Democrat, should be surprised or disappointed in how the lines were drawn for Congressional Districts. The map just reflects the political reality in Nebraska. They seem to have done a descent job of respecting the boundary lines of counties as much as they could.

    The map they’ve come up with for Legislative Districts is another story. The committee members made preserving their own personal self interests a priority over everything else. It appears the only solution they could come up with that would avoid removing a district from one of the members on the committee was to split both Nebraska City and Alliance into two districts. If keeping counties intact is a priority, it seems that doing the same for municipalities should be an even higher priority.

    When debate starts on accepting the committee recommendations there is going to be a major battle over the proposed legislative district map.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @ anony

    Your thoughts please on the consummate King of Carpetbaggers: Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Washington, D.C.

    “The Fort” – who had nary a single, bona fide connection to Cornhusker country before he moved to Lincoln a mere baker’s dozen years ago – nonetheless has been a “Nebraska” politician for a staggering 11 years of his short – and clearly D.C.-calculated – time in the Great Plains; four on Lincoln’s City Council and seven as a GOP member of the House of Representatives.

    My (preliminary) national research on USA “Carpetbaggers” reveals that “The Fort’s” Club for Growth (CFG)-underwritten record of alighting in town and not long after winning a significant office has only been beaten by one politician: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whose New York Senate rise obviously wasn’t bankrolled by the infamous CFG but by the Democratic lightening rod/uber-donor George Soros.

  20. Anonymous says:

    So a person that honorably defended Nebraska and the United States of America for an entire career, even if they grew up in Nebraska, shouldn’t ever think about moving back home and running for public office? You are a pinhead of the first order and deserve a medal of your own for idiocy. You obviously have never served in the military, or you would know that where you serve isn’t by choice but by the convenience of the military.
    I hope the rumors about this guy that’s planning on moving back to face Ben Nelson in a primary are true. We could use a lot more ex-Nebraskans of that caliber returning home. But, thanks to fools like you, we’ve mostly managed to run them out of our state, leaving pea-brains such as yourself in the majority.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is a lot of anger and name calling going on here. But to what purpose? To make the venter feel better? If you have a bitch against someone, list reasons and facts. Otherwise you engage in verbal masturbation; lots of emotional effort and nothing to show for it but embarrassment.

    For example, what’s that about Ben Nelson having a “handler”? The guy is a US Senator and you talk about him like he’s a horse. An ass symbolically I suppose. But elephants have handlers too. Do you actually think candidates listen to those they hire? Very rarely.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Jon Bruning was a carpet bagger in his legislative days. Moved into Sarpy County to run against a weak incumbent in Mike Avery. Got himself reelected and then bolted for Lincoln once he got to the AG’s office. Not a bad plan seeing as it worked out. Now he is running against the Richard known as the dirt bag 60th vote Nelson.

    Don’t know if it will be any better with Bruning in DC but can’t be any worse!

  23. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong Anon 11:24 PM.

    It could get worse.

    How many children does Bruning have, and will he be requesting earmarks for phoney military spending to provide high paying jobs for them at tax payer expense?

  24. Bevis says:

    @ 8:53,
    Huh huh. Huh huh. You said masturbation. Huh huh. Huh huh.
    The facts are that @anony is all those things. So, if you have nothing to say but to come on here and bitch about it, we’ll put you on his team.
    And a Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

  25. Boomer says:

    There’s a report out that there that says the U.S. tax burden is at its lowest since 1958. That kind of upsets the whole foundation of the arguments by the tea partiers and the billionaire’s club doesn’t it? If our tax burden is so low, then the economy should be booming.Those sipping their Kool Aid from tea cups have therefore already received what they have been asking for, and the big bucks boys should have no excuses for not investing in industry in our fine nation.
    It seems all their exhortations to lower taxes are nothing but a lot of hot air. It’s too bad we can’t harness all that energy to produce something useful, other than heated rhetoric.

  26. 2nd district says:

    The 2nd district now splits a county line (Sarpy) but contains all of Douglas. The proposed 2nd district splits a county line (Sarpy) but contains all of Douglas. There doesn’t seem to be much to argue about here.

  27. Farnam Street says:

    Ben Nelson has a lot to worry about. I’ve talked to some folks that have met this new democrat kid on the block and they say he will be entering the race towards the end of the summer. He’s got plenty of backing already.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Farnam Street: I’m sure Nelson isn’t worried about Buffett. Not even a little bit. Especially since he’s not old enough to be a Senator.

  29. Boomer says:

    Somehow I don’t think Farnam was referring to Mr. Buffett. I think he may have meant the mysterious war hero we’ve been hearing about. Though I do think it odd to refer to a retiring military officer as a “kid.”

  30. Macdaddy says:

    If he’s referring to some other person, I doubt Nelson is worried about him either. Taking on a second term Senator in a primary is political suicide, even when the Senator is a tool like Nelson. Bruning would have had the fight of his life had Hagel run for re-election and he would have lost. In order for Nelson to lose in a primary, his base would have to be ticked off with him. I don’t see it. Democrats are happy with him and what he did. It’s Republicans and Independents that are itching to give him the heave-ho. The most recent examples were Bennett in Utah and Murkowski in Alaska. In both cases, the incumbents’ party members were ticked off. Lieberman got the boot, but because his party was mad about his support of the Iraq war. Nebraska democrats are happy about Obamacare. Nebraska democrats are relatively conservative and probably don’t mind that Nelson occasionally hops off the fence on the GOP side…when Harry Reid doesn’t need his vote.

    Of course, I still don’t think Ben Nelson will run for re-election, so maybe this new guy is really as smart as me. 😉

  31. Anonymous says:

    The war hero is running for Congress in the democratic primary. Not against Nelson for Senate. The thing is that he could run in any of the three districts. He has connections and family in all of them.

  32. Farnam Street says:

    The guy I have heard about is definitely considering a run against Nelson. Word around the block is that there might be another one that plans to run for Congress, probably against Smith in the 3rd CD, but so far that is just rumor. If all this is true, it sounds like the Dems are finally going to have some valid candidates.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    I wasn’t aware that Democrats were upset with Nelson. For the record, I would be ecstatic to see the good Benator have a primary challenge. Have at it, Zeke.

  34. A Democrat says:

    Macdaddy, there are a lot of Democrats who are very unhappy with Nelson. You shouldn’t spend so much time reading the crap Kyle and Lisa post over at NNN. They only represent the go-along-to-get-along crowd. Nelson has always taken the votes of Democrats for granted. His fence sitting has become more than many Democrats can stand. He might survive a primary contest, but a moderate Republican could pick up a lot of Democratic votes in a general election.

  35. Dennis says:

    The Tea Party Express is going to make a “surprise endorsement” in the Nebraska Senate race on Wednesday. The “lucky” recipient of this endorsement will be joining the ranks of failed Senate candidates Joe Miller and Sharon Angle. If I were Bruning, Stenberg or Flynn, I wouldn’t want this kiss of death….

  36. Support Fort says:

    Anon 1:50: If you will recall the “carpetbagger” debate of ’04, Fortenberry moved to Lincoln for a job opportunity with Sandhills Publishing, where he worked until becoming the 1st District Congressman. In the meantime he has raised his family in Lincoln (they didn’t move to DC), served on the city council — oh yes, and paid income, sales and property taxes. Isn’t that what Nebraska wants – more productive citizens, instead of brain drain, etc?

    Another 04 fact, although you seem more interested in hyperbole than fact, Club for Growth DID NOT endorse Fortenberry. They endorsed Greg Ruehle in the primary, and were not active in the general election.

    If you don’t like Fortenberry — fine. But your assessment is insulting to the voters of Lincoln and the voters of the 1st District. They have time and again, often by large margins, chosen Fortenberry to represent their interests in Washington DC.

    So, if you are so offended by the 1st District representation, you should either put your own name forward for consideration, or put a sock in it and stop embarrassing yourself.

  37. anonymous says:

    @ Support Fort:

    Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District seat was Louisiana Purchased. Period.

    The Club for Growth, indeed, was “active” in the Nebraska 2004 general election when you Follow the Money which is, of course, the mother’s milk of politics.

    And as far as “The Fort’s” “job” with Sandhills Publishing: which came first; the “position” with the company or the national GOP/Washington, D.C.-carefully calculated plan to hold on to the seat of the soon-to-be-retired Rep. Doug Bereuter. Sandhills is the go-to company for all manner of requests from the GOP and the Catholic Church. And that’s fine; I mean this is America, after all. But the fact that “The Fort” worked for Sandhills is certainly not proof that he actually landed in Lincoln on his own professional accord.

    I mean what are the odds that a Baton Rouge/Washington, D.C./Capitol Hill worker and political wanna-be/one-time staffer to the disgraced Senator David Durenberger (who was forced to resign under an ethics cloud) just happened to choose Lincoln.

  38. RWP says:

    I’ve heard some silly conpiracy theories, but anon. cow. at 12:32 is up there with the best. Fortenberry served on Lincoln City Council before he ran for Congress. I know from personal experience he took the council position very seriously.

    The idea that he was helicoptered into Lincoln by the evil GOP to tske over Bereuter’s seat is nuts. He wasn’t even a favorite to win the GOP primary.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So, what’s the scoop on all the staff shake ups in the Lee Terry office? Hasn’t pretty much everyone that worked for him been fired or left of their own volition? Sounds to me like he’s not planning on running again or everyone pretty much knows he SHOULDN’T run again.

  40. Party Player says:

    Regarding the Leg Redistricting, I have been told by multiple sources that state law does not permit a sitting state senator to be redistricted out of his or her district.

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