I wanna live the life of danger

Lots of news and issues and threats and counter-threats about the CIR and roads and vetoes and the like.

It would seem, at this point, that Democrat state Senator Steve Lathrop’s plan to keep the CIR in charge of state union contracts is not going to fly. Governor Dave has pretty much put his foot down, and we are guessing that there is no override that will happen.

But the Gov hasn’t laid any tracks (yet) on Senator Deb Fischer’s plan for roads funding — where it is possible that she could lead a veto override.

We have a feeling that one will end in a win-win situation for both sides and people will walk away shaking hands.

And then kissing babies? (Or is it kissing hands and shaking babies? In any case…)

We will see.


We noticed the Bold Nebraska kids crowing about a letter to the Lincoln Journal
complaining about the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

The angry person with a stamp said that since TransCanada is a Canadian company (it’s the part that comes after “Trans”), they should not be allowed to talk to Nebraska legislators about the pipeline that they want to build.

But she doesn’t stop there. She goes on to say,

Why don’t we let al-Qaida “weigh in” on the security measures adopted by Homeland Security?

Huh. Well, Barbara, we would note that al-Qaeda’s mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, has already weighed in on the subject of the pipeline across Nebraska, reporting from the SandHills and everything.

And, shocker, they’re against it! Just like you!

Ain’t that a corker.

Sure hope none of those Nebraska legislators saw their report and are influenced by it!


Interesting story in the OWH yesterday about the difficult job of getting into and then graduating from the Army Ranger School.

Would have been a worthy side-note to mention that Nebraska’s very own Governor, Dave Heineman, a graudate of the West Point Military Academy, is also a graduate of the Army Ranger School.

Just a side note.


Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine charged an Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle campaign worker — but not the campaign or the campaign manager or the Chief, Jim Suttle — with bribing voters back in the recall vote.

We are going to pound on this dead nag JUST a few more times.

From the OWH on January 13, 2011:

Mayor Jim Suttle says the homeless have as much right to vote as any Omahan, and he stands by his campaign’s decision to drive busloads of people from a homeless shelter to the polling booths.

However, Suttle says he knew nothing of a plan to pay the homeless $5 to attend get-out-the-vote training. And he says the idea was never to coach anyone on how to vote — although a witness tells The World-Herald that is what happened.

“Many of these homeless are veterans. They’ve served in our military. They’ve fallen on hard times. Don’t they have a right to vote?,” Suttle said Thursday morning.

From the OWH today:

“The mayor recognized the problem. He knew there was an issue and dealt with it.”

Yup the Mayor recognized, after people were going ape-shit about it, it probably is not a good idea to pay the homeless to vote for you. Hey, good call Mayor.

After, mind you.


Oh, and another shocker: The lady who was ticketed for bribery is pissed that she is being made the fall-guy (er, gal).
Read it here from Joe Jordan.


And hey, we don’t mean to pile on but…

A Tweet from the Stenberg camp, quoting a Hotline story:

“Tea Party Express used first endorsement to back an establishment candidate.”

Well, except that they chopped off the end of the sentence…

“…to back an establishment candidate who was likely to win the GOP primary anyway.”

Ah well.


The LJS does a nice write-up of state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh today.

Here is the photo Don references of Lautenbaugh and frequent advisary state Senator Bill Avery posing with stogies.

And a curious quote from ultra-liberal blogger, Kyle Michaelis, in the article.

Michaelis called Lautenbaugh, “a Republican hack, lackey and stooge, and unfit to serve on the Redistricting Committee.

Well then.  My, that’s strongly worded….coming from the newest appointee to the Lincoln/Lancaster Emergency Medical Services oversight board.

Whose experience is having worked for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Oh, and serving with the Nebraska Young Democrats.

And writing a Democrat blog.

Now THERE’s a non-hack, fit to serve.


  1. Kortezzi says:

    If Republicans have a 34-15 advantage in the Legislature, how did a liberal Democrat “hack, lackey and stooge” like Steve Lathrop get placed in charge of writing the CIR reform bill?
    Brad Ashford is a RINO who ought to join the Democrats. His backing of Lathrop’s do-nothing bill is inexcusable. Apparently Ashford’s prior membership in the CIR endeared him to its union-biased purposes. Screw him.
    Hurrah for Governor Dave putting a stop to this sham of a reform bill! Omaha and other cities don’t stand a chance of blocking overgenerous union contracts unless the CIR is stripped of it’s power.

  2. Grundle King says:

    Kortezzi, I generally don’t have any strong feelings on the the whole CIR deal, but I gotta ask you what your alternative would be.

    Forget the unions for a moment and consider the employees. This isn’t an opt-out state like Wisconsin…public employees in Nebraska are not required to join the union nor or they required to pay dues…they have the option to join, but it’s not mandatory. The employees are taxpaying, property-owning citizens just like those in the private sector. They should be paid wages that are comparable to cities with a similar cost of living.

    It seems like a lot of folks want to strip public employees of their rights and pay them less than half of what they’re worth…but they don’t want those public services to be interrupted, either. Are you okay with them going on strike? Suppose the plow truck drivers decide to ‘call in sick’ after a 10-inch snow-fall…you can’t just throw some untrained lackey in there to plow the streets. Just imagine if public employees, like police, fire, etc., were allowed to strike. Ooh, the fun that would be.

    I agree that cities need to be able to keep their budgets under control. I live in Lincoln, and the city has reduced the size of their workforce quite a bit over the past few years. The problem is lagging sales tax, and the fact that Lincolnites property tax contribution to the city/county governments is among the lowest for Nebraska’s larger communities. It seems like the situation is worse in Omaha than in other communities…so one has to wonder if that’s really a product of the CIR, or of Omaha’s government.

  3. NNNo Way! says:

    Why does the LJS quote anything from Kyle Michaelis? His only remaining claim to fame is possessing the second biggest ego in the state – bested only by Jon Bruning. His EMS oversight board position is nothing but resume padding. His work at USCIS has been less than stellar. His NYD presidency was unremarkable, and if it weren’t for Ronaldo (aka Kyle Michaelis) nobody would be writing anything on his “Democrat blog” save Kyle’s other aliases and a handful of spammers.

  4. Overused Return Key says:

    Calling Al Jazeera “Al Qaeda’s mouthpiece” is just plain ignorant. It is a legitimate news network with a Middle Eastern name, not an arm of a terrorist network. Unfortunately the wingers on this blog will take that statement as fact rather than thinking for themselves.

  5. Too Bad says:

    Why do the Repubs want so badly to fix something that isn’t broken? Sen. Lathrop and Sen. Utter have worked very hard on this issue; the governor wasn’t involved in that process. And you sound especially sullen today, Sweeper… I have great respect for the governor’s military background, but I’m guessing the Army Ranger training today is a lot different than when he graduated… Just like Mr. Kerrey’s training as a SEAL. And why is Al Jazeera such a boogeyman. I appreciate the perspective they provide towards understanding the world’s events; you don’t get much of that from US news outlets.

  6. To Overused a/k/a Bold Ne says:

    Here is a headline from Al Jizz’s website “Exposing the human side of BP’s oil spill” Why would a Middle eastern news organization care about Keystone and Gulf Oil….oh that’s right because less supply means higher oil prices in Qatar.

    Thanks for selling out your countrymen!!!

  7. YO: Overused Return Key & Too Bad says:

    AS far as I know Al-Jeezeera is the ONLY news network to provide the “perspective” of people whose sole objectives it to want to kill Americans. If you want to educate yourself with that perspective, then I suggest you move to Afghanistan.

  8. RWP says:

    Kyle’s appointment is probably part reward for his sterling Party work over the last few years, and could conceivably also be part of a deal to withdraw from the city council race. Sure, it’s deplorable that politics works this way, but we all know it does. And if he hadn’t spent the last five years writing holier-than-thou screeds about real or (mostly) imagined GOP political deals of exactly the same sort, it wouldn’t bother me much, except to confirm my conviction that a major reason to reduce government is to reduce the opportunity for this sort of thing.

    But that’s the astonishing cognitive disconnect Democrats manage to accomplish. They can, with apparent sincerity, espouse good government principles and rail against insider deals, while at the same time being elbow-deep in the same insider deals, and more often, far worse. it amazes me. It’s a feat of mental agility far more impressive than being able to solve Rubik’s cube in 10 moves.

    Doublethink, Orwell called it.

  9. MacDaddy says:

    I am sure that any of the Nebraska legislators would be happy to meet in person with any member of al Queda to talk about security issues. They should just make an appointment with the secretary. It promises to be a very successful meeting. Just ignore those guys with the MP5s standing behind the curtains.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RWP, if Kyle were appointed to the City Council I could see your point. However his appointment is apparently to a non-paid “EMS oversight authority”. His only reward is donation of free work to the city. Get a grip and spend your summer break studying up on comparability.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It was the people who wanted to get rid of Suttle who got hit with the felony charge. SS seemed to miss that.

  12. No, I’m well aware that a volunteer for the petitioners cheated, got caught and the signatures were not allowed.
    And I am also aware that the Suttle campaign made a conscious effort to bribe homeless people to vote for Suttle. And have defended those actions. And a campaign staffer is taking the heat for it.
    Didn’t miss a thing.

    And thanks for reading!

  13. Overused Return Key says:

    @ 11:56 – I am in no way affiliated with Bold Nebraska. You just blindly assume that someone that points out a this common right wing smear tactic is from Bold Nebraska? I am beginning to see why you automatically associate Al Jazeera with Al Qaeda – you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    @ 12:31 – I stand by my “ignorant” comment, despite your compelling “sole objectives” argument.

  14. RWP says:

    Anonymous Coward @ 1:14:

    If Kyle doesn’t use this appointment as credentials in a future political run, I would publicly declare that you were right and I was wrong. But since you’re just AC, you can’t be right, because no AC is distinguishable from any other AC.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ll let you in on a little secret, RWP. The reason I, and perhaps others, post anonymously is that we’ve seen your modus operandi of spewing forth B.S. couched in academic terms that make your arguments appear plausible. Trouble is it can take time to refute you, and I don’t have summers off and the resulting time to always do this. I used to post under something close to my name, but then I felt responsible to rebut your inaccuracies and with a full time job in the private sector, I often don’t have the time. So if you have such a problem with anonymous posters, do us all a favor and spend time on research instead of posting on this blog (maybe we wouldn’t have lost our AAU accreditation). Then I won’t have a problem with so much of my tax dollars going to pay salaries at UNL.

  16. Linus says:

    Hope you all check out the profile piece on Senator Lautenbaugh in the Journal Star. The picture of him on the Capital steps smoking is priceless. Talk about feeding into the stereotype of the do-nothing, out-of-touch fat cats in Lincoln. We have a new poster boy. Almost can picture him blowing smoke on school kids as they unload buses at the curb.

    It’s really kind of sad knowing Scott’s medical history that he hasn’t been able to lose weight or quit smoking. Remember that the next time he is lecturing on the floor about personal responsibility. Also remember all the tax dollars that will go into treating all his self inflicted diseases. Hope Philip Morris has pretty good health insurance when he starts working for them in a few years.

  17. Bob Loblaw says:

    I think that Army ranger training & SEAL training were both extremely hard when Heineman and Kerrey went through them. And no matter how much I disagree with the new New Yorker Sen Kerrey, he was a complete badass during his service. He gave alot for this country. So did Heineman and everyone else who serves this country, Sen Kerrey just gve a little more and has the medals to prove it.

  18. For the record, the Lincoln Journal-Star’s reporter never spoke with me about Scott Lautenbaugh and did not quote me directly. In fact, every statement was lifted from one of several articles – each more than 6 months old. It’s unfortunate that the most inflammatory statements I’ve written about Sen. Lautenbaugh have been cherry-picked in this fashion. The articles in question were well researched and documented and bore no resemblance to the hit pieces one would expect from the Journal-Star’s reporting.

    That said, I stand by every word and would contend that my characterizations have been proven 100% accurate in this legislative session.

    By the way, to the anonymous commenter who suggested my work performance with USCIS has somehow been “less than stellar,” you are a liar and a coward. Go ahead and debate my record with Young Democrats – that was a public office on which I can be judged by the results. But, I take my service to U.S. taxpayers and to our nation’s immigrants very, very seriously and will not tolerate such malicious deceit.

  19. RWP says:

    “Trouble is it can take time to refute you, and I don’t have summers off and the resulting time to always do this.”

    But you have tons of time to post personal attacks, Anonymous Coward.

    You can’t refute what I post because the facts are on my side, and because you don’t have the mental wherewithal. “Always”? Read “ever”. So you attack me personally, under the cloak of anonymity.

    Cowardly and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Grow a pair. Cerebral hemispheres, cojones, your choice.

  20. RWP says:

    It really sucks, when you’ve merely spent the last 5 years accusing every Republican office holder in the state of being a child-abusing, woman-hating, puppy-strangling monster, that somebody might have the effrontery to quote your words back at you. You specialize in self-righteous hyperbolic, histrionic partisan hysteria. They went easy on you.

    As for making up lies about one’s professional performance, the last guy doing that to me here was the Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democratic Party. I had to spend a good half-day tracking him down and outing him to put an end to it. So cry me a river. Lie down with dogs, wake with fleas. It’s probably someone you think is a friend.

  21. Kortezzi says:

    Hey Grundle King,
    My alternative is to eliminate the CIR. No appointed body of 3 people should have the right to impose contract terms on a municipal government. Cities and counties are capable of negotiating for themselves, and so are unions. The unions know the CIR is biased in their favor (selecting comp cities that are anything but comparable) and use it to unfair advantage in negotiations. Hell, the OFD and OPD bosses have admitted it.

    Do I want the cops and firefighters to strike? No. And they can’t, because it’s illegal. They didn’t get hired on unless they agree not to strike. If they did strike, they should get what Reagan did to PATCO (fired – – and barred for life from being rehired). I don’t think most cops and firefighters are stupid enough to follow their union leaders over that cliff.

    I doubt we’ll get CIR reform that goes as far as I’d like (i.e., killing it altogether). But the Chamber of Commerce proposal in today’s papers would help a great deal, and I hope enough Senators recognize (like Gov Dave) that it’s a very reasonable step in the right direction.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What’s with all the Al Jazzera bashing? It’s as real of a news organization as any of our national news groups, they just have a different target market (hint: not us).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kind of funny someone bashing Lautenbaugh…… sour grapes? Even his biggest critics in the Legislature give him credit for many of his attributes. To say otherwise is to show how little you know of the man, and puts a focus on your stunning ignorance or shear stupidity. Other than that your comment was remarkably uninteresting.

    Now as far as Kyle who cares? He will do what he does and will get elected where his brand of politics is predominant. No real surprise there. However, he will most likely forever be relegated to a minor position within a body due to his brand. If you didn’t know Nebraksan’s, in general, don’t buy what he is selling. All you have to do is look at Sen Heath Mello, a smart and very articulate guy who is not going to get where he want’s to go anytime soon. IF Sen Mello were a middle of the road R, or even a RHINO like Sen Cornett, he could go a LONG way……. Heck it worked for Sen Johanns and the AG.

    CIR- HA. Don’t think there are enough votes to get anything done. With Sen Utter and Harms loving on the unions, and getting used by Walt Radcliff, there is no way anybody get’s 30 votes let alone 33. Oh and you can throw the RHINO’s like Ashford, Cornett, and Carlson in with Utter and Harms. There you have it 5 RHINO’s with 14 D’s and there is no cloture.

  24. Bob Loblaw says:

    Its RINO as in “Republican In Name Only” not Rhino. Unless we’re talking about the Henry Doorly Zoo. Then you’d be correct.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Conflating al-Qaeda with Al Jazeera? I would never call you dumb, Sweeper. In fact, you’re a savvy writer. But jeez, that statement there of your is outright dumb. You know better.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    What’s with all the al-Jazeera apologists? Does al-Jazeera really have nothing better to do than poke its nose into little old Nebraska? Are they paying by the post? Oh, and Jonathan, one of al-Jazeera’s journalists, Tayseer Allouni was convicted in Spain as being an al Qaeda agent. Al Jazeera is still trying to get the conviction overturned. I’d say that counts as supporting al Qaeda.

  27. anonymous says:

    The funny thing is we just got done with an Mayoral/City Council elections in Lincoln and the only mention of it was Kyle’s appointment after the fact. I guess when Beutler and the two incumbent Democrats win by over 30 points and the Democrats pick up the open seat and gain a 5-2 supermajority it’s not fun to talk about for you guys, even though there were over 25 articles about the Suttle recall alone. Am I the only one on this blog who witnessed the complete and utter collapse of the Lancaster County Republican Party?

  28. In the Know says:

    Anon 10:10 pm–have a slight disagreement w/you. The word in Lincoln circles is Kyle was desperate to run for the Council this year but Beutler said a big “no” to it. They all realized he has a ton of baggage, not the least is the paper trail of insults and obnoxious posts on NNN against anything Republican. He would have lost 50% of the vote on Day One. If you want an elected official who brings people together to solve problems and arrive at a consensus (while respecting other positions), then Kyle’s just not cut out for it.

  29. Jenn says:

    Can someone explain about the CIR: If Heineman vetoes it, doesn’t that mean no reform will happen? And isn’t the idea that we want to have reform? I thought there was some other process, a Special Master that heard disputes before they got to the CIR, and which saved a lot of expense and trouble because it was a “winner take all” kind of deal that encouraged the parties to keep proposals reasonable. Are they going to get rid of that too? If so, I guess the moral of the story, as usual, is that the lawyers always win in the end.

  30. Anonymostly says:

    Anon 5:21, that’s really funny, blaming RWP for your inability to refute his arguments. Weak sauce, that.

    And I get a big laugh out of all the Dems on this blog who, in one thread, go out of their way to bash Fox news and, in the next thread, go out of their way to defend Al Jazeera.

    You libs crack me up.

  31. NNNo Way! says:

    In the Know,
    You should know that Kyle also has a paper trail of insults and obnoxious posts on NNN against Democrats. The guy just doesn’t like anyone that doesn’t kiss his ass and the ground he walks on.

  32. Anonymous says:

    9:28, learn to read. It can take time to refute crap, but I’ve spent that time and I’m tired of doing it. I’ve had no problem refuting RWP’s arguments.

  33. Alberto Giazirra says:

    I am really enjoying how many of you, both Republican and Democrat, are taking a stand on the newspaper (named after me) without having ever held a single copy of it in your hands.

  34. The Pip says:

    When did the Nebraska Chamber, and Lincoln and Omaha Chambers get permission to run our state? Statewide, I think the teachers have gone through the CIR process maybe twice in the last 8-10 years. Hardly worth gutting the whole process over. A board member told me once that most public employees are underpaid. He said he loved the CIR because when it decided raises were in order, they could give them, and tell their constituents it wasn’t their choice, they were just doing what the CIR recommended. This is not about pay, or funding, or raising taxes. This is about another Republican governor doing what they told to each other what they would do….eliminate collective bargaining.

  35. Anonymostly says:

    Grundle King, you ask for an alternative to the CIR. I suggested maybe a year ago on this board that the legislature should pass a bill that designates the AG or Gov as the bargaining representative for the state and all political subdivisions so that local officials aren’t being assisted into office by unions with the expectation of political favors coming their way after the election in the form of lavish contracts and so forth. I think Lathrop drafting CIR reform is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house. He knows where his bread is buttered. Look at who gave him money to get elected.

  36. MacDaddy says:

    Pip, you have just illustrated all that is wrong with the CIR. Reform is all about returning control to the taxpayers. If the public employee unions don’t like it, well, nobody is holding a gun to their heads to keep working a job they think is lousy or has lousy pay.

  37. Anonymostly says:

    And in case any of you were wondering, the bulk of Lathrop’s money to get him elected to his first term came from unions, teachers (through their union) and trial lawyers. And this is the guy writing CIR reform. Just sayin. It’s like the deal Omaha gets with police and fire unions with Jim Suttle on the other side of the table.

  38. Alberto Giazeera says:

    Hey, MacDaddy. Whatchacomeandago! I just find it funny that people like me that have never seen, heard, or read a single Al Jazeera article – have such solid opinions about what must be in there. But, given the kind of “reporting” that passes for news these days, it doesn’t surprise me. As my papa always used to tell me, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.”

  39. Anonymous says:

    SS, enjoy reading your posts but may I say there is nothing humorous nor appropriate about shaking babies. Please consider removing that and not using it again.

  40. 11:13,
    There is an old saying that pols are always out “shaking hands and kissing babies.”
    The humorous way to say that is that they’re “kissing hands and shaking babies.”
    I’m pretty sure our readers understand the humor side of it (see, because of course pols wouldn’t be shaking babies in order to get elected), and won’t take that as their directive to start shaking babies.
    In case I haven’t been clear: Do NOT kiss someone’s hand! You don’t know where that hand has been!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know, Lautenbaugh might be dumb enough to try that. Don’t believe me? Check out his comment at 9:41 am.

  42. Anonymostly says:

    Alberto, you mean other than how they would obligingly broadcast all of Osama Bin Laden’s anti-US video rants that he’d pass alomg to them? Dude, they have an English version available on-line. You should look into it before you tell me what is and isn’t in it.

  43. Alberto Giazeera says:

    As I stated, I don’t subscribe to them, therefore I have no idea what they publish. My comments were about those who also have no idea what is in their articles, yet feel free to criticize them.
    Some seem to think that those who do listen to, or read Al Jazeera, are sympathizers of Al Qaeda. Logic would indicate that your familiarity with them places you in that category.

  44. BOLD NE says:

    To all liberal bloggers:

    We can’t find a legitimate issue to smear Senator Lautenbaugh with. So use words like overweight and fat in your posts and comments about him. Also make sure to mention that frequently he smokes cigars. You know Rush Limbaugh smokes cigars and is overweight as well so maybe tie them together for extra effect.

    Keep up the good work comrades,

  45. The Pip says:

    Mac Daddy, the local school boards already have the control. Teachers outside of the greater metro areas haven’t negotiated for wages or benefits in years. New teachers are keeping their mouths shut, older teachers making the most money are staying quiet because they don’t want to be riffed next year. Part of the reason they get benefits is the fact most of them are underpaid. My wife has taught for over thirty years. They teach the tests. State testing, LNCB requirements, and a lot of other under or non funded mandates. If all of these people spewing the antiteaching venom were placed into a classroom, they wouldn’t last a week,and some of them might think a base pay of $26,000 with benefits wasn’t enough.

    It isn’t right to take away benefits they agreed to. Even the tea baggers started eating their own when they found out they would lose out on Social Security and Medicare benefits, after they were promised them. We are all for cuts and spending limits, until they affect us.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Doesn’t matter if you are for or against cuts and spending limits. They’re coming whether you like it or not. We are out of money. Reform of the CIR is an attempt to spread the pain around.

    Nobody thinks they are paid enough, but unless there is a teacher shortage at $26k, there’s no reason to raise salaries at this time. That’s just the reality that those of us who have to cough up their salaries must live with every day.

  47. waste of money says:

    Hi I’m Pat Flynn and I’m on the radio a year before the primary. While I’m in favor of not voting for the debt ceiling, I’m in favor of blowing through all my COH.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, did you ever consider that low salaries discourage highly qualified people from becoming teachers? People constantly complain about the quality of teachers, but we get what we pay for. We’re not out of money, just reluctant to raise taxes. Even though federal, state and local income taxes are at the smallest percentage of income since 1950. People have become more selfish and would rather pass debts on to our children and kill most of the social safety net we have. A large group of useful (to the very rich) fools have bought into the propaganda that raising taxes on the wealthy would hurt the economy, though historical data refutes this.

  49. Sitting in the Chamber says:

    Funny how the NSEA has teachers in the lobby…….. Hmm let’s see pass the amendment, the Gov veto’s. Try to overide, epic fail. Then there is a petition drive to put removing the CIR from law. Now where are the Unions? Hmmm up the creek as the people of Nebraska will vote to end the practice.

    Think Wisconsin.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, feel free to run on the platform of: “You’re too selfish and your taxes are too low.” Especially when government spending is at an all-time high and government at all levels tries to be everything to everyone. You think we have plenty of money? What happens when the pension funds start running a deficit? What happens as our population gets older and older and Medicare and Social Security costs keep rising? What happens when the Chinese bubble bursts and nobody wants to buy our debt. Heck, what happens when the interest on the debt starts costing 20% of the budget? We start to look like Greece.

    It is our responsibility to get government back under control and that means scrutinizing every dime spent and every deal made. That means taking back control of the government from an unelected board that gets to pick winners and losers based on who knows why. The CIR is just a bad idea. Allowing public employees to wrench bigger and bigger concessions from the taxpayers without their input is an even worse idea. But then, that’s just me being selfish, not me being responsible.

  51. The Pip says:

    All I can tell you Macdaddy is our school used to have 75=100 applicants for every job. Now we are down to 3-5. Several of those couldn’t teach a dog to sit, and all of the first choices went to other schools because of better pay. This is what we are getting, now. This is from a school that used to pull teachers from the best Class A schools. I haven’t seen any wrenching from our teachers. Most Class B and smaller schools don’t negotiate. They throw the teachers a bone and tell them if they don’t accept it, they really won’t like the second option. It doesn’t help any when the local Chamber Director gets up and states with the reputation of our school, they could cut the base a thousand bucks and decrease the benefits and still be flooded with applicants. There isn’t even a trickle in most schools, yet alone a flood.

    We have volunteer firemen, and non-union cops and deputies and paramedics. This is a problem with the cities and more urban counties. Leave us out of it, deal with your own problems. Someone agreed to these contracts years ago when they were beneficial to the governments. Now they are backing out on their word. Where I come from, those people are called liars.

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