Deb Fischer: I want to run

The LJS’s Don Walton pried the following out of state Senator Deb Fischer regarding her interest in the U.S. Senate race:

Question: “Do you want to do it?”
Fischer: “Yes.”

Now she didn’t go on to commit or anything, but that is a major step — and announcement — to make and take.

What about money?

“I’m not naive about that,” Fischer said. “It will take money. But I think, more importantly, people need to believe in a candidate in order for that candidate to win. I vote for people I believe in and who represent my values.”

And then Don Walton makes a very good point:

Name recognition and funding challenges would virtually disappear in a general election showdown with Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson. The GOP nominee will command enormous financial support and Fischer would emerge with strong name identity if she won a contested primary after months in the media spotlight.

So how far away is Fischer from a final decision? Looks like June-ish, after the current legislative session is over.

Folks, this is a pretty big deal for all those involved.

Who would be in her corner?
Kay Orr? For sure.
Speaker Mike Flood? Could well be.
Others? We dunno.

But there is a lot of potential there.

Oh, and guess what? Jon Bruning is not going to roll over and let Fischer have an easy time of it. Not by a long shot.

And Don Stenberg has gotta think that a Fischer candidacy would help him, by splitting Bruning’s votes. Then again, Bruning might figure the same thing. Of course, a lot of it won’t matter until Fischer can raise and spend some money for some name ID. And then a few polls get chucked around.

But the various pieces in the major papers don’t hurt.

Assuming Fischer gets in (and we are not quite there yet), we’ve got a humdinger cooking. (Which is delicious over rice.)

Anybody got anything to say?


  1. Dennis says:

    The crop of GOP Senatorial candidates are weak but it will make for an interesting and divisive primary fight that will soften up the eventual GOP nominee for Nelson. In the final analysis, Nelson will be re-elected next year.

  2. Nebraska Taxpayer says:

    I believe Deb Fischer or Don Stenberg would be much more frugal with our tax dollars than Jon Bruning has proven to be. At least when Mrs. Fischer raised our taxes, it was for something that we all use – our roads. Bruning has wasted our money on greedy self-promotion in a flood of “public service” announcements that principally feature his face and his name. And we have paid for them.

  3. Captain Obvious says:


    Oh, right. So because Bruning supported Osborne over Heineman, Flood will support Fischer over Bruning.

    That makes no fudging sense whatsoever. Congratulations.

  4. That’s funny, b/c just the other day it was “obvious” I was on the payroll of the Bruning campaign.

    Throw this one out to the monkey-juggers:
    Among the currently announced GOP Senate candidates, who would most benefit from a Fischer run?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Fischer for Senate is no better than Bromm for Congress. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Bruning benefits the most. Fischer may take a few votes from him but she’ll take even more from Stenberg. Bruning will get a semi-serious opponent who will make him sharper for the general. Sure, he’ll have to spend money in the primary, but I don’t think that matters if Bruning comes across as a serious, mature, magnanimous gentleman. It is absolutely vital that he not come across as arrogant or a bully.

  7. Brutus says:

    “It is absolutely vital that he (Bruning) not come across as arrogant or a bully.”

    Such as when Bruning stated at the GOP state convention in Fremont this past year, “When I first heard that Mike Meister was running, my initial response was, ‘Mike Meister? Are you kidding me? Nobody puts goober in gubernatorial more than him.’ ”

    Too late. Bruning has proven himself, time and again to be arrogant, a bully, and an ignorant ass.

  8. Read My Lips: No New Taxes says:

    Nebraska Taxpayer,
    The recently passed roads bill did not raise anybody’s taxes. It just set aside 1/4 of 1 cent of sales tax revenue beginning in 2013 to fund them. Yes, this ‘removes’ the money from being spent on education (a.k.a. unions) and social services (a.k.a. bureaucrats). Personally, I need the roads to earn a living. You are spot-on about the PSA announcements. Unfortunately it is a growing trend in politics.

  9. Tax shift Deb says:

    Deb’s road bill will cause local governments to raise taxes due to less money in state aid. So all the losers in the party found their winner. Good luck with thata

  10. doghairpizza says:

    Dennis and MacDaddy are both right. A divisive primary fight softens up the GOP nominee for Nelson. And Nelson may be re-elected. But if that happens, it is because of Bruning’s Stenberg-like penchant for whacking villains. It’s apparently an AG thing But voters aren’t looking for a top cop. Tea Party might be but not Nebraska voters. Nebraskans are looking for a candidate with senatorial mien. As Dad says, a “serious, mature, magnanimous gentleman”. It is largely Bruning’s to lose.

    As for Debbie, she’s a willing tool-ala-fool of the NDP and liberal newspapers. She bows to flattery, not noticing it shrouds a blade. Bruning showed political acumen by not running against Johanns. But Debbie rises to the bait. Debbie the teacher has what Kate the teacher had, ambition larger than brain.

  11. tempest in a teapot says:

    Bruning benefits. Deb takes some votes from Stenny in the third, but she doesn’t have much of an impact in any way. MAYBE she doubles Flynn’s votes in the end….4% for Flynn, 8% for Deb.

    It is the other 88% that matters.

  12. curb says:

    No one need be paid to stake out the monkey jug, for the sight of idiots rising to the bait never ceases to entertain. And in a Nebraska that embraces -nay which loves- unbalanced unicameral legislation and which trusts people over principles, there are long waiting lines at the jug.

    Nothing is sadder or funnier than bad government by those who govern themselves. So, keep putting out that jug, Sweeper. Crying does squat. Might as well get a chuckle from it all.

  13. Those Hoping and Dreaming says:

    Fischer, Stenberg, Flynn…
    “Republican field is weak and primary will soften race for Nelson…”
    Blah, blah, blah.

    No other Republican candidate will be able to match Bruning’s money. No bucks…no ability to really attack. Stenberg’s attempted shots to this point have gone unnotiiced. Unless ONE other candidate rolls up a huge bankroll Bruning will coast through and crush Nelson.

    The rest are just dreaming.

  14. Anonymostly says:

    Dennis, since you happened about, thought I’d ask you: Do you think it’s insincere that someone could change political parties and beliefs in the span of, oh, two decades? Are you of the same political persuasion that you were, say, 20, er, 19 years ago?

  15. Dear "Hope and Change" says:

    “…Bruning will coast through [the primary] and crush Nelson”. The only one who appears to be ‘dreaming’ is you with comments like that one.

    Bruning has never been in a contested statewide primary and Nelson is already drudging up the crap he has done as AG, ‘hoping’ it is Bruning he faces in the General.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Fischer hurts Stenberg in the 3rd. Those who want a mature candidate may gravitate to her though. Bruning’s Achilles Heel is his impatient youthful ambition. Don’t discount Republicans wanting someone they can count on to be an adult in all situations. I like Bruning as a person, not sure Republican voters see him as statesman material, just sayin’.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Fischer’s strongest points is she isn’t Bruning nor Stenberg! Oh and she isn’t a lawyer, and she has a lot of local to statewide experience.

    See Bruning will be spending money to beat down Stenny, Stenny will spend his meager funds to say why him. Just remember how little mikey got to be the GOP nominee for Gov.

    Oh and the pictures Ive been told of about the Boy Wonder………..

  19. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 5:48, should we be surprised that there are pictures? Should we be surprised that, if there are pictures, that Democrats would use them? Whatever you Democrats may think of him, he has a wife and children. Use of the kind of pictures you insinuate exist would only prove my belief that there’s no depth to which a Democrat won’t stoop to score partisan political points. Is that something of which you would be proud?

  20. Ian says:

    All is fair in love and war, Anonymostly. After what the Republican hypocrites did to Bill Clinton, do you still believe anyone involved in politics won’t stoop to the lowest levels? It isn’t a Democrat thing. It isn’t a Republican thing. It is politics as usual in 2011.
    If you don’t want to be caught with your pants down, don’t take your pants off where people can take photos of you. Especially if you hope to ever get involved in politics.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    A picture’s worth a thousand words. So far, all I see are words, including some from Senator Nelson expressing his concern about GPS systems. So far, he’s following the Bill Clinton playbook: the era of small government, as in small, insignificant issues, but plenty of them. RVs, photos of bin Laden, and GPS systems. Ol’ Bennie is watching out for us! Thanks, dude! Wouldn’t want to get lost on the way to the doctor. Won’t be able to afford the gas, and the death panel will say I can’t get any treatment once I get there, but, hey, my GPS works! Woohoo!

  22. Ricky says:

    The Unicameral obviously wants one of their own in the Senate. Giving Fischer the bill she wanted, which came out of the blue and is a radical change on how roads are funded in Nebraska, looks like an orchestrated campaign for Fischer for Senate.

    ricky from omaha

  23. Lil Mac says:

    In 2006, Nelson cruised to reelection with 42% of the Republican vote. 42 out of every 100 elephants stuck their husker heads up Nelson’s donkey butt. So, while elephant riders here want to blab about how Nelson is toast, I ask this: Did Nebraska grow a crop of new GOP voters? Or did the old ones somehow become un-stupid?

    Nelson lost his Right to Life credentials with Julie, but do Nebraska voters care? Nelson’s kickback pisses off every taxpaying voter outside Nebraska. He tried to rob them. But he planned to give the loot to Nebraskans. Won’t Nebraskans see his kickback as supersized pork? Nelson has always proudly described his Senate job as him bringing home the bacon and Nebraskans loved him for it and they reelectd him because of it.

    If what Nelson is doing seems senseless, that is because the Poly Sci you studied was written by people outside Nebraska. Nebraska is George Norris’ Oz and little Ben grew up worshipping the wizard. 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 here. So go ahead and think Nelson is toast. You will find yourself reeling after he’s reelected. If you want to beat Ben Nelson, you need to quit thinking linearly and logically because Nebraskans don’t.

  24. Ian says:

    It is too late for taking the high road in politics. Ever since 24 hour a day news started up on cable, the pundits have needed to keep their addicts supplied with a steady stream of titillating messages. They’re the ones that started it, but we’ve found the profit in it.
    Let’s face it, sex and violence sells. It always has. The political parties aren’t in the business of selling morality, not even in the business of legislating morality; the parties are in the business of buying power and you already know what absolute power does. So don’t be so naive as to think that we political strategists won’t use every trick in the book to achieve our goals. We will. Your privacy, your family, your kids – they mean nothing to us. The only thing that matters is our paychecks.

  25. Dennis says:

    I couldn’t care less that Bruning used to be a Democrat. I’m much more concerned about his present views. Bruning’s endorsement of Ryan’s “radical” plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system will be the defining issue of the general election and will lead to Nelson’s re-election.

  26. Anonymostly says:

    Ian, I’m glad to hear you admit how unscrupulous you are.

    And, Dennis, your reponse is fascinating for what it doesn’t say, which was to answer the question. It’s not Bruning who was bringing up his writings in the Daily Nebraskan 20 years ago. (Or 19, if you’re the World Herald and need to be picky.) The folks bringing up Bruning’s writings weren’t bringing up his support for Ryan’s budget plan. They were bringing up his writings from approximately two decades ago. Why do you think they were dredging up those old writings, Dennis? What point do you think they were trying to make? Do you think they were trying to focus everyone’s attention on Bruning’s support for Ryan’s budget?

  27. Anonymostly says:

    So don’t be so naive as to think that we political strategists won’t use every trick in the book to achieve our goals. We will. Your privacy, your family, your kids – they mean nothing to us. The only thing that matters is our paychecks.
    I wish someone could show this to all your widdle fwends who write letters to the Lincoln Paper all the time complaining how those bad Republicans are only after power and not what’s best for the country (unlike Democrats whose idea of what’s best for the country is to turn us into a Western European-styled social welfare state.)

  28. Dennis says:

    It’s “unscrupulous” to bring up Jon Bruning’s support for the unpopular Ryan Medicare voucher plan? Now I’ve heard everything. No, you’re complaining about my bringing up Bruning’s support for the Ryan plan is a strong indicator that the GOP has begun to realize that it badly miscalculated when it decided to go all in on the Ryan plan. The Ryan plan will significantly increase the amount of out-of-pocket costs incurred by seniors and bring back pre-existing condition clauses. At the same time, the Ryan plan cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans by $1 trillion. Just because Ryan is regarded as a Hero on Fox & Rush doesn’t mean that his regressive plan will appeal to the moderate and independent voters in Nebraska that will decide next year’s election. This election will be decided by Bruning’s support for the Ryan plan – not something he wrote in the Daily Nebraskan around 20 years ago. I know the GOP would rather talk about anything other than Ryan’s plan to make it more difficult for seniors to afford medical care.

  29. Ummmm says:

    I believe that Ian also wrote in those parts that you typically left out of context, “It isn’t a Democrat thing. It isn’t a Republican thing. It is politics as usual in 2011.” So you, and your “widdle fwends” who also write letters have the dirt on your hands as well. Don’t be such a pompous hypocrite.

  30. Anonymostly says:

    Dennis, who said it was “unscrupulous” to bring up Bruning’s support for Ryan’s budget? Not I.

    And Ummmm, I didn’t miss the part where Ian said both Rs and Ds do it, but I have missed the part where Republican letter writers complain about Ds being all about their own power and not what’s best for the country. I have, however, noticed a seemingly great number of libs complaining that it’s a peculiarly Republican vice. (Which Ian just said wasn’t the case.)

    You’re, for some reason, reading things into my post that I didn’t say. Hmmm, Ummmm, try to keep up, m’kay?

  31. Ummmm says:

    Not having any problems “keeping up” with your one sided perspective on things. Try to open both eyes when viewing the propaganda, from both sides, that is out there. You are seeing only what you choose to see.

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