Prez vidz – announcement style

A couple vids to share with you this Monday.

Over in Iowa, Presidential candidates are gearing up, and here are a few vids put up in the past day or so:

First, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty:

We like T-Paw’s vid in general.  The stirring music is a bit overboard, and the “here’s what I’m NOT going to do…” stuff went on too long (40 seconds of the 2:15 piece).  Also, he should have memorized it, instead of reading it off a promp-ter (his eyes moving back and forth).  That shouldn’t have been hard to do.

Otherwise we liked his intro story and message.   And the delivery was good, he has a good voice and looks good.  Good.  We don’t have a ton of insight into the Presidential race just yet, but we gotta think T-Paw will, at some point soon, be crowned the front-runner.

Romney has tons of money, but the whole Massachusetts health care plan he constructed still probably won’t help him in the GOP primary.  That could change, but it is going to take some sort of turn-around.  Something along the lines of, “here’s where it didn’t work, and here is how I would fix it, at the state level.”  Maybe that’s what he tried to deliver in his last big speech, but if so, that’s not the way it came off.

T-Paw is more of a clean-slate, well funded version of Romney.  You may remember that he was the CW vice-presidential candidate in 2008 before McCain went with Governor Sarah Palin.  Many thought Pawlenty was a done-deal, at the convention in Minnesota.

Right now, Pawlenty is the one to watch.


The second vid we have is for Herman Cain.

Cain, you may remember was CEO of Nebraska’s own Godfather’s Pizza.  And he is the current darling of many Tea Partiers and others looking for an out-of-the-box candidate who is also saying the right things.

First, his announcement vid:

We will just get out of the way that, until the end, we don’t really care for this piece.  It is over-produced — the music is too loud, there is too much B-roll of Cain standing and gazing, too many shots of him standing alone, etc.  And we aren’t into the shots of him walking into a board room, or the faux-Patton standing in front of the flag thing.  Oh, and we hate the “super-American” music at the end.

But beyond that, Cain is a stirring speaker.  He has a great story that goes beyond many candidates in that he has actual, successful, business experience.  That is of course and plus and minus.   Good that he can look for solutions as an outsider with experience.  Bad, that he has never had to get legislation passed, worked to build consensus on laws, etc.

That he hasn’t held office if probably the biggest strike against Cain, and why he will be perpetually called an outsider in the race until he proves himself — with a start being the Iowa GOP straw poll.

But with the response to his performance in the South Carolina debate, Cain has certainly captured the excitement part with a good measure of credibility.    He has an extreme hill to climb to win the nom, but he is in a good spot now, anyway.

Toss in your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous says:

    UGH! The first one looks tired, the second one looks stiff. Palin almost looks good if looks were the deciding point. Of course they aren’t, because the U.S. isn’t that superficial. Can’t help but feel the fascination with Cain is that he’s black and so is Obama and we’d have something different in a black vs. black. But? That would be so shallow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What pops through in Cain’s ad isn’t the usual “R”, “D”, or even Libertarian. He sounds like a Constitutionalist. That’s new to most voters. Course, he’s toast.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    If Romney doesn’t admit soon that his Massachusetts health plan was a mistake, Pawlenty will indeed be the Republican frontrunner, facing an insurgent Herman Cain and his enthusistic tea party supporters.

    Gingrich self-destructed by calling Paul Ryan’s plan “right-wing social engineering”. Huntsman, Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul have little chance. John Bolton’s the candidate I’d like best although he has almost no shot either.

    But I’ll take any of these guys over a blowhard Marxist like Jugears!

  4. Mr.Mojo says:

    Kortezzi: Why doesn’t it surprise me that you prefer Yosemite Sam? Pawlenty would bore even you to tears. Marxist Jugears is a shoo in with this bunch.

  5. Oh Mander says:

    Rough start for Cain. That video was absolutely ridiculous. “Too much B-roll” is an understatement. The whole video was cliche B-roll, some which appears to be from a parade celebrating the election of President Obama – see the 2:12 mark.

    TPAW continues to fail to resonate. He continues to tout his record as MN governor, despite the fact that people of MN – including many prominent Republicans – despise him and criticize the job he did. Many view the recent election of Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton as repudiation of TPAW.

    These two, in addition to Romney and the rest of the has-beens and never-wases, are destined for defeat. They each have their loyal core of supporters, but none appear to be viable in the general election. You all better hope that Huntsman lives up to the hype, because he is the only person in the field that Obama is worried about.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought the democrats ran some bad candidates in 1988. But the people the republicans are offering the country this time are the worst. Obama will win in a rout. Pretty sad but true.

  7. Nate says:

    Obama will have a hard time routing anyone while unemployment remains at current levels.

    I think Dems dread a Huntsman nomination the same way Br’er Rabbit dreaded the briar patch.

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