Weiner-gate redux

For those of you following Weiner-gate (what, you’re NOT following Weiner-gate?) you may remember a Nebraska, sorta, connection to Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “outbursts” (you know, as it were).

Remember when Congressman Lee Terry got into a “discussion” with Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. on the floor of the House of Representatives? Jackson threatened to karate-chop Terry in half and asked if he wanted to “take it outside” (you know, because there are so many private places to duke it out at the Capitol)?

Well, the whole thing that started it was because Terry heard someone yell, “Republicans can’t be trusted!”, and Terry thought it was Jackson, and confronted him. (Lee, next time first approach the spindly guy with the funny name.)

Well, as it turned out, the guy who actually yelled it was the now infamous Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York. And while Terry and Jackson were all gettin’ in each other’s grills, Weiner was standing in the back chuckling.

We have no idea if Terry is yelling, “Yeah, who’s chuckling now, Weiner-boy!” But, you know, it’s possible.


The OWH has an article this morning about the potential candidacy of state Legislative staffer John Murante in a newly drawn legislative district in Gretna.

Now beyond the fact that Martha Stoddard just cribbed a blog-post by Adam Morfield of Nebraskans for Civic Reform,  is the fact that those who actually were the authors of the districts disagree. Oh and one other little fact that is buried two-thirds of the way down in the article…

The chief Democrat who disagrees with everything else about the redistricting doesn’t think there’s any problem here!

Uh, what?

Yeah, you know, just a little note that state Senator Heath Mello, who has involved himself extensively in the legislative and Congressional redistricting, who has complained almost every step of the way, who offered all sorts of other maps and plans, disagrees with this account by Morfield and the Nebraska Democrat Party.

Shouldn’t that be in the lede? Isn’t that the real story? “Democrats cry foul, but head Democrat says his party leader doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Oh, sure that’s a bulky headline, but we could massage it a bit. How about, “Dem agrees, Dems are full of it”.

The point is, this is a lazy article, that buries the most significant point, all to make a hit on a Republican candidate.

Nice job OWH. Can we get some more breaking Lady Gaga news?


The pro-Keystone XL Pipeline folks are fighting back against the anti-oil peeps.

The pro-pipers — which included union reps, Chamber of Commerce reps, trucking and energy people, among others — discussed the benefits of the pipeline which, shockingly, hasn’t been discussed by the likes of self-proclaimed nutrition expert, Jane Kleeb of Florida.

Some of the points made included:

  • That this is crude oil, not sludge oil.
  • This is not new — the State Department has already approved this oil configuration in other pipelines since 2008.
  • 57 safety measures have to met and exceeded.
  • More Smart PIGS (pipeline inspection gauge) are being deployed per mile in Nebraska than any other state. Smart PIGs help maintain the pipeline from corrosion.
  • $11 million dollars in property tax revenues to Nebraska during construction, $152 million during lifetime.
  • New training facility being built in Nebraska. These are high paying high skilled jobs. 20,000 jobs nationally are created by construction. 2,000 jobs in Nebraska.

The discussion went on. Jane Kleeb, said something about covering the Smart PIGS with Kissing Potion, but we didn’t really follow.

Mainly because we know that Jane doesn’t really care about the pipeline, as she and her radical enviro crowd’s actual goal is to kill the whole Canadian oil project. Just remember that folks.


We got an interesting email from Jim Ducey, a local bird enthusiast and morning Memorial Day bike rider.

Ducey noted that Governor Dave Heineman had called for flags to been flown at half-mast on Memorial Day in honor of the nation’s veterans. Ducey saw the impressive flag display at the Con Agra campus, and started to notice other areas.

He made a list of places around Omaha that had flags at half-mast, and others that did not.

What he came up with:

Correct – flags at half-mast:

Con Agra, Federal Building, Gottschalk Freedom Center, Memorial Park (main circle), Midtown Crossing, Mutual of Omaha, Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha Steel Castings, Omaha World Herald Building, OPPD Energy Plaza, Qwest Center Omaha, WOWT, Zorinsky Federal Building.

And those who blew it — displaying the flag, but full-up:

American National Bank (downtown), American Red Cross, Burlington Place, Double-tree Hotel, Douglas County Courthouse, Embassy Suites, Federal Reserve Bank, First National Bank building, First National Data Center, First National Tower, First Presbyterian Church (along Farnam Street), Former Eagle Building, Gene Leahy Mall – west end, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Inn near Qwest (talked with staff here expressing the improper display; they immediately realized their error), Hruska Building, Kiewit Blackstone Building, Kiewit Plaza, Kutak Rock building, Legal Aid Building, Lewis and Clark Plaza, Memorial Park entry drive, Metropolitan Utilities Building, Omaha/Douglas Civic Center, Redfield and Company, Rick’s Cafe Boatyard, Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Security National Bank , State Office Building,TD Ameritrade Park, Turner Park by Veteran’s monument, Union Pacific Center, United Way.

That’s some list.

Go to Jim’s blog to check out his photo adventure, and further notes and comments.

It definitely takes some extra effort to be perfect on something like this, but hopefully those listed will get it right next time.


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And GO JAYS!!!

-Street Sweeper


Oh, and the Roll Call Taste of America contest needs your vote.

This week Nebraska’s Runza is going up against the Minnesota CornDog.  How that could be any sort of contest, we don’t know, but you still gotta vote!


  1. anony mommy says:

    Hmmmm. What to say…Can’t guarantee with “certitude” that it is not a picture of his package? Having it privately investigated, by his private attorney and their private detective-which makes the results all very private to the public? All he can say is that if the photo is of him, it was not intentionally sent to that young woman in Seattle, who is SURELY “sleepless” now for fear of nightmares!

    “Oh I wish I were and Oscar Meyer…” Song most whistled around the Capitol for the last couple days.

  2. Nate says:

    In the wake of Weinergate, who is going to look out for Click and Clack?

    And why won’t Congressman Weiner act to see to it that a hacker and perv is brought to justice?

  3. Gary and Ace says:

    Where can we find the photos? We want proof Weiner actually did what you Republicans are accusing him of!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That was a pretty desperate stretch to relate Weiner-gate to Nebraska politics. Anything to drag a dem through the mud…

  5. 12:32,
    You must have mistyped.
    I think what you meant to say is, “I am a humorless schlub and will one day have the perfect response bumpersticker to this post on the back of my neon Prius.”
    There. Fixed.

    And thanks for reading!

  6. Macdaddy says:

    We can add Congressman Weiner, D-NY, to our recent list of Democrats ensnared in scandal. Betcha he doesn’t resign.

  7. anony mommy says:

    As if any Democrat needed help playing in the mud-it’s their favorite playground! As far as pictures of said pics, they are all over the internet. My favorite coverage is from the Daily Mirror. I think that is the London paper and they, unlike our MSM, couldn’t give a rat’s ass about how the story looks, they printed everything including tweets that Weiner sent to a porn star about liking her blog.

    What a dumb ass this one is!

  8. To Gary and Ace says:

    Why do you want to see the photos? Do you have some inside knowledge of identification that we don’t have?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whoa! Nice comeback Sweeper. But, would it fit on the bumper of a Prius? How about something shorter: Anything small is big in DC.

  10. RWP says:


    Damn you, I wanted that one.

    BTW, I’d like to suggest a SAB: Weiner, and Smiling Bob.

    You don’t need to show their faces.

  11. RWP says:

    Important life lesson: when it all of a sudden dawns on you that the iPhone has both a camera and a Twitter app, you need to consider other possibilities besides that this is a message from God to send a panoramic view of your overstuffed undies to some chick in Seattle whom you actually have never met.

    And if God’s message is just too insistent to ignore, at least CHECK THE DARN SETTINGS ON THE APP before you send it to 2500 other people.

    (And these people are voting on our future. We are doomed.)

  12. NE Voter says:

    By the way, Lee Terry’s former law partner and BFF is in deep trouble regarding an alleged Ponzi scheme.

  13. anony mommy says:

    Poor Janey Kleeb isn’t feeling the love these days. According to the FB page of Jane Fleming Kleeb, “They just turned their back on landowners fighting for their land, turned their back on clean water and sided with Rep. Terry. So, now we know where they stand and its not with doing what is right and asking more questions and not spreading misinformation about the “benefits” of this project” In reference to the State Dem Party backing of Congressman Terry’s letter to the State Dept to decide, finally, on permits for Nebraska’s Oil Pipeline. She thinks she might not be in the right Party. Good luck finding one to take your crazy a**, Janey!

  14. Kortezzi says:

    Democrats and Republicans alike get themselves into sex scandals…

    But Republicans usually resign, because they’re ashamed when they’re caught.

    Democrats like Slick Willy, Teddy (the swimmer) Kennedy, Barneys Frankfurter, etc. tend to survive. Because they go into full-time denial and delay mode in public. And privately, they are proud of their unstoppable studliness. WTF should I resign, they say?


  15. RWP says:

    Funny thing is, two years ago, Jane was in bed with the unions. Now the unions are the enemy. They just don’t realize that leftist environmentalists know better than they do.

    Methinks the private sector unions are looking at the sickly economy, increasing unemployment, and Obama’s war on oil production, and wondering whether backing him in 2008 was really in their best interests. Where are the green jobs? Where are the jobs, period? Why, with all that newly printed money floating around, is nobody willing to make any capital investment with crazies like Ken Salazar and Lisa Jackson doing their best to prevent anyone producing anything, anywhere? Meanwhile the financial sector is afraid of Liz Warren, not that there’s a hope in hell she will ever be confirmed; we’re still looking at the prospect of European defaults. Oil, despite the lousy economy, is still hovering around $100 a barrel…

    It’s the economy stupid.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi – Weinergate isn’t a sex scandal. Not even close. And it took Ensign almost two years to resign, which he did only because he was about to be called before the ethics committee. Idiots from both parties do stupid shit, both get caught, both try to cover it up. Sometimes they resign, sometimes they don’t. Stop acting like the Republican sleaze bags are morally superior to Democrat sleaze bags because a few of them resigned.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So who else is running in the “new” sarpy district? I mean to say on the D’s side? Oh and any news on LD45?

  18. Anonymous says:

    RWP – Please explain how this is a sex scandal.

    So Weiner has a photo of himself in his underwear on his phone and/or Twitter account. He didn’t have sex with anyone. He never even took off his cloths for christ’s sake. How is that sex?

  19. RWP says:

    You are seriously arguing that a guy sending a picture of his underpants, showing a large bulge from an apparent state of sexual arousal, to a 21 year old student of the opposite sex, isn’t sexual?

    Seriously, there are some propositions too stupid to be discussed.

  20. RWP says:

    The truth finally comes out, but Mr. Torso isn’t even man enough to resign, as Republican Chris Lee did for lesser but similar shite.

    Democrat men are such homunculi. (Look it up, Bud)

  21. An Independent Panhandler says:

    Just jealous because we’d need a microscope to inspect what’s in YOUR BVD’s? Republicans are no better than Democrats. They just keep their repressed homosexuality a better kept secret.

  22. JtF
    You’re probably right, but these guys don’t have any problem with “half-mast”:

    Anony at 10:55,
    Yup, just your run-of-the-mill Sexting and sending topless and vulgar photos to a number of different women the married Congressman isn’t sure are minors or not.
    Oh, and Rep. Weiner pushed for the “KIDS (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators) Act of 2007.”
    Huh. So now he is a dirtbag, liar and hypocrite all rolled into one.
    And they say you don’t want to know how the sausages are made… (bah-dum-BAH!).

  23. RWP says:

    If you’re that interested in what’s in my BVDs, ‘Independent Panhandler’, you’re not keeping your repressed homosexuality much of a secret.

  24. RWP says:

    My name is Weinermandius, Dong of Dongs:
    Look on my junk, ye mighty, and despair!

    Google for the other 12 lines, from the great IowaHawk himself.

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