Fischer is IN

Republican state Senator Deb Fischer of Valentine has decided that she WILL run for the United States Senate.

The seat is currently held by Senator Ben “Cornhusker Kickback” Nelson.  (Yes, THAT Senator Nelson.)

Fischer joins Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Treasurer Don Stenberg and Pat Flynn in the fight for the GOP nomination.

More to come soon.


  1. John Galt says:

    She’ll be very successful, so long as no one ever looks into why Nebraska’s gas taxes are so high. Has any state senator ever raised taxes more than she has?

  2. Rambler says:

    To John Galt: Fischer hasn’t raised the gas tax during her time in the Legislature. You’re making stuff up.

  3. RWP says:

    Usually a stampede of candidates for one party is a sign of weakness in the incumbent of the other party. If Bruning were really a weak candidate, the entire state GOP would be lining up to take on Nelson. As so often, this election will be settled by the GOP primary.

  4. Kortezzi says:

    Bruning needs to fire his East Coast ad consultants, find some experienced Nebraska campaign help, and start fresh. I’ll admit just this once that Dennis is right (the AG is off to a shaky start).

    Flynn has no chance. But a 3 way horserace between the initial favorite & money leader (Bruning), the old gray mare (Stenberg), and the nearly unknown Sandhills filly (Fischer) really could be a photo finish.

    Regardless, RWP is right that 4 GOP contenders foretells an expectation that Nelson has lost much of his support in Nebraska already (thanks largely to his health care sell out to Obama, and his OK to abortion funding). Any of these Republicans would be a big improvement in the Senate over tired old Ben. Whoever wins the GOP primary should go on to win in the general.

    That is, so long as none of the Republicans that lose the primary take the sour grapes spoiler route, like Charlie Crist did in FL or like Lisa Murkowski did in AK. That very unlikely scenario is Nelson’s best hope.

  5. Confused says:

    $860k in the first quarter; 93 county chairs; endorsements from the Tea Party Express and Governor Mike Huckabee. Shaky start….really?

  6. Henry says:

    Dems are flocking to change their party affiliation so they can vote for Fischer in the primary (a weaker candidate that has a history of raising taxes and being socially moderate) so the race is easier for Nelson.

  7. BK says:

    I’d like to see a list of these taxes that Sen. Fischer supposedly raised, as well as her “socially moderate” votes in the Legislature.

  8. Wondering says:

    Today’s economic news is bad–only 36,000 job created nationally with an increase in the unemployment rate.

    Maybe Dennis can tell us more about the successes of the Obama and Democrat economic program.

  9. Wondering says:

    Correction–NYTimes says 54,000 created. Wow.

    Unemployment rate is now 9.1 percent. No president since FDR has been reelected with uemployment over 7.2 percent.

    the $1 trillion stimulus program is working well…

  10. Dennis says:

    Bruning’s shaky start? We can start with the David Sokol fiasco. Our State’s top law enforcement officer declared that Sokol was innocent when the story broke. That was very stupid and shows that Bruning has never run in a tough race. Then, last week, Bruning lost a big case in the Nebraska Supreme Court in his failed attempt to go forward with the Moore execution. Bruning has never run in a tough race against a well financed opponent before. He is untested and has got off to a poor start.

  11. Anthony Weiner says:

    His twitter account was compromised. The hacker was able to replicate his DNA causing his staffer to be impregnated and transferred nearly a million in campaign funds to her to keep it quiet. Don’t worry; I’m having his account investigated too. I’m sure the Tea Party is responsible.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m excited Deb Fischer is going to run, if it’s true. She has a record of being effective in a legislative body, she’s a common sense conservative, and she seems to want to serve Nebraska as opposed to achieving a life-long ambition. That’s the kind of candidate we need to face off with Ben Nelson.

  13. Doh! says:

    Hey Henry- may you should take a look-see at Deb Fischer’s voting record: she has consistently voted prolife, pro-death penalty, she cosponsored repeal of instate tuition for illegal immigrants and also voted no on instate tuition for illegals, voted no on voting rights for ex-felons, and voted no for expanded gambling again this year. That doesn’t sound moderate to me, it sounds pretty dang conservative.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sen Fischer to Sen Fischer……. seems like it will be pretty easy for her to capitalize on that fact alone. I wonder if she will get the Kay Orr endorsement? Jon has a big head start in dollars and organization but……. he is seen as a slick lawyer type who has been nothing more than a candidate pretty much his whole adult life.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. At least the R’s will have a primary full of individuals who in their own right are better than anything the D’s have to offer. Kinda sucks to have such a weak bench. Maybe Don Walton will run, or oh who cares………

  15. littlebruning says:

    Young Bruning voted for tax increases while in the Nebraska legislature. Just wait until that becomes a campaign issue!

  16. Ricky says:

    Fischer has a built-in constituency in the Republican State Senators of the Nebraska Legislature. They passed her radical roads funding plan with barely a peep. Apparently they want to see one of their own in the state house and probably Fischer has made deals with the Senators.
    Also I read that Senator Fischer is one of the most reliable Republican votes in the Unicam.
    Which means she probably does not value the votes of a big city like mine.
    I welcome her into the race but have doubts she can beat Senator Nelson.

    ricky from omaha

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Bruning has never run in a tough race against a well financed opponent before. He is untested and has got off to a poor start.”

    Two things here. First, who cares if he’s never been involved in a tough race against a well financed opponent? It’s called picking your battles.

    Second, money has a tendency to win elections. Bruning is certainly not falling behind in any fundraising efforts in comparison to his Republican counterparts. I’m sure Fischer will be able to soak up a lot of money and valuable contacts from all of the big towns out West (snicker snicker sneer sneer).

  18. Lil Mac says:

    No one is out to beat Bruning just so they can lose to Nelson. Kay Orr and Huckabee and others at higher national levels are not throwing elephants at Nelson because they dislike Obamacare or Nelson’s kickback. Sure they hate what Nelson did. But they are not going to waste limited personal capital fighting Nelson unless they believe there is a good chance he can be penetrated. To be sure Ben is weak not dead. His remaining strength suppresses Democrat opposition. But his weakness spurs a flurry of GOP spears being thrown at him.

    To Nelson watchers, this is not unexpected. Like a cartoon lawyer, he scrupulously stays legal while being largely unable to gauge right and wrong; a character flaw bound to catch up with him. His Kickback for example was legal bribery. Nelson sees the legal, voters see the bribery. That is beyond partisan. Nelson’s lack of ethics may dent his oddly large GOP voter support in Nebraska but it moreover damages his support among nonaffiliated voters who distrust government run by any party. Untimately, Nelson’s weakness comes from the fact that you can draw any Democrat or Republican out of a hat and chances are you will end up with someone less unethical than Nelson. And while that is no guarantee of his defeat, the perception of his weakness is driving all this. Nelson is so weak that even a teacher from a cow ranch thinks she can beat him.

    Make no mistake, this is a national race. Deb, Don and Pat wrongly think they can beat Jon because they think this is a statewide election. They are not paying attention. Nelson is being targeted nationally for extinction. And the fact that Nelson screwed Harry Reid so badly by blackmailing him, ala the kickback, Democrats may put up a token defense. Nelson’s weakness is an opportunity on the national stage. And thus no national interest will meekly allow any Orr-stroked teacher, or perpetual GOP loser, or anyone else, to derail this golden opportunity for the leading Bruning to oust a weakened Nelson who was nevertheless strong enough to singlehandedly pass Obamacare.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    I agree with Lil Mac about this being a national race. Whoever is the eventual nominee needs to hang the Cornhusker Kickback around Nelson’s neck early and often.

    BTW, why are we trying to build a new billion dollar headquarters at Offutt? I know Senator Nelson is trying to deliver the pork, but can’t this wait a while? The OWH had an article about it and how Offutt was so important that they participated in bagging bin Laden. Which begs the question, since they are doing so well with what they have, why do we need to borrow yet more money just to spruce things up? Is this project on Defense Secretary Gates’ Can’t-Live-Without List?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting to see Jon’s refrigerator drawings to see if those mean anything. He never defended Sokol as innocent and besides it is a federal issue for the SEC. Bruning is the State of Nebraska’s AG what would you like him to do?

  21. Out West says:


    You seem to have been consuming mass quantities of Kool-Aid at those Bruning pep rallies. There is no doubt that Nelson suffers from an ethical deficit, but there is ample evidence that Bruning suffers from a similar problem. He refused to go after the bait and switch gas advertisers on the interstate – until public outcry forced him to. He intended to let those mutual friends of his and Nelson’s over at Nelnet avoid paying the State of Nebraska $1,000,000 for their corrupt scheme to cheat college students and the government – until public outcry forced him to accept it. He stood up in public and said his good buddy over at Berkshire didn’t do anything wrong – even though any casual observer could see that he was splitting legal hairs in a situation that couldn’t pass the ethics test. It seems that all the indications are pointing to the fact that Bruning and Nelson have exactly the same passion for screwing the general public when it serves their purposes. I’m not willing to bet that voters will decide to oust a crook they know and replace him with a crook they don’t know.

    If deposing Nelson is a priority on the national level for Republicans, Bruning may be counting his chickens before they hatch. Support could very well swing to Fischer if it becomes evident that she is the better candidate. Anyone who knows Fischer will tell you she’s shrewd, tough and relentless. I can remember when Tom Osborne and Hillary Clinton thought they had a lock on the nomination for elected office. They both got their butts kicked by someone who wasn’t as well connected, but was a lot more politically astute. Fischer is politically astute. If you or anyone else thinks Bruning is going to put some schoolmarm from the sand hills in her place, you’re in for a big shock. I’d say Fischer is talented enough to kick his ass wearing cowboy boots, spiked heals, loafers or tennis shoes, and may just finish him off in her bare feet.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hey Out West….nice fantasy well put. So Bruning would have been more ethical to throw his friend under the bus rather to allow the appropriate oversight to handle the matter. And? Had he done that, everyone would have called him……shallow, no?

  23. Polly Tics says:

    Jon has the money, but he is, well, Jon. He will come off as arrogant at times and has and will trip over himself at some point. Don thinks he still matters, he doesn’t. The party hacks are tired of the retread and it is doubtful he gets much more traction. Fisher adds some flavor to the race but can she pay for the horse to run her carriage? Doubtful. So, in the end, Bruning probably wins despite himself because he can pay for ads that make him look cute and fuzzy and bombard the ariwaves. So, in the final analysis, Pat Flynn wins.

    Or not.

  24. John Galt says:


    A 30 second Google searched yielded these facts: She voted to pass LB 959 in 2008 and then again to override our Governor’s veto of that same bill. Here’s the veto override’s synopsis:

    “Vote to override the Governor’s line item veto of LB 959, thereby restoring a $14.5 million appropriation from the Highway Cash Fund to the Department of Roads, funded by an increase in the gasoline tax.”

    Seems pretty straightforward. Or do you still think I’m making stuff up?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Bruning is an arrogant ass. But he is a piker in that regards to Deb Fischer. The people who really know her Don’t like her. She is smooth. Very smooth. But where is her money coming from?

  26. Out West says:

    Hey, Hey Anonymous,

    If Bruning had any damned sense he’d have kept his mouth shut. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know the particulars of the situation.” That would not be throwing Sokal under the bus , it would be refusing to get on his band wagon. And since Bruning is the elected Attorney General of the State of Nebraska it was the ethical thing to do. If you think Bruning deserves a seat in the U.S. Senate because he’s loyal to his friends you’re right to vote should be revoked. Not jumping on Sokal’s band wagon wouldn’t make Bruning look “shallow”. I’d say rushing in to defend Sokal, before he knew the facts, did make him look “shallow” to anyone who believes he has an obligation to the people of Nebraska as their Attorney General.

    There are too damned many politicians in Washington right now who are looking out for their “friends” interests. If that was Brunings reasoning in defending Sokal, then it’s proof enough for me that it would be stupid to elect him to the Senate to take care of his “friends.” I’m looking for a candidate who has the ability to understand that their job will be to represent their state, country and constituents, not protect, promote and pimp for their “friends.”

  27. Anonymous says:

    Out West-

    You’re right. No friends in Washington! No deals! No Washington cronies! Vote Tea Party!

    There will always be Washington politics, because the politics are in Washington. I’m not sure how you want to break that up. Give Fischer some time, and she’ll fit right in–they all do eventually.

  28. Out West says:

    Anonymous @ 8:58 –

    I agree, politicians all seem to blend into the crowd once they get to Washington. But if you believe all the Bruning fans around here it may be a safe bet to vote for Fischer. They seem to think she doesn’t have any friends and isn’t going to make any. As for voting Tea Party, I don’t have any problem with the grass roots groups, but the folks who jumped on Brunings band wagon are an astro turf bunch of phonies. Tea, like Kool-Aid, comes in a number of varieties, and it’s wise to inspect the package before you start drinking it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Pro Life and Pro Death penalty is fairly easy to resolve.

    See when someone faces the death penalty, there are trials, appeals, witnesses, an opportunity to have your case heard and so so much more. Heck you can LIVE for decades waiting for the final disposition.

    When a baby is either by chemicals or by physical means KILLED with out any opportunity to having an opportunity to claim their ABSOLUTE innocence, there is a HUGE difference! The baby should be given at least the same amount of time those on Death Row are given.

    The argument of Reproductive Rights are in now way impacted by bringing a baby to term. See the right to, or not to, reproduce has been completed once the process has started in the egg and sperm action. If a woman wants to not get pregnant there is birth control.

    NOW as you some of you lose your minds on the issues of rape and incest, I agree that is a problem. BUT not the baby’s problem. There are so many other issues surrounding the actions other than killing the baby.

    If the health of the baby, or the mother is in question then it is the MD’s decision. Plain and simple.

    So if you support the legal process available to the individual convicted of a heinous crime by peers and a court and all the rest of the process, then allow that same process to the baby who has done NO Wrong!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Exactly how far Out West are ya?……”pimp” for your friends is quite a jump for allowing the SEC to take care of a federal issue regarding Sokol when you’re a state attorney general. If you know all the criteria of what makes a saint a saint, then why don’t you run for office to save us all?

  31. Anonymostly says:

    Dennis, your political acumen is sorely lacking. Mind explaining how a Supreme Court decision on the potential execution of Mr. Moore has anything to do with Bruning’s campaign? Presumably, the court did what was right and just based on the facts, of which Mr. Bruning would have had no control. Dennis, I once heard that the only lawyer who has never lost a case is the lawyer who never tries them. You think a good AG should be undefeated? Was it Bruning’s call to buy the execution drugs from overseas?

    This just shows how you throw stuff out there without thinking about it and then, when you get called on it, try to manufacture some rationale for your original nonsense.

  32. To Happy Republican says:

    Besides getting a consultants paycheck, what about Deb Fischer makes you THRILLED about Deb Fischer. Is it the lack of Gravitas she possesses that gets you so excited? It seems most of the party has committed to Don and Jon (mostly with Jon). I just don’t see most Nebraskans connecting with Deb.

  33. Gary and Ace says:

    We will figuratively “bat for the other team” and help you in the Republican primary Deb. One can never have too many paid consultants. If Jim Suttle can get elected, you can certainly be a US Senator.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Suttle…..where IS the leadership now that water is literally running up our proverbials? He needs to be out there giving updates for the pending CWS arrivals as to what exactly is going on in Omaha and surrounding area. Ya want the job so bad you pay the homeless and then when it comes times to lead? Hello? Are you there? Come in…..

  35. An Independent Panhandler says:

    Happy Republican,
    I’ll support Deb just BECAUSE she isn’t the first in line of the NEGOP Omaha Lawyers’ Club. I quit the Democratic party because I was sick and tired of NO choice for ANY office other than Ben Nelson or Ben Nelson’s hand-picked ass kissers.

  36. An Independent Panhandler says:

    Does ANYONE understand where the Nebraska Democratic Party stands on the issue of the Canadian Bacon Pipeline? It seems their Working Families Caucus, Black Caucus, Jane Kleeb, and the County Chairs are all at odds with one another. Does anyone understand where the Nebraska Democratic Party stands on ANYTHING? The NDP has absolutely ZERO leadership, unless you count that of Sen. Benny Kickback as ‘leadership’.

  37. Legislators? says:

    @Ricky – Nearly every Republican State senator has already come out behind Bruning. Maybe Fischer has the support of people like Lathrop, Melo, Nordquist, et al because she has helped make it easier for democrats to have power positions in a Unicameral with a large Republican majority?

  38. Lee Atwater says:

    Heads up for the Omaha City Council leadership vote. Tom Mulligan will cement his liberal standing by jopining with Chris Jerram to have himself elected as Council President and Ben Gray as VP. This, after Mulligan gave his word to Franklin Thompson that he would support him for Pres. Thomson HAD the votes with Mulligan.

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