Weepin’ Weiners!

We were looking back on our Separated at Births for the various Senate candidates and realized that we have been short.

We have done numerous Ben Nelsons:

Jon Bruning. A recent Deb Fischer:

But in all these years we have never done a Don Stenberg. So, here is the best we have (for now).

Don and Marlon Brando’s Jor-El:

Yes, we know, we still don’t have a Pat Flynn. If you have a suggestion, send it in and we will try another soon.


Some rumblings around the Omaha City Council.

Apparently (and none that can probably be confirmed), Franklin Thompson had negotiated with Gary Gernandt, Jean Stothert and Thomas Mulligan for Thompson to be City Council President and Gernandt to be Vice President.

But, Councilman Chris Jerram was not into that. So Jerram organized with Ben Gray, Pete Festersen and…. Tom Mulligan for Mulligan to be Prez and Jerram to be VP.

Needless to say, the others who had a handshake deal with Mulligan are pissed at him for going back on his word. Mulligan’s apparent response: “That’s politics.”

Could be “politics” if Mulligan gets a challenger in his next race.


Correction, Gernandt was elected VP.  But Mulligan is the new Prez, under the same story.


The other day the Cook Report listed their known possible Democrat challengers to Representative Lee Terry in the Nebraska’s (new) 2nd Congressional District.

Their suggestions: Howard Warren Buffett and John Ewing. Which is fine, except that’s who we suggested in our last discussion on the topic. So either we are super prescient or….someone has been reading Leavenworth Street.

We have also heard state Senator Gwen Howard’s name thrown around as a possible challenger. So look for her name mentioned in a Daily Kos near you.


More windmill related deaths to God’s endangered creatures.

And yet certain liberal Nebraska groups demand the killing continue.

(Oh, and they want the domination for OPEC to continue.)


And just to finish up on everything Weiner related…

Did you notice that after all the Weiner headlines (“NY GOP Chair Cox demands Weiner straighten up or pull out”), the OWH has jumped in with the “sex sells!” headlines:

Chicks move into the penthouse

Cougar report unconfirmed

More heat before cool down

Oh, we’re hot baby. We’re hot…


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  1. NE Voter says:

    How on earth could Franklin Thompson and/or Jean $$$tothert have believed either of them could be elected to the pres. or V.P. spot? Thompson and $$$tothert practically took dictation from Nabity; the Omaha Alliance for the Top 5% and the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee.

  2. Campaign Watcher says:

    According to the OWH Deb Fischer is campaigning inear Bradshaw “Cougar reported near Bradshaw “

  3. Macdaddy says:

    For an SAB of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, how about a nest of baby birds chirping for Ben Nelson to feed them? It’s unbelievable that they took out a full page ad thanking Senator Nelson for all he’s done for them. The Democrats have done nothing but drive up the cost of business over the last several years and Nelson, with his deciding vote on Obamacare, has been key to that. But I guess you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you. Sheesh!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing makes me happier than watching Thompson and Stothert get burned like that. Good work Mr. Jerram.

  5. To Anonymous Above says:

    Actually you only empower Jean and Franklin with that bone headed manuver. Once again Jerram and his buddies show they are untrustworthy and in 2013 they will be off the council and Jean will be Mayor.

  6. Omaha Voter says:

    Well NE Voter, I think Jean has a great chance to be mayor and think Jerram and Mulligan will be off the council after the next election.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh the “Stothert For Mayor” fantasy reemerges! Sorry, but there is no effing way that Omaha’s answer to Sarah Palin will be our next mayor.

  8. anony mommy says:

    Just like with all “mulligans” this one was bought and paid for. As far as the Weiner, NY isn’t the only city with weiners in their government,

  9. Pollster says:

    Jean is very popular right now. She polls higher than the mayor and the rest of the council. Be prepared to spend a lot of money OFD!!!

  10. Mr.Mojo says:

    Jean “The Snitch” Stothert for Mayor? Why not just turn the city over to the Police Union? Oh sorry, I forgot, that was done 50 years ago.

  11. To Firefighter posters says:

    I can’t wait until you are working at Two Men and a Truck after we get rid of 4 men on a Truck. Tough Guy!! Also shouldn’t you be hanging some drywall or mowing some lawns now?

  12. Polly Tics says:

    SInce it is almost CWS time, the ultimate sports headline would be:

    Cocks go after the Beavers Tonight

    Read: South Carolina and Oregon State people. Filthy minds out there….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gwen Howard………oh that is funny. Please let her be the nominee!!

    Hey who cares who is in the seat on the city council? Either way the unions run the show. Just saying.

  14. Ricky says:

    Don’t you have to wonder why Councilman Franklin Thompson keeps getting passed over for City Council President? In his 2 + terms FT has never held the Presidency of the Omaha City Council despite the tradition of passing the seat around.
    Councilman Thompson represents me on the council and I have a pretty good idea why FT’s colleagues don’t want him as their leader.
    It’s probably because they don’t trust him; he will tell you one thing to your face and vote another way is what I heard.
    Too bad FT has rode the coattails of the Evangelical Christian right to get elected over and over. But what better way to spread the word of the Lord?

    Ricky the Atheist from Omaha

  15. Elle says:

    You should be able to find an older picture of James Cromwell (Babe, Secretariat, L.A. Confidential, and many others) that looks a lot like your current photo of Don Stenberg…

    I like John Ewing, btw, he’s a good guy and good manager. I didn’t know he was a Democrat. He’s pretty conservative on a lot of issues, at least.

  16. Kortezzi says:

    Mulligan was APPOINTED to the city council. He should be ineligible to be its President. What a snake!

    This maneuver confirms he’s a Suttle plant, willing to play the RINO and doublecross Thompson & Stothert in favor of the other council Democrats (Jerram, Gray & Festersen). Can’t wait for the former Sigerson district in MW Omaha to have it’s next election. Mulligan will surely get the boot.

    Look for Suttle and his 4 pet councilmen to continue trying to cut sweet deals for the firefighters, the cops, the other city employees – – and raising taxes to pay for it.

  17. Reality says:

    NE Voter once again shows his complete ignorance of Omaha politics. Stothert is clearly the most popular council member among voters and would poll miles ahead of Suttle in a city wide. I know the Lib Dems and Unions want to think she represents a vocal minority. Jerram even calls her constituents West Omaha nuts. Fact is Stothert has a broad base of support among tax payers of all types.

    Suttle lap dog Ben Gray keeps saying we have to stop saying no? Well, the majority of voters are looking for people to say no and stop the out of control spending. Thank you Jean Stothert for taking that stand. No doubt 2013 will be an ugly year for Suttle and his yes men, regardless of how much money the fire union throws away. Their efforts and support are now a CLEAR liability to the candidates they support.

  18. Our Next Mayor says:

    I have seen a poll of Stothert heads up against Suttle. I hope the firefighters are prepared to spend lots of union dues and boot money to beat her.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Don Stenberg sent out a fundraising letter asking for a max “$2,500” donation but in the same letter he says he doesn’t need much money to beat Ben Nelson. Does that make sense?

    Stenberg’s letter says he lost in 2000 because Nelson had twice as much cash, but then adds, “I don’t need to raise as much money as Ben Nelson because I don’t need fancy TV commercials and high priced political consultants. I just need to be able to get my message out to the voters of Nebraska… ” But how does he do that without money?

    So, instead of TV ads, Stenberg wears a sandwich sign on I-80? Goes door to door? And instead of paying experienced winning consultants, he listens to the same crapwits who advised him to lose his last three Senate races?

    Will someone kindly put a fork in Don? He’s done. As an idealogue, maybe he’d make an okay party chairman. But how many times do Nebraska voters have to just say no to Stupidberg for Senate? It is painful to watch that guy. He keeps trying to ride the elephant by climbing up inside its butt.

  20. Coupon Cutter says:

    “Buffett grandson to run dad’s foundation” I wonder how he got that job? Probably the same way he got a job working for Obama.

  21. NE Voter says:

    Sorry, Reality.

    $$$tothert has hit her ceiling with the Council gig. In two years in office, she has shown herself to be negative and divisive. What’s worse, though she likes to criticize big-ticket items like the police/fire union contracts and the budgets, she has completely failed to bring forth alternative proposals.

    Remember when Jerram took a bunch of flak for the sattelite dish fee? Jerram even said publiclly that the idea was goofy, but he was the only council person with the guts to discuss alternatives to the usual dreck of property taxes/incresaed fees/closings.

    As for Thompson, 10 years on the Council w/o being elected President. Pretty embarrasing.

    But not as embarrasing as Kyle Hutchings, who served on the Douglas County Board for 16 years w/o ever being elected Chairman. Hell, for all but the last 2 of those years, the Board was Republican majority.

    Says a lot about what your colleagues believe about one’s leadership qualities/politcal acumen/temperament.

  22. To NE Voter says:

    No alternative proposals???? Really, Jean has advocated many changes in the fire contract including modifying minimum staffing and changing the pension formula. See ya at her victory party may of 2013.

  23. Anon. says:

    To: Clancy’s:

    “Spotted Gwen Howard with Jim Rogers at dinner on friday.” Wow– one of the two of them must have lost a bet. Just not sure which one.

  24. Eating Healthy with Jane says:

    Hey Folks just want to remind you it’s National Dairy Month. Remember to drink skim milk as it has less fat and eat cheeses that use low or no fat content milk. Also don’t consume products from cows on farms near the Keystone pipeline. As I am an expert on all things agricultural, milk from cows that reside within a 100 miles of a pipeline have carcinogenic materials like Benzine as part of the product.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “So, instead of TV ads, Stenberg wears a sandwich sign on I-80? Goes door to door? And instead of paying experienced winning consultants, he listens to the same crapwits who advised him to lose his last three Senate races?”

    Like Brunings team is much better? Please, unless any of the GOP candidates bring on new blood Nelson is going to destroy them.

  26. Gr8PlnzGrl says:

    Is it just me or do SS stories stay up waaaaaaay longer than they used to thereby frustrating loyal followers?

  27. Nate says:

    Headline of the day, from the New York Post on Friday:


    I’m not joking.

    As for windmills… It comes as no shock to me that the sort of person who calls for bird death by windmill is the same sort that gleefully raises arms in celebration due to the the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline (and the resultant reduction of the reliable world oil supply in a time of rising prices). Good on ya, Jane.

  28. Reality says:

    NE Voter
    There have been alternate proposals and ammendments to legislation provided by Stothert. You clearly do not pay attention to what is going on. Then again, it would not fit your story.

  29. Dennis says:

    Anybody see the lead story in the LJS today? Bruning pushed for Moore’s execution even though he knew the execution drug even though he knew the State lacked the authority buy and import the drug. On top of that, Bruning withheld this information from the Justices of the Nebraska Supreme Court and opposing counsel. Talk about an ethical violation there. Yikes!

  30. Mother T says:

    “Execution drug”? Is that what wimpy liberals prefer to the old electric chair? Sounds like Zyklon B. Okay then, but does it have to be an “imported” execution drug? Has Nebraska entirely run out of rat poison? Lye? Motor oil? Isn’t there anything in Nebraska that we can pump into this guy to kill him?

    I bet Moore himself could think of thousands of things to pump into a person to kill them. But here in witless Nebraska we apparently use some sort of designer drug that we “import” like wine. Get real. You can go to any cell in our State Prison and ask, “What can we shove into Moore to kill him” and you will get hundreds of expert answers and they will all work.

    Here’s my solution. Saw Moore’s head off. If compassion is a consideration, use a Black and Decker with a crosscut blade. If not, a hand saw with finishing teeth will do nicely.

    Save your compassion for the victims or someday some heartfelt liberal judge just might send people like Moore over to bunk with you.

  31. RWP says:

    Funny thing is, I bet Dennis opposes most of the war on drugs. As do I. But he’ll try to exploit this non-story about inadequate DEA paperwork for a drug whose safety is kind of a moot point and whose efficacy is only an issue if it isn’t actually fatal.

  32. Anonymous says:

    @ “Our Next Mayor”

    Care to steer the rest of us to the poll that shows always-milfy Stothert ahead of Suttle?

  33. Macdaddy says:

    The brouhaha over “execution drugs” is just a backdoor attempt to shut down the death penalty. It’s an entirely bogus issue and one that is only an issue because of the actions of Hospira, the company that makes Pentothal, and the FDA. Are they afraid that Indian-manufactured drugs are going to cause some horrible side effect, like death? Wasn’t importing drugs one of Obama’s proposals to save money? Hospira’s objection was because Pentothal was used in the process but the drug is to provide sedation, not actually kill the criminal. So they’re objecting to their sedative being used to sedate somebody.

    Bruning comes out ahead on this: he tried to save the taxpayers some money by getting the ball rolling on an execution and he’s tough on crime. That’s a two-fer. Senator Nelson can only dream of being that kind of leader. Bruning has nothing to worry about. Dennis wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.

  34. Aquaman says:

    Smokey, America is also drowning. That should be more than evident to those that live along the Platte or Missouri rivers.

    America is in trouble – burning, drowning, being blown away by weather gone wild, and crushed by unemployment. It is time that those who gain the most from America’s wealth shoulder their responsibility to keep safe those who actually do the work that makes their capitalist investments profitable. They have enough yachts, mansions, limousines, sky boxes, etc. How damned much more do they need? And why is it that those who aren’t that damned rich are defending the excesses of those that are? It is time for the rich to defend the rest of us. TAX ‘EM!

    It is also time to bring our National Guard troops home so they can do the jobs they were designed to do – protecting American citizens and property within America’s shores.

  35. A veteran says:

    If Bruning is so gung-ho to kill someone, why doesn’t the pipsqueak go join the friggin’ Marines, like some of us did? Uncle Sugar has three wars going on right now. I’m sure he’d teach Jonny how to shoot an M-16 and provide him ample opportunities to use it in one of them.
    Gov. Heineman was a U. S. Army Ranger. I’d prefer that he challenge Nelson for the Senate seat than that pampered little egomaniac that excels only at leapfrogging from one elected position to another.

  36. RWP says:

    It is time that those who gain the most from America’s wealth shoulder their responsibility to keep safe those who actually do the work that makes their capitalist investments profitable.

    Half the people in this country pay no income tax at all. That means they contribute not one cent to our national defense.

    So who’s slacking?

    It is time for the rich to defend the rest of us. TAX ‘EM!

    We do. Heavily. We have the most progressive taxation system in the developed world.

  37. Macdaddy says:

    Aquaman, how many yachts do you think somebody making $250,000 a year (Obama’s definition of rich) has? How many limos? How about somebody making a cool million a year? The answer is none unless they are in the limo business. Now, of course, they probably rent a limo from time to time which benefits the limo driver who would otherwise not have a job. Of course, that means that the limo driver would then have to go back to his astrophysicist job at NASA making six figures. In the meantime, the truly rich, like Warren Buffett, have an army of lawyers and accountants making sure that their wealth is safely locked away from the government. Do you know how they do that? By deferring income. By taking out loans against their wealth and paying it back over time. By making sure if they want something it can be counted as a business expense. Rich people can do that. People who have actual income, you know, through a paycheck from their employer or from their small business, can’t. Tax the rich all you want. You won’t touch them. Instead, you’ll just get a whole lot of collateral damage as people in the $250,000 to $1million income range cut back on goods and services that not rich people make a living off of. Of course, that’s been Obama’s plan all along: hook everyone up to the government teat.

  38. OmahaDEM says:

    Does the Republican party have any new blood in NE? From what I understand they simply just eat their own. A note to my fellow young professionals, join the party that doesn’t try to destroy you at every given opportunity.

    Also, sounds like Nelson is staffing up. Where are you bruning, stenberg and fischer?

  39. Dennis says:

    This controversy over the execution drug is about the rule of law. The drug to be used in the execution is illegal. If Bruning wants to have Moore executed, go about getting the law changed. Don’t file a frivolous legal action pushing to execute this scumbag with an illegal drug. This legal action Bruning filed was a sure loser and a waste of the taxpayer’s money. Bruning also failed to disclose to the Nebraska Supreme Court that the State lacked the authority to buy and import the drug. This entire episode shows a stunning lack of judgment on the part of the State’s top law enforcement official.

  40. RWP says:

    Sodium thiopental is certainly not illegal. It’s Schedule III, and can be legally possessed by anyone with the right DEA license.

    Check you facts, folks.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    No, RWP, it’s illegal because it was made outside the country. You know, like all those seniors going to Canada and Mexico to get cheap meds. Of course, in that case, Border Patrol turns a blind eye to the importation of illegal medicines. It’s only because the Lefties hate the death penalty that the Feds are making a big deal over $50 worth of meds.

  42. Low taxes says:

    Right now America ‘s taxes are the lowest since the Truman years. So if low taxes are what the republicans want they got them. If low taxes stimulated economic growth then we would be living in hog heaven right now. And if high taxes hurt economic growth than Bill Clinton would have had some pretty bad years. Since the exact opposite is true, yes raise taxes on the rich. It is time for them to pay their share. That nonsense argument on making the poor pay more is simple thinking. You can’t make people pay taxes on little or no income. But the GOP does not care about the little guy . I mean they don’t call it voodoo economics for nothing. The bigger the lie is the Republican way.

  43. RWP says:

    I’m not even rich. But if you raise taxes, I know how to shelter large parts of my income.

    The issue is not how high our taxes are. It’s how much lower they are elsewhere. You can jack up taxes on the middle class. If you jack up taxes on the rich, they will move their money elsewhere.

    You can’t construct your little Farmville world on someone else’s dime any more, loser.

  44. Low taxes says:

    Then explain why the Bush tax cuts failed and the Clinton tax hikes worked? And the economy really took off in the 1990’s . Better than that, why are taxes here lower than the countries of Western Europe. Especially Germany which is thriving. Voodoo economics does not work. Period, End of debate.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    The Clinton tax hikes are not what “grew” the economy. It was the capital gains tax cuts in 1997 to 20% along with holding government spending nearly flat by reforming welfare in 1995 along with the “Peace Dividend” that Clinton was so happy to get his hands on. In addition, there was that whole Y2K thing that forced businesses to spend large amounts of money along with the dot-com bubble. In addition, many of the Clinton tax hikes are still with us: 35% corporate tax rate and no cap on Medicare taxes to name a couple. The only 2 things that have changed from Clinton are a lowering of the top tax rate from 39% to 35% and cutting the capital gains tax from 20% to 15%. But feel free to raise that rate back up to 39%. You’ll collect about $70 billion more a year. Our yearly deficit is over $1500 billion a year. In the meantime, if you take that money from the “rich” folk, they’ll just take it from other people by not buying so much. Goodbye landscaping business. Hello, welfare.

    You know, Mr. Lower Taxes, you would have a better argument if we were actually getting something for our money, but the government is so preposterously bad at just about anything it undertakes, that higher taxes means we are throwing money into a black hole. It defies logic to keep feeding it.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Germany’s effective corporate tax rate is 25% lower than ours. BTW, being the good Keynesians that they are, they are currently cutting the size of their government. Hell, even Cuba is laying off government workers. What are the brainiac Obama and the dumbocrats doing? That’s right. Buying red ink by the tanker full.

  47. Lil Mac says:

    Wisely said. But I think you cannot embarrass this blog’s Taxocrats with facts and logic.

    Government being preposterously bad (inept), and higher taxes wasting money and suppressing prosperity, matters to you and to others who see government as a thing that is supposed to be protecting free individuals from oppression. But since Taxocrats see “oppression” as something a boss does by employing a person, and since they see government power as fundamentally wholesome as it intrudes upon and limits free individuals, and because the same Taxocrats see themselves as being the captains of that power over everyone else, their aim isn’t freedom. Their aim is to control others by using taxes to disempower individuals and empower goverment. They see freedom as a benefit they have when they hold power over others. And you are trying to make them feel bad about that? Good luck.

  48. Dennis says:

    If Bruning was a competent attorney – instead of a career politician – Moore would’ve been executed a long time ago. This is a ready made issue for Stenberg because when he was A.G., he executed three scumbags.

  49. A veteran says:

    Anonymous coward at 4:25,
    Obviously you never served. Most of the jarheads that believed that crap that the Corps is a friggin’ religion were usually the first ones to go home in a box. They thought they were friggin’ bullet proof. You are right about one thing though, most of us never called the Marines “friggin.” But this is a family oriented blog, so I kept it toned it down for the tender sensibilities of you children.

  50. Anonymous says:

    It’s cowards and friggin now? Geeze what a nice and cheery group this has become. A veteran is a veteran is a veteran……but at least try to get your game a bit on track, otherwise you will only demean the Corps. Maybe it’s too late for that now………

  51. Anonymous says:

    7:38, when you call yourself “A Veteran”, that pseudonym doesn’t qualify as a real name. Thus when you call me “coward” for me being as anonymous as you are, you look like a fool, and especially foolish after you agree I was right to say you were wrong to call the Corps “friggin”.
    Anyway, the joke is on you, because I am a combat disabled veteran. I did my job and almost didn’t make it back. Luckily, I am still here and making political points hopefully with some validity. You, however, seem confused and angry at our military, at America, and at others who try to make America a better place via policies you disagree with but have trouble refuting logically. 10:54 is right, get your game on.

    You began this by trying to make your case against Jon Bruning by suggesting he is a coward for not having served in the military. You then called me a “coward”. And who knows but you may be supporting Don Stenberg or Ben Nelson, who both have in the past obliquely hoped to suggest their Eagle Scout badges somehow made them quasi-military veterans. Most members of the House and the Senate aren’t veterans. Maybe they should be. Maybe military service should be a requirement to hold elective power, but so far it isn’t. So find another way to stab Bruning. So far, you have managed only to stab the Corps lightly and your own credibility deeply.

    I like that Gov Heineman was a Ranger. I also liked it that Gov and Sen Bob Kerrey was a SEAL. But between the two, the difference in political outlook and policy is night and day. So maybe military service and sacrifice isn’t enough to make good government happen. In any case, stow your coward comments.

  52. Poly Tics says:


    It isn’t the attorney general. The Nebraska Supreme Court has the final say and has ruled that the dealth penatly is constitutional and it will not interfere with the sentence itself, yet, when asked to actually enforce the last part of sentence, i.e. the death warrant, it refuses. It isn’t the attorney general’s fault, it is the court.

  53. Note to Jane says:

    “Pa. school district turns lawn care over to sheep” I saw this on Drudge, thought the Hastings School district can do this to be green. Then the Ranchhand can kill them and serve them with locally grown vegetables for the schools lunch. CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!

  54. Eating Healthy with Jane says:

    Hmm….something with Sheep for the kids…I got it!! HAGGIS. Not very Healthy but my recipe uses all the organs and so is very green. The key is not to have the sheep’s stomach burst while cooking. So make sure to pierce it with some small holes to relieve some pressure. Great idea “Note to Jane” and yes use local organic vegetables as a side with the Haggis

  55. Anonymous says:

    Gee Dennis….looks like a sign of a worthy “leader” such as you feel about Stenberg is the body count on how many “scumbags” he can fry. What exactly has Bruning done in your Wheaties specifically to have you singing such a sorry note?

  56. Dennis says:

    In a GOP primary, executing three scumbags is an accomplishment to be touted. Conservative Republicans are strong supporters of the death penalty. Stenberg has succeeded where Bruning failed.

  57. Another veteran says:

    A veteran 7:38 and Anonymous 4:55,
    You’re both a couple of loser legends in your own minds and nobody here gives a flying fig about any of your imaginary heroics.
    I am a triple Medal of Honor winner, I single-handedly defeated an entire battalion of Saddam Hussein’s personal guard with nothing but a pocket knife and a spool of twine. I was disabled, but thanks to my Nobel Prize honored research I was able to grow two new pairs of legs and will now represent the USA in the next Olympics in the 100 yard dash. Oh, and yes, I too am an anonymous coward with unverifiable accomplishments.
    I like the idea of Deb Fisher as a candidate to replace Ol’ Kickback in the Senate. I’d prefer Gov. Dave, but I don’t think he wants to run next year, maybe in 2014. Stenberg is so 20th century and Bruning needs to grow up and start acting like an adult before I’ll consider him as a viable candidate.

  58. Anonymous says:

    12:46. You mock disabled war veterans? That has to earn some bad Karma. And you do that on behalf of Sen. Fischer? Did you ask her if she appreciate that sort of “help” from you?

    No one here claimed to be a war hero, even obliquely, except you. You lightly threw out a few comments about politicians you like and some you dislike, but mostly you mock veterans for not posting their DD-214s and medal certificates. You appear to be a jerk mocking disabled people and veterans in the name of Sen. Deb Fischer. Did you think to ask her if she wants a supporter to do that in her name or on her behalf? Deb is better than that. You probably are too.

  59. RWP says:

    You have to go easy on CNN, Nate. They’re used to dealing with an audience for whom ‘boxers or briefs?’ is a serious political question. And who think Anthony Wiener is an intellectual.

  60. Another veteran says:

    Anonymous @ 7:11,
    Yes, I mock phony “veterans” on the blogs and I do so on my own behalf, not Deb Fisher’s. If we had as many “heroes” as there are that claim to be, anonymously on the internet, we would have have crushed every single enemy of our country by now.
    I just get sick and tired of these phonies that claim to be veterans, particularly those that claim to be disabled veterans, but never spent a day in the service.

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