Take, me out to the, flood-zone…

Hey, like everyone else we say, Put on the hip-waders, clip a clothes-pin on your nose and head on down to The Blatt!  Er….the Teed!  You know, the stadium with the train in front of it?  Follow the crowds, you’ll get there.

Always an interesting dynamic to hear the crowd’s reaction when the dignitaries are introduced.  Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and former Mayor Mike Fahey should be at the Opening Ceremonies tonight.  Cheered?  Booed?

Fahey would have likely received all the praise for the new digs, until the storm sewers started to overflow.  Do fans, rightly or wrongly, give him the blame for any lingering stench?  (And we may be wrong, but don’t count on the breeze to cool things off like there was up on the old hill next to the zoo.)  But like everyone, we’re looking forward to “the new”.

And we read a story on ESPN.com that told us something we’d never heard before.  Did you know that Mayor Suttle is/was an engineer???  Yup, it’s true.

We thought we had heard the last of “plan the work, work the plan”, but no…  Hey, this is his big opportunity to show he can handle a sort-of crisis.


Don Walton of the LJS featured 90 year old uber-Democrat philantropist Dick Holland the other day.

Holland proffers that Nebraskans are not really all that conservative, and he is slapping down his many liberal Democrat dollars to get more and more Dems elected, because that is what Nebraskans really want.
You know, those poor Democrats who only have contributors like … the richest man in the world, Warren Buffett, gazillionairre Mike Yanney, Union Pacific CEO Jim Young and various others that hang out at the Bushwood…er, the Omaha Country Club.

It sure is a good thing that those old, super-duper rich white guys are banding together to help the liberal Democrats… so that they can keep down the desires of the common Nebraska voters who prefer to elect conservative Republicans.

Ain’t that a corker.


But you know who Dick Holland REALLY hates??? MEEEEEEEEEEAN people!  Meanies.  People who are mean to other people and are not nice and are mean.

So says the state’s top Democrat operative, Jane Kleeb, of her sugar-daddy Dick Holland.  And we are guessing that she does not like mean people either and mean people are just…bad (and mean)!

And her favorites are rainbows and unicorns and Leif Garrett.


The AP gives their analysis of Ben Nelson’s first (mean) campaign attack mailing — sent out to 11,000 Nebraskans.

In it he tells Nebraskans that he was the deciding vote on ObamaCare and the author of the infamous and embarrassing Cornhusker Kickback.

(Oh wait, he left that stuff out.  Hang on…  OK, here we go…)

Nelson laid his best hammer down on Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg because they have suggested that unchanged Medicare and Social Security will bankrupt America.  And Nelson thinks those things are just fine.

Well, that’s the gist anyway.  You’ll have to read it yourself.

And the poli sci guys note that the only thing anyone may be talking about in 12 months may be the economy anyway.  Watch your mailbox.


Vote for the Runza for the best food in America! And buy your Amazon.com stuff (Dads n’ Grads!) via Leavenworth Street!

See you at the dock on Mike Fahey Street!


  1. RWP says:

    Gosh, Don Walton really overdid the saccharine this week, didn’t he?

    My theory about Holland, Buffett and their cronies is this; BRK.A, back when it was doubling every couple of years and didn’t suck like it has sucked since 2006, was pure unbridled capitalism. They were buying up undervalued stocks and making a profit from the value of their assets. Warren started by buying a dying textile company after he noticed how the price changed whenever they closed a mill. Having gotten rich by being into value investing before everyone else, they’re basically trying to prevent anyone else from getting rich by similar means, by supporting socialist politicians and causes. Last one in, close the door.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    A rainy late June and TD Ameritrade Park may become known as Fahey’s Folly!

    I saw lots of cops blocking roads around the Doubletree this a.m. Must be George W. Bush arriving w/ Secret Service guys. When he throws out the 1st pitch at the CWS (and unlike Preznet Jugears, he throws like a ballplayer) W will get a good round of applause.

    Suttle will get loudly booed if he’s stupid enough to let his name be announced on the PA system. Which he is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a significant weather pattern conducive to lot’s of rain will be in the area on Tuesday. Not good for the CWS either way.

  4. Big Bird says:

    Rainy Day
    Sweepin’ the flood away
    On my way to where the Fire pensions are sweet

    Can you tell me how to get,
    How to get to Mike Fahey Street

    Come and play
    Gary and Ace are A-OK
    Suttle’s staffers are there
    That’s where we meet

    Can you tell me how to get
    How to get to Mike Fahey Street

    It’s a magic firetruck ride
    The City’s coffers will open wide
    To Happy city retirees like you–
    Happy people like
    What a beautiful

    Rainy Day
    Sweepin’ the flood away
    On my way to where the Fire pensions are sweet

    Can you tell me how to get,
    How to get to Mike Fahey street…
    How to get to Mike Fahey Street
    How to get to…

  5. Ricky says:

    So very clever Mr Sweeper hoping for a flooded downtown baseball park.
    Wrecking the CWS is probably a good thing for you and your fellow Republicans if that would just put a black eye on Mr Fahey and the Democrats.
    But it is not going to happen. Water will not reach T D Ameritrade park despite your best hopes.
    Rosenblatt was rusting out. It was a good move to go downtown and everybody knows it.
    Hate to ruin your day but the CWS will be just fine. NoDo will prosper, but have fun in the Republican dominated Sarpy County park which after all has a jungle gym, sand boxes, and a ferris wheel.

    Ricky From Omaha

  6. Mean People? says:

    Can Mr. Holland explain why when I sent a pro pipeline letter to the OWH, Jane’s people called me with threats, and then constantly hung up on me. And why I got anonymous hate letters in the mail. And why the Governor has admonished Jane for her tactics? Old man needs to keep watchin the birds.

  7. Ricky,
    I love the CWS, and would venture that I’ve been to more CWS games than you. And I hope that the CWS is successful in NoDo, no matter which party is in charge. But I can read and observe the weather reports and comment on them.

    And FWIW, Suttle got booed tonight.

  8. Ex Democrat says:

    Don Walton wrote, “Holland also is the Nebraska Democratic Party’s most generous and dependable contributor …” There was NO mention of the NDP’s 2010 recipient of its most prestigious annual honor, the Morrison-Exon award. Last year it went to a farmer from Hershey, NE, named Tom Brown.

    Mr. Brown, according to the IQ Elections website, donated $9,750 to the NDP State Central Committee in 2010, while Mr. Holland contributed $6,000. Yet, NDP Chair, Vic Covalt, slobbered all over himself laying laurels at Mr. Holland’s feet while ignoring the generosity of Mr. Brown. Could it be due to the fact that Mr. Brown is no friend of Sen. Ben Nelson’s? It is reported that Mr. Brown has taken the opportunity in the past to rip the Senator a new one at a couple of official Democratic Party meetings?

    This is consistent with the way the Nebraska Democratic Party has been run for years. Anyone that is the least bit critical of its owner, Sen. Ben Nelson, is marginalized. It matters not what the rank and file think, it matters only what the oligarchy that holds the reins of power think. “Democratic” is a misused term when applied to the party run by Mr. Covalt. Ask Mr. Covalt what has become of all the resolutions passed during his party’s last state convention. For that matter, ask him what has become of its Platform. Nary a peep has been heard of any of those things passed at the convention by those representatives that are supposed to be the party’s “supreme governing body.” If Sen. Nelson isn’t comfortable with it, it gets stowed in an Orwellian memory hole.

    It is odd that Mr. Covalt was so generous with his praise of Mr. Holland, seeing as how he has been financing Bold Nebraska, which is basically a shadow government of the NDP. Jane Kleeb has been able to do what the NDP has not – address actual issues and provide leadership that places those issues before the public. Bold Nebraska has been more responsive to the needs of Nebraska’s Democrats than anything that the established party has done in decades.

    The election of representatives to the NDP’s state convention is a farce. They spend a couple of days arguing over how the party is supposed to be run, debating its principles, expressing the will of the people, then the oligarchs take back over and do exactly what Ben Nelson tells them to do.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    The Associated Press’s analysis of Nelson’s fundraising letter inadvertently but accurately sums up the GOP race. It calls Bruning “the Republican front-runner” and mentions him several more times. Stenberg is mentioned once, in the 15th paragraph, as “another GOP challenger”. No other Republicans are mentioned. But even that won’t make a dent in more than a few pachycephalic heads. They see Democrats cowering before the biggest, strongest elephant and yet still they would rather some scrawny alternative take on Nelson.

    Republicans support a variety of GOP candidates for a variety of reasons but Democrats oppose and target Bruning for only one. In an electoral sense, it is the only reason that matters.

  10. Ricky says:

    I was not at the “Fan Fest” last night so I don’t know if Mr Suttle got booed or not. But look at the crowd, it would not surprise me.
    A videotape of G W Bush was played, and W Bush will throw out the first pitch of the CWS.
    Commandos parachuted in and country singer Martina McBride sang patriotic songs.
    What a stage for right wing Republicans! Cheap conservatives at the free show booed Mayor Suttle? What does that prove? Had the most conservative and greedy NCAA and MECA had a band from Saddle Creek records and an appearance on videotape by Mr Obama maybe we could have gotten some objectivity down there.
    BTW, it’s raining.

  11. antiassid says:

    Ricky you are an ass. Really. Look it up. The origins of the word “donkey” can only be traced back a few hundred years. Jack-ass is the correct term. Unless you are a Jill-ass. That is difficult to tell due to your androgynous appellation. But as a Democrat, and especially as a nasty person who talks authoritatively about events you didn’t attend, you seem to epitomize the consummate aforementioned equine.

    By the way, Ricky, if military commandos and patriotism are, as you suggest, the exclusive domain of the Republican Party, then Democrats are in big trouble. But, frankly, you are wrong. It would be nice to see patriotic commando former Senator and MOH awardee Democrat Bob Kerry knock some sense into you. But since he won’t do that, you will probably have to go on just being an ass.

  12. CWS Fan says:

    I think its funny seeing the union statues under water. Too bad none of those represents the Omaha Firefighters. Hey didn’t they want a boat???

  13. Anonymostly says:

    Martina McBride singing patriotic songs sets “a stage for right wing Republicans?”

    Wow. What an admission. I always got the sense that conservatives/Republicans were more patriotic than their liberal (i.e. “progressive”)/Democratic counter-parts, but I’ve never seen a lib even tacitly admit it. Thanks, Ricky, for confirming what I have long believed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Have to throw in here. When Liberal Democrat Ricky say the US miltiary and patriotic songs are all Conservative GOP, what’s that make Democrats? Cowardly anti-military and unpatriotic?

    Great job there Ricky. Please run for Chairman of your party.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If Republicans are so patriotic why do so many of their leaders want to cut and run in the war against terror? If this is all you have to offer in your race to the White house your more lost than any one ever believed. Also only a republican, Perry has talked treason recently. (Succession ) So Boehner where is that jobs bill you talked about in that 2010 election?

  16. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, doofus at 10:01, try, try, trrryyy to keep up here. It’s liberal Ricky who claims that acting patriotic and doing patriotic things is a peculiarly Republican thing to do. And define cutting and running in the war on terror. Is Libya part of that war on terror?

  17. Big Picture says:

    “They see Democrats cowering before the biggest, strongest elephant and yet still they would rather some scrawny alternative take on Nelson. Republicans support a variety of GOP candidates for a variety of reasons but Democrats oppose and target Bruning for only one. In an electoral sense, it is the only reason that matters.” Lil Mac

    By far the best comment I’ve read on this blog in weeks – you nailed it.

  18. Roger J. Sandhoefner says:

    I appreciate your feeble attempt to sound knowledgable, however I have worked at Bushwood (Omaha Country Club) for the past decade working my skinny ass off… grounds crew, busser, waiter, bartender, etc… and I know these guys… super rich white guys huh? Do your research before you jump to conclusions… Mike Yanney is Lebanese (It is a country in the Middle East), not white, and if you did your research you would have known that he is a Horatio Alger award winner… given for individuals that overcome adversity and achieve success… he earned what he has; At least the wealthy people of Omaha attempt to better the community, even if it doesn’t always work. I don’t see Donald Trump trying to help anyone!

    And what relevance does Mayor Suttle’s engineering background have? I just finished up my engineering degree at the University of Nebraska… people seem to expect engineers to know everything… try solving a second-order non-homogeneous differential equation before you judge an engineer…

  19. Rog,
    Since it’s just you and me having the conversation (you’re a little late to this post), I’ll address your issues directly:
    1) Yes, super rich whiteys. Now you may view Mike Yanney as a man-of-color, but most of the world sees him otherwise. Yup, all those guys have done different things with their cash. And they’ve also helped to elect Dems. They’re welcome to do what they want with their money, but I happened to think that electing Dems goes down the wrong path. And thus I fault them for it.
    2) Suttle’s engineering background is relevant only because pretty much each and every time he has campaigned or gone anywhere or done anything, or is interviewed, that is brought up by either him or the media. But usually him first.
    I judge him as a pol first and an engineer second.
    3) Bushwood’s a nice place. Maybe I’ll buy it someday.

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