Let’s Play Three

Hey sports fans, first a little College World Series SAB for ya.

No idea how we’ve gone all these years passing by the “Road to Omaha” statue and without knowing that former Creighton player, and now Virginia baseball coach, Brian O’Connor is one of the faces on the statue.

In the news lately, and well, now you know, and here you go:

(Is it just us, or did they not get the ears right?)


Anywho, as long as we are talking about it, just some other CWS notes:

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle got a brief smattering of boos at the CWS Opening Ceremonies, which frankly is part of the deal for most pols at sporting events. Though his imitation of Khrushchev during his speech got a little nutty.

But the next day, there were loud cheers for Presidents George H.W. Bush (up on the video screen), and George W. Bush striding out to fire a strike for the first pitch.

And then we got this one in the email:

Like everyone else, we are generally very happy with “The Trade”, (The “Teed”? Hmm…), the Godless Tornadoes, notwithstanding.

It can get a bit on the buggy side for the night games, and the main concourse reminds us of wading through the crowds on the Saturday before Christmas at the mall.

But our only real beef? The goofy Christmas trees out in center field.

Not sure if they are trying to cover something up, but at least three of them look like they’re dead. And hey, this isn’t Colorado. If we’re going for foliage, how about something local? Or, maybe just…nothing?

That’s a pretty small nit to pick, but hey, you always notice the scuff on your new car.


The LJS’s Don Walton threw out his thoughts on the impact of the many candidated GOP Senate primary coming to a media buy near you.

First, in case you missed it, there is a new candidate in. No, not state Senator Deb Fischer. We are talking about Spencer Dylan…er…Spencer Zimmerman!

Sure, you know Spencer. Thirty-one year old truck driver from Omaha. Used to be in the Air Force.

The LJS notes:

In Wisconsin, Zimmerman was a candidate for public office six times, seeking election to the state assembly, city council, county board and as county executive.

Zimmerman said he will center his campaign on a proposal to promote establishment of a unicameral Congress as a solution to the mounting federal debt.

The Unicameral Congress! Now there is a campaign promise we have never heard before. Well, it would clear out some space in one half of the Capitol.


But Don also goes on to talk about the impact of the nascent Deb Fischer campaign on the rest of the candidates. Some speculate that she will only “take votes away” from Bruning and/or Stenberg. Some think that her campaign has the potential to really help Stenberg, as he has a strong base.

Walton thinks– and we agree with this view — that it is pretty early to judge it one way or the other. So much is going to depend on what sort of a race, particularly money-wise, that Fischer can wage. If she is competitive, she has the potential to emerge as a “new” candidate, much in the way other successful statewide candidates have in the past.

It is not guaranteed, and Bruning and Stenberg are starting from strong positions, but it could be an interesting dynamic.

In any case, as Joe Jordan noted, Fischer is likely to wait until the flood/CWS news cycle ratchets down a bit before formally announcing her campaign. We await the flurry from all directions.


The Bruning campaign has a new response to the Ben Nelson letter to 11,000 frightened seniors regarding Medicare.

They just put out “BenNelsonForgets.com”, featuring a little quiz for Nelson’s votes regarding Medicare and other things ObamaCare-ish. They note that Nelson is firing away like Yosemite Sam at the proposed Ryan budget — but that ain’t the law. ObamaCare is the law.

Can you score 100%???


It’s such a beautiful day for a ballgame, let’s play three.


And thanks again for purchasing your Amazon.com stuff via the links on Leavenworth Street!


Don’t let the Runza lose to coconuts for gawd’s sake! Vote early, vote often!


  1. Kortezzi says:

    To Anon @ 2:18 p.m.

    Here are just a few Presidents worse than George W. Bush – – and I’ll just go back 1 century:

    Barack Obama (monumental deficit spending, socialized medicine, attempted tax increases during recessions, apologies for America and bows to the rest of the world, et. al) Richard Nixon (wage & price controls, Watergate), Lyndon Johnson (“great society” welfare expansion, 60s chaos), Franklin Roosevelt (the man who made the US a socialist country), Herbert Hoover (botched economic policies leading to Great Depression), & Woodrow Wilson (disastrous WW1 treaty leading to WW2).

    GW Bush’s domestic policies were a mix of bad (Rx drug benefits, ‘no child left behind’, green light on bank & auto bailouts) and good (tax cuts, attempted SS reform). But his response to 9/11 and resolve against Islamist terrorism was just what America needed. He and Cheney deserve our thanks for preventing further attacks in the US.

    You pronounce your comment the “End of Debate” without a single reason why Bush is the WORST in history. You are simply an idiot. I see no need to debate THAT.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi the reason there is no debate. Is that there is no debate. Bush was the worst PERIOD. The facts speak for themselfs. Saying he was better than FDR the best of the 20th century was and is an insult. But very few and I mean that liberally agree with you. So keep spinning your right wing fantasy nonsense. On this one. i am sorry i can’t stop laughing . To funny to write any more. GOOD BYE. LOL

  3. Cogito says:

    To the conservative thinkers here: recall our opponents are illiterate (as evidenced by Anonymous 2:32 & 6:18) and lack critical thinking skills. One may conclude they are simply flamers on this blog, however, I’ve seen enough to know that the liberal establishment is not home to America’s finest thinkers…finest “feelers” perhaps, but not thinkers. We would be best served by donating to their campaigns and putting them on TV.

  4. Anonymostly says:

    RWP, you forgot to point out that our new anonymous friend is our old annoyance, Bud Pettigrew. The absymal grammar (yeah, it’s his big thumbs) always give the guy away.

    Bud, you’re an idiot and you do your cause no favors by being its barely literate advocate.

  5. Does not compute says:

    Kortezzi wrote “But his response to 9/11 and resolve against Islamist terrorism was just what America needed. He and Cheney deserve our thanks for preventing further attacks in the US.”

    Seriously, attacking a country that had NOTHING to do with 9-11, and who’s ruler hated Al Qaeda as much as anyone, was “just what America needed”? If I understand your “logic,” a group of Saudi terrorists attacked us from Afghanistan, so we retaliated by attacking Iraq. That would make as much sense having a few stiff drinks then attempting to negotiate a turn at high speed in a rear-engined Porsche GT3. I think Ryan Dunn has demonstrated the clarity of that line of thought.

  6. From The Bleachers says:

    Sweeper, those aren’t Christmas trees in the outfield at TD. That’s Cousin It and his family. (Paid dearly for those seats.) Cousin It and his wife are the browner ones in the middle. His kids are the greener (younger) ones.

  7. Asswhacker says:

    Dear Mentally Unable-to-Compute at 1:25am… Your knowledge of Iraq is astoundingly infantile. I sat off Iraq for an entire year listening to and analyzing its electronic traffic a few years before 911 and our active involvement. Saddam had the fourth largest Army on earth. He used WMD against Iranian troops and against Saddam’s own Kurdish women and children. His avowed role model wasn’t some Islamic conqueror but rather Adolph fricking Hitler. The US invasion of Iraq ended Saddam as a threat and vitally split the Islamic government-is-religion world that spawned 911. But you don’t care about that. Your partisan hatred of George Bush prompts you to defend Saddam. Are you insane? Naw, my guess is you are just stupid. But it’s the kind of stupidity that endangers other free people along with you. And that makes you a dangerous unthinking ass.

    You are just lucky not to have been born a Kurd, or you and your family might have been nerve gassed by that harmless Iraqi Saddam you so warmly sympathize with.

    At some point, you should realize that members of different American parties than yours are your fellow Americans. And if you don’t warm to them enough to stop embracing murderous tyrants to fuel your hatred of your fellow Americans, you and people like you will kill this nation.

  8. Nate says:

    Anon 6:18:

    Where does FDR’s internment of Japanese citizens via Executive Order 9066 figure in to your calculation of “best of the 20th century”?

  9. Bob Loblaw says:

    Hey asswhacker. I didn’t know it was the United States militaries responsibility to be the policeman for the world.. What imminent threat did Saddam pose to the safety and welfare of the United States people?

    What happened to GWB and Mitch Daniels telling us that the war would only cost around $50-60 Billion? What about lying to the American people on how long we would be in Iraq? The Iraq wat was a stupid move to make and everyone should be able to see that now.

    GWB did more to damage the conservative brand than most any politician in history. he ran up so much new unfunded spending. The Medicare Part D program was the last straw for me and I refuse to veote for anyone who supported that. He was far from being a true conservative that believes in limited government, minimal foreign intervention, and strong economic policies. I hate that people even associate him with the conservative movement. He was a disgrace as a president.

  10. Does Not Compute says:

    I don’t really know why I am validating you by arguing with you. I must be bored.
    Let’s begin by assuming you are yet another of those pretend war heros we’ve been hearing so much from lately. I’m sure you had your Sony Walkman tuned into Saddam’s secret war plans, and we really want to believe you, but your tale just doesn’t ring true. The U.S. military requires a higher intellect for its intelligence analysts than you have demonstrated here.
    Although some of what you wrote is based on fact, your analysis is supremely flawed and indicates only your ability to parrot what you’ve read on radical right-wing blogs.
    For the record – I am a registered Republican, a moderate one, but a Republican none-the-less. I’m not sure what that makes you. You don’t sound like a Democrat, so I must assume you are most likely one of those Tea-Bag fools that believe they are the answer to all of America’s ills. The problem with you guys is that you have no sense of history, no sense of decorum, and just plain no sense at all. Please round up your Sarah Palins, your Ron Pauls, and your Michelle Bachmanns and go start your own damned party. The traditional GOP doesn’t want, nor need, you and your kind.

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