The WHOLE story on Jane Kleeb’s guilt

In the past 24 hours we have seen a fair amount of misinformation on the guilty plea by Jane Kleeb regarding her violations of Nebraska campaign law and the resulting fines by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

We are here to fix that.

See, we read in the LJS that Jane committed a “mistake” in her filing.

Then we saw where KHAS called it, “a simple campaign violation,” (though the rest of their story fleshes it out a little more).

Then there is Jane’s own breathless explanation that she is just a mommy who “misunderstood that rule”.

Robynn Tysver of the OWH got the closest calling it, “filing late campaign reports”, but that doesn’t really get to the heart of it.

Read on, and we think you will agree.


See, when Jane ran for her stepping-stone political position (“Yummy lunches!” for School Board) in Hastings, she claimed she “had a mistaken belief” that she was supposed to file her expenditure reports “when the expenditures were PAID, as opposed to when they were INCURRED.”

Well now.

This would defy common sense for even a casual observer, much less a seasoned political operative, like Jane Fleming Kleeb. Waiting to report expenses until they are paid obviously defeats the entire purpose of the law

A candidate could simply hold all the bills until the election was over to avoid reporting anything!

And that is just what Jane Kleeb did.

The first charge of the NADC agreement acknowledges that she “failed to record the correct date of an expenditure on her campaign report.” That is the charge Kleeb is referring to, but two more charges follow!

Candidates are required to register their committee once they raise or spend $5000 and then to file timely finance reports after registration. Because Jane Kleeb withheld her expenses and did not report them properly, she then improperly reported that she did not meet the $5,000 threshold until Election Day.

By waiting that long to register her committee, she was not required to file a campaign finance report until December 31. This means that, because of her accounting “mistake” (oh, there’s the little word again) we would not know where her money came from or what she spent it on until well after the election.

AFTER the election???
Are we all following along here?


And again, the NADC cites her for failing “to file her statement of organization on the required date.” This is what Robynn Tysver correctly calls a “late report.”

So, if Jane had reported her expenditures correctly – when they were incurred – she not only would have had to register her committee well before Election Day, she would have also had to file not one, but two campaign finance statements listing her donors and expenditures. Because she filed neither, the NADC cites her a third time for failing “to file a 2nd General Election Campaign Statement.”

This means the 1st Campaign Statement she filed on December 31 is a very, very late report, but the 2nd cannot be considered late, because, well, she never actually filed it.

So that is three separate guilty admissions by Kleeb to the NADC. A fourth – that she reported so-called late contributions about 75 days after they were due – was investigated by the NADC and she was given a verbal warning.

So what could or should you conclude about Kleeb’s actions?


Let us remember that we are talking about a veteran-political-operative. This is not some suburban soccer mom in her first little campaign.

Kleeb was the Executive Director of the NATIONAL Young Democrats.
Her husband was the Democrat nominee for Congress.
Then he was the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate.
She is a regular political talking head on FOX News.

And now? She is the head of the de facto voice of the Democrat party in Nebraska — managing the massive money that Dick Holland and others are pouring into Bold Nebraska to fund their fully staffed liberal causes and pot-clanging.

So…a mistake? A “simple campaign violation”?

Well, here is a very reasonable opinion on Kleeb’s actions:

Kleeb was skirting the law to avoid filing campaign finance statements before the Election. No reasonable person could interpret the law the way she did, and few ever do.

Did Jane not want her Hastings neighbors to know that her campaign was being financed by Omaha sugar daddy Dick Holland, a lady in New York and the Young Democrats PAC in Washington, DC? Or just how exactly she was spending that money. Or any reports at all regarding her political operation? Guess we’ll never know.

But here is the deal: Jane Kleeb is guilty of MULTIPLE campaign finance violations. She failed to correctly report expenditures and filed every report of the campaign either late or incorrectly.

The Nebraska GOP has called it “shameful”. Her little “hiding the ball” game, at her level, certainly is.


Oh and hey look, Jane’s anti-oil buddies are storming the White House.

Storming the White House? That must be a term of art, yes?
No! That is the actual plan.

The anti-Canadian Oil peeps, headed by Danny Glover and other radical enviros are going to — planning to — get themselves arrested at the White House in order to pressure the President into stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline.

You see, their view is that getting oil from Canada instead of, say, Iran, would be a “fifteen hundred mile fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the continent.”

Sound like a group who just wants the pipe routed around the Sandhills?

In case you were wondering if it was radical environmentalists at the lead of the anti-pipeliners, just take a look at who is being limply dragged away from the White House gates in plastics handcuffs in August.

And if Jane is REALLY committed, will SHE let herself be arrested?
Or will she let others take the fall for her?
(Two guilty pleas in the same year???)


And as long as we are posting, we watched the Brett Lindstrom announcement yesterday.  (See the WHOLE thing on YouTube here.)

Interesting stuff.

First, he was introduced by…his campaign manager. (The one who was a law clerk at the ACLU.)

Then she announced that he would not be taking any questions from the press.

No questions.

At the one place and time the press is likely to gather for him.



Then his announcement speech lasted exactly one minute, forty-nine seconds. Which he read from his press release, that he had already sent out to everyone.

The OWH let an uncredited, four paragraph, AP report sum the whole thing up.

And, uh, there you go.


  1. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    For someone who constantly attacks conservative funding sources and is always stirring the pot of when it comes to campaign finance laws and rules for anyone with an opposing viewpoint, Jane sure is a hypocrite. I’m really getting sick of her shooting her mouth and taking advantage of situations. SS – You made it appear in this article that Jane spent over $5,000 in her campaign. How much did she raise and spend in total? Also, who spends over $5,000 on a schoolboard race? Really, Jane? It took that much money for you to win in Hastings, where everyone should know who you are? Maybe people just don’t like her in Hastings and she had to convince a few people that she’s “just a mom” and “really not a bad person”. Give me a break. Jane should move to California where she could actually find people who agree with her capitalist-hating profit-angered back-packy crunchy-granola radical environmentalist and socialist agenda.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hate to say it, but? They all do it in some form or other. Hers was more obvious, but few are lily pure in their accountability and disclosures. Doesn’t make it right, but I’m betting their are a few that read this giving a big sigh of relief that they didn’t get caught in their…….oversight.

  3. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    The thing is, “the people” wanted all of this campaign finance oversight-they begged for it. Now they have it, and they either act like it doesn’t exist, or ignore the requirements to satisfy their own plans and desires to remain “the little guy”.

    Sure hope the new comer in the second district files his paper work properly (and is paying for all his goodies). I’d hate to think someone could lose their job or get fined for taking advantage of taxpayer resources.

    I can’t stand the act first and ask for forgiveness later philosophy. Just follow the rules like you want everyone else to, Miss Jane of Hasting. In addition, she should probably learn how to read a calendar. That will stop her from being late in a multitude of ways.

  4. NE Voter says:


    That’s the total Kleeb raised for her campaign. Holland contrinuted a grand.

    I’ve never been a big fan of the Kleebs but, seriously Sweeper, this is a tempest in a teapot.

    Nothing compared to the Bruning-Heineman scams with the XL money.


  5. NE Voter,

    We are simply holding Big Time political operative Jane Kleeb to her own standards. She can’t follow the rules in a simple School Board race, while lecturing everyone else? Tempest indeed.

    And you’re right. We SHOULD talk about the issue that Jane and the Dems were screaming about with the XL money.

    But we’ll save that until our next post.
    (Stay tuned!)

    (And Oh Mander, I am the prettiest person who writes for this blog! So nyah!)

  6. Kortezzi says:

    Jane got fined a whopping $50, according to the OWH. Is it any wonder campaign finance rules get broken when the punishment is this light?

    Hastings voters – – you’ve been had. Next time there’s a school board meeting, would someone ask Jane why she seems to spend more time lobbying against an oil pipeline than she does on education issues in the Hastings schools?

  7. GeosUser says:

    Ms. Jane “Ivy Starnes” Kleeb is just like all other liberal/progressive/commies, the rules are for the rest of the folks to follow. Just imagine handing Marx the keys to K-12 propaganda machine.

  8. Cut the Bull says:

    COME ON!!

    Isn’t there anything more important to discuss than a small town school board race?

    How about a story on Mitt Romney and the fact that he is guilty of voter fraud?

    It looks like the only ones who have a more inflated view of Jane’s importance than Jane are a few paranoid fools who spend there time reading and writing on this blog. If you had any damned brains you’d keep your mouths shut and just be happy that Dick Holland is blowing his contributions on someone as insignificant as Jane. He could actually be sending that cash to someone who would make a difference with it. Holland may be getting a better return on his investment with Jane than he would if if he gave it to the Nebraska Democratic Party, but at his age, there’s little reason to fear that he’ll ever learn to make any wise investments.

  9. The guy who said the king has no clothes says:

    You are an idiot that just makes generalizations. You have no brains, no guts, and no glory. Please try harder.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    SS, your a big meanie. Dick and Jane probably don’t like you!

    But I like you just fine. $5, $50, $5000, Hastings Schoolboard Member Jane Kleeb is guilty of campaign finance violations. She gets an NI (needs improvement) in citizenship. Great example you’re setting for the children, Jane.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anyone remember Hergert being slapped with criminal charges and the NADC not cutting him any slack? Even Drew Miller got a several thousand dollar fine. If Jane gets a slap on the wrist mini fine instead of accumulated daily penalties (by statute) of $25 or $100 per day for each day late on each violation, it’s time to find out who is on the NADC board making these decisions. How can this woman always land on her feet while others are duly fined and charged? The crux of this story is as others have mentioned, she is the first to attack Heineman, Bruning and anyone else for perceived errors in campaign filings/dealings but acts as if the law doesn’t apply to her.

  12. Mike Honcho says:

    This woman is absolutely ridiculous. And her silliness on The Facebook takes the healthy-school-lunch cake

    Jane, it was not a “fee” that you agreed to pay, it was a FINE. You know, like, for violating the law?

    The constant use of her children to inoculate her from attacks is effing shameless. Sure Jane, you’re the only mom or dad you know that’s BOLD enough to stick your neck out there. Got it.

    She is the consummate hypocrite and the endless excuses and lashing out that have resulted from the NEGOP calling her on her BS is a real pleasure to watch.

  13. Lil Mac says:

    If you think what Jane Kleeb did is okay, try this. Buy a new car and then “forget” to pay the tax on it until later. Try pleading stupid; see if that helps.

    And if you think her School Board job is unimportant, then consider this. Ms. Kleeb broke the law while running for the job of being chief rule maker over children and parents; a major model of behavior for Hastings’ children. Moreover, school boards often spend the lion’s share of any area’s tax dollars. It is all about big money, power and our children. Yet Jane Kleeb says she broke laws to become a School Board official not as a crook but rather as an ignoramus.

    It doesn’t matter if she is a Republican or a Democrat. It is 100% wrong to defend any politician as having been stupid, uninformed or just a little criminal. You wouldn’t put up with that crap from your own employees and your boss doesn’t let you get away with it. Our kids certainly deserve better.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Dear cholesterol-laden super-sized Mac at 2:13 am. Of course it is “well put”. I stated the facts. If you want to state facts here about other politicians, go right ahead. But please don’t tell me what to do. This topic was about Kleeb and I dealt with that. But do please feel free to hold them all to account. That was my point. Some other bloggers here said “all politicians” cheat. All of them are human and flawed to be sure, but not all are national TV network “political strategists” like Jane Kleeb. So when she says she is politically stupid instead of a purposefully corrupt, that’s both news and worrisome.

    Being a free voting citizen isn’t a passive thing. We cannot stay free by asking others to do our homework for us. So if you have something of value to say about any other politician, by all means dump it out here please. It all helps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If what Jane say’s is true, She misread the NADC Candidate Guide, then how in the heck is she qualified to sit on a school board? SHE CAN’T READ! OR she can read but is an even better LIAR!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Better yet Jane can’t read well:) I wonder if she could a decent Political Operative score on the state wide reading assesment?

    Then again who cares, she is fighting for Libs who feel the laws are more like guidelines and don’t really apply to what they do. It’s always just a simple mistake when they break a law however, it’s a FEDERAL case when a R does it. Oh well go figure…………

  17. Jenn says:

    Kleeb’s actions were wrong and she should own up to that. However, I don’t know what kinds of penalty are typical in a case like this, where reports are filed late. Hergert’s situation differed because he was intentionally manipulating the filings in order to deprive his opponent of thousands of dollars in funding that would have otherwise been granted. Miller’s situation also differs because he was trying to exceed the spending limit by using a separate organization to campaign for him. Kleeb wasn’t doing either of those things, but the question is whether more timely disclosures would have put her at a disadvantage in the election.

  18. General Ity says:

    All Republicans are idiots, don’t bathe, have fleas and molest adolescent goats. What I just wrote has just as much value and veracity as some of the other crap that has been appearing here lately. As evidence, I offer the latest steaming pile submitted by Anonymous @ 10:15.

  19. general says:

    Jane Kleeb is a political operator. She is quick to remark about topics that give her a edge. She was quick to say that filing of campaign statements was an “over sight, because she was not aware of them”. Bold Nebraska and the Democratic Party were quick to point out that the contributions to the Governor and the AG showed an disregard of contributions law because they came from a foreign company. They filed a complaint against TC. She talks out both sides of her month or atleast only when it benefits her issues.

  20. Undertaxed says:

    As a devout conservative, I am naturally inclined to pile on when a socialist-liberal-anti-capitalist gets caught doing something wrong. But in this case, we’re talking about the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure folks…..this department should be abolished! For those who have ever tried to comply with their poorly worded rules and regulations it is a nightmare. They make the IRS rules look simple. So those who want to add fuel to the fire, enjoy this while you can.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You bitched before that Nebraska had too little political fundraising disclosure law. Now you bitch that Nebraska has too much disclosure law and that the laws are too complicated, too hard to read, and not written at a 3rd grade level in crayon. Are you aware that Kleeb’s School Board job governs Doctors of Education and PhDs?

    This apologia on any politicians’ behalf is no less than Affirmative Action for elected officials. The higher a person grasps at political power, the more you give them a pass for batting their eyelashes after they screw up. Republican or Democrat, it is dangerously naive to hold those whom we elect to lord power over ourselves, to lower standards than to which we hold ourselves.

    No wonder government sucks. Run for office today and suddenly you are treated like a Special Olympian “idiot savant”. You are coddled for your drooling ineptitude or crookedness by a coddling citizenry that still expects you will somehow spasmodically squirt out good government.

  22. Anonymous says:

    General Ity-

    Anon 1015 must have hit a sore spot with you. But it is fun to see peeps like you come unglued:)

  23. Anonymous says:

    General lty at 10:57. You rage against “idiots” who write valueless “crap” and as “evidence” you offer your objection to a blog entry submitted by a blogger at “10:15.”

    Go back and look. There is no 10:15 blogger.

    Score another one for the monkey jug.

  24. General Ity says:

    Anonymous @ 1:56,
    No sore spot hit other than the time I lost reading the replies of fools that lack any analysis or comprehension, they just type in a bunch of foolishness and hit the send key. I come here to read what the Sweeper has to say, which I usually find interesting and well considered. Unfortunately, much of the following commentary is nothing but immature name calling and unsubstantiated generalities.
    I hate to spoil your fun, but I’m still well glued together, especially after my recent hernia operation. Thanks for your concern.
    Personally, I find that both parties in this state have a lot of growing up to do. They are equally guilty of NADC infractions and equally guilty of the ensuing mud-slinging.

  25. General Ity says:

    Oh My! I made a typo! That is an obvious reflection of my intellectual value. I’m glad that an anonymous cretin was so quick to point out such trivia with his earth shaking analysis. Bravo, Bozo!

  26. RWP says:

    Re: Sweeper’s tweet about the LJS Coby Mach hit-piece.

    Nancy Hicks is actually far more biased than Don Walton, and unlike Don, who I’m convinced tries a little to be even-handed, she’s shameless about it. I’ve been to legislative hearings, and then read Nancy Hicks’ report on the same hearing, and it shocked me how she could so utterly misrepresent what went on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hick’s and the ilk at the Lincoln rag are pretty pathetic. Yet in the long run if people keep buying the rag or going to the web site it will continue. I suspect with circulation down what the organization does is it touts the web site hits and say’s “…. see look how much traffic we get, we are relevant….”. The biggest thing keeping them “relevant” is the statute requiring the PUBLISHING public notices. Once the state get’s a bit more internet out to the rural areas then the statute can be changed. Sen Krist and Shumacher (sp) are just itching to get this done. It might take a decade or two but it will happen. In the mean time just need to stop buying or visiting the rag/site:)

    But more to the point, Hick’s looks like such a dork walking around the capitol in her “I so wanna be French” outfits. She looks more like an old has been rodeo clown when she wears the beret. Heck she would look better if she had the makeup on. The 60’s are so over!

  28. Ricky says:

    Pretty sad when such focus is placed on not what a candidate wants to do to help a community, a platform, but how the candidate got elected. And for a school board seat in a small town in Nebraska at that.
    Maybe the Republican Party is more interested in making sure small success does not lead to political advantage than what would motivate a politician to offer to serve a community and make it better.
    No wonder both the Democrats and Republicans lack good candidates for offices all over the state.
    The campaign finance laws in Nebraska are a tool that the smart and devious try to use to their advantage. See; Kermit Brashear, who argued on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature for disgraced ex-Regent David Hergert, even after working as financial adviser to Hergert with his (Brashear’s), supposed knowledge of the campaign finance laws.

    Ricky From Omaha

  29. Anonymous says:

    “General Ity”, you criticize an “anonymous” blogger for pointing out that you, an anonynous pseudonymic, errored in your own criticism of others. You pronounce your own error to be “trivia” and you deem yourself not anonymous. Sure. “General Q. Lty” is right there in the phone book. And everything stupid that you do is just minor stupidity. Like Jane Kleeb, you do a great job of boosting the credibility of you and your party, in your own minds. There is something about you two that really shines. Maybe its the drool.

  30. General Ity says:

    Anonymous cretin @ 8:50 am.,
    It is time for you to move out of your mother’s basement. While you’re at it, get something to wear other than those Cheeze Puff stained pajamas – and go for a walk, you need to lose some of that damned fat, especially that which has accumulated between your ears!
    I see you are still being challenged by facts and hung up on issues as important as dust bunnies. By the way, you also made a typo – my last name is Ity, with an “I” not an “L.” You have no idea which city I live in, so you might have to look in a few more phone books. Those are the ones that don’t look like your crayon books.
    Tell me, anonymous super political anal-cyst, which party is it that I supposedly belong to? I’ll even give you a clue – it is neither Democratic nor Republican. As for Ms. Kleeb, I don’t agree with her on many things, but she is certainly a more credible, more worthy, and better looking person than you can ever hope to be.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m from Crete which doesn’t make me a….”cretin.” Just a political “anal-cyst” full of sweetness and light. Hope your Wheaties are better tomorrow morning 11:35AM

  32. Anonymous says:

    In each of the four photos of Jane Kleeb, as millions of viewers see her on television, her head is leaning to the left. Congenital?

  33. Anonymous says:

    General Ity- You are not a General, maybe General Issue at best. Thanks for droping by and sharing your keen insight and your deepest concerns. I’m sure the village you left is looking for you to return, as surely there is none wiser than yourself.


  34. Anonymous says:

    Kleeb is “better looking”? Are we are reduced to that?

    Bait and stake out a few more, Sweeper. Its working fine.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Everyone who blogs here is a “real person”. Some are stupid enough to waste their political capital by plastering their own name here for all to see, as Jane “Guilty as Charged” Kleeb has often done. But that only makes her look a fool and in no way makes her more real as a person.

    If something insightful is said anonymously, are those words wasted compared to something idiotic that is said under one’s own name? Moreover, how useful is it to say anything here?

    There are accusations of “cowardice” made here. Yet courage is not one blindly endangering one’s self for a useless purpose. That is idiocy. Courage is knowingly endangering one’s self for a useful purpose. And there is no way this monkey jug of a blog will change anyone’s mind or vote, so what i€™s the point of showing wasting one’s name here? This blog is at best intellectual entertainment that occasionally devolves into slapstick as some dumb monkey glues his or fist into the jar sometimes under their own name.

    Political courage is when you openly, in the media, buck a powerful incumbent and then they come at you, your family, your kids. It happens. We all wish we had that kind of courage. The few who do make America better. Perhaps some of them blog here, but they are not stupid enough to blog under their own names. They save that for where and when it counts.

  36. Ricky wrote: “Pretty sad when such focus is placed on not what a candidate wants to do to help a community, a platform, but how the candidate got elected.”

    Oh, and I’m certain that when the news broke about Heineman and Bruning having accepted campaign cash from TransCanada, you thought to yourself, “Hey, they’re just trying to help improve the state of Nebraska and serve their constituents. What’s the big deal?”

    Honestly, does your hypocrisy know no end?

  37. RWP says:

    Anonymous @ 9:50 p.m.. There is always a rationalization. You do it for the wife and kids. You do it because your employer wouldn’t like it, etc..

    The fact is, if you’re not willing to even to acknowledge an opinion is yours, why would anyone else value it?

    Brian Osborn posts under his own name. I may not agree with his opinions, but I take them seriously.

  38. Lizzie says:

    Well, sweeps. I thought I should stop by and, I am not disappointed.

    But I am starting to feel very, very sorry of the people of Hastings who are stuck with Janiepants on their school board. First the great defender of Planned Parenthood AND child sex trafficking, and now a campaign finance bona fide law breaker.

    Give me a break! She’s a flippin democrat strategist for crying in yer beer. Typical leftist disingenuity.

    I wonder how Barry Rubin, et al, feel about your referencing Jane as the head of the de facto mouthpiece of NE’s democrat party. Not that I disagree with your assertion. The democrats didn’t shut her up when they had the chance and now that she has a full head of steam (that would be like a “hot air head”) they can’t control her. Oh well.

    As always, you made my day, Sweeps.

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