Fischer (officially) IN

State Senator Deb Fischer will announce her United States Senate campaign tomorrow in Omaha, (9am, Anthony’s).

Oh sure, you saw here at Leavenworth Street first that she was in, but now the formalities start.
As a matter of fact, to get things rolling you can see her campaign logo (exclusively!) here, right now:

As noted in the OWH, Fischer has already been marching in the parades…

… and took a visit with the Buffalo County GOP earlier this month as well.

The OWH also notes that Fischer has the support of former Governor Kay Orr (whom everyone knew/suspected), but also former 2nd District Rep. John Y. McCollister.  You may remember last hearing from McCollister after he dumped his former protege, Senator Chuck Hagel.  McCollister  said he is endorsing Fischer,

“Because she’s a consistent conservative who would bring a civil tone to Washington if elected.”

McCollister still has some fire in him, so it will be interesting to see his level of involvement as the campaign goes on.

Come back to Leavenworth Street as her campaign rolls out over the next few days for more info and commentary!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer probably pulls more votes from Stenberg than from Bruning but from Nelson’s viewpoint it is one big a melee of Republicans throwing GOP dollars on a GOP bonfire.

    Fischer and the rest act like Nelson is toast. He isn’t. And I am afraid there won’t be enough GOP money left to toast him.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    I am skeptical of Fischer. Her principal legislative accomplishment is to divert sales tax revenues to roads, breaking the highway tax based funding system inspired by the late great Jerome Warner. And she’s not from Omaha or Lincoln. So?

    Her supporters think she’s move inclined to “civility”. Is she disinclined to vigorously fight the liberals who dominate DC, who have bankrupted the Treasury and decimated our economy? We don’t want to give the Senate another wishy-washy highways pork-barreler to join up with the RINOs from Maine.

    I’d love for Nebraska to find another Virginia Smith out there somewhere. From what I can tell, Deb is not that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW. I’m awestruck by the creativity of the logo design. White letters on a blue background with a star and stripes. It’s none like I’ve ever seen before…….except in the last ten campaigns as noted on the group shot except for Johanns. Blend, baby, blend.

  4. Ricky says:

    It will be a race to the bottom to see who can out-conservative who in the Republican primary.
    I don’t think Ben Nelson has much to worry about. He will win a close race – like he always does.

    Ricky From Omaha

  5. UNO professor says:

    really deb fischer. If Leavenworth Street likes her that means the “World of Warcraft”, living in mom’s basement contingent is in!!

  6. Krusty says:

    Will Sam Fischer have enough time to police Fremont, publish Leavenworth Street, AND consult on Auntie Deb’s campaign? Sounds like a full plate to me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    NE Senator Debbie wants to be US Senator Debbie? Did we miss something here? Like a term of office as governor, mayor or senior state official, something other than teaching a classroom full of sleepy kids and being a unicarnival clown?

    I mean, sure, it is great to trot on down to Lincoln to play at being one vote out of many, but the term “Senator” has gone to this woman’s head. Rather like the term “political expert” went to Jane Kleeb’s head. And, get this, it is Kay Orr who is pushing Debbie into the grinder. Remember Kay? She was the woman governor elected when she ran against another woman. The blond won. Kay appointed Mr. Wimple (Karnes) to fill an empty U. S. Senate seat and Wimple then promptly lost it to a Democrat, leading to years of dominance of Republican Nebraska by Democrats. But like I said, Kleeb’s side has that same sort of thing going on.

    Virginia Smith was good. One out of many. That’s the ratio. Apparently female Nebraska pols have a similar poor ratio as that of male Nebraska pols. Its a sad sort of equality.

  8. Jacob says:

    Fischer has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She’ll soon learn that raising money under federal law against a hard nosed incumbent is a lot different than hosting $100 fundraisers at the NE Club for wishy washy lobbyists. Maybe she thinks she can pull a Fortenberry and hopes Bruning and Stenberg will tear each other up and she slips through the cracks. Regardless, don’t worry about spending too much money in the primary folks. Outside interests will outspend the candidates 10 to 1 in the general. This race is prime time.

  9. The Chukkar says:

    I hate to tell the anti-Fischer crowd, but there is a large contingent of Republicans just looking for the alternative to Bruning, Stenberg, and Flynn. I think this race is Deb’s to lose and she will not have to outraise or outspend the others to do it. Her support is genuine and organic, not manufactured like the others. Her supporters are passionate and will translate that passion into effort. Let the Games begin!

  10. Political Observor says:

    To the Chukkar: Your comment “I think this race is Deb’s to lose” is a bit premature. 95% of Nebraskans don’t know who she is and I can guarantee you her opponents will try to define her pretty quickly. Can she win? Sure she has a chance. Let’s revisit this issue after Husker Harvest Days and see what the lay of the land is.

  11. really says:

    Chukkar- Her support is genuine and organic? Seriously? She just announced today, nobody knows who she is, she has no money, no website, and 41 likes on facebook.

    Riiiight… she’s the frontrunner.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that Bruning borrowed a page out of Jane’s playbook and had a “tracker” at Fischer’s announcement?

  13. The Chukkar says:

    To Really – I’m sorry, I didn’t know the number of likes on Facebook determined the legitimacy of one’s campaign. I didn’t realize the Republicans I speak with on a daily basis don’t have a vote in the primary. How dumb of me to think that the elected official who hasn’t been elected statewide and is generating this much buzz at the grassroots level has support. It is peculiar that wherever I go throughout Nebraska, Republicans are looking for an alternative and seem to be taking quite a fancy to Fischer. Wait, I am not sorry at all. I realize that this race is there for the taking and Fischer is the best chance for that and that is why the race is her’s to lose. The race being hers to lose and her being the frontrunner are two entirely different things. She is not the frontrunner, and I never said she was, so please stop putting words into my mouth, but it is her race to lose, because more Republicans than not are dissatisfied with the current options.

  14. Not Don Stenberg says:

    Anonymous 5:14,

    No, that’s false. The tracker is employed by Ben Nelson, and he’s been following Bruning for weeks.

  15. Hey- Not Don! says:

    It is NOT false. In attendance at Fischer’s announcement was Justin Solomon who is employed by the DSCC or Nelson or some Democrat entity, and then there was Zach Cain, who is employed by Jon Bruning for Senate – he even identified himself.

    I can’t imagine they are planning to honor President Reagan’s 11th commandment (Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican) by hiring a tracker and hoping to catch a slip up by another Republican. Yikes!

  16. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 1210am

    Did you infer that Ms. Fischer has ever been gainfully employed? Quite the contrary. Fact check, but I’m quite sure her first regular paycheck was from the Nebraska Legislature.

    No, intermittent substitute teaching and misappropriating school board funds once a month do not constitute gainful employment. Typically, gainful employment, by definition, is a little difficult without the college degree she received when she was damned near 40 years old…

    Yet, Ms. Fisher has lived a life of luxury for most of her life. How? Do the math, dear Watson….

  17. Hey Hey- Not Don says:

    Hey Hey-Not Don,

    I hear the Bruning tracker confronted the Fischer campaign manager after the Fischer guy got physical – then Kay Orr had to step in and give the tracker a “talking to” – even though he was just recording.

    I’m scared for our conservative candidates, they’re already fighting with each other. If you can’t take a kid running a video camera when your candidate it reading from a script, there’s not way you’ll win an election.

  18. Too Bad says:

    Kortezzi: “Is she disinclined to vigorously fight the liberals who dominate DC, who have bankrupted the Treasury and decimated our economy?” What are you talking about.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Run Zach! He appears to be a capable young man, even after receiving a “scolding” from Kay Orr. Not surprising he didn’t know who she was, given she’s been out of commission for 20 years. Zach was composed on his feet when confronted with a camera in his face. I predict a bright political future for him.

  20. Panhandle Slim says:

    That last comment, by Anonymous @ 10:12 AM, must have came from either Vic Covalt or Vince Power. That is typical of the “advice” they always give, “Shut up!” Well, many of us democrats are fed up with being told what to do by big city lawyers. You’ll see us marching with Deb Fischer this summer.

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