We close this week, and start a sort of long holiday week with a few notes we’ve passed up during this week of campaign announcements and goings-on.

But first, about one of those Senate campaigners…

Did you hear Former Fed Chief Allen Greeenspan’s comments yesterday?

He said, regarding President Obama’s massively massive stimulus package:

“There is no evidence that huge inflow of money into the system basically worked.”

Wow. That’s pretty damning.

Umpteen trillion dollars spent…for nada.


As a commenter noted, Greenspan is referring to the Fed’s stimulus, and not the OTHER failed stimulus program, the President’s gagillion dollar stimulus, that went through the Senate.

You know, the one which created no “shovel ready” jobs. The one which still sees unemployment climbing. The one that massively increased the debt.

Now we continue the post…

Now who was the deciding vote in the Senate on that monstrosity?

Who…who…(cough, BEN NELSON!)…who…who….


Now we will jump back a week and remind you of the fine handed down on Jane Kleeb for her cheating when she raised $8,000 in her bid to join the Hastings School Board.

There was some interesting back and forth after all of that.

Our first amusement came with Jane’s characterization of the FINE.

She told 10/11 News that she paid a “$50 fee”, and then Tweeted that same concept — that she was required to pay a “fee”.

Uh, no. That was a FINE. As in, “You are a cheater, so you have to pay a penalty.”

Amazing that she pleads guilty, then can’t even tell the truth on what she plead guilty on.
What an excellent message to send to the school children of Hastings.


So anyway, we got lots of follow-up from other whining Dems to the tune of, “Hey Leavenworth Street! How about you investigate some Republicans, like Bruning and Heineman! Yeaaahhh! How about it!!!” (Fill in your favorite whiny voice, and you’ll get it just right.)

Our response to that was, of course, that contrary to popular internets beliefs, Leavenworth Street is not a regulatory body, and we don’t do investigations. We just read and opine about them.

Oh, and on THAT subject, the Federal Election Commission DID investigate Jane Kleeb’s and the the rest of the Dem’s complaint about Bruning and Heineman and a campaign donation made by TransCanada.

And the FEC found that nothing improper was done! And they have closed the books on it.

And that was after all the whining and moaning Jane Kleeb had done on the subject.

Sort of takes you back to what Governor Dave said about Jane — that Nebraskans are tired of her political attack tactics. She accuses and accuses, then nothing comes from it. But when she is found guilty of cheating — oh now she pays a “fee”.

So we can hear her banging the pots and pans about Canadian oil, but then we never hear her mention that 90% of Nebraska landowners have signed easements with TransCanada and 87% of those in the Sandhills have done so.

But of course, Jane’s arguments against the pipeline have nothing to do with the pipeline. She is carrying the water for the radical enviros who HATE the Canadian oil that will flow through it, and who don’t care if Canadian Justin Bieber himself slowly hauled the oil down to the Gulf on his Segway.

They’d still be against it.


Just a final note on the Lincoln Journal Star’s hit piece on the Lincoln Independent Business Association’s Coby Mach.

We always get a little teed off when the gist of a “news” story is, “How dare this person speak his mind or do his job, when he is getting paid SO much!”

Here is the intro paragraph:

Coby Mach, the voice of Lincoln’s small business community, who often criticizes local government spending and government employee raises and benefits, earns more than $106,000 a year.

Well then, Nancy Hicks of the LJS, if he makes that much, he should just keep his trap shut, yes?



Well, then to back things up, what would be best is to get some quotes from…state Democrat chairman Vic Covalt! Of course!

And no one else.

Former LJS staffer Deena Winter has covered much of this, here and here.

But for the record, we will post the letter that went out to LIBA members:

Dear LIBA Member,

In the local section of the Journal Star today, there is an article that contains more fiction than it does fact about LIBA.

During the recent recession, LIBA’s President did make $115,000 during one year. It’s true that was significantly more money than the year before; however, LIBA was often operating with only two full-time staffers. We were doing exactly what we urged elected officials to do: “Operate with fewer employees.” Times were tough, and the LIBA Board of Directors set benchmarks for our President in order to weather the recession. When he hit those benchmarks, he was paid accordingly. While Mr. Mach worked harder and made more in pay, it meant precious time with his wife and two daughters was lost.

LIBA did not raise his salary to $115,000. We made very prudent decisions in order to keep LIBA strong during a time when many membership driven organizations in the U.S. lost 50% to 60% of their membership.

The Journal Star article also made it appear as though LIBA cut Mr. Mach’s salary to $106,000 in 2010. It should also be clarified that at no time did the Board vote to cut Mr. Mach’s base salary. We reiterate that he was paid based on performance and benchmarks.

The Board would also like to point out that LIBA does not have any pension or retirement benefits for our staff and our insurance offering is a bare bones option.

The fact that the Journal Star turned to Democratic Party Chairman Vick Covalt for quotes is quite puzzling. One must ask why? We would have been equally as puzzled if they had called the Republican Party Chairman.

Even if it were legitimate to go to the Democratic Party for comment, it does not justify the fact that Mr. Covalt’s statements were completely false. He claimed that the LIBA President works part-time. The LIBA President is required to work a 40-hour week. In fact, the Journal Star reporter had the documents that showed Mr. Mach is required to work a 40-hour week and she still chose to publish, and not correct, the false information. Those who attend LIBA committee meetings know that Mr. Mach is often in the office by 7:00 a.m. He also returns to the office after his radio show at 6:00 p.m., attends many night meetings and is in the office prior to church on Sunday mornings. He typically works a 50-60 hour week.

Finally, we must address the absurd comment by Mr. Covalt that LIBA doesn’t pay taxes on salaries. LIBA pays payroll taxes just like every other business.

Please feel free to share this information with your employees, friends and family to set the record straight about your organization.

Tim Cox – Chairman of the Board

Boy, we can’t wait to read the full story on how much each and every person who works for the LJS makes, so we can decide who they can and can’t criticize in their paper…


And vote for the Huskers’ Tunnel Walk tradition here! (An ESPN vote thing, against Michigan.)

Hey, and thank you to everyone who has bought your stuff via Leavenworth Street’s Amazon links!


And we will throw this one in for good measure:


  1. Benthere says:

    Politico notes that DSCC maps appear to suggest the Democratic Party is hesitant to help Ben Nelson and may be an “early indication the DSCC is writing off the Cornhusker State.” That would piss off every Democrat in Nebraska, thanks to Ben. But who would they then vote for? The Republican? The last time Nelson ran for this same job, he pulled nearly half the Republican votes. To discount Nelson is to show one’s blindness.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    “But Mach was receiving double-digit increases during the heart of the recession, in years when he was encouraging the Lancaster County Board to freeze positions and cut benefits for part-time workers and urging restraint on city firefighter salaries.”

    Has anyone explained to the LJS the difference between a private organization and a government one? And how private organizations can pay what they want and it doesn’t hurt John Q. Public? Even President Obama doesn’t think Mr. Mach is rich, but put that aside. I would think that organizations, like the LJS, that wholeheartedly believe in the goodness and worthiness of government would be interested in having good and worthy government. That includes asking hard questions, being contrary, and making sure that the people’s employees are being good stewards with tax dollars. Apparently the LJS thinks that when it comes to government, “Let the good times roll! Yeah!” I am sure that the LJS is not so generous when it comes to their own expense accounts, though.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    I forgot to mention that I took that quote from the LJS article Sweeper linked to.

    Here’s another quote from the LJS website that shows where they stand on government:
    “Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler said Thursday he will not resolve the city’s $9.3 million budget gap with spending cuts alone, signaling the likelihood he will recommend a small increase in the property tax levy.”

    See? It’s just a small increase. Very tiny. Won’t hurt a bit. Nothing like editorializing right on the front page of the paper.

  4. Anonymous says:

    SS, as is the case with many on the right, you want confirmation of your convictions, so you completely misread a simple story. From your own link, Greenspan was speaking specifically of the Fed’s quantitative easing program (basically purchases of Treasuries), not Obama’s stimulus program. In fact every unbiased analysis of Obama’s stimulus program showed that it worked, and would have worked even better if it had been bigger. Oh well, par for the course. Never let facts get in the way of a good story.

  5. 9:17,

    We have updated our post, reflecting the point you make.

    And we would note as well, that if we make a mistake, we note it, update it immediately, right in the post. Lets see the OWH, LJS or a certain cheating Hastings School Board member do THAT.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks SS. That was the honorable thing to do. I wish others on your side would do the same. (And the same to those on the left, though I honestly see it far more often on the right.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jane also dismisses the fact that she errored on more than one reporting requirement, stipulated by law. She not only didn’t file on time when she incurred expenses; she never even filed the official paperwork to form her campaign committee until right before the General Election. However, she had been spending willy-nilly from the Primary through the summer if you believe her Twitter and Facebook posts of what she was buying. Yard signs, electronic billboards, t-shirts, newspaper ads, direct mail, on and on. Apparently NADC didn’t find that evidence pertinent or they would have lodged the called-for fines (not fees) upon statute of upward of $100.00 per day until the situation was rectified. And what about criminal charges for her blatant dismissal of the law? If I’m Dave Hergert and I’m seeing how Jane violated multiple provisions of CFLA but not held accountable, I’m pee-ode. Campaign laws in Nebraska are a joke because they are applied inequitably depending upon the candidate and the violation(s).

  8. Benthere and others:

    Nebraska Republicans have learned the hard way that when you vote for a Democrat like Ben Nelson you are voting for, well . . . a Democrat. Party affiliations matter. If you voted for Nelson, then you voted for the failed “stimulus” package, the Cornhusker Kickback, ObamaCare, and policies that are perpetuating the worst economy since the Great Depression. A vote for Nelson in 2012 means you want to continue down that path. If you are a Lincoln Republican who voted for Beutler, then, you voted for a Democrat who, being a true Nebraska Democrat, told voters that he would keep the lid on property taxes “by making the tough choices on the budget,” yet once elected moved quickly to raise taxes.

    Simply put, Democrats are Democrats. They like bigger government and higher taxes. On the November 2012 ballot Nebraskans will have a choice: they can vote Republican or they can vote for Democrats like Barack Obama and Ben Nelson and their failed policies.

    I like the NEGOP’s chances — a lot.

    Have a great Independence Day everyone!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another Republican axiom: Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the “truth”. At least to the vast majority who are uninformed. The stimulus was not a failure. The only “failure” was that it wasn’t big enough. Economists without a partisan bias have agreed that our economy would have been much worse (perhaps a Depression) if the stimulus hadn’t been done.

  10. RWP says:

    The stimulus was not a failure.

    The stimulus was promised to keep unemployment below 8%. Unemployment is still 9.1%. That’s one heck of a success.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fines, jail and prison orange become, in Jane’€™s view, fees, vacation and a nice shade of tangerine-mauve.

    If Jane Kleeb had been a suffragette, women would still be trying to get the vote.

  12. Anonymous says:

    And without the stimulus unemployment could be over 10%. C’mon RWP, you’re a scientist and should be better than your last post. As I stated (along with plenty of other economists) a bigger stimulus would have likely brought unemployment below 8%.

  13. Kortezzi says:

    To Anon @ 2:16

    HA! You really think that without the stimulus, employment would be over 10%? Even after Obama admits “shovel ready jobs” weren’t shovel ready? And after Greenspan admits “quantitative easing” has not helped the economy either? We have a $14 trillion+ national debt that has risen faster under Obama than any other President…an unsustainable course even in Obama’s stated view. Yet the stimulus should have been BIGGER?

    What you economically illiterate liberals fail to understand is that Gov’t cannot create jobs without destroying others, so the NET is FEWER jobs when the Gov’t spends more. Higher spending means either higher taxes (which such earnings out of private sector businesses and individuals) or borrowing (which suck money out of the private sector through purchases of Gov’t bonds).

    The only way to stimulate this economy is to get the Gov’t boot off the neck of the American taxpayer, by lowering taxes and reducing job-killing regulation (Obamacare, EPA C02 rules, oil drilling & pipeline bans, etc.) Which means we MUST dump Obama and enablers of his like Ben Nelson.

  14. RWP says:

    Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein in Jan. 2009 predicted the stimulus would hold unemployment under 8%. Without the stimulus, they predicted unemployment would rise slightly above 9% (they predicted no great depression). We passed the stimulus, and unemployment went above 10%, and it’s still higher than they predicted it would be without the stimulus! They predicted that by now it would be under 7%!

    Yes, I am a scientist, and I recognize when a model has the predictive skill of a fortune cookie. Give the utter failure of the Romer/Bernstein macroeconomic model, how could anyone use it or a similar model to say what would have happened without the stimulus, and expect to be taken seriously?

    We do know one thing for sure about the stimulus, however. It added $800 billion to the debt. The drag effects of that extra debt on employment and growth will linger for a decade, minimum.

    Stimulus FAIL!

  15. Independent voter says:

    Dear anonymous poster of post #13,

    Question 1: What level of unemployment should this meager, $800-some-billion stimulus have yielded?
    Question 2: What level of stimulus should have been expended to achieve the previously stated goal?

  16. Macdaddy says:

    We are now entering the 2nd Summer of Recovery. Did you guys miss the first one last year? I did, too. Just FYI, this is the slowest recovery in the modern era. Most recessions roar back with 5 or 6% growth. We’re under 2% and in danger of having a double dip recession by the end of the summer. The Recovery Summer. Maybe this should be Son of Recovery Summer. I do note that the MSM is not interested in hanging last year’s statement by Obama that 2010 was the Summer of Recovery around his neck like they did with Mission Accomplished on Bush.

    Face it: Obama, the smartest President ever to be elected of these 57 United States, is an idiot. Can’t even get his daughter’s age right, either.

  17. The guy who said the king has no clothes says:

    You idiot Repugs slashed the tires on the bus and are now complaining because the new driver can’t get it up to highway speed fast enough for you.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Hey, dummy at 7:21. Get with the program. We Rethuglicans drove the car in the ditch and are now drinking Slurpees telling Obama to pull it out faster.

  19. Lil Mac says:

    What we have here is a failure to communicate! On one side, are people explaining facts and using logic to make arguments re public policy to people on the other side who believe truth is intuitive and feel insulted when presented with facts and end up defending what they believe by calling you a stinky face.

    It all seems to fit. Obama is about “hope”, about wishing things into existence. And while that seems insane to the MBAs here, it makes perfect sense to the Fine Arts majors.

    The left-right political divide is really between leftside and rightside brain use. And that is not a difference that can be argued or name-called away. Logical people cannot convince emotional people who cannot touch logical people. Even cynics eventually fall on one side or the other.

    Me? Life is way too real for me. I find cynicism fun. But I will take those dry MBAs for national survival every time over the feel-happy artsy emotion mongers. We may intellectually suppose it takes both types to make life livable for society. But we really do waste our breath trying to convince the unconvincible and touch the untouchable. So I guess that makes me a stinky face, or whatever is the trendy insult that is currently passing for a scathing argument among Obama supporters.

  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s cute, MacDaddy. You first call Obama an idiot then turn right around and decry such language. We see you for the hypocrite that you are.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:56 I guess my post was lost on you. I was actually making fun of inane metaphors that seem to always be such favs of the Left. Don’t have facts? Use a metaphor! That’ll win the argument! In any event, The One has set out The Metaphor and changing it is above your pay grade. You dare change that which The One (or his teleprompter) has spoken?!?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, I don’t take orders from “The One,” and I won’t take your baloney. In fact, I see little difference between what you do and what “The One” does. As for the paygrade issue maybe you should spend more time seeking gainful employment and less time spewing your half digested tripe on this blog.

  23. Lincoln Republican says:

    To Mark Fahleson, if you’re expecting Republicans in Lincoln to vote for a Republican Mayoral candidate, by god you need to find one who isn’t certifiably insane. Did you watch the LIBA debate? Even LIBA endorsed Beuter, after recruiting Tammy Buffington. The failure in the Lincoln elections was yours Mark, don’t lay blame on Republican voters making an honest assessment of two candidates. My guess is the majority of registered Republicans supported Beutler.

  24. RWP says:

    Well, Lincoln Republican, more fool them. Now a tax increase is in their future.

    Public employee unions reliably turn out to support the Democrat candidate. Overall turnout is usually 30% or less. Until the GOP does something about this, it’s time to pay up.

    Has the statewide GOP considered a law setting the date of all local elections to be the same as national and statewide elections?

  25. anonymous says:

    Hey RWP who would you have voted for in the Lincoln election?

    Oh wait I forgot you don’t vote, nevermind.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Soon to be seen on a river near you – the plume of Exxon/Mobil’s broken Montana oil pipeline. And you all said Jane Kleeb was wrong! Get used to your drinking water having a new taste, Omaha.

  27. RWP says:

    Anyone who thinks a 1000 barrel spill several hundred miles up the Yellowstone River from its confluence with the Missouri, above several huge dams, will have the slightest effect in Omaha, is delusional.

  28. Anonymous says:

    No Macdaddy, the facts are this. The Republicans drove the bus into the ditch. Even Romney your next nominee has said that. The new facts are this. The Democrats are trying to get the bus out of the ditch. The Republicans keep screaming your driving the wrong way. They want us to go the way that put the bus in the ditch in the first place. Then you got the Tea party KOOKS. they stand in the way of the bus when it starts to get out of the ditch. The Republicans are so scared of them getting hit that they block any bill that might help America recover. That is why the Republican Congress is down in the teens in the polls.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:15: You just responded with another metaphor. Metaphors are not facts. They are substitutes for facts.

  30. Hey, Question ... says:

    What did you guys ever find in Sarah Palin’s e-mails?

    And to call Fahleson’s tweets a “Weiner moment” is curious. Did Fahleson tweet a pic of his weenie to women he wasn’t married to? OK, then. Nothing even remotely close to a “Weiner moment.” You’re not in touch with reality if you think differently.

  31. RWP says:

    Republican Congress

    Somebody better tell Harry Reid the bad news.

    Seriously, Bud, it’s only July 3rd. Go easy on the special sauce.

  32. Lizzie says:

    Hey Sweeps!

    Happy Independence Day! I am up early contemplating the sacrificed lives of our founders and forefathers which led to our freedom to have sometimes snarky and cynical debates with our philosophical and political opposites on blogs.

    Oh. Wait…

    (Sorry, I myself am often snarky and cynical at 5:00 a.m.)

    You’re the best Sweeps. Thanks for always brightening my day. Sincerely.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Vile Kyle aka “Ronaldo” is busy writing love letters to himself over on NNN again. If he didn’t comment on his own comments using his “Ronaldo” alias he’d have practically nothing going on over there other than his usual balony. Time to hang it up KM.

  34. Anonymous says:

    NNN’s Vile Kyle is finally coming out of the closet. He is revealing himself as the true hater of progressives that he has always been. He should change the logo on his blog to – Since March 2005, New Nebraska Network has been Nebraska’s online voice for regressive political status quo.

    On July 4th on Twitter he wrote, “Nothing like exercising your freedom of speech to celebrate Independence Day!” Then he turns right around and tells one of his followers that disagrees with him to change their tone and tactics or go post somewhere else.

    I really believe the idiot is schizofrenic.

  35. Don Kuhns says:

    Ah, once again the ageless question, “Stupid or lying?” is thrust upon us, although in this case it would be, “REALLY REALLY stupid or lying?”, since the article to which Street Sweeper linked makes it clear that its focus is on the Federal Reserve’s policies both in the title and in the first sentence.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    Of course, President Obama’s own Council of Economic Advisors just put out a report that his Porkulus bill created or “saved” (I still can’t believe that the Media is so in the tank for Obama that they are letting him get away with that little bit of horse s***) 2.4 million jobs for the tidy sum of $666 billion, or $275,000 per job. Of course, since unemployment is still 2 points higher than when Porkulus was passed and that we have the lowest percentage of American adults working today than since the Great Depression, Greenspan could just as easily have been talking about Obama’s stimulus plan.

    2nd Annual Summer of Recovery, people!

  37. Dennis says:

    Taking economic advice from Alan Greenspan is like taking advice on how to run a college football program from the likes of Pederson, Callahan and Cosgrove. Thanks to the housing bubble, Greenspan has no credibility anymore.

  38. Dennis says:

    Kyle isn’t “Ronaldo” over at NNN. “Ronaldo” is a different poster. I would also add that “Ronaldo” is doing a great job over there.

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