Marching and sweating

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!

These candidates and office holders seemed to. (Well, maybe after they got done sweating profusely.)

Here are a few pics sent into L.St by a few office holders and campaigns:

U.S. Senator Mike Johanns in Ralston.

Congressman Lee Terry at JE George in Omaha.

Attorney General Jon Bruning in Seward (Nebraska’s 4th of July Town — for those of you not in the know).

State Senator Deb Fischer in Ralston.

Thanks to all who sent in, and we ALWAYS like to get parade pics.

(At some point, we will issue an official L.St. platinum dollar to the campaign who can give us an original parade shot that isn’t just the candidate in the street, or the whole gang standing in front of their sign. No idea what that would be, but the challenge is out there…)


Well Senator Ben Nelson has certainly has taken a stand in the recent budget negotiations discussion.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Ben Nelson’s Democrat controlled Senate has failed to issue a budget for the past 800 days? Nothing. But you’ve probably read all about that in the MSM, right?

Anywho, Nelson came out, and took a stand!
His plan?

No new taxes.
No changes to Social Security.
No changes to Medicare.
A balanced budget.

Here are some of his other plans:

No changing your diet.
No additional exercise.
No miracle drugs.
Lose 40 pounds.

Hop in a 74’ Dodge Dart.
No oil changes.
No gasoline stops.
Drive from San Diego to Boston.

Or, how about this one:

Be the deciding vote for the budget busting ObamaCare.
Be the deciding vote for the defecit smashing Porkulus Stimulus.
Don’t come up with any ideas of how to pay for anything, while unemployment soars.
Tell people you should be re-elected.


We have received reports that Jane Kleeb and the other kids at Bold Nebraska are going to use some mature blustering to harass Governor Dave.

The plan: Go to the Gov’s (Mc)Mansion at night and shine flashlights at it! Why? Well because while throwing a pie at him would get more attention, it will get you arrested.

(We are waiting to hear if Jane herself will be getting arrested at the White House gates to stop the pipeline, like her liberal bretheren will be doing. And if she can’t travel to DC, will she just lay at the steps of the McMansion? And if not, Why not????)

Flashlights, pies, beanie babies. They are all the same.

It comes down to Jane and her compadres trying to sell that the Canadaian tar sands oil is somehow worse than Iranian crude, Venezualan black gold or even Californian Texas Tea.

But you will be guaranteed to hear them yelp about the recent pipeline spill into Montana’s Yellowstone River. And one would think then that the Governor of Montana — a Democrat, who is demanding (and getting) a quick response from Exxon — would now want to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline that would go through his state.

And you would be wrong.

So why does Governor Schweitzer feel that way? Well, because he is reasonable and listens to facts instead of demagoguing the issues.

Oh, and because he doesn’t want to use the pipeline to stop the Canadian oil — like Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska.

Just ask Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s international program:

“This is really a campaign against tar sands expansion rather than a single pipeline.”

Oh, or you could just ask Jane Kleeb, who told Joe Jordan:

“Our first choice is no pipeline.”

The rest of this, like their little flashlight plan, is just a show.


And no one asked us (cough! cough! ahem…) but here is an invite to YOU for the Douglas County Republican Party’s Chairman’s Advisory Board and Business Forum, from Hal Daub:

July 21st, Rick’s Cafe Boatyard (assuming it’s above water).


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  1. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    I sure hope those flashlights are the kind you have to wind up to make work. I would hate to think she was wasting an emergency light source for a non emergency!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious stuff. So true about the parade shots. Boring. I thought for sure Stenberg with come with a float since he has Lois manning up his campaign hoopla. Dang.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anybody else notice that Bruning had an Attorney General float and a Bruning for Senate float? Maybe he should decide which office he actually wants.

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