Lt. Gov Sheehy: I’m in!

Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy of Hastings announced today that he will seek the Governor’s office for the 2014 race, and will file paperwork to do so early next month.

Yow. Is that early enough for everyone?

Governor Dave Heineman will be term limited at the end of his current term. Sheehy laid down his semi-sneak announcement on KNEB in Scottsbluff.

No word here on who else could be interested, but frankly, there is time, right?





Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Jordan McGrain also reports that Sheehy’s early entry into the race may also be for practical reasons:

“(His) announcement is practical for fundraising reasons. If he hadn’t declared his candidacy, money raised would go to Heineman Committee instead. Because the Lieutenant Governor position is not independently elected, Sheehy has to form his own committee to raise money for a gubernatorial run.”

(Thank you Jordan for letting us rip off from your Twitter feed.)


Sheehy also told the AP:

“I’ve served six and a half years as lieutenant governor, and I’ve enjoyed the experience. For me, it just seems like a logical step to run for governor.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Now all we need is for Flood to announce for Attorney General and the succession plan put in place years ago will be complete.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Despite his best efforts, I think Bruning is going to get to finish his term as AG. So I don’t know where that leaves Mike Flood.

  3. Nebraska's Dentist says:

    Sheehy is running for governor. Flood is running for governor. Stenberg is running for governor. Fischer is running for governor. Foley is running for governor. Sen. Pete Pirsch is running for AG. Fahleson is running for AG. And for the Democrats?

  4. Dennis says:

    State Senator Steve Lathrop is considering a run for Governor. He certainly has accomplished a great deal as a State Senator.

  5. anonymous says:

    Bruning’s transformation to a fiscal conservative may be genuine, but he retained some of his moral beliefs from when he was in college, for example the death penalty. In 2003 he told Terry Werner, who he knew back from his unabashed liberal days, that he was still morally opposed to the death penalty and would not allow any executions to take place while he was Attorney General, meanwhile he would publicly advocate for it. Mission Accomplished Jon.

  6. Joe wonders says:

    I don’t know much about Lt. Gov Sheehy. I just looked him up (on Wikipedia).

    He was a Democrat until 2003. Frankly, this concerns me. Sure, he’s a Nebraska Democrat, which would make him approximately equal to a NY Republican, still . . . . .

    The US is growing progressively poorer. It’s more important than ever to maintain austerity. I’m not sure if I can trust a guy who waited until age 44 to become a Republican.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Try checking out who the person is today before you start digging in yesterday’s trash. I couldn’t pick this guy out in a line up with a gun pointed to my head. Why would Bruning tell Terry Werner

  8. reading the tea leaves says:

    48 hours after the story there are only 9 comments. That speaks volumes regarding the Sheehy campaign.

  9. Oh, Rick. says:

    Of all the inspiring reasons one can seek public office, you went with “it seems logical.” That should excite the base!!

  10. anonymous says:

    So what is worse, Jon Bruning doesn’t carry out an execution because he is still a closet liberal, or because he’s a completely incompotent attorney?

    Stenberg 2012

  11. Dennis says:

    IMO, Bruning actually believes in all of that right wing claptrap that he spouts. He can’t carry out an execution because he’s an incompetent A.G. Stenberg succeeded three times where Bruning has failed for 9 long years.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Republican Lt Gov. Sheehy wasn’t just a registered Democrat. Sheehy was a Democrat City Councilman and the Democrat Mayor of Hastings, NE. Someone here said, “I’m not sure if I can trust a guy who waited until age 44 to become a Republican,” meaning Sheehy. Really? Didn’t you trust Reagan?

    GOP idol Reagan was a Democratic Party union president and was 51 when he switched to the GOP. And Nebraska’s GOP Sen/Gov Mike Johanns used to be Democrat County Board Member Johanns, Democrat City Councilman Johanns, and Democrat Mayor Johanns. With all that in mind, I find myself rather agreeing with Dennis about Jon Bruning.

    Dennis says “Bruning actually believes” the conservative positions Bruning has held as a GOP State Senator and as a GOP Attorney General. That makes sense because Bruning never did hold public or union office as a Democrat. Bruning was simply a Democrat kid in college. And there is a big difference between playing with political ideas as a student and running for and holding public office as a leader of one’s opposition party. After serving terms as a GOP State Senator and GOP AG, Bruning is a “solid adulthood Republican” in a way Sheehy, Johanns and Reagan simply aren’t. And that helps Bruning in this contested GOP primary.

    Bruning is nationally seen to have the best chance of beating Nelson. Nelson seems to want to run against any Republican other than Bruning. Bruning’s only problem are GOP competitors who are trying to say Bruning isn’t a real conservative and isn’t a real Republican like, say, Johanns or Reagan. But Dennis here has helped settled that by making it clear to Nebraska’s GOP voters that they should feel comfortable sending the strongest Nelson opponent up

  13. Dennis says:

    Don’t take my post as any seal of approval for Bruning. IMO, his “conservative” beliefs are radical and out of the mainstream. Bruning supports the ridiculous Ryan Medicare plan that brings back pre-existing conditions, requires seniors with those pre-existing conditions to buy private health insurance (if they can afford it), and cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans by $1 trillion. Moreover, Bruning supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that would lock in all of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and forces big cuts in S.S., Medicare and defense. This is the “right wing clap trap” I referred to in my previous post. IMO, Bruning is showing poor judgment in sincerely believing in this utter nonsense.

  14. Dennis says:

    To say that Bruning is the “strongest Nelson opponent” isn’t saying much. Picking the strongest GOP Senate candidate is similar to trying to choose Kevin Cosgrove’s best defense from his time as defensive coordinator at Nebraska.

  15. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    The church that his daughter was recently confirmed at is First Plymouth COngregational Church in Lincoln..from their website:
    We are Diverse:
    “Diverse” means we celebrate the differences among us such as sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, mental abilities, physical capabilities, personalities, and backgrounds.
    This church also supports “a women’s right to choose.”
    Mayabe only his wife and children belong…

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