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Some fundraising news, in the case you missled it…

Ben Nelson has raised another $900K for his Senate campaign, bringing him to around $3M COH. We haven’t examined the report yet, but we got a few comments from those who watch this stuff:

I’m not surprised. He sold his soul on ObamaCare and will sell his vote again and again in an attempt to stay in power. $3 mill or $20 mill won’t save his political life this time, but it’ll buy a heck of a lot of Ben Nelson statues for McCook and endow the Ben Nelson Chair on Socialized Medicine at UN-L if he turns tail and retires.
– Mark Fahleson, Chairman, Nebraska Republican Party

Senator Ben Nelson gets the Washington game better than anyone, so when he bartered away the 60th and final vote for government-run healthcare we knew that liberals would reward him. Now that Nelson is flush with cash, maybe he can explain why he’s the only candidate running in Nebraska who has voted to cut Medicare by over $500 billion.
– Jahan Wilcox, NRSC Spokesman

And then others have pointed out that it is a good thing (for Ben) that he is raising money, because his campaign will be a focal point ever since his 60th and deciding vote for ObamaCare (via the infamous Cornhusker Kickback).

For instance, Crossroads GPS not only put out a Nelson ad, they’re using web ads to send you to see it again — see above right.


Meanwhile the Jon Bruning camp just announced that they have raised $334K for the quarter, and have $1.3M COH. Not bad considering he has four more primary opponents than Nelson.

And speaking of Bruning, the Washington Post did a feature on him and his campaign. Not much you haven’t heard before, but an interesting national perspective.



Don Stenberg’s numbers for this quarter:

Raised in Q2:  $45,850 (+$20K loan)

Raised Total for campaign: $80,010

COH: $15,925


And Congressman Lee Terry had a fairly kick-ass fundraising quarter.

He reported $199,727 raised in the quarter and shows $212,528 in cash on hand. For the cycle so far, he has raised $358,099.

The numbers so far compare favorably with the last comparable period (Jan 1–June 30, 2009). In the 2nd quarter of 2009 he raised $190,399. For the first six months of 2009, he had raised $293,993 and had $189,903 in cash on hand.

That is ahead of where Terry was at the same point in the last campaign — that he won by 21 points. And at that point, Terry had a known, Democrat opponent.

No word on one for 2012 yet…


We keep digging and digging through the internets and the Twitters to find the release from Bold Nebraska where they decry Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for being in the back pockets and beholden to Big Oil.

We are just having a hard time finding those releases. Because would Jane and the gang have written such a release about George W. Bush if THIS story had come during his admin?

(We also keep missing all the stories about the Dems’ — particularly Union support — of the pipe.)

Gee golly, we wonder.


Hey and Governor Dave will be the new uber-Gov of the National Governor’s Association!

We will be initiating the “Vice President Dave!” website, shortly.


Hey, and Congressman Adrian Smith on the basepaths at the 50th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park.

Sporting the UNL jersey.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The GOP has 6 candidates for the primary with the entry of Russell P. Anderson in the race & we still got a long way to go to May.

  2. Cash Burner Bruning says:

    Bruning started at $1.26M CashOnHand and finished at about $1.3M CashOnHand. And he raised $334K this quarter. Math wasn’t my best subject, but it looks like he netted under $100,000? Spending $200-$250K to raise $334K – not a great return on investment for someone who owns a bunch of banks.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    Fahleson’s right that Nelson garnered a lot of campaign money by endearing himself to the hard left with his Obamacare vote.

    But even though he’s 70 yrs. old, he’s not giving even the slightest consideration to turning tail and retiring. He will fight to the bitter end in 2012. And he will burn through every dollar this time.

    If we do ever see a statue of Ben in McCook, will it be lifesize (5’5″, including the hair)?

  4. Number Man says:

    Terry’s $212,000 cash on hand is pretty good–how much does Lindstrom have? BTW–where is the Democratic candidate?

  5. Josh is hot on Bruning's trail! says:

    Josh over at Hotline (@HotlineJosh ) seems to have a different evaluation of Bruning’s quarter than Street Sweeper, tweeting the following earlier today: “Fundraising loser: #NESEN GOPer Jon Bruning”

    Netting $100k as the frontrunner? That’s a pretty rough quarter.

  6. Dennis says:

    Pretty weak fundraising by Bruning. According to the Hotline, it was the weakest fundraising totals of any front running GOP Senate challenger this year. Another interesting take from Bruning’s numbers is that he carried over something like $600,000.00 from money raised for prior campaigns. What that means is that since Bruning announced his Senate candidacy, he has been outraised by a margin of $2.9 million to $700,00.00 – a ratio of 4-1.

  7. Number Man says:

    Anon 1:59–I guess you are challenged in reading FEC reports? Help is available…

    Two years ago at this time, Terry had an opponent in the race who had been raising money for most of the year under an exploratory committee. People called Tom White the best candidate the Democrats had ever put up against Terry. I actually think White ran a pretty good race–he just ended up losing by 21 points or so.

    What’s the deal with an opponent for Terry?

  8. Number Man says:

    Hmmm–a majority of Nelson’s $$$ came from PACs–you gonna question him, too, Anon?

    Seems to me that Terry has good support–I looked at the list and Mutual of Omaha and Union Pacific were listed–hometown companies. Not a problem to me that their employees want to support Terry through their PAC.

    BTW–I’ll ask again–where is the Dem candidate against Terry–they must be afraid they’ll get clocked like White…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bruning needs to be his own pitch man. I’ve heard so much from Ben Nelson of late that I’m starting to think of him as an annoying itch that won’t go away. He’s getting free gain of face time on radio, TV and print. Where’s Jon? He needs to start positioning. That’s what happens when you pay real good money to get bad advice from the west or east coast. They don’t care and aren’t in tune to the every day stuff that Nebraskans are getting treated to…and this past few weeks it’s the Ben Show. Here’s hoping it’s a cancelled series.

  10. Interested in the discussion says:

    Shouldn’t Brett L. have filed something today in the way of a report? Otherwise he didn’t raise any money or spend anything since he announced–but I’ve seen a web page, banner, campaign staff etc. I heard him on KFAB–sounds like a nice guy–he needs to learn issues though.

  11. anonymous says:

    Word has it that Bruning added another 5000 small donors from 91 of 93 Nebraska counties and all 50 states. They’re costly to find via mail and the web, but they’ll give again and again right through November 2012. It’s called investing in your campaign, for those of you who haven’t done this before.

  12. Scoreboard says:

    OK, so Bruning has $1,300,000 cash on hand, Stenberg has $15,000, and Fischer, Flynn and the other guy have $0? Spin that again so it’s bad for Bruning, then sell me some ocean front property in Arizona, George Strait.

  13. anonymous says:

    Bruning doesn’t have much of a chance. He hired Trent Fellers to run his campaign, the same guy who was President of the College Republicans just a few years ago. Neither Bruning or Fellers have any real campaign experience and are both in way over their heads. Two words come to mind “Political Malpractice.”

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