Ewing wants seat in Congress, higher taxes

Democrat Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing wants Lee Terry’s seat in Congress so that, given the opportunity, he can immediately vote to raise taxes.

Now there’s a campaign pledge.

That was the message right out of the box by Ewing, who currently pulls down a police pension, as well as his Treasurer’s salary, from which he would also get a pension check if/when he leaves.

Ewing stated that he wants to rescind the “Bush tax cuts”, because that is what has been ruining the economy. You know, the “Bush” tax cuts that have been in place for the past three and a half years by President Obama. And were kept in place by the Democrat House of Representatives. And have been kept in place by the Democrat Senate. Which would include the Super-Majority of the Democrat Senate. Which was in place with the Democrat President and the Democrat House.

Yeah, THOSE “Bush” tax cuts.

Anyway, Ewing also lists himself as an “Independent Democrat”. Sort of like Independent Democrat Ben Nelson — who was the deciding vote for ObamaCare, was one of the final votes for President Obama’s “stimulus” and gave a life term to liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

So, “independent” from what, we are not sure. You can wager your own guess.


And this from the Terry camp:

“We look forward to a spirited and interesting campaign. As always, Congressman Terry will
run flat-out and we’ll take our campaign to every neighborhood in the new Second district. We
plan to build on our success from last year when the Congressman won 61 percent of the vote.

“Congressman Terry has voted to cut $58 billion in spending earlier this year—the largest
single budget cut ever. He continues to work toward reducing our national debt by reducing
government spending. Mr. Ewing says he wants to repeal the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that
provide tax relief to virtually every segment of society. The result would be automatic tax
increases on Nebraskans and the American people.3

“Raising taxes is exactly the wrong thing to do right now and could throw our economy back
into recession. Lee Terry wants to address the debt problem by cutting federal spending—Mr.
Ewing wants to do it by raising our taxes. The difference between the two candidates could not
be clearer.”

And this from the NEGOP:

“By most accounts, Mr. Ewing is a nice man who has made a nice living built from two taxpayer-funded government jobs, and a lucrative police pension.”

“He appears to be in the process of figuring out what he believes on the important issues of the day, but we do know this: John Ewing supports higher taxes for Nebraskans and growing the federal government at a time when our country can least afford it.”

“Simply put, Nebraska cannot afford John Ewing.”

“So, like the movie “Groundhog Day,” here we are again. Nebraska Democrats tell us they have recruited a “top” candidate to challenge Congressman Terry, a man so appreciated by the voters for his commitment to lower taxes and smaller government that he’s been re-elected six times by wide margins.”

“Come Election Day 2012, Nebraska voters will again thoroughly reject the best the Democrats have to offer and reward Congressman Terry with another term in office.”


As noted in the previous post, we had an exciting Friday evening with the announcement that Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy will run for Governor in 2014. (By the way, by that time, according to “Back to the Future II”, we should finally have our flying cars and hoverboards. Phew! That took long enough…)

Anyway, as we had updated, Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Jordan McGrain noted that Sheehy’s somewhat early entry into the race may be more basic:

“(His) announcement is practical for fundraising reasons. If he hadn’t declared his candidacy, money raised would go to Heineman Committee instead. Because the Lieutenant Governor position is not independently elected, Sheehy has to form his own committee to raise money for a gubernatorial run.”

And Sheehy himself notes that he hasn’t kept it a secret from his closer friends that he planned to run.

But there will be many more shoes that drop after 2012’s Senate race is done, to see who else will be interested on the Republican side. We would imagine that the GOP primary will be at least as crowded as the Senate race.

But will Sheehy have a leg up?


And we smirked after reading the gleeful celebration of the radical Hippies of Montana by the gals at Bold Nebraska.

The video is worth a watch:

The gals Twittered about the Deadheads that stormed the Montana capitol and literally stomped (danced?) on top of the tables in the Governor’s office to protest the Keystone XL pipeline. (Though we might argue it was a good thing they didn’t take their shoes off, but that’s neither here nor there…)

The Democrat Governor came in to meet with them and they made a bunch of rambling demands that ended with another drum circle in his office before they laid on the floor and were joyfully arrested.

Gee, that bunch of pipeline protesters, who likely just rolled out of a Phish concert, look just like you, don’t they?  They are just like your average, run of the mill Nebraska rancher, yeah?  Right down at the local coffeeshop, huh?

Anyway, this is the same Democratic Governor who has stated that he is comfortable with the new Keystone XL pipeline running through his state, even after the Yellowstone break by an old Exxon Mobil pipe.

But then, some kids just like to protest. Especially if it includes banging on drums, and you don’t really care about the pipeline anyway.


Pseudo update…
OK, we’re struggling with the headline for this post.
Put your favorite in the comments, and maybe we’ll change it later;
1) Ewing: Wants seat in Congress, to raise taxes
2) Ewing wants: Congress, to raise taxes
3) Ewing wants seat in Congress, higher taxes
4) Ewing wants seat in Congress…to raise taxes
5) Ewing: Elect me to raise taxes

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  1. Lil Mac says:

    A Democrat is a donkey. A Republican is an elephant. An “Independent Democrat/Republican” is one who has his head peaking out of the animal. But from which end? Most Nebraskans might say the south end.

  2. Dan Brown says:

    He says he was the head of finances for OPD. That didn’t work real well since they are always in the red.


    Hmm- what happens if these freaks do this in Nebraska. I don’t think Governor will stand for it. There will be arrests before the arrests.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a headline: Grownup rationally speaks to other grownups about the need to end the Bush tax cuts since federal taxes are the lowest since 1950 and we’ve spent lots of money on two unfunded wars.

  5. Anony at 1055,

    Once again, apparently the “grownups” who were in charge of the filibuster-proof Congress and the White House disagreed with you, otherwise they would have changed it when they had the full power to do so.
    Oh and raising taxes at this stage of miserable unemployment, great plan!
    But of course the President is just playing games to help his re-election campaign anyway.
    Thus asking the GOP to call his “bluff”.
    (That would be b/c he’s “bluffing”.)

    And thanks for reading!

  6. Anonymous says:

    CBS poll:21% approve of Republicans’ handling of debt ceiling negotiations while 71% disapprove. So only 21% are against any tax increases. I agree that only the top income tax rate should end now, but when the economy recovers all of the Bush tax cuts need to expire. Anyone really against deficits would have to agree as there is no way to balance the budget without tax increases considering the baby boomers retirement and bills for two wars to pay.

  7. NE Voter says:

    Lee Terry is useless. It matters not whether the Republicans are in the majority or the minority — He accomplishes nothing.

    After seven terms, the guy’s lack of accomplishments/leadership profile is truly an embarrasment.

  8. Dennis says:

    We have now passed the 10 year anniversary of the Bush tax cuts. Empirical evidence tells us that the Bush tax cuts are a failure. According to the Wall St. Journal on 1/9/09, Bush had the worst jobs creation record in modern history. Since Obama took office, the economy came out of a deep recession and now jobs are being created at a too slow rate. When will the Bush tax cuts start working?

  9. Jenn says:

    I will say this for Mr. Ewing: he has done a fine job of reining in expenses in the Treasurer’s office. I’m not sure what Lee Terry has ever actually done to rein in government expenses other than talking about it–he voted for all of those Bush tax cuts and all of Bush’s exorbitant spending. He voted for TARP! And then voted not to regulate Wall St. after all their shenanigans. He worries about spending only when playing this crazy game of chicken over the debt ceiling.

    Whatever happened to fiscal conservativism in the GOP? I used to think that was one of the most important things it stood for. Yes, those are “Bush” tax cuts. If you’re a supporter of them, why would you try to pretend they were Democratic tax cuts anyway? I’m sure the Democrats of the world are angry that their reps haven’t voted against them. I don’t see how you get to a balanced budget without some combination of spending cuts and tax increases–but luckily, tax rates are the lowest they have been in decades, so I don’t see why this is a major problem.

    If Ewing understands that we’re not going to significantly reduce our national debt without a combination of spending cuts and ending tax breaks, then it’s a mark in his favor. To me, that means he’s the real fiscal conservative in this race. I also understand he has served as a Baptist minister and is pro-life, so there’s no major reason for me not to vote for him. I can’t believe you guys are criticizing him for having been on the police force–since when is that a bad thing?! As far as I know, Terry was a lawyer for a few years and since then, a career politician. I’ll take the police resume over that, thanks. Maybe Lee Terry should have done more with all of his time in office.

  10. Jenn says:

    SoWhat, thanks for playing the “race card”. I haven’t heard Ewing trying to make an issue out of race. When are we going to get past that and judge people for what they actually do and stand for?

  11. Expat Democrat says:

    “A nice living built from two taxpayer-funded government jobs”

    Are they describing Rep. Terry’s resume for the past 20 years?

  12. Kortezzi says:

    NE2 may be a swing district. But there is no way we will be electing a Democrat who promises to raise income tax rates. Does Ewing really want to run on the Michael Dukakis platform?

    Lee Terry is not the most charismatic congressman in Washington. But he sure is a lot better than what the tax-increasing Democrats have to offer.

  13. Academy Award says:

    That video of the Montana Pipeline people is the best confirmation of how freaking rude, crazy and irrational the left is. Please Jane dance on Gov. Dave’s desk. There is a C note for ya if you do it. I’m nominating this for an Oscar

  14. The Facts Get In The Way says:

    Ready for some facts? From CNN Money: Bush tax cuts: $544.3 billion…The bulk of that cost — $463 billion — is for the extension of cuts for families making less than $250,000, including two years of relief for 2010 and 2011 for the middle class from the Alternative Minimum Tax.

    The rest — $81.5 billion — is attributable to the extension of cuts that apply to the highest income families.

    In other words, 85% of the tax cuts went to the middle class.

    It is time democrats and Obama stop lying to the American public.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Excellent points, Facts. Some other facts: the Democrats passed and Obama signed a 2 year extension of the Bush tax cuts. It has only been 7 months since Obama signed that extension. He’s going back on his word already? What has changed between December and now? Obama has been running deficits of $1500 billion since he took office. What’s different is that there is now a crisis and according to Rahm Emmanuel, you never let a good crisis go to waste. Never mind that we’ve seen this crisis coming for months and months.

    This, my friends, is why the economy is not growing: nobody knows what Obama is going to call for, rail against, target, veto, or bury under heaps of regulations. The man cannot keep his word for 7 months. Have fun planning in that environment.

  16. Dennis says:

    In an interview with Don Walton in today’s LJS, Ewing said the repeal of the Bush tax cuts would be limited to those who make over $1million per year. S.S. can now stop freaking out about it. Oh and by the way, Ronaldo’s offer remains open.

  17. The Facts Get In The Way says:

    Dennis, that is NOT the Democrat House plan or Obama plan.. Ewing will roll right along with House Democrats and will raise taxes on that 85%.

    If Obama gets his way…and John Ewing will be there for him…taxes will go up for EVERYONE. Jobs will be lost and those with investment money will continue to hold on to it.

  18. The comments section isn’t for cutting and pasting someone else’s thoughts.
    If you need to reference something, paraphrase it, then give your own analysis.
    Thanks for staying involved.

  19. Democrat Businessman and Obama Supporter syas only way to get economy back is fire Obama says:

    Sorry Sweeps.
    To pharaphrase:
    – Obama’s economic policies make no sense and are killing the economy.
    – People who have money to invest aren’t because they are unsure of what the business environment will be under higher taxes and greater regulation being pursued by Obama
    – The economy will not recover and jobs will not be created until Obama is out of the White House.

    This from a major Obama support, Steve Wynn.

  20. RWP says:

    So, Dennis, over 70% of the Bush tax cut went to people making under $1,000,000 a year. If it was a failure, why do you want to keep >70% of it?

  21. Anonymous says:

    RWP, I think you’re smarter than that. The Bush tax cuts did nothing but increase our debt. Very weak job growth and a housing bubble. Now that the economy is still crap, taxing those who are spending every cent they have would make it worse. Taxing those who aren’t spending would have a minimal effect and would go to reducing the deficit (which is what your side wants!). If you really don’t understand, there are plenty of econ courses at the U. But I think you’re just trying to score points.

  22. Flood of comments here says:

    Alot of posts from Ewing’s staffer attacking Terry on what’s he done. Interesting that yesterday’s OWH story said the major flood reform provision (that would mandate payment of claims after a 30-day wait period and ditch the earlier ‘flood in progress’ cutoff) was sponsored on the House floor by Terry last week and passed. Now it goes to the Senate where Johanns has sponsored the Senate version. If the provison ultimately passes, Terry will get the credit. There are many other bills like that that have passed with Terry-sponsored provisions. Ewing and Dem posters just don’t get it–you’ve never made the case on this accomplishments thing against Terry–why don’t you try something new.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:48: You’re the one who needs to go to the U and take econ courses if you think the Bush tax cuts led to weak job growth and a housing bubble. In fact, you should probably pay somebody to teach you because the level of ignorance it takes to link those things together is beyond the amount of time anyone here wants to volunteer to teach you.

  24. RWP says:

    But, but, AC @ 10:48, if >70% of the Bush tax cuts went to people who ‘spend money ‘ (something rich people don’t do, according to you), and the economy needs people to spend money, according to you, then it’s a complete contradiction to say they did ‘nothing but increase our debt’. In fact, according to you, the Bush tax cuts are helping us recover.

    You seem to be having a problem with simple logic. I’m afraid there’s no course for that.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed. FIVE of the looney tunes stayed in the Montana Governor’s office to be arrested. That’s conviction for you. So glad our Nebraska State Capitol has protocols and procedures in place to keep Jane and her drum circles from taking over the Rotunda or Governor’s office. Do they really think this smacks of adult behavior? Why on earth would they think they would be in any position to “negotiate” with the Governor with drums, hula hoops and dancing on the tables? Then they go and splay it across You Tube as a call to arms and they don’t know how ridiculous they appear? Grow up young’uns!

  26. Anonymous says:

    RWP and MacDaddy seem to have a problem with complexity (hard to understand with RWP being a scientist). Times change. After the Bush tax cuts, the excess money went into chasing bubbles, not job creation or productive investments. Now that the bubbles have burst crashing the economy, increasing taxes on those who have very little excess spending money would further hamper a recovery. Different times, different scenarios. What are your solutions, more tax cuts? Or do you subscribe to the crazy notion that businesses won’t invest because of uncertainty brought on by the deficits (it’s really uncertainty of customer demand).

  27. Flip Ewing says:

    Interesting that John tells the OWH on Saturday that he supports ending the Bush tax cuts. When he realizes what’s he’s done–major tax increases on families, small businesses, etc–and gets hit for it–he backtracks on Monday. Now he only wants to raise taxes on folks earning, maybe, $1 million although he still hasn’t really decided. Many of the $1 million earners own businesses and file individually–raising their taxes might lead to them not expanding or hiring new employees. Also, there are business tax breaks to encourage new purchases “expensing”–I supose John wants to ditch those too. Time to hire a researcher, John.

  28. RWP says:

    After the Bush tax cuts, the excess money went into chasing bubbles, not job creation or productive investments.

    Excess money. HAHAHAHA!. That’s the stuff people don’t need, and the government should take, right, according to President ‘don’t call me socialist’ Obama?

    So why would some with extra money in their pocket from the Bush tax cut decide to take out a mortgage that required no or very small payments for several years? After all, they just increased their cash flow! Hoping for yet another tax cut? But even that doesn’t work; Bush cut rates to an effective zero for almost half the population.

    Business uncertainty is partly due to debt, partly to regulation, and partly because the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet on the subprime fiasco and the PIIGS. People feel safe with cash, as long as inflation stays low. Businesses are doing share buy-backs and takeovers.

    We should cut gummint debt, and cut regulation. Just slash the EPA by 30 or 40% and you kill two birds with one stone! Those are the two things we can do something about.

    The European debt crisis is going to come to a climax in the near future, and probably take a bank or two with it. Wonder why Bank of America and Goldman Sachs stocks are in the crapper?

  29. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 12:23: I only hear your side wanting to raise taxes, be it at the national, state, or local level. There isn’t a single Republican out there who advocates raising taxes in a recession. Even President Obama, before he became a “born-again deficit hawk,” wouldn’t go for that. Come to think of it, you wouldn’t happen to be President Obama, would you? Your misunderstanding of economics seems to be similar.

    You scoff at uncertainty? If you were a small business owner who had no idea if his taxes were going to go up 4% during this calender year, and your margin was 2%, would you hire somebody right now? When the President of the United States gets on TV and says “we are going to default unless you send me something that overturns the legislation I signed last December, and it is going to be cataclysmic,” would you hire somebody?

    Classes begin September 7th at Metropolitan Community College. And you get a free bus pass.

  30. Oh Mander says:

    “There isn’t a single Republican out there who advocates raising taxes in a recession.”

    Not true Mac. There are still a few sensible Republicans out there that are honest enough to admit that new revenue sources will be required in the next 2 or 3 years to balance the budget. Check out the plan released by The Gang of Six. Any Republican that tells you that cuts alone will get us to where we need to be obviously cares more about getting reelected than he or she does about a realistic approach to getting our financial house in order.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The federal government is NOT a business. Only simplistic minds keep going there.

    As far as business uncertainty is concerned, demand is the primary driver, not regulations or tax concerns. Those who live in the real world (i.e. working in a business) understand this, but if you don’t believe me, here is a quote in January from David Cote, CEO of Honeywell (SS, sorry for cut/paste): “I don`t think there are many CEOs out there who would say, geez, things are booming, but I`m uncertain on regulation, so I`m not going to hire people. While I`d be the first to admit that uncertainty on regulation doesn`t help, at the end of the day, I think the bigger driver is uncertainty of demand.”

    In a previous post, I was speaking of “excess money” in a macro sense. Basically there was a glut of cash looking for profitable investment opportunities. The Fed was artificially keeping interest rates low, so products were created to suck up this money (derivatives are an example) and provide a better return. However these products were much riskier than they looked.

  32. RWP says:

    November 2010.

    I don’t live in Lincoln. That means I didn’t get to vote in their sham election, and I don’t have to pay their 10% increase in city tax levy, increase in electric rates because they’re dumping the cost of street lights on ordinary ratepayers, or increase in the wheel tax.

    How do you know you just elected a Democrat…..

    Incidentally, see how Phil Montag, Beutler’s new media guy, got a letter published in the Journal Star today congratulating Beutler on his supreme budgeting superpowers? Montag didn’t get around to mentioning that he works for Beutler, of course, and the LJS editorial staff is so clueless they didn’t recognize his name (or did, and decided to pretend they didn’t).

    Pravda on Salt Creek, I call it.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Oh Mander, I saw that about the Gang of Six after I submitted my comment. I stand corrected. What is it about the Republican Party that they never notice Lucy is holding the football?

    BTW, your contention that new taxes will balance the budget in the next 2-3 years takes Anon’s comments to level 11. New taxes will not balance the budget. Not this year. Not next year. Not in 2-3 years, not in 50 years.

  34. Ricky says:

    Is it too much to ask that Omaha and Douglas County get a Democrat to represent them in Congress for a change. Why in the world should we give career pol Terry another term?
    No thanks to Scott Laughtenbaugh and the Nebraska Unicam for giving Terry a reliable Republican voting bloc of Sarpy County.
    If not for that Rep Terry would have been retired long ago.
    As it is Mr Ewing has a good chance at knocking him off.
    I hope he does and I will work toward that goal.

    Ricky From Omaha

  35. Interested in the discussion says:

    Ricky–pls look at the election returns. Terry won Douglas County against Esch in 2008, while Obama won it. Fact is, Terry has won Douglas County every time.

  36. Oh Mander says:

    Mac – Don’t twist my words because you were wrong. I understand that it will be a while before we’re going to have a balanced budget. Hence the need for new revenue to expedite the process. The reference to 2-3 years was the timetable for the new tax structure, not the timetable for a balanced budget.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Oh Mander, don’t you know that “twisting words” is the Republican party’s and right-wing’s stock-in-trade?

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Oh Mander, it’s going to be a while?!?! I guess infinity could be a while. BTW, why don’t you guys just say, “We want higher taxes” rather than this sophistry about new revenue. The problem is that your “new revenue” will hurt the economy now. You think the economy is going to be hunky dory in 2-3 years? That’s when you want higher taxes. I tell you what, how about cutting something first, and then we could talk about new taxes. Obama can’t even name one program he would cut. What would you cut? The problem with the idiot Republicans in the Gang of Six, is that the “cuts,” which are actually only decreases in the rate of growth, always come through some accounting trick or supposed savings, or waste fraud and abuse. It’s always in “a while.” That while never seems to come. Voters are done with this BS.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Terry may have won Douglas County against Esch in 2008, but the fact is that his numbers keep going down each and every election. He’s not as popular as he likes to pretend he is. And I think he knows that.

  40. Interested in the discussion says:

    Terry won 52 percent in 2008 and then won 61 percent in 2010. His numbers are going down?

  41. Oh Mander says:

    Wrong wrong wrong. Obama endorsed the Gang of Six plan, which includes $500 billion in cuts to federal health care programs, cuts to federal employee pensions, curbs in the growth of military health care and retirement costs, cuts to farm subsidies, and many other program cuts/reforms for a grand total of $4 Billion in deficit cuts. It also lowers, that’s right LOWERS, the top income tax rate of 35% to 29%, using elimination of tax loopholes and reductions in tax deductions to pay for the cuts. It sounds like they are giving you exactly what you want, but your blind hate for Obama and congressional democrats has impaired your ability to realize it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    You can’t count 2010. Tom White wasn’t a candidate, he was a bad joke. Or…um…maybe he was just an angry clown.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    They are raising taxes by a trillion dollars. Spread it around all you want, but they are raising taxes by a trillion dollars in a down economy. Did you miss that point? Taxes are going to go up by a trillion dollars. As for the cuts, the actual total decrease in federal spending the next 10 years is 1.2 trillion. Did I neglect to point out that the Gang of Six plan raises taxes by 1 trillion dollars? At what point have I ever said I wanted higher taxes?

  44. RWP says:

    The Gang of Six plan is a joke. Even if you take seriously the vaporware ‘cuts’, it will lessen the ten year deficit by only about a quarter.

  45. Still Interested... says:

    Anon 10:36–you know, of course you’re right–Terry’s 21 point win in 2010 is completely and totally irrelevant–silly me!

  46. Anonymostly says:

    Hey Dennis, empirical evidence also shows that Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus plan has been an abject failure. When will Obama’s stimulus start working? When will Democrats quit stupidly trying to defend it? When will using stimulus money to buy “sensitivity” books for all OPS employees create (or save) any jobs? If Bush’s tax cuts were so baaaaad, Dennis, why did Pres-O-Bama want to keep them last December? Hmmmm?

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