Kicking back

If there was a question as to whether the national advocates are interested in the 2012 Senate race, look no further than the 2nd TV ad coming to Nebraska from a third party group this month.

This time from a bunch called Concerned Women for America. See it here:

Is this the most funniest ad ever? Well…dunno. Though when she’s playing the cello we chuckled.

In any case, it only points to the continuing focus on Ben Nelson, the father of the Cornhusker Kickback. As Don Walton pointed out, whomever wins the Republican nomination will have plenty of national cash and support against Nelson.

There will be some heavy concentration of these types of spots.

And, as always, return to Leavenworth Street to take a look!


Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle accepted an invitation to speak to the Republican Forum yesterday, and few sparks flew. No biscuits were thrown. There was very little pushing and shoving. (Though there were rumors that Suttle tried to pack the audience with homeless individuals — but all turned out to be vegans who refused the $5 and a free lunch at Anthony’s.)

One curious moment: City Councilperson Jean Stothert found it necessary to announce that she is NOT going to challenge Lee Terry for his Congressional seat. Seems that someone had been gossiping around the City-County building that Stothert had her yard-signs ready to plant against Terry.

And that someone’s name rhymes with “Tim Schmuttle.”

Jim Suttle (coincidence?), then got up and joked that he was also announcing that Stothert had no plans to run against Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. (OK, that was actually sorta funny.)

And if anyone else would like to announce that they are not running against Terry, we will happily print their non-parade pics here.


And speaking of not-running against Terry, former Terry opponent, turned Terry supporter, turned Terry campaign co-chair Richard Carter is running for legislature!

Excellent for him. Combat veteran. Economics teacher. Campaign experience. We are looking forward to hearing from and seeing more of him. He is running for the Abbie Cornett’s District 45 seat — which will be vacated as she is term-limited.

And on that note, we have also heard that Acela Turco will be running for Rich Pahls’s District 31 seat (also term limited). She has been endorsed by Governor Heineman, Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy, Tony Fulton, Hal Daub, Beau McCoy, and state Senator Pahls himself. She has also raised over $5,000 and is the first legislative candidate to file at the NADC.


And we heard from Dave Nabity after we ran the video of his discussion with the Fire Union during his 2006 Gvoernor’s run.

We understand that Nabity has been a fairly polarizing figure of late, but we found his response to this video to be reasonable:

In 2006, I was a candidate for state wide office and all of my attention was on Nebraska issues. At the time of the interview, I had spent no time studying firefighter issues and had no reason to not fully endorse their agenda. It was all about public safety, right? It wasn’t until 2007 that I began to understand the damage they had done to the financial health of the city. It was then that I also witnessed their vicious assault on Dan Welch for embracing the Matrix Report, a report that showed they were grossly over staffed by 100 and wasting at least $7 million a year.

In 2006, I had no idea these things were happening and assumed their staffing excesses were minimal, not 100. As my attention turned toward local issues, I learned of very disturbing behaviors from the union leaders that led me to further investigate the behind the scenes manipulations and study the labor contracts.

Today, I am totally committed to do whatever I can to stop their plundering of the city and minimize their ability to bully elected officials into agreeing to foolish public policy. That is why they held on to the tape and introduced it now. They want to distract people away from the content of their labor contract and smear an outspoken critic, who at one time held them in the highest regard.


It is supposed to be 86 and rainy in Omaha on Sunday, so enjoy your brief relief.

You? No. We were talking to the mosquitoes, who needed a break from gorging themselves on necks, forearms and calves at the Leavenworth Street outdoor offices, among other blood buffet locales.

The rest of you just huddle in your basement next to a cooler of Schlitz. It’s really the safest thing to do.

And remember to purchase that cooler on Amazon via Leavenworth Street’s link! (See how smoothly that was inserted? Marketing 101, kids.) Enjoy your weekend/Schlitz.


  1. RWP says:

    Ben just voted against cut, cap and balance, the only actual piece of legislation that has attempted to address the debt ceiling issue. I think he’s addicted to Spenditol. Fortunately, there’s an intervention planned for November 2012.

  2. Great Legislative Candidates says:

    Acela and Richard along with John Murante will make a great freshman team at the legislature.

  3. Bob says:

    Terry might want to throw he hat in the ring for a state legislature position. Maybe he could be a heavyweight at that level

  4. GOPer says:

    Acela and her husband Jay Turco are small business owners who have been involved in local GOP politics for around a decade. They have help a number of campaigns.

    Excited to have a Republican representing LD45 for the first time in a long while if Carter is elected.

  5. Allen Hager says:

    Acela is a solid candidate and will be a very good Senator. She is a small business owner who understands how the real economy works.

  6. GOPer says:

    Anony 11:42 pm. Abbie Cornett is NOT a Republican. Retired Omaha Cop w huge disability pension but…yet she can scale to Woodman tower??? Pays for baby sitters and income from campaign accounts?Pays her husband? Helped Democrats gain important leadership positions in the legislature? Fought important reforms that would help cities against excessive union contracts? The ONLY reason Abbie Cornett has an R next to her name is because it cut off GOP support for any opponent. Cornett and Brad Ashford are Democrats registered as Republicans for political expediancy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No Nebraska Legistlative District is in GOP or Democrat hands. Nebraska has a non-partisan unicameral. If you think any party has any influence over Nebraska’s state senators, you are wrong.

    Not only is there no reason for incumbents to care about or respond to the party principles that should be guiding them via the party they joined and solicit and suck-up to for campaign dollars and support, but once they are in office as NE state senators, there isn’t even a second legislative house to keep them honest or to in any way check their stupidity as lawmakers. Nebraskans are left with only a gubinatorial subsequent/all-or-nothing veto instead of the normal bicameral back and forth dialogue that is the policy discussion that causes good and effective laws to rise out of the bog of crap lawmaking that comes from the essential ego tyranny that is a unicameral.

    Nebraska is crippled by having a nonpartisan unicameral. But I bet that half the bloggers here who consider themselves politically astute think our Unicarnival is just wonderful as an unchecked, unbalanced single apartisan legislature.

    Apparently when other pioneers were burning buffalo “chips” for fuel, Nebraska settlers were developing a taste for eating them. From such sprang the Cornhusker political crap-brain.

    Nebraskans so deserve Ben Nelson and every bad bit of goverment they get.

  8. To GOPer says:

    Ah Misguided GOPer, Senator Cornett’s pension is paltry compared to others. When she left the department, she got a standard retirement, not the spiked version that you imply. Her disability is a knee injury, if she had scaled the Woodman (meaning to climb or jump over) that would have been quite the feat. She rappelled down the Woodman, using a rope and upper body (strange how that works isn’t it?). Daycare is a legitimate campaign expense, take the time to look it up, and lastly, I’m pretty sure she’s not paying her husband. The state keeps tabs on that kind of thing. Put up or shut up, but get it right.

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