The Ben strikes back!

And to continue on with the saga that will be / is the 2012 Senate campaign, Ben Nelson and his supporters are already striking back at the rebels who wish to take on his power.

See his answer to the recent ad against him:

This from a group called “Patriot Majority”. But don’t be fooled that this is some sort of “seniors” group.

Patriot Majority is a 527 founded by two Democrat operatives, Craig Varoga and George Rakis — Varoga is a former press flack for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The two have founded a bunch of 527s to make hits on Republicans and Tea Party groups, in particular.

And the ad was produced by Davis-Dixon which has done numerous ads on behalf of Nelson — including the famous one he put out right after he negotiated the Cornhusker Kickback.

And while we are at it, it is interesting that Nelson keeps talking over and over about not touching Medicare.

Because this is the same guy who, just a few years ago scolded Republicans for wanting to address Social Security when “everyone knows” Medicare is the real entitlement reform problem. And then Nelson was the deciding vote for ObamaCare which cut $500 billion from Medicare.

Wonder if we will hear that mentioned by anyone in the future…


The OWH today mentioned another GOP challenger for Lee Terry.

Of course, you read that here five weeks ago.

We noted:

And then there is another potential challenger to Terry in the primary.

His name is Jack Heidel.

Heidel is a 72 year old Math Professor at UNO (with his PhD in Math), and is a member of the Omaha metro Learning Community Coordinating Council, District #3. He was elected in 2010 and will serve four years on the council. You can see his bio and website here, which is pretty much filled with Math (though it is our understanding there are no math requirements to read said site).

We learned that Heidel is sending out feelers to see what kind of support he could find in a run against the 49 year old Terry, but that he is already pretty much planning a run.
And we understand, again, that he plans to run as a Republican.

Well, OK.

We must have missed the groundswell of Republicans against Terry.

But has Terry’s campaign manager noted, primary challengers will help Terry’s campaign get up and running much sooner.


And we see that the State Department will have two Keystone XL Pipeline hearings in Nebraska — one in Lincoln and one somewhere in the Sandhills.

Well, looks like the activist kids will have the opportunity to get out their drums and hula-hoops for a hootenanny of a protest. Or maybe then can lay down and get themselves arrested — like the kids in Montana and movie stars in Washington.

Well, at least we can find out why it would be better to get oil from Iran and Venezuela, than Canada.

(Oh yeah, it is because they don’t like the tar-sands oil, and has nothing to do with the pipeline. But you won’t hear that from them.)


  1. Convinced says:

    Love it! Let the Democrats pour money into the little losers coffers, it will be less to spend on other less secure races. Benny is toast! There are Nebraskans all over the country who wish they still lived here so they could cast a vote against the hair piece. Nope Benny will raise a lot of money and spend a good deal of it too, but in the end when people show up on election day he is toast. See he embarrassed ALL of NEBRASKA. Ben Nelson is the poster child of ALL that is wrong in politics today, along with is master Obama.

  2. SoWhat? says:

    I think this commercial is amazing. It shows just how absolutely desperate the Benator is to try and hang onto his seat. All he has left to run on is Mediscare and even that is falling flat. Even the initial premise of this ad is 100% flawed. There is no wrong way to cut government spending ever. The Benator’s pay and retirement benefits should be on top of the cut list.

  3. Dennis says:

    If were a Republican, I wouldn’t get over confident about taking out Ben Nelson next year. Your candidates are weak and have been pushed too far to the right by the Tea Party. Jon Bruning – the presumed front runner – has been significantly out raised by Nelson since he announced. Since November 2010, Nelson has out raised Bruning by a 4-1 margin. If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t take any comfort in Nelson’s vote for $500 billion in Medicare cuts in the HCR bill last year. The Ryan Medicare privatization plan – which is supported by Bruning – retains those $500 billion in cuts and will impose thousands of dollars in additional medical costs on seniors. Bruning forfeited any advantage he had on the Medicare issue when he signed onto to the Ryan plan. Bruning and Stenberg’s support of the euphonious “cut, cap and balance” plan also forfeits any advantage they may have once had on S.S. and Medicare. “Cut, cap and balance” makes it impossible to raise taxes and freezes spending at levels not seen since 1966. This radical bill would require hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare and S.S. cuts.

  4. Walton's Column says:

    Anyone else see the headline of Don Walton’s column today? The OW-H and the LJ-S are really making a grab for racy headlines…..And how about that tacky picture of Sheehy?

  5. Anonymostly says:

    So, in Dennis’s view, the best way to run for office is to promise giveaways to everyone and then say you’ll pay for it by taxing all those rich people who don’t need all that money and don’t deserve it. Sounds like a great plan, Dennis. When do you cut your first commercials?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Social Security and Medicare are giveaways? I didn’t know that. Wonder what I was paying into the last 40 years? I’m guessing Anonymostly is a young guy who thinks that anything he doesn’t get is a giveaway.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Both the state papers, especially the LJS, are rags and nothing more. In particular Don Walton is a tool. Most people reading this site will know where they stand in relation to Walton and the other rag writers at these papers.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Medicare is going to get cut. Period. It can be done in the fairest and least painful way possible or we can do nothing and wait for it to run out of money in 12 years, but it’s getting cut. Apparently, Senator Nelson really hates seniors and is looking forward to the entirely predictable train wreck that is going to decimate them. I think he’ll probably be drinking a slurpee while it happens.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If we want fiscal responsibility in government then it begins in campaigns to be elected our leaders. Just because someone raises hideous amounts of money to seemingly “get their message” out, doesn’t mean they know how to do much with less which may just explain Nelson and the rest’s attitude towards the people they serve. So Dennis, you are wet when you point out the disparity between Nelson and Bruning. In fact, it simply shows a man (Nelson) less likely to have a foundation of a solidly backed position in which to stand so he’s going to club his constiuents to submission with boring ads and soft spoken back peddling to cover up having his two faces uncovered December 2010.

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