New ad challenging Ben Nelson

New Crossroads GPS spot addressing Ben Nelson and the debt negotiations:

This spot has local people featured (and the state Capitol in the background).

Will Nelson respond?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, Crossroads thinks every Nebraskan wears a cowboy hat and has a handlebar mustache. Rove knows Nebraskans and knows what we need!

  2. RWP says:

    Boehner used ‘blank check’ last night. It’s a good meme.

    So far, the ‘debt crisis’ has not played to Obama’s plan. The market is shrugging it off, and despite an apparent organized union campaign to block the Capitol switchboards, most people are not convinced it’s a crisis. Apparently the WH called Boehner Sunday and told him they’d take the original $800 bn. he, Geither and Bill Daley had settled on, but Boehner doesn’t trust them any more. Both Nelson and Obama are going to get a House-crafted bill on take-it-or-leave-it terms. Both are too desperate not to take it.

    Obama’s a fool. If he’d not tried to jerk Boehner around (which I think was because he was unwilling to stand up to Reid and Pelosi) he’d have a deal he could live with, right now, and could start posing as a government-spending-cutter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you’re living in some parallel universe. Obama promised spending cuts well beyond what most Democrats desired, but since he insisted on some revenue increases, mostly by cutting out tax loopholes, the Repubs rejected his plan.

    During Reagan’s terms the debt limit was raised 17 times with no controversy, but this House has yet to realize their is no governance without compromise. You can’t expect one side to constantly give in, though Obama has a pretty good record of doing this.

    Glad you’re on record stating that not raising the debt limit would be a non-event. We’ll know soon enough. I’ll respect any utterances you make in the field of Chemistry, but do you have any background in Economics, even to just the extent of reading a book on the subject?

  4. RWP says:

    You really need to read some, AC@10:46. The LA Times had a pretty good summary last week about what went on. The $800 bn in revenue enhancement was settled in principle; then Obama decided he could get more.

    You’re a liar too. I never said it was a non event. I said the market is shrugging it off, and most people aren’t convinced it’s a crisis.

    I really don’t care if you think I know anything about economics. That’s between me and my schedule D.

  5. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you’re guilty of not providing the whole story. Obama’s ask for more tax revenue just put him in alignment with the bi-partisan “Gang of Six” proposal. And from the article you referenced:
    “Republicans later would cite the $400-billion request as the reason the talks broke down, but negotiations continued at the time. Boehner and Cantor went back to the White House on Wednesday. Discussions about the additional $400 billion in new revenue were secondary to concerns over tax reform “triggers.””

  6. Lee Atwater says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Crossroads GPS stuff. Really hits home. All Nelson/Obama apologists can say to dispute the ad is someone is wearing a cowboy hat??? Maybe that anony needs to get out past Lincoln sometime.

    Wait til the REAL hard hitting adds come.

    In the end, Ben Nelson will NOT run for re-election.

  7. FPS says:

    Sweeper, is the heat [global warming / CO2] killing the few brain cells you have left?? Those people are actors & your backgrounds are keyed in although, badly, do you know what that is?? You SPEND & raise the debt ceiling GOPERS, remember GWB & his 6 executive orders that caused the current mess?? I guess you’re trying to BAFFLE your fellow brain dead, complements of the 100% CO2 increase in the environment since 1940, with good old fashioned BULL Sh..!!! Social parasites like you and your ilk who only worry about their own sorry butts & could care less for the Common Good of America will be it’s demise. Oh BTW; let build more prisons & hire more cops instead of caring for the weak & the poor, it will only cost about 3 times as much to do but hey, you’ll put a few potential thughs to work as cops & prison guards.

  8. Lee Atwater says:

    Behind closed doors, Obama administration officials are telling major bank execs that there is absdolutely no way we are going to default. All the while telling the American public and International community we are about to default.

    There is absolutely no way you can compare this situation with the Reagan years. the numbers we are talking about now are astronomically way out of whack with any reasonable measures. This is not a simple fix, this is a HUGE blank check.

    Final point for anon 10:46. If Obama has agreed to cuts larger than most dems agree with, where are they? Put them on paper and show us how he does it? He can’t. He hasn’t. It is clear that no one can trust this President’s word and without specific cuts, in writting, these cuts are just lies.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see Lee, Obama’s proposed raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67, changing COLA on SS to lower future payouts.

  10. Questions questions says:

    Sitting on the tarmac on a DC-bound jet and who do I see? Mr. Jon Bruning himself. Two questions:
    Doesn’t our state AG have something state-related to do on a Tuesday afternoon? And whose ring is he flying 1,000 miles on a weekday to kiss?

    The man has good taste in assistants, I’ll give him that.

  11. Dennis says:

    Boehner and the GOP’s “blank check” talking point is fundamentally dishonest. Raising the debt ceiling isn’t like raising the nation’s credit limit. Instead, it’s like the credit card bill you just received in the mail. If you don’t pay the bank you get sued. Similarly, if the U.S. doesn’t pay it’s bills, our credit rating gets downgraded and it’s more expensive to borrow money. That would increase the deficit that the GOP claims to be so concerned about.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Uh, anon 5:52, exactly what is your problem with Dennis’ post? Looks accurate to me, and he’s not the only one saying this.

  13. The Pip says:

    What happened to Cantor? Evidently after being spanked by Obama, he must have run home to Mom. For being a big name in a big game, his Congressional record isn’t too impressive. Something shut him up. Maybe he found out his shi_ eating grin, and Republican blue suit wasn’t worth as much as he thought.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dennis is correct. I would like to see a major reduction in spending, a balanced annual budget, and other changes that would help us reduce the overall debt. Now that operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, and now that more in Congress seem committed to spending cuts, I think we can do it. What I don’t understand is why we want to do it at the cost of sparking an economic crisis over reaching the debt ceiling. Doesn’t anyone grasp that it’s going to cost us MORE money, not less, to service our existing debt if we get to the point of not being able to pay it all? Just like I’d pay penalties if I failed to pay off my monthly credit card bill?

    What has happened to fiscal conservativism? That’s what bothers me most. The Republican party seems to have lost its mind. I never really expected Democrats to produce decent fiscal policy, but Republicans? What has happened to transform “conservative” into “reckless”?! To me, conservatives should want to save money and pursue a prudent fiscal policy. Instead, for the past ten years, conservativism has been about overextending ourselves militarily, financially, and otherwise, and now playing this dangerous game with our AAA credit rating. Maybe I’m just showing my age, but I cannot imagine Republicans in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or even early 90’s behaving like this. ???

  15. WTF says:

    @Lee Atwater
    Heard a Democrat state senator’s staffer say last January “I couldn’t care less about anything west of K Street” (sic)…par for the course for the Dems in the state.

  16. Lee Atwater says:

    Anon 1:42 – show me the whole plan in writting. You will not find it. Obama’s word is only as good as the paper it is written on. Oh…wait, they can’t oput it in writting.

    Guess we will have to pass it to know what is in it. Right? Heard THAT before?

  17. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    I would strongly suggest you not make comments about Bruning’s employees. They all have a lot more friends than you and we can all kick your ass easily for being a snide, sexist asshole or b*tch, if that may be the case.

    Stick to the candidate and his or her abilities.

  18. RWP says:


    If you need an increase in your debt limit just so you can pay the interest on your past debt you’re in a debt spiral. You are screwed. Fortunately, we are not quite there yet. We could choose to reduce funding to most govt. agencies, limit entitlement spending, increase some tax rates, and rationalize the tax code, and not raise the debt limit, beyond a temporary and small increase. Neither party is yet proposing that yet.
    In fact, the only ones interested in anything other than a palliative are the much maligned tea-party caucus.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Boehner wouldn’t even hold a vote on his “cut, cap and balance” bill because the tea party contingent would have not voted for it, dooming its enactment. Hard to believe a University professor would have positive words for the know-nothing, anarchist tea party caucus. Governance is impossible without compromise.

  20. Anonymous says:

    From Forbes: “The 400 Richest Americans Pay An 18% Tax Rate”. Wish I had that deal! And people say we have a progressive tax system.

  21. FPS says:

    RWP @ 10:15

    This country is in a debt spiral thanks to the interest we have to pay the Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank on the toilet paper money they put into circulation. We need to get rid of the FED & let America print it’s own money that is backed by something other than SMOKE! Did you know that JFK essentially eliminated the FRB by his EO 11110 & started printing US notes, not Federal Reserve notes backed by a real asset, Silver bullion? It lasted til the mainly European Jewish bankers who own the FED got angry & Kennedy was shot 6 mos. later. Johnson quickly got the message & the US Treasury started to eliminate all of the US Govs. Silver Certificates that were backed by silver & not Smoke. The Private FED wasn’t about to give up it’s cash cow, the American Public, no matter who they had to eliminate. BTW: JFK’s EO is still in effect but no one has had the balls to try to make America a financially sovereign nation again by trying to print coinage backed by real assets like gold or silver.

    As an aside, Federal Income tax was initiated in 1913 at the same time the Jekyll Island meeting that created the FED was done so that the Private Bankers, that now had Americans by the balls would be sure that they got their interest payments!!! But don’t feel bad, the rest of the Western world is in the same boat. Ever wonder why CHINA & INDIA are taking over? now you know, it’s because they aren’t controlled by European Banking Cartel that owns what they don’t!!!

  22. RWP says:

    Boehner wouldn’t even hold a vote on his “cut, cap and balance” bill because the tea party contingent would have not voted for it, dooming its enactment

    They had a vote on “cut, cap and balance” last week. HR 2560, passed 234-190, on July 20. The 234 included five Democrat yeas.

    Hard to believe a University professor would have positive words for the know-nothing, anarchist tea party caucus.

    You are equally ignorant of the tea party caucus, anarchism, cut cap and balance, and university professors. All in all, that’s pretty sad.

  23. Lee Atwater says:

    Cut Cap and Balance PASSED with bipartisan support. It is the ONLY plan to pass either house. It is the only plan that accomplishes every goal we must reach at this time.

    EVERY failure on this issue lies with the White House and democrat led Senate who would not even allow debate on CCB. Why? Because they know too many members could not justify voting against it.

    Pretty bad when you can’t even allow your own members to stand up and be counted on an issue.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Lee A, non-partisan Politifact rated Boehner’s statement that “Cut Cap and Balance PASSED with bipartisan support” as Mostly False. 5 Democrats voting for a bill in a 435 member House does not make it bipartisan. But who needs facts if you’re in a cult where beliefs trump facts.

    RWP, I made a mistake in reference to Boehner’s bill. I meant his debt limit bill that was to be introduced Monday. Unlike you I admit my errors. If you like folks that have no problem with putting our government in default, damn the economic consequences, then you are a bit of an anarchist yourself.

  25. RWP says:

    Anonymous, there is no way of checking if you admit mistakes, because you don’t have a name or identity. How the heck do we know two anonymous posts are from the same person?

    The Tea-Party caucus, as I understand it, does not believe it is necessary to put the govt. in default, even if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. One could pay the bond interest and issue social security checks. The rest of the govt. would be largely shut down; but then, if the Democrats cared about funding the govt. properly, they’d have passed a budget.

  26. Anonymous says:

    RWP, the budget and debt limit are two separate things. The government has certain obligations (SS, interest to bondholders, etc.) that if paid out will cause us to exceed our statutory debt limit. It has nothing to do with a budget passed by Dems or not. Funny how raising it was never a problem when we had Republican presidents.

  27. Lee Atwater says:

    Anon, 1:35 –
    Mirriam-Webster: of, relating to, or involving members of two parties

    Last I checked, there were members of two parties who voted to pass CCB. Not that facts get in the way of the party and President of we can’t pass a budget or present our own viable plan and our actions are driving us toward default. The is Obama and the Senate dems..

  28. RWP says:

    What does Anonymous @ 2:13 pm mean that it wasn’t a problem to raise the debt limit when Republicans were President? Obama voted against raising the debt limit when Bush was President, and even gave one of his little speeches to let us all know how it was a bad idea!

  29. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you and I both know that it was all political theater. Obama has said it was a mistake, and there was no chance the debt limit would not have been raised, unlike today. So get serious and quit this gotcha crap. It’s seem to be just a game to most of you instead of providing any serious discussion.

  30. RWP says:

    Indeed. Obama’s entire career has been political theater. Problem is, we need a President, and we have a drama queen.

    In fact, many Democrats voted not to raise the debt ceiling while Republicans were President, and the claim that ‘raising it was never a problem when we had Republican presidents’ is pure crap. Anonymous @ 5:15 wants us to give them credit for the fact that their votes against were not just theatrics, but futile theatrics. And the theatrics continue, with Harry Reid’s > 1 trillion in phony cuts, in the claims that seniors and veterans will die, and the US will default.

    In 2004, US debt reached the statutory limit on October 14, and John Snow informed Congress he would be unable to pay all the bills by mid-November. On November 16, Bill Frist introduced S 2986, which raised it by $800 bn.. 42 Senate Democrats voted against a bill that, had it failed, would have meant certain default. Neither Harry Reid nor Hilary Clinton nor Joe Biden voted at all. The only Democrat yeas were John Breaux and Zell Miller. The bill passed by 3 votes.

    The Democrats have no standing to demand anything, or to cast any aspersions.

  31. Anonymous says:

    And back in 2004, the Democrats knew it would pass. That’s how politics (unfortunately) works. They also didn’t produce ever changing demands on the opposing party. If you’re talking about Reid including the end of Afghan and Iraq wars to get the $1 trillion, Paul Ryan did the same in his budget. RWP, you’re becoming the king of false equivalence.

    P.S. Your example identifies another overreach by today’s Republicans. Today 42 votes against could have killed S 2986 as unlike Democrats then, Republicans have made 60 votes a virtual necessity to pass anything in today’s Senate.

  32. RWP says:

    And back in 2004, the Democrats knew it would pass. That’s how politics (unfortunately) works.


    Democrats voting — almost unanimously — again a measure they know is necessary is excused as ‘how politics works’. Republicans sticking to their principles is dismissed as ‘refusal to compromise’!

    You make up the rules as you go along.

    It’s easy. To raise the debt limit you need real spending cuts, and no debt increases. No games. We understand you have no principles — it’s evident from how easily you swing from voting against debt limit increases to claiming that to do so will kill grandma.

    We don’t trust you. You dug this hole. Now you have to figure out how to negotiate with someone who doesn’t believe a word you say, including the words ‘a’ and ‘the’. Good luck with that.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is BWAHAHAHAHA! a word? RWP, show me a time when the party controlling the House refused to raise the debt limit without conditions on the other party. You can’t, so its not the same. The public is not stupid and polling shows that the Republican Congress, not Obama, will get most of the blame if a debt default occurs. It’s like dealing with spoiled, bratty kids who refuse to do anything unless they get their way, and 100% of their way. The irony is that Obama has bargained away much more than the majority of Democrats are comfortable with, and that’s still not enough.

    By the way polling shows that a large majority wants tax increases along with spending cuts. So Obama is to the right of center, and the tea party Republicans are so far to the right they’re nearly falling off the edge of the Earth.

  34. RWP says:

    The 2010 debt limit increase was padded up with a load of restrictions and exceptions: a cosmetic pay-go clause, exceptions for. doctor fix, etc.. The Dems tried to tack the 2009 debt limit increase onto a Pentagon Appropriations bill, and eventually had to scale it down to almost nothing because of the outrage. The ‘clean debt limit increase’ is a myth.

    Give it up, anonymous. Do your own research, and stop parroting what you read on the MSM.

    The majority doesn’t want to raise the debt limit at all.

  35. Anonymous says:

    RWP you must get your information from talk radio or FAUX news. Everything you have said on this web site is 100% wrong. It is time for you to retire your opinions and stop calling them facts. With friends like you the republican party does not need enemies. But I am glad you like to blather , it just makes it easier for Obama and the democrats to win.

  36. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you are right that a recent Fox poll showed that a majority favored NOT raising the debt limit. However I think a lot can be explained by pollees not exactly understanding the concept of the debt limit. Not raising it does not reduce the deficit.

    A July 19 NBC/WSJ poll found that 55% think failing to raise the debt ceiling would be a real and serious problem with 18% saying it wouldn’t be a problem. Either quite a few don’t understand the debt limit, or we’re a country of masochists.

    Before 2008 raising the debt limit was a simple vote. I’ll blame the Democrats then for setting the precedent of mixing it in with other legislation, but this doesn’t justify what the Repubs are currently doing. (2 wrongs don’t make a right.)

  37. RWP says:

    There are two problems: a short-term debt limit increase, and a long term deficit problem. It would be irresponsible for the GOP to acquiesce to a short-term solution without insisting that the long term problem be tackled at the same time.

    No, this isn’t comparable to the clownish theatrics displayed by the Democrats on previous debt celing increase votes. The GOP is actually trying to do accomplish something constructive here.

  38. Anonymostly says:

    Is there any stimulus money left that hasn’t been spent yet? Maybe we could pay some social security checks from that stash. How many social security checks could we issue with the $130,000 OPS recently spent on “sensitivity” manuals for all 8,000 OPS employees?

  39. Anonymous says:

    I could buy your argument, RWP, except for one thing. The GOP is refusing ANY tax increases or closing of tax loopholes. A recent Quinnipiac poll had 67% wanting a combination of tax hikes with spending cuts.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at post #44, of what relevance is a poll result when the question is how to fix the debt ceiling problem? You’re suggesting that the average poll respondent’s opinion on the debt ceiling merits serious consideration, as though they have the requisite understanding of the situation to offer an informed and educated viewpoint. Are you the same “anonymous” who called the tea partiers “know nothing?” I daresay the average Tea Partier that I’ve come across is much more informed on matters of fiscal policy than the average American.

  41. Anonymous says:

    No Democrat ever lied and called Obama’s health care reform bipartisan. Unlike Republicans who have no problem with a lie or two if it gets votes.

  42. Anonymous says:

    No, #46, Tea Partiers think they are more informed, but all I’ve gotten in conversations are right-wing talking points provided by Faux News and Americans for Prosperity: “can’t tax job creators”, “1/2 pay no taxes”, “Social Security is bankrupt”. Trying to carry on a meaningful conversation is, as Barney Frank said, “like arguing with a dining room table”.

  43. Kortezzi says:

    Harry Ried has vowed that EVERY Senate Democrat will vote against the Boehner spending cut / debt ceiling bill.

    So will Ben Nelson do Harry’s bidding yet again? Or should I say Obama’s bidding?
    Or is he about to commence another short-lived series of moves back to the center?

    With all these TV ads, it’s clear Ben’s worried about his wrecked reputation as a “fiscal conservative”, the Kickback, etc..

    We’ll find out by Aug. 2nd, I guess.

  44. RWP says:

    I could buy your argument, RWP, except for one thing. The GOP is refusing ANY tax increases or closing of tax loopholes.

    That’s not true. In negotiations with the President, Boehner offered $800 bn. in ‘revenue enhancement’.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    How much revenue do you think will be raised by any tax increase? Anyone? Bueller? Letting the Bush tax cuts expire for those making more than 250 large will bring in $70 billion a year. That means tax revenue goes from $2.2 trillion a year to $2.27 trillion a year. That means we would go from borrowing $1.6 trillion next year to borrowing $1.53 trillion. Chump change in other words. Clearly all this talk about increasing taxes is just so much political posturing to try to sink Republicans next year. Obama needs to quit the fundraisers, quit the golf, and get serious about solving our onrushing debt crisis. He’s the smartest president we’ve ever had. He now needs to put out the cigarette and get to work.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Boehner took any tax increase off the table long ago because he knew he wouldn’t have the votes from his fellow House Republicans. Can you point to one current Republican proposal that has increased revenues?

    MacDaddy, we sort of agree. I’ve been preaching against deficits since the ’90s, so that includes all of Bush’s unnecessary tax cuts. Letting the tax cuts expire at the top bracket is a start. Once we have some recovery, all of them need to disappear. We also need new revenue (Wall Street transaction tax is one) as we can’t only cut spending to shrink the deficit.

    The time to reduce deficits is when the economy is humming (i.e. end of 90’s with Clinton’s surplus). One shouldn’t do it when decreased government spending would hurt the economy.

  47. FPS says:

    The DEBT CEILING is a done deal! Obama is going to be forced by the INFANTILE & RETARDED GOP to do an Executive Order. Just remember all you Redneck Jerks that it was GWB & Reagan that put US in this spot!!

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