Corn bowling

Not too long ago we asked for a “more interesting” parade photos from the candidates.

Well, see the shot currently in first place.

That is Jon Bruning playing photographer for Don Stenberg.

While that is pretty good, we know you can do better campaigners. We are looking forward to those efforts, and we will publish them here on Leavenworth Street.


So like many (some?) other observers, we have been watching the debt negotiations with a little interest. Not that we aren’t, you know, interested in the subject. Just that to actually follow the proposals and the vote counting and everything else, you really need a baseball scorecard, periodic table and the urban dictionary.

But here are a few points we have been following:

If you are for or again’ something, please tell us what the plan is, specifically. We are beyond the “I’m for Nebraska values” stage of the game. It is voting, put up or shut up time.

So when the President and the Senate Majority Leader were kvetching about the Republicans’ plan, the GOP rightly said, “OK, show us your plan, and then we will show it to the American people and we will debate.”

That was known as “calling the President’s bluff”. Because the President was bluffing.

And when Nebraska’s senior Senator, Ben Nelson, says, “Oh, I just don’t like that Tea Party plan in the House because it is mean to senior citizens,” then, OK Senator. Let us hear the plan you ARE for. Nothing? OK.

Well, we have at least sorted out Nelson on this go around:

He hates the Tea Party and their ilk.
He does not have a plan, or any suggestions for a plan.
He is in favor of the politicization of the process.

But you yelp, “Street Sweeper, Nelson told the Lincoln Journal Star that he hates the politics!”

Yeah. Well, in his last speech from the East Room, the President said Congress should pass a bill that gets the budget to “Election Day”, and that they can sort it out after that.

Because Election Day has economic ramifications? Because the fiscal year ends on that Tuesday? Because Wall Street hits the “new game” button on that day?

No because for the President, and so many others (we are looking your way, Senator Ben) this is all just a game about getting re-elected. And hey, we appreciate the game as much as anyone.

But we can also call you on it when you want it both ways.


We will give the gals at Bold Nebraska credit for a few things:

They know how to keep finding new ways to A) spend Dick Holland’s money and B) make us chuckle at them.

Exhibit Aardvark: Delivering 91 ears of corn to Rep. Lee Terry after his bill to set a date for the Feds’ Keystone XL Pipeline decision passed the House.


Oh, the corn is supposed to represent the ears of Van Gogh and 45 other people? Maybe it was a guess on the total score of the Nebraska vs Iowa Corn Bowl…er Heroes Game? But it couldn’t be about the Sand Hills, because that’s not corn country. Hmm.

Oh well, we are sure it was some sort of representation about the Canadian Tar Sands oil, and about how they don’t really care about the pipeline and that their protest is just about stopping that oil extraction and export. No? They haven’t mentioned that?

They haven’t mentioned that even if the oil was emailed from Alberta to Houston they would still be against the “pipeline”?

Oh well, money well spent on the sweet corn! That was awesome!

Wonder how much those flashlights and batteries are going to cost ya…


Yes, some of us are Republicans and some are Democrats. Some are Independents, or Tea Partiers or no partiers or just partiers. We run the ideological spectrum from conservative to liberal, beyond both ends and everywhere in between.

But we can ALL agree on one thing:

The title of “The Heroes Game” between Nebraska and Iowa is genuinely the worst idea to come out since jorts.

And just you watch, they’ll get someone from the cancelled NBC show to push it…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t anyone be original enough to jump in the back of a convertible with a Czech Queen or follow up the horse brigade with a pooper scooper? Think Nebraska, people.

  2. Florida resident says:

    Jane must have sent 91 Ears of corn to represent the 91 Counties of Nebraska….lol I think she is short a few years.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Ben Nelson hates the politics like a fat kid hates cake.

    Did you ever notice how obese people will often nibble at food in public and then later in private will eat a few loaves of bread? That’s Ben Nelson. Except he’s not trying to fool himself like the obese do. His aim is to fool voters. Yet every time you see Nelson he is gobbling politics like a pig. He is the porkmaster of the Senate. Politics? He’s the posterboy for politics and for having the dumbest constituency on earth.

    I mean, a “Conservative Democrat” is like a pregnant virgin. Any Nebraska voter who believes that is possible is a candidate for a lobotomy.

    The only real thing real about Ben Nelson is… (fill in the blank).

  4. anonymous says:

    ‎Jon Bruning said “It may be something that has to happen to make the fundamental changes that are necessary in the American governmental system. We have to shrink it. And, if the Democratic Party that controls the White House and the Senate doesn’t understand it, default may be necessary.”

    Thank you Jon Bruning for coming out and openly endorsing default.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Campaign fundraiser. Tuesday, August 2nd. $1,000 and $500 price of admission. Private DC golf course. Congressman Lee Terry.

    Take a look inside campaigns to be elected to see the waste and you’ll see why once there other people’s money is just….other people’s money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    America’s first “Tea Party” brought about a nation. Today’s “Tea Party” will bring it to its inglorious end. You’d better start learning to speak Chinese.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @12: I can’t believe Bruning said default may be necessary! Wow, bet he wishes he had waited another day to make a comment on the issue.

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