Smokin’ in the gals room

Stupid “news” of the day:

Jeff Fortenberry accidentally walks into Ladies Restroom! Thank you “The Hill” for that breaking information. Go ahead. Click the link. That’s the entire extent of the “story”.

We only repeat it here (uh, and on Twitter) to show you the fishbowl that your Congressmen live in.

So, just to be fair, here is the Silver Fox himself talking about his recent vote on the debt issue:


Well, we see that the gals at Bold Nebraska are still flush with cash.

When they aren’t buying 91 ears of corn to give away to Lee Terry’s Omaha office, they are buying full page web ads at the LJS. You know, for their awesome little show where they are all going to turn on flashlights!

Apparently they liked that idea better than buying a thousand glass-eyes and chucking them at the Governor to show that they are “keeping their eyes on him”. Or just hiring Sting to sing “Every Breath You Take” over and over and over again.

In the mean time, they have built their entire “we hate Canadian Tar Sands oil” campaign (what was that about a pipeline?), around landowner “Randy”.

Well the Right Wing Professor has an interesting analysis of Randall Thompson and the land that he owns — which apparently is not anywhere near the Sandhills. Again, interesting that the Bold gals could not find a Sandhills landowner to base their campaign around. Maybe because such a person doesn’t sport a cowboy hat like Randy? Or that 87% of the affected Sandhills landowners have already signed with the Pipeline?

Oh well. More flashlights! And find out where Sting is playing next!


And is it us, or does it seems like the anti-oil…er anti-pipeline… peeps keep getting to sell their story, but not anyone else? The other day, the OWH printed the opinions of the Sierra Club’s rep in the legislature, state Senator Ken Haar. But since that was not enough, they also wrote a story about Haar’s Op-Ed, in case you missed the Op-Ed itself. We did not bother to check to see if there was a front-page teaser about the story about the Op-Ed.

(Oh, and speaking of the Sierra Club, we note that their lawsuit to stop the purchase of Canadian Tar Sands oil has been dismissed.)

But then as we were browsing the links, we came, once again on this little bit:

The U.S. State Department, which has authority to approve the pipeline, said in a supplemental environment study in April that the “impacts from even very large spills would likely be limited to localized groundwater contamination that would not threaten the regional viability of the aquifer system.”

It’s a conclusion shared by Jim Goeke, a research hydrogeologist the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

According to Goeke, any risk of contamination from an oilsands spill would be restricted to 10 per cent of the aquifer, because of the pipeline’s location and the groundwater’s natural movement from west to east.

A major leak, of up to 50,000 barrels of oil, would likely be localized to between a quarter mile to half mile of the pipeline because the bitumen would congeal after release, he said.

“I think a lot of people labour under the misconception that a leak would imperil the entire aquifer. That is just patently wrong,” Goeke said.

“While it might make a mess, it would not endanger the entire aquifer. It is treatable.”

Hmm, the U.S. Government’s study AND a Nebraska groundwater expert’s study. Crazy that we have not heard much about that, but a Florida expert on eating disorders keeps getting quoted over and over.


The OWH is reporting that Senator Mike Johanns has a shot of being one of the three Republican Senators on the Super Committee to deal with the debt issues. He doesn’t think it is likely, but apparently his name is being bandied about.

Ben Nelson on the other hand has announced that he will not be on the Super Committee and would not take the gig even if it were offered.

Which is interesting considering that he was the pivotal vote on two of the biggest debt-busting measures passed by the Democrats in the past year and a half: ObamaCare and the non-stimulizing stimulus. You would think that Nelson would want a stab at cleaning up his mess.

We keep visualizing the little kid who knocks over the vase and then yells, “Someone broke that!”


Hey, Leavenworth Street got listed in the Washington Post’s “Best state-based political blogs, 2011 edition“. Thanks to all who nominated us.

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  1. Macdaddy says:

    Well, you know the personal is the political, so why shouldn’t Jane wander over to the Governor’s Mansion under the cover of darkness to harass him and his wife? There’s something really creepy about the whole stunt. It has bad idea written all over it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Jane Kleeb is creepy. She is just stupid in a way that helps everyone she opposes. The GOP likes idiots like Jane. But Ben Nelson, he really is creepy.

    Gov Nelson personally called every citizen who publically criticized him, at their home, often under the cover of darkness, to complain to them, to their children, to whoever answered the phone, because as private citizens of Nebraska they dared criticize in public forums his public actions and statements, In return, he called them privately, with the ever-present veiled threat of a Governor commanding a private army and armed police and auditors and lawyers, and variously vented his spleen, governor to citizen, tyrant to individual, to coerce citizens to silence. How creepy is that?

    The common criticisms of Nelson as a liar and political expedient, etc., entirely miss the pathology that bubbles deep in his soul. Even most of his political critics don’t know how bad he is. This isn’t about policy or party or government. It is about the creepiest guy with the darkest hidden mind that Nebraskans ever elected to anything. Nelson isn’t stupid but he is one very creepy guy.

  3. FPS says:

    Just like the TPers with their balanced budget agenda, Bold NE & it’s tar sands agenda are totally putting the cart before the horse & that’s coming from an Ultra Greenie. Needless to say America & the Planet Earth are in Deep S because of fossil fuels being used for energy but one can’t cut off the head of the beast in order to heal it’s problems, that would simply kill everything. As I mentioned many time before, Kleeb got hysterical w this pipeline issue and instead of putting all that human energy into working to realistically solve the long term problem by pushing Wind & Solar, she, alack & alas was just looking for a quickie fix. Not to late JK, no one is going to notice you putting your tail between your legs & slinking off to start a positive campaign to push WIND ENERGY development in the Sand hills which will really create jobs & not to mention $$$ & really CLEAN ENERGY from NE!!! Go 4 IT!!!!!

  4. RWP says:


    Thanks for the shout-out. I presume the “87% of Sandhills landowners” actually means 5 out of 6. Based on Anne Bleed’s Atlas of the Sandhills” , the best maps I can find of the Keystone XL pipeline, and satellite imagery, the route only crosses a very small and outlying lobe of the Sandhills, flanked on both sides by center pivot irrigated cropland. Bleed’s Atlas also corroborates what Goeske said about ground water flow.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, did the stock market give Obama a birthday present or what! down over 500 points in a single day, and for the year. I bet Warren Buffet is all juiced over it all, along with his buddy Soros.

    This is what Alinsky wanted, and Obama & Biden, and of course the ever so popular Ben Nelson. A country in decline, so much so the scum on the edges is hurling comments at us with impunity (Putin) for those of you in Rio Linda:)

    What a great day for China.

  6. RWP says:

    Here’s a radical prediction. I think Obama will quit after one term. Presidents always age fast, but he’s been looking plain beat down recently. Michelle, according to press reports, hates it. The economy looks worse every day. Even without the oncoming double dip recession, European debt will drag the world down. There are more, many more, Congressional faceoffs coming, starting with the late September budget battle. His approval is stuck in reverse. Perry will surely jump in; at this point, it’s going to be shooting fish in a barrel; just compare how TX is doing with the rest of us.

    In the end, he’s going to say “who needs it?”, and walk away.

  7. Dennis says:

    The 2010 health care reform act wasn’t a “debt-busting measure.” According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the health care reform act will cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years. The GOP likes to complain a lot about the price of the stimulus and it’s alleged failure. According to the CBO, the stimulus saved or created 1 million to 3 million jobs. Governor Dave balanced Nebraska’s budget in 2009 and 2010 with stimulus money. I would also add that the Senate Republican’s stimulus plan back in 2009 cost 3.5 times Obama’s stimulus plan!

  8. Dennis,
    It’s late and I’m in a crappy mood.
    The latest stats I see, say the low end of the “jobs created or saved” (and I have no problem using the more realistic low end #s) was 1.4 million. The stimulus cost $821 billion. That’s $586,000 per job.
    That’s budget busting.
    I have no doubt that I can find similar stats about ObamaCare, but I don’t feel like bothering with your statements.

  9. Oh Mander says:

    Cmon anon 12:00 pm, you can’t grab my attention like that and then leave me unsatisfied. Give an outsider some specifics so you don’t just sound like a wing nut throwing feces at the wall to see what sticks. I was intrigued because it sounds completely plausible, but not without elaboration on what “bubbles deep in his soul.”

  10. the old Street Sweeper says:

    It’s a shame that Leavenworth Street has gone from the strongest online political voice in the state of Nebraska to begging for pennies off of affiliate links.

    (And that’s saying nothing about the change in writing quality/slant)

    I miss the old days…

  11. RWP says:

    Dennis also knows darn well that CBO can only score bills within the constraints of the law, not reality. The savings in PPACA were enabled by a Medicare cut that will never happen.

    Reality says that when you increase the number of insured directly, and you create financial incentives for companies to abandon private health insurance and off-load their employees on gummint subsidized exchanges, costs will go up. Or in one word, TANSTAAFL.

  12. State Worker says:

    And those great jobs created by the stimulus? Most of them are government paper pushers whose jobs end in 2012. Or they are ON TIME production jobs. Very few of the jobs created will be permanent.

  13. 2:19am,
    I’d like to know why L.St. can’t be both. (Though you’re right about the pennies thing. It’s all about volume, brutha.)
    Writing and “slant” are the same though.
    Feel free to go back into the archives for your wine and roses.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Leavenworth Street has remained the strongest online political voice in the state of Nebraska and has added a side of capitalism. SS provides a very valuable service and has done so for free. That’s very, very kind of him/her but unnecessary. The quality of the posts as well as the entertainment value of the comments are worth a brief ad. Perhaps 2:19 would prefer if this site had gotten a government grant? Keep up the good work, Sweeper.

  15. Anonymous says:

    OM at 1:32 AM, you speak reasonably. You want names of those called by Nelson. Maybe you want photos of their caller IDs showing his name and number. Those things are out there. The World Herald has received such but never published it. With that in mind, it is not entirely healthy for someone to volunteer to be a target of this guy who has repeatedly shown individuals that he willing to press the force of his power against them. Thus you may have to satisfy yourself with the logic and feeling of plausibility, or press the newspaper for what it knows.

    Mayor Daub had a similar habit of calling individuals to vent on them. But we all know Daub™’s fiery nature so that makes sense. Nelson’™s coercion and threatening calls seem more disturbing because it is so contrary to the gentle public image he promotes and thus is more frightening. Yet, should any elected official be doing this? Hell no.

    We are always wrong to assume that those we elect are better than us. Actually, they are worse. All who run for public office seek unearned power over others; they want to spend other people’€™s money and reap accolades and aggrandize themself. They are all adept at characterizing their ambition as altruistic yet seeking power is never altruistic. Power corrupts. That said, not all politicians are so warped and shortsighted as to try to personally cow every individual critic to silence, as that can backfire. Such like Nelson have a truly pathological love of power and a willingness to tyrannize as much as they can get away with; a sadistic streak they hide. And like I said, with openly acid guys like Daub, it is transparent. But with a guy like Nelson who cultivates a gentle image, it is like heaving pus below the surface. And now Nelson is a Senator. He angers Republicans and sincere Democrats alike. He stays in office because his gentle image seduces apartisan voters. And he is anything but.

    Almost everyone who ever criticized Gov. Nelson got a personal call from him. Ask them. Its all out there.

  16. FPS says:

    So all you Bozo Nebraskan GOPERS, instead of hearing you bash Obama’s inability to create jobs in America, let’s hear some brilliant ideas from you on how to solve the problem that was created by Nixon, Reagan & the Bushwackers & their MNC owners, to take jobs to slave labor country’s!! And BTW; just why do you mamby pamby idiots expect the Gov to solve your problems by wiping your sorry arses or is that the problem, that you are all brain dead & lazy & want the GOV to do what each American should be doing for themselves??? I was amazed when I move to this SORRY HOLE from Chicago to see just how lazy & GREEDY you farmers really are. I mean Chicago is full of Crooks but they’ve got nothing on you creeps. I suppose your mantra is, ” Do others before they do you”! Is it just plain corn belt Greed or a Latent Inferiority complex?

  17. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Among those gathered to honor the Santorums was U. S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) MA ’96, who recounted visiting Santorum’s office when Santorum was first elected. “You didn’t know me—I was just a kid! But I watched you take on the powers that be. I watched you hang in year in and year out, saying the tough things and doing the hard things, standing for what is right, standing for what is good, and ultimately trying to build a more just society.
    “I’m so grateful for your leadership, not only in the state of Pennsylvania, not only for America, but for inspiring those who are in your wake.” Verbatim quote of Rep. Fortenberry at an event honoring now presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

    Seems Rep. Fortenberry gets mixed up about more than the Ladies vs. Men’s room.

    Rep. Fortenberry called himself “a kid” that day even though during the period he cited, “The Fort” was well past the age of 32 and then-Rep. Santorum of Pennsylvania was 34 years of age. Just two years separates the two pols ages. So much for reality.

    Rick Santorum was born in 1958; Jeff Fortenberry was born in 1960. The two politicians are a mere two years apart and yet “The Fort” refers to himself as “a kid” when he visited then-Rep. Santorum’s Congressional office who first served in 1991.

    This little bit of praise for a fellow politician shows “The Fort’s” interest – some might say obsession – with securing a seat in Congress long before he became a classic Carpetbagger in Cornhusker country.

  18. Kortezzi says:

    FPS, you are an incoherent nutcase.

    I bet you never worked on a farm a day in your life.

    Go back to Chicago, and take your meds.

  19. Doug F says:

    Just got back from Libertyfest There was several rambling speeches but the best by far was Brett Lindstrom..Short, sweet and to the point

  20. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    It’s easy to give a short speech when you don’t know what you’re talking about. BTW, what did you think of Brett’s ACLU Law Clerk Campaign Manager or his registered Democrat Field Director?

  21. Chris Scott says:

    Brett’s campaign manger is my wife. She was a vounteer researcher for two months while looking for a job get your facts straight. She NEVER worked for the ACLU. unlike you I am using my real name. Because I have courage something you and you candidate lack. If you can’t focus on the issues … Well good luck in May I guess… Btw please listen to us on 1290 am kkar this weekend..

  22. Ted says:

    Hey Chris! I just read your wife’s LinkedIn page. It looks like this:

    Volunteer Law Clerk
    ACLU Nebraska
    Law Practice industry
    September 2010 – March 2011 (7 months) Omaha Nebraska

    I’m happy to talk the issues. But you might want to have chat with her to get YOUR facts straight.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    Good gawd, Ivy, please let it go. You lost a Nebraska Congressional race to someone who isn’t even from Nebraska. By itself, that just means you lost. Not letting it go is what makes you a loser.

  24. Randi Scott says:

    We have always been more than happy to talk issues and facts but others can’t seem to stay away from the “low blows”. And speaking of facts, let’s put this to bed once and for all. 1) Having passed the bar at 7 months pregnant and trying to find a law job at 8 months pregnant, the best place to keep up on legal research skills in the meantime is somewhere they will allow you to take your newborn child–do you have any idea how much childcare costs? 2) I put in about 2 hours of legal research about our wonderful police department on a total of 10 Friday mornings throughout that 7 months while my daughter was in preschool 3) I erred on the side of caution on my resume—although in truth it was about 20 hours over 7 months that I put in, I did go in off and on for that amount of time. 4)We would like to keep things above board and only talk issues and facts, but if you want to go another route, you need to decide whether playing the guilt by association card is truly in your best interests. I thank you for your interest in our Brett Lindstrom’s campaign and in District 2 and I understand this is all part of a healthy campaign. Please contact me at 402-614-3844 and we can have that issue discussion over lunch or coffee.

  25. Ted says:

    I can guarantee that I have no interest in your life story, nor any interest in calling you.
    I was simply pointing out that your husband claimed you didn’t work for the ACLU when your LinkedIn summary clearly stated otherwise.

  26. Chris Scott says:


    Great decision “Ted”. No life story it is. We will stick to the issues. Ted hopefully you had a chance to catch us on Chip Maxwell. If not we are on KKAR this weekend. Also if your interested you can make a donation on our website!!!

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