Nebraska straw polling!

If you are looking to fill your political gullet this weekend, look no further than the Heartland LibertyFest this Saturday at noon at the Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion. (Go to for all the details.)

This should be a pretty interesting event. They will be having a bunch of nationally traveling speakers, musicians and entertainers. KFAB’s Tom Becka and Congressman Lee Terry will speak. And U.S. Senate candidates Jon Bruning, Deb Fischer, Pat Flynn and Don Stenberg will all be there too.

And they will be doing an interesting straw poll of the Presidential candidates, as well as Senate candidates. It will go like this:

The style of this poll will be a little different from the typical “choose one”, and will employ a method known as “score voting”, which asks those who are voting to score each candidate on a scale, and the ratings of all respondents are then averaged for a final score.

This particular voting method will give us a sense of how voters think about candidates, rather than which one they would choose at this early point in time.

Think of this like Olympic gymnastics scoring—ultimately, there might not be that much difference between specific candidates, but the difference between a 9.0, 9.5, 9.8 and 9.9 gives you a sense of who the potentially strongest competitors would be.

This gig is being sponsored by just about every conservative group out there — Libertarians, the Republican Party, Americans for Prosperity, and local Tea Party groups.

It should be a pretty happening gig. But that’s not the ONLY reason you should go…


If you are there, you should hear the answer to…

Which Douglas County elected official wrote the following:

And now the damage has been done to our credit rating, apparently, that will result in additional interest of $100,000,000,000.00! The T (as in Traitor) Party has really damaged our Great Nation! They must be rebuked and denied access to either of the major political parties. Let them go off to a third party status. Republican cut them off, for the survival of our Country! Johannes, tell them to blow off!

And in response to an objection on the list to the characterization of the T[ea] Party as traitorous, this politician said:

Save your bullshit! The T (Traitor) Party is at the heart of the problem. They don’t know the difference between running for office and SERVING the people.

Oh. My.

Yes, we know who wrote this (but promised not to spoil the surprise).  (Though he/she doesn’t know how to spell “Johanns”?  Really?)

But this well-known pol is obviously off his/her gourd. And maybe we aren’t that surprised.

This from the peeps who used to wear bumper stickers that said, “Dissent is Patriotic“.
This from the ones who rent their garments over Sarah Palin’s website and pleaded that we must “change the tone” in politics.

For them, you cannot be just “wrong” if you want to support the basics of the Constitution.
You are not just noisy, or some such, if you vote and send letters.

Nope. You are a (capital T) Traitor.

And if you are the Vice President, you get to call them Terrorists.


That is what is coming from the other side, folks. That’s their Chicago style of politics. You pull a mini-American flag; they try to whack you over the head with folding chair. You send one of theirs out of office; they send one of yours to the “Worst Person in the World.” THAT’s the Chicago way. (That’s directly quoting Sean Connery from The Untouchables.)

Anyway, to put a name to that email rant above, attend the event tomorrow, and you are sure to have loads of fun and the like. And you get to vote!


Ben Nelson came back to Nebraska and let us know that HE is going to propose his own plan to fix the budget.

Uh, we could have SWORN he should have suggested this, oh… at least three weeks ago. Could have sworn there was something on the television about people discussing this in Washington, DC. Not sure. May have been something else.

In any case, here is Nellie’s plan: Balanced Budget Amendment. Congress has to pass a balanced budget. BUT! They don’t have to cut Medicare to do it!

See how easy that was!

Oh, and senior citizens? Ben says NO MEDICARE cuts. None.
And a balanced budget!

So there ya go.

We have no idea how this didn’t pass last week, because this is just simple.

We are amazed that Nelson is not on the speakers list for the LibertyFest this weekend with that plan.

[Update: go to the comments section to see more info on the photo to the right.]


Finally, you remember last week when the Omaha Firefighters put out a video of Dave Nabity talking to them during his 2006 Governor’s campaign. At the time, Nabity endorsed their staffing plans, etc.

Well, Nabity has put out his own video (though we would suggest that he put out a one-minute one as well as this eight minute extended version…), in response to them.

You can take a look here:

And Nabity will all be at the gig on Saturday, where you should chat him up, if you so desire.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand that Leavenworth is trying hard to pick out anything that will make fun of a politician and create controversy. However Senator Nelson’s twit-pic is still up and does not seem to be removed as stated in the caption.

    Thanks for playing the at-home version of the “Rupert Murdoch news outlet game.”

  2. Macdaddy says:

    I can’t go this weekend so I’m going to guess: John Ewing.

    BTW, the Lefties should really put together some policies to move this country forward rather than calling their opponents extremists and traitors or Rupert Murdoch wannabes. Oops, I forgot that Obama was “out of bullets” for getting the economy moving. Guess we’re back to name calling. Yawn.

  3. 10:16am,
    You are correct that “a” photo is up.
    Of course, it’s up AFTER we mentioned that it had been taken down.
    And guess what — it’s a different version of the original.
    Note that thumb was taken out of the original.
    Original version (to which we added the caption):
    New version (with a thumb at the bottom):
    (Maybe that guy in the background had something to do with it…)
    Thanks for notice!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course the T party is being asked to form their own party, it helps the L party! But that isn’t going to happen because of posters like the one in Douglas county. See We the People are going to throw your collective butts out of office and follow the Constitution for a change! Get over it and get a job, pay taxes, and get on with what ever life you make. Don’t do anything then expect what you have sown. The whole world is tired of policies which reward those who do nothing at the expense of those who do, read the grasshopper and ant story.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Franklin Thompson was part of the problem – he was the swing vote on the original contracts negotiated by Fahey that put Omaha in this mess. Franklin Thompson is no hero here.

    And Dan Welch complained about the contracts LONG before the Matrix study in 2007. I appreciate Nabity becoming enlightened on the issue since, but that interview footage in 2006 is pandering and uninformed. Not an excuse.

  6. Get out of your own way. says:

    Franklin Thompson like Dave Nabity grew up admiring our Firefighters and Police Officers and had absolutely no reason to distrust them, just like the rest of us. Its fair to say, as Nabity seems to be doing, that he was uninformed and again so were we all. I give Dave Nabity props for acknowledging his ignorance but I also give him a pass because he like many of us had no idea and no reason to suspect anyting was going wrong in our public safety departments. That is, until a little sunlight was shined upon the books .. or lack thereof. I’m one of those believers out here who thinks having a hero or two around is a good thing. I look up to those who serve and who sacrifice and I encourage my kids to do so too. So I’ll tell any FF or Cop reading this that it’s your Union and you personally who are failing to manage these issues properly and only you really can do anything to fix the problem and improve your own image.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Respectfully, Franklin Thompson did have a reason to distrust them. Welch, Sigerson, and Vokal knew what these contracts would do to the city financially and voted against the Fahey-McDonnell Fire agreement for that reason. Franklin voted with the Democrats to approve and the rest is history.

    Therefore, to claim ignorance to the big con being orchestrated by Fahey and the unions is unacceptable, since the Republican majority on the city council objected to the agreement and said so.

    Our police officers and fire fighters have a tough job and many of them are heroes. Their union representatives are thugs and takers of the first order with an insatiable lust for taxpayer-funded benefits and pensions.

  8. NE Voter says:

    Dave Nobody is the gift that keeps on giving. He is, without question, the Mort Sullivan of the 21st century.

    Please run for Mayor, Nobody, I’m beggin’ over here!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I know a raised middle finger when I see one. That’s a middle finger flanked by others. What will the children think?

  10. Hurry says:

    Wow what a great day congress now has a disapproval rating of 82%. the highest ever !!!(applause) take a bow Mr. Terry and the 112th Congress you are now as good as the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs!!!

  11. James E. Hurry says:

    Lee Terry walks to the lectern.. :Lee “I want to thank so many people for this wonderful honor. First I would like to thank my empty suit without which none of this would be possible. I would also like to thank my hair which allows me to hide in plain sight when a diffucult vote is about to be made.”

  12. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    I’m absolutely psyched about Heartland LibertyFest tomorrow! It will be interesting to see how many people show up for the $2 straw poll – I wonder who will win?

  13. curbfeeler says:

    Sweeper, that is Patrick Henry with his hand up.

    Patrick Henry failed in business, married and had six kids, made another attempt at business which also failed and then decided to become a lawyer. Widowed, he married a second time and had eleven more kids. He said “give me liberty or give me death” and years later died in bed, perhaps due to complications from trying to physically father the entire country.

  14. So basically you’re saying that Patrick Henry was a stud.
    We were mainly going for that whole, “Gimme some Liberty or death” thing — you know, b/c of the LibertyFest. And while I’m sure there’s a point there somewhere, the main thing is that you WIN the official Leavenworth Street silver dollar! Just send in $83 and self addressed stamped envelope, and we will email it to you, post-haste.

  15. Richard says:

    Sweeper, is there anything you can do about changing the security phrases below? We don’t need any of that libprop about saving the rain forest!

  16. curbfeeler says:

    Thank you, Sweeper. The check is in the mail, Bank of Barack; “where every check has a happy bounce”.

    Patrick Henry seems a good symbol for the Liberty Fest because he loathed the US Constitution. He voted against Virginia ratifying it. He thought it put too much power into the hands of largely unaccountable federal tyrants. He essentially believed that if a federal Congress and White House ever got hold of people’s money and power, then those whom we elect would make slaves of us, fools of themselves, hash of our economy, and crap out of what was once a promising nation.

  17. Rambler says:

    So, Sweeper, are you going to say who won the U.S. Senate poll. I heard Deb Fischer had 8.3 to Jon Bruning’s 2.9, and Don Stenberg’s 2.3? The participants voted on a 1-10 scale for who they supported. And it seems that Deb Fischer has some grassroots support even though Jon B. has lots of money….My how things turn in Nebraska politics…

  18. Anonimosity says:

    Yeah! Get rid of those damned Liberal crap security phrases. We don’t need no stinking trees. Just give us carbon dioxide to breath! Mmmmmmm. Fresh air! More oil! More smoke! Less progress! More REgress!

  19. Lil Mac says:

    11:26 notes that Deb Fischer may have won a straw poll at a political event. That’s nice. But the problem with straw polls is they are conducted at meetings where only certain types show up.

    People who show up at any political function are NOT average voters, primary or general. In Democrat circles, those who show up tend to be marginal far left politicized players, and in Republicans circles the rightwing version of such show up but they are also are unusually politicized players. Very unlike the average primary voter you must reach via expensive advertising.
    When you discount campaign money, you discount the ability of a candidate to reach the voters who decide the election. Those voters don’t attend functions where straw polls are held.

    Unless Bruning steps wrongly, has the GOP nomination. Fischer is a goat offered up for sacrifice by Kay Orr, who has an axe to grind with others, and Fischer is stupidly allowing herself to be ill used by Orr, like a sponge next to a Roman toilet. It ain’t pretty. But it does in the long run help sort out those who have egos so large that they quit thinking and allow themselves to be so ill used. Stupid is as stupid does.

  20. Randi Scott says:

    We have always been more than happy to talk issues and facts but others can’t seem to stay away from the “low blows”. And speaking of facts, let’s put this to bed once and for all. 1) Having passed the bar at 7 months pregnant and trying to find a law job at 8 months pregnant, the best place to keep up on legal research skills in the meantime is somewhere they will allow you to take your newborn child–do you have any idea how much childcare costs? 2) I put in about 2 hours of legal research about our wonderful police department on a total of 10 Friday mornings throughout that 7 months while my daughter was in preschool 3) I erred on the side of caution on my resume—although in truth it was about 20 hours over 7 months that I put in, I did go in off and on for that amount of time. 4)We would like to keep things above board and only talk issues and facts, but if you want to go another route, you need to decide whether playing the guilt by association card is truly in your best interests. I thank you for your interest in our Brett Lindstrom’s campaign and in District 2 and I understand this is all part of a healthy campaign. Please contact me at 402-614-3844 and we can have that issue discussion over lunch or coffee.

  21. Ted says:

    I have no interest in your life story or any intention of calling you.
    I only pointed out (in the other post comment section) that your husband claimed that you did not work for the ACLU when your LinkedIn work history clearly states otherwise.

  22. Objective Observer says:

    I don’t know who Ted or Randi are, or why the are fighting on a public forum. Nevertheless, I’m glad they’re doing it and I hope it continues.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m still stuck with the image of Deb Fischer being compared to a sponge next to a Roman toilet. Now, that’s class.

  24. Another Anon says:

    I predict the Bruning will step in it big time before the election. Look how Cabela’s had to put out a press release saying that they had nothing to do with his fund raiser. He plays loose with the facts. Look at what he said about David Sokol without even knowing if Sokol had broken any laws. The more people will get to know Bruning the more he will come undone.

  25. Anon 1 says:

    If Rambler’s numbers are correct, that would seem to suggest one of couple of things: 1) either Deb Fischer from Valentine is extraordinarily popular in a straw poll, taken in Papillion, where one of the other candidates used to represent that area in the legislature, and the other candidate lives just a few miles down the road in Gretna; 2) there were a LOT of people from Valentine who made the drive to Omaha to vote for Deb Fischer, compared to the other candidates, or; 3) there was some sort of concerted effort by the Fischer supporters to turn out people who would pay for and cast a lot of ballots and they marked Fischer very high, and everyone else very low (explaining such a low average for Stenberg and Bruning). If the latter is the case, it was certainly strategically adept, and very possibly reflects an enthusiasm for Fischer among those who know her–although it might not actually reflect either name recognition or real popularity.

  26. Lil Mac says:

    3:47, you are right. The comment is not classy. It is memorable. Per your own words, you are involuntarily stuck with an image of a candidate being compared to a toilet sponge. Whether or not you agree with the comment, you repeated it. Such is the essence of all advertising, political or otherwise. You can hate it or love it, but if it is doing its job, you cannot ignore it. As I said, straw polls are not as important as the money you have to advertise words that stick.

  27. Funky Drummer says:

    Did Nabity’s band “Higher Pursuit” perform at this event? Those guys are SICK!

    Nabity’s like the second coming of Art Blakey- pounding on those snares like they’re freely negotiated union contracts that he’s about to “tear up” regardless of the legality of doing so. So sorry I missed them.

  28. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, Hurry, I think Congress’s record-low approval rating has a lot more to do with Ried and Pelosi and Terry. You dorks keep complaining that Terry has no record of doing anything in Congress. If that’s the case, then no one is going to be thinking “Lee Terry” when polsters ask them whether they approve or disapprove of the job Congress is doing. You Densocrats aren’t real good at keeping your arguments internally consistent.

  29. Anonymostly says:

    I wish there was an edit function on these comments. That above comment was supposed to say “Reid and Pelosi THAN Terry” not “and Terry.” Oh well, my typing ain’t perfect.

  30. John D. says:

    I see Jon Bruning as the best candidate in the field to replace Ben Nelson.

    Not only is Bruning the only one I can see beating Nelson, I also like what Bruning has done. He’s been working to get rid of Obamacare in the courts. I can’t believe Obamacare happened in the first place, but I think Bruning is the one to get into the Senate and reverse what Ben Nelson did to us. So embarrassing.

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