Oh sure, the market is tanking. Rioters are taking over London. And Democrats are running for their lives all across Wisconsin.

But in the Nebraska political world, we are having a discussion about a dead-rat eating beetle.

(Want to back up and find out more than you EVER wanted to know about the American Burying Beetle? Click here for the UNL conservationist POV.)

So Jon Bruning’s camp stated he screwed up making his point when speaking at the LibertyFest the other day. Because it is one that can legitimately be made — and many conservatives make on a regular basis: A tragedy is occurring, but with the government’s plan to fix it, it just gets worse.

Bruning pointed out that instead of the endangered beetles getting saved or moved, they get eliminated, en masse, by the stealthy raccoon.

So the point Bruning SHOULD have made is that this plan for the beetles is not unlike the plan to help those who are having problems financially. The government comes up with the “plan” to help them, and instead sticks them to a Welfare system where they can’t / often don’t want to get out.

JB’s problem here is that he took related ideas and connected them at the weakest spot – the raccoon and the Welfare recipient.

The real connection between the stories of the beetle and those on Welfare isn’t at the raccoon, or even the beetle. It is at the Government who thinks their plan for each is the best and the only plan. And both plans have unintended consequences.


Then again, the point that went unsaid by Bruning was that in the beetle story, when the government tries to save the beetle, they not only end up killing waaaay more beetles than the road crew might have. They also stop the road project. Stop people from getting paid. Stop the road.

And what are all the consequences of that? Did some road crew worker then not have enough to pay for — whatever? Let’s say it was a life-saving operation (because you can guarantee that’s the type of scenario the libs would come up with). Or let’s say it was simply that they didn’t spend X amount, and then on down the chain, someone else and someone else and pretty soon there’s a Depression. (Again, using the lib formation.)

Anyway, lest the blogs and news outlets distract you, there IS a point to be made in JB’s story — problem is he really did not make it. At least not the way it should have been made.


In the mean time, he got CAUGHT by a Tracker! We have a guess who that Tracker was, and a fairly clear idea who he/she was working for. American Bridge 21st Century is neo-liberal David Brock’s group which catalogs Republican candidate’s public statements. They do it on a huge level with the Presidential candidates, and are obviously doing it at the Federal candidate level as well.

The video spread across the liberal blogs with the headline: Nebraska Republican thinks welfare recipients are raccoons! And the libs jumped on that story like a raccoon eating grapes from a jar. (“Blogger compares liberals to raccoons!”)

Even someone who listened to the whole thing would find that a leap. But of course, the point isn’t what he really said, or the discussion above or even about the American Burying Beetle. It is about a political statement, that can be taken out of context and used against a candidate.

The Bruning campaign already has the problem that their candidate likes to speak off the cuff — and likes sounding folksy while he does it. He likes to twang like a good-ole-boy, and play to his audience. And that will get him into trouble. And this is not the first, and will not likely be the last time.

We don’t mean to crank on JB for this, but only to point out what he and his camp and the rest of the party know already. And if the idea of “reigning him in” is somehow distasteful to them, we would suggest this: Being some sort of “gunslinger” is not what makes Bruning, Bruning. Speaking articulately, clearly, SLOWLY and thoughtfully will make him successful in this race. He is never going to come off as dull, no matter what he does.

Going away from the “lemme tell ya somethin’ folks” approach may likely save him from a potential macaca disaster down the road.


But will it turn into a “any news is good news” kind of moment for Bruning?

At this point the video has gotten nearly 25,000 YouTube hits. It has been featured in several liberal blogs (TPM, The Atlantic, Wonkette, Huffington Post), and in the OWH and Channel 6. Heck in the LJS it has received over 140 comments.

Joe Jordan is piggybacking off The Atlantic story with the idea that national conservatives may like to hear the idea that Bruning stated and money-bomb him. Or could it simply have the opposite effect of scaring the people at the NRSC or other national — not to mention local — fundraisers. As you may know, Bruning is not past his primary yet. And you can bet that the Stenberg and Fischer camps are going to use it as an opportunity to say that Bruning is not fit for the gig.

The other side as well, is that national liberals — especially the hard core Daily Kos types — HATE Ben Nelson. They hate the fact that he does not come through for them 100% of the time and constantly pine for him to get a primary opponent. (Which of course will never happen.)

But when you take a look at many of the comments in the various blogs, they say, “I may hate Nelson, but I could never stomach this guy.”

We will not know what effect the video has had for a few months, or maybe even next year. But we would guess we will see something.


Moving along, the Don Walton of the LJS wrote a piece about the Twittering class (including yours truly here at L.St.) and their Twitters. We thought of this while reading @JaneKleeb ‘s Tweet about the aforementioned Beetle. She breathlessly tweeted, “Bruning is also making fun of an endangered species we have in our state” Oh my, what of the Beetle! What of the Beetle!

If we know Jane, there will be suddenly be a whole colony of Beetles that will be building condos in the way of the Keystone XL Pipeline sometime soon.

And what of Jane and her fellow Pipeline Tweeps?

Jane was recently re-Tweeting the tweets (gawd we hate that verb/noun) of “@AJStream” on the pipeline issue. But AJStream is not just some other liberal anti-pipeline, anti Tar Sands group.

Nope, the AJ in AJStream stands for Al Jazeera.

Yes THAT Al Jazeera. They turned to the acronym “AJ” to move away from the negative public perception, much like how KFC tried to get rid of the “Fried” in their name.

Hmm. Wonder what the interest of a Quatar-based media network is in an oil pipeline from Canada to the US? Gee, what would THEIR interest be?

Of course many liberals even know about Al Jazeera’s bias, especially their anti-American bent. And their anti Tar Sands Oil stance is only obvious. But Jane and her clan keep on re-Tweeting Al Jazera right along, since they jibe with their orthodoxy.

And FWIW, Jane was asking her Tweeps to vote on the Channell 10/11 (which is it!) poll on the pipeline. So far, hasn’t turned out too well for her


Yeah, we thought long and hard on that headline up above.

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  1. Just a republican says:

    This is the third strike against Bruning as far as I am concerned. 1) Sokol’s one thing to say “I am going to wait until I hear the evidence.” and proclaim hisn innocence 2) Cabelas 3) Beetlemania

    The Republican Party has two strong conservative “think before they speak” candidates-Fischer and Stenberg. Please support one of these two and not Bruning.

    And a quick question, is it true that welfare stops after five years? Someone tried to tell me that, but I thought people could get food stamps for life if they paid the system right.

  2. anonymous says:

    Johnny’s very first rodeo! It’s clear Bruning has never been in a contested race in his entire life. He keeps making amateur mistakes. This combined with his poor fundraising and he doesn’t fare much of a chance against an old warhorse like Nelson.

  3. Jerry says:

    While the using racoons as the analogy wasn’t the best, Jon’s point is relevant. Unintended consequences matter, it doesn’t matter how golden your intentions are. We’ve built a system that isn’t inclined to help the less fortunate on their own feet, it’s designed to give politicians a way to say they ‘helped’ without actually working toward true solutions.

    The government will never fix the Welfare issue, instead the true fix will be the families, communities, and churches around them. On some levels Government provides some foundational services that help the less fortunate, but overall the Government has only served to crowd out services that were traditionally served by the community around them. This exasperates the problem since the community becomes less involved. We’ve started to assume our involvement stops at paying our taxes and letting the government fix everything around us.

  4. RWP says:

    I’m offended on behalf of the raccoons, who showed intelligence and enterprise in exploiting a new food source, and instead are insulted by being accused of being on the government tit.

    The majority of welfare recipients in nebraska are white, NE Voter. Be careful with that race card; whipping it out so fast you’ll get a paper cut.

  5. NEpolitic says:

    If you want to talk about spin, please look in the mirror. Let’s suppose none of those so called “neo-liberal” blogs ran this story. Does that somehow legitemize the fact that he compared welfare recipients to “scavaging raccoons”? I’m not sure what kind of Nebraska you want to live it, but I would like to think that our fellow neighbors want to give a helping hand to the needy.
    This was pretty much Bruning’s way of trying to get further right than his candidates. This falls in line with the tea-party norm that the crazier you sound and the more you bash on anything that benefits from the government (while running to work for the government), the more of a “seriouse” and “conservative” candidate you are.
    Further, your rational for this ignorance is that it’s the governments fault. Yes, some people may take advantage and abuse welfare, but you’re really going to tell me that giving people a step up to try and get them working again is a bad thing? So you’re advocating a further desparity between the rich and poor? Beacuse if you’ve read any news in the last 6 months, it’s the largest it’s ever been in the history of our Country. I would love to hear your argument that taking away welfare for the needy and giving tax breaks to corporations (to supposedly create jobs) will ever make a corporation more likely to hire a struggling, probably lower educated person that just had his/her only source of income taken away? It won’t happen.
    Finally, I would like to pose you with a question Leaventworth, and I would really like a response if you would oblige. Once again, I’m not sure your religiouse beliefs, but if you’re any kind of Christain Conservative or Tea Party type, what does the good book say? WWJD? Maybe show a little more sympathy and respect for those who are less fortunate, isn’t the goal to get everyone a job and a decent living?

  6. NEpolitic,
    I’ll give you a quick response:
    I’m not sure what Johanns would do. Or Jon.
    Wait, are you talking about Jesus Josephson of Nazareth? (You’ll need to clear up your acronyms for me.)
    But here’s what I think: I don’t think Jesus or Moses or Mohammed believes in trapping poor people in a system that doesn’t work and doesn’t help them get OUT.
    Many would argue that the government systems give the poor JUST enough to survive, without an incentive to try another path.
    So, forgive me, but Go F yourself with your suggestion that I am neither sympathetic nor respectful to the poor because I don’t believe in YOUR liberal POV that your favorite government program is the way to go.
    And thanks for reading.
    – Street Sweeper

    (Answer to your Q: It was a dead rat that peed in my Wheaties.)

  7. Jack D. says:

    Funny, I everyone thought Barrack Obama would help the poor. All he’s done is villainized the ‘Evil’ corporation. You know what’s really happened to cause the larger disparity between rich and poor? Barrack’s Obama’s policies have destroyed the job market. Too much regulation, too much uncertainty. Central Planning never works and it definitely never helps the poor.

    Instead of of making business owners and entrepreneurs the villains, realize that they’re the ones that actually create jobs. They’re actually going to close that disparity gap and hire those that need jobs. Obama’s speeches, blaming, new taxes, new regulations will do nothing to help out the poor. Nada.

  8. Kortezzi says:

    Oh, please. How many welfare recipients do you think were planning to vote for Bruning, and now will vote for someone else? Even if Jim Suttle gave them $5 and a ride to the polls?

    I’ll say it: Raccoons are much cuter than welfare queens! And they only scavenge among trash that has been discarded by others.

    The welfare state’s income tax system confiscates money from working people, and gives it away to those who don’t work. Liberals who agitate for more of that confiscation in the name of “compassion” don’t think they should have to give away their OWN money – – they just think supporting the use of the tax code to take other people’s money is just as noble, as long as it’s given away to the poor. They ignore the unintended consequences (dependency, idleness, crime, harming private charities, etc.)

    Yeah, Bruning’s shown himself to be a little prone to missteps. But this one and the others are quite minor. I continue to favor Stenberg, but not because I think Bruning’s comment here is anything close to a “macaca” moment.

    George Allen is making a comeback, by the way. When he announced his intention to run for the Senate in 2012 to get his old seat back, Jim Webb decided a month later to retire at the end of his term. Allen’s favored to win, so he’ll liikely join Stenberg or Bruning in the next Senate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Bruning at his absolute best is being a serious nonfolksy speaker that lets his thoughts be heard to be judged as brilliant or not. This juvenile garbage of interned trackers only decays the process by diverting attention from the real issues. I hope Jon takes a look at some of his best words or speeches and takes it to Nelson as well he should.

  10. I’m remiss to point out the spelling errors of others, as I’m prone to making a few of my own every now and then, but Jebus (sic), there are enough spelling errors in NEpolitic’s post to fill up a whole grape jar!

    NEpolitic, I think if you cleared your mind a little, you’d see that the VAST majority of people aren’t against giving a hand-UP…what we’re opposed to is giving a hand-OUT. There is a difference…and that difference is what people like yourself continually fail to grasp.

    Kortezzi wrote: “I’ll say it: Raccoons are much cuter than welfare queens! And they only scavenge among trash that has been discarded by others.”

    I’ll go one further…raccoons also don’t produce more offspring than they can provide for.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The reality is that we have high unemployment. Lots of folks are on welfare because they can’t get a job. And your solution is to reduce or eliminate welfare, and that will supposedly force these people into jobs that don’t exist? Logic is not a right-wing strong point.

    SS what’s your realistic solution to those who can’t find work? Let them beg on the streets? Everyone on welfare is not lazy and just gaming the system. NEpolitic made a very good point.

  12. Oh Mander says:

    @ Just A Republican:

    While it may not have angered you and your fellow GOPers, I think Bruning’s most costly mistake to date is his endorsement of the Ryan Plan. There was nothing to be gained by endorsing a radical plan that had no chance of passage. In the process, he reminded seniors and soon-to-be seniors accross the state that he is in favor of slashing Medicare and Social Security benefits and using the savings to give wealthy Americans another tax cut. Rest assured that this will be addressed in more TV spots, campaign flyers, and stump speeches than the other three “strikes” combined.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bruning doesn’t have what it takes. I don’t know who the Republican candidate should be, honestly, but Bruning isn’t up to the task. Heineman could run and beat Nelson, I think, but apparently he’s not interested. Whatever happened to David Kramer? I know he didn’t fare well in the primary long ago, but maybe today would be a different story.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would have to disagree with you, Bruning is a great candidate. We need someone like Bruning to replace Ben Nelson. While Ben Nelson is the deciding vote to pass Obamacare, Jon Bruning is one the the AG’s leading the charge to get rid of it.

    While Ben Nelson will tell Nebraskans one thing here, but vote a different way in D.C., Bruning would be consistently conservative. I’ve like what Jon Bruning has done as Attorney General. I see Bruning as the best candidate to replace Ben Nelson.

  15. Shoe Salesman says:

    couple things…

    Sweeper – in your post today you say the liberals hate Nelson because he’s not a consistent vote for Obama’s agenda. Normally you attempt to paint Nelson as a mindless Obama-bot. How’d you let the truth sneak into this post? You cant have it both ways.

    Anonymous at 1130 – Why didn’t you use your real name Jon? Oh, and isn’t that “say one thing in NE/vote the opposite way in DC” the same failed message you used against Hagel a few years back? Nelson has done a lot of things but he’s never done that. Even on health care he’s said he did the best he could for NE – lifetime free Medicaid isn’t a bad deal for the state or its poor people, but NE rejected it.

    And finally, Sweeper, in your post you said people on welfare “don’t want to” get off it. then in your response to NEpolitic you took umbrage at being called out for being mean to poor people – even used a 1-letter word to defend yourself. But your true colors shine thru. You clearly think poor people are lazy and stupid. You aren’t aware that many people on “welfare” are there not for the free ride but for the lack of options – like a job. Your insinuation that its a lifestyle choice is insulting.

    “Handouts are obviously in the eye of the beholder. In NE, free federal checks for price supports, ethanol, and “conservation (being paid not to farm) in the mail for NE farmers is A-OK but if someone needs help feeding their kids dinner then to hell with them. Real Christian of ya.

    Bruning meant what he said and he said what he meant – regardless of what his staff is saying today. if he keeps it up the Democrats are also going tothink he’s the best GOP candidate to face Nelson.

  16. anonymous says:

    Bruning’s comments were disgusting and show he’s not senatorial. Just doesn’t have the character or gravitas. ‘nough said.

  17. Anonymostly says:

    I think NEpolitic might be a new incarnation of our old, illiterate friend, Bud Pettigrew. Hey, Bud. How are things up in Valentine (you imbecile)?

    Only the most frothing-at-the-mouth, rabid liberals would try to claim that Bruning’s raccoon analogy was racist. Congratulations, NE Voter. That’s you. (Don Coons is probably in there somewhere also.)

    I think Bruning makes a good point. The more government does for people, the less they’ll do for themselves. Not everyone on welfare is dumb or lazy. But there are plenty on welfare who are lazy and see welfare as an easier way of life than actually having to work for a living. And the longer liberals are in power, the easier they’ll make it for people to not have to work. (Just confiscate the money from wealthy people. They have plenty of it. /sarcasm.)

    And then there are the liberals who post on this blog who want to trim the debt by raising taxes on those damn rich people and all those corporations. Then, when those corporations move their manufacturing facilities overseas to find more profitable venues, those same liberals complain how those damn corporations took American jobs and sent them to China. Damn them. Those damn corporations. See how they are?

    And their solution will be to punish those damn corporations by raising their taxes some more. (Yeah, let’s make it even more unprofitable for corporations to manufacture things in this country. That’ll bring the jobs back. /sarcasm.) You libs want to chase away the goose that lays the golden egg. You’re jealous of that goose. You hate that goose. And your hate and envy blind you to the fact that the health of that goose is necessary to your own health.

    Haven’t you stupid libs ever heard that a rising tide floats all boats? You seem to want to prevent the tide from rising at all just so that those damn corporate boats don’t benefit from the rising tide.

  18. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, how ’bout all them looters in London. Ain’t that the place that all them libs say we should model ourselves after? Free healthcare, free this, free that? Government taking care of everyone? It’s a veritable utopia over there. So why are they burning the place?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Shoe Salesman, that was my post at 11:30pm. I’m definitely not on the Jon B campaign. But I’d assume your some Ben Nelson Staffer, yourself. You sure sound like it.

  20. Ricky says:

    When I watched the Bruning video where he compared welfare recipients to raccoons eating bugs I thought; what a cruel and mean guy.
    Catering to the Tea Party and wearing a Husker shirt, everybody seemed to applaud after that remark. I wonder if Tom Osborne agrees with Mr Bruning or will T O denounce the AG’s hateful remarks?
    I heard that Tony (no relation) Fulton and Lee Terry were also slated to appear at this event. So sad that the Republican Party in Nebraska stoops to this level. And Mark Fahelson or whatever his name is was honored to be allowed to speak. Boy does he set his sites low. Of course, Tom Becka of Clear Channel radio was present. When will KFAB fork over the 300 K for the Suttle recall election anyway?
    Mr Bruning looks like an amateur that will surely get his clock cleaned by Ben Nelson, should Bruning get that far, which seems more and more unlikely.
    The city of Papillion should feel dirty for holding this event.
    Ricky From Omaha

  21. Coongate says:

    (1) This was totally un-senatorial.

    (2) George Allen lost a seat for the Republicans with a moment like this.

    (3) Reveals a character flaw which is grounded in immaturity.

  22. Don Kuhns says:

    @Anonymostly: Austerity

    @software jockey: Wasn’t me. I’m beginning to think there were more liberals there than conservatives.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Glad to have you and all your lib friends there, Don. Anything to get the numbers up works for us. Next time we’ll have to coordinate a little better with Jane. She might have been able to double our numbers.

  24. RWP says:

    The local skunks, er I mean Democrats* are clearly grasping at straws here. Seriously, 3/4 of the state of Nebraska doesn’t care about the raccoon story, and most of the rest thinks Bruning was being too harsh on the raccoons.

    *Note to Democrats: yes, I did compare you with skunks. Actually, skunks have many redeeming features, so you are being flattered.

    Next up: opossums and illegal immigrants; how similar are they?

  25. TexasAnnie says:

    RWP’s assessment is undoubtedly true. But the rest of the country does care when bad analogies castigate the unfortunate. Empathy is definitely NOT a Nebraska value!

  26. Anonymostly says:

    Donnie, what do you mean by “austerity.” (I know what “austerity” means but what point are you making when you use the term?) Are you suggesting austerity is the reason for the rioting? Hmmm?

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    You’re pettifogging RWP. The real issue, of course, concerns analogies. Not defining fortune.

    P.S. Ron Paul won the debate!

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ve decided the reason why there are so many churches in Nebraska is because there are a lot of Nebraskans that need a place to go and ask for forgiveness. I’m certain Jon Bruning will be in his this Sunday, along with many of you other posters. RWP and I won’t be there … we revel in our freedom to be flawed.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, I doubt if Bud has much time to spend on this web site or any other web site right now. Since he has spent all week in a Omaha hospital with his youngest son who had a heart transplant. But I am sure he would agree there is a lot of hate on this blog right now.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Oh get a life if not a tougher skin. Nelson must be having wet dreams of all you petty people changing the focus from issues to a few misspoken words. Didn’t Ben say something back in December 2009 that outed him as two faced having to do with healthcare? Then there are his budget votes and mamby pamby wish washiness. But? Let’s focus on offering Bruning up for stretched ridicule. When did beetles and raccoons keep me up at night unless rummaging through the neighbor’s garbage or racing across the garage floor? I’d like to know what Bruning’s plan is to get the economy rolling and how to stop the insanity that plays out in politics like all those who are squeezing every drip of sarcasm from his silly comparison.

  31. Interested says:

    7:41–aka phony lee–let’s do that. The more that voters look at Terry’s record, the more likely it is he wins again. Maybe not 62% like last time, but a good margin, especially if Ewing/Howard kill each other in their primary and the winner emerges broke. But on Lee’s record, maybe we can start with the House passing two of his proposals (flood insurance reform, XL pipeline).

    I guess I’ll pose the question again to the Terry haters: each cycle you roll out the same attacks and insults on the same issues. And you lose. Time to try something new? Or if you just want to lose again…stay the course, folks.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, you said Bruning had a good point but that he “did not make it”. Bruning’s campaign admits he screwed up making his point. Is that supposed to be okay?

    The U. S. Senate is a deliberative body where members must never screw up making their point. Our national survival depends on our government not acting like entertainment for our casual interest. We don’t need snappy banter, we need sober government. And this isn’t just Bruning. Most politicians think they need to be interesting. But good government isn’t interesting. Good government is stable, reliable, uninteresting. Economics, business, security, policy, are all boring. To be “interesting” is a very old curse and for good reason.

    While voters respond with interest, they often vote with conviction. Hence Senator Johanns, who is boring as hell. He speaks in soft measured tones. Zero sparkle, all business. But isn’t that the way government is supposed to be? Grown up? Business-like? Mature, sober, with no snappy patter?

    Voters nationally seem to be learning this the hard way. Obama is an interesting guy who needs a teleprompter to keep his own big mouth from committing political suicide. Lacking in substance, he can offer only hope or fear, hence his latest blame-fest that does nothing to ease national problems. Voters are increasingly looking for, from both parties, less entertainment and more sober ideas and leadership.

    If Bruning wants to win and be worth winning, he will reign in his mouth and make his point. And that goes for all the candidates.

  33. Mike says:

    Interested— do you work for Lee Terry–or are you simply interested in politics beat up us deems all you want but just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t mean the message is wrong– lee terry is a WEAK leader– that fact everyone agrees on

  34. Interested says:

    Mike–what I find amusing is you and other Terry haters keep doing the same thing–attacking him with personal insults and outright lies. If that’s how you want to conduct the discussion here, go for it. Far be it from me but I think you hurt your case by doing so. I might suggest you attend one of Terry’s upcoming town hall meetings–they are open to the public. You can see for yourself that the guy knows what he is talking about, can get into the nth degree with details on all of the major issues and will be respectful of everyone who talks, even those obviously there to harass him.

    Also, your comment that “everyone” agrees with your assessment of Terry is laughable–you’re delusional, basically. A majority of voters (62% last time) supported Terry and they’ll do it again in 2012 assuming you guys run the kind of campaign against him you’ve done in the past. Cheers.

  35. Mike says:

    Lee wins because it is a conservative state and most would rather see a weak conservative than a dem.. NO ONE I have ever talked to thinks he is a strong candidate so they hold their nose and vote instead of seeing a dem which I understand

  36. Interested says:

    Mike–sorry to hear that you apparently have a very limited range of people you talk with.

    I agree with you on the political composition of NE2–I see it as a center/slightly right district. Terry’s votes reflect that fact (including voting 157 times the past 2 1/2 years to cut spending $7 trillion below what is slated to occur over the next 10 years (you can see the votes at his campaign web site). A majority of the district votes for him because his votes reflect the district. Also, National Journal picked the legislators who are the leaders there on telecommunicaitons issues–something very important to Omaha. Guess who made the list? Terry.

  37. also Interested says:


    Who do you work for? Probably Lindstron or Ewing or Howard, NDP? Let’s see some ‘full disclosure’, ok?. Also, the “Dennis” who always posts the NDP/Nelson party line here, who is his boss?

    On a different topic, I am looking forward to reading the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that struck down the individual mandate in the federal healthcare law. This could be a game changer since a Clinton appointee joined the decision. Anyone have thoughts on it?

  38. Mike says:

    Interested: I work for Conagra jackwagon. Your the only guy that knows every single Lee Terry bill and bill number.

    So you are not really interested in politics but rather interested because you work for Lee Terry.

  39. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Looks like my earlier point was spot on. Look at the results. While Ben Nelson helped make Obamacare possible with the 60th vote for it, Brunning has been leading the charge to get rid of it. Results matter. Today, the Florida courts ruled the health care law unconstitutional, from the lawsuit brought by the state Attorney Generals opposing Obamacare. Go Bruning!

    Nebraskans do not like Obamacare. Who do you think is working for Nebraskans to get the results they want? Jon Bruning obviously.

    Ben Nelson on the other hand is back home saying whatever he needs to get elected. How about you walk the talk, Mr. Nelson. You’re actions show a different story.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Anonymous, the court did not rule the entire law unconstitutional. Only the mandated purchase of insurance, and they agreed that this portion was severable from the rest of the law. Fine with me. Even liberals don’t like the idea of being forced to purchase from a private enterprise. Guess we’ll have to get the insurance companies completely out of the equation with a public option!

  41. FPS says:

    Bruning is a Racist Dickhead & a Social Parasite who should do just fine at the polls in Nebraska because he is joined at the hip with all the other Racist & Social Parasite GOPERS that make up the majority of this backwater & braindead part of the country!! I’m sure if he had his way, he’d advocate gassing all of the Old, Poor, Weak & Minorities in America just like bonehead Boner & all the other neo nazi’s Republican in Washington. Idiots like him & them are clueless about the fact that historically, Great Nations & Civilizations are remembered by how well the take care of their Weak, Old, & Poor. I suggest he read what is written at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty & put down the writings of that infamous German from the 30′s! Nebraskans should be ASHAMED of this ZOMBI!!!

    BTW; SS, it’s not very nice telling your readers to Go F themselves! Just goes to show what a Dickhead you are & validate what I wrote above about RED Nebraskans in general.

  42. Anonymous says:

    See what happens when all you right wingers cut social programs?

    They cut off poor FPS’s Medicaid and now he can’t get his meds.

    There are consequences when we cut the social safety net.

  43. Lil Mac says:

    In 2009, Ben Nelson said the mandated portion of Obamacare was necessary in order for Obamacare “to work”. Now Nelson says he doesn’t like the mandated portion of Obamacare. He said it was inseparable but now says it is separable. Similarly, Nelson said he was no constitutional scholar with regard to Obamacare; essentially saying he doesn’t read or care about the Constitution he is sworn to uphold. By that measure, he could enact gulags on the presumption that courts will tell us if it is wrong.

    Nelson disregards the constitution and makes up facts as he goes along. He stabs Democrats in the back, kicks Republicans in the belly, and uses voters like toilet tissue. And yet it is hard to tell how vulnerable he is. Except that here in this blog Democrats howl in a spastic effort to show that everyone except Ben Nelson is worse than Ben Nelson. That indeed suggests his vulnerability.

    But why the howling by Dems? I mean, Nelson basically blackmailed Reid, his own party. So why are you donkeys standing up for the jackass? Isn’t it better that he be ousted by one of those weak Republicans you mention? Then you can run a real Democrat later. Or aren’t you interested in Democrat Party principles? Perhaps you just want power? If that is so, then you are deep in Ben’s butt. Climb out and we can hear you better and, who knows, you might appreciate the fresh air.

  44. Anonymostly says:

    FPS is NOT typical of the rank and file Democrato who votes in this (or any other) state. However, he IS typical of the kind of Democrat who works on Democrat political campaigns. America would burn like parts of London if they had the chance to impose their vision of Utopia on the rest of us.

  45. Polly Tics says:

    What ‘ol Jon may have tried to say may be kinda true…but the way he said it is, once again, an unfortunate example of him getting in his own way. Again. And he will do it again. How many times will it happen before the money starts looking west towards Valentine? One wonders.

    On a side note, I would just one like to have an attorney general for this state who actually just wants to be an attorney general for this state.

  46. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    So people must choose. Ben Nelson as one of their Senators until December 31st of 2018!!! Or someone else. If you want someone else, then get off the Bruning Beatlemania. For One, I honestly believe that JB is the ONLY candidate with the fortitude to destroy Ben Nelson and remove him from office (he is obviously willing to call a spade a spade, now isn’t he?) And B, if you continue down this word slicing and meaning mixing path about a casual statement made on the spur of the moment, you will severely weaken the debate in the Republican Primary-this will leave us with a piss poor candidate that has no sizeable base and no appeal to the Republicans that have been voting for Nelson for decades.

    End the reign of King Ben and let’s get on with things.

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