The Mayor’s demands

A quick little Separated at Birth, sent in by an long time reader:

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and Megamind (it’s all in the forehead…and the ego).


We heard this about a meeting between Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps.

Phipps was recently invited to a meeting with the Mayor and various other elected officials and bureaucrats to talk about satellite voting.

(Satellite voting is putting voting locations in places that the election commissioner chooses — usually for a period of weeks — such as grocery stores, libraries, malls. Of course there is almost always an argument from one candidate or the other that said location only helps one candidate, etc.)

Well actually the Mayor proceeded to TELL Phipps that he was going to allow satellite voting in North and South Omaha from now on. Phipps then reportedly thanked the Mayor for his opinion, but reminded him that the Election Commissioner makes the decision when/if to conduct satellite voting. The two proceeded to get into a heated exchange.

The Mayor then told Dave (again, we paraphrase, and this is second-hand…)

“YOU WILL do it or I will get a judge to tell you to do it.”

Election Commissioner Phipps proceeded to wish the Mayor luck with that option.

He then attempted to tell the Mayor about the costs associated with such an endeavor and reminded the Mayor of other existing convenience options available to voters. As usual, the Mayor didn’t really care to hear a different opinion.

The Mayor then told Phipps he was not concerned about costs — which lead to an immediate classic closing by Phipps that went something like this:

“I guess you are right Mayor. If I hired the same homeless people that you paid to vote for you, I suppose I could staff satellite voting relatively cheaply.”

We would have paid top dollar to see the look on the Mayor’s face at that point.


And onto the Omaha Mayor’s other quandry…

Mayor Suttle told the City Council that if they make ANY changes to the contract he negotiated with the Fire Union, he would veto their proposal.

Huh. Well, OK.

There are a quite a few clauses you can argue over in that agreement. But let us focus on one particular term and suggest that NO ONE should ever agree to it or something like it.

See Article 43 of the proposed agreement which reads:

Both parties agree that this Agreement, along with any relevant memoranda of understandings, general orders from the Fire Chief, and/or Executive Orders from the Mayor, expresses the full and total agreement between the parties.


This, kiddos, means that either prior or after (the terms don’t specify) the agreement is in place, the Mayor can issue an Executive Order that can take precedence over ANYTHING in this agreement. Or that the Fire Chief can issue a “general order” and do the same thing. Or that both can issue an MOU and change, essentially, whatever they want.

Why could they do such a thing? Because the agreement says they can!

Now we are sure that some of you Legal Beagles, and not so beaglly, may argue that that this is only prior to the agreement, or that the City Charter would not allow this or some such.

But that is not what the agreement states.

This term leaves the entire contract WIDE OPEN for change by the Fire Chief and/or the Mayor, and the City Council will have absolutely ZERO say about it.

Now why would/should the City Council agree to such a term? We would love to hear the argument.

Oh, but if this is removed, the Mayor will veto.

THAT is the current state of Omaha City Government.


Happy / angry about the current state of the GOP Presidential nominations?  The Don Walton (and probably most others) thinks it is now a three-person race (Romney-Perry-Bachmann).

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

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  1. What?!?!? says:

    Satellite voting? why is it needed? People can already have their very own, personal satellite location in their very own home…it’s called Absentee Voting.

    I also heard that Suttle leveled a “what do you have against black people” to Phipps. Does Mr Suttle not think that black people are intelligent enough to request an absentee ballot? Does he not think that they are intelligent enough to use one of the many free ride programs offered by county parties and candidates? And what does Mr. Suttle have against Latino’s and whites? Was he implying that satellite voting should only be located in predominantly black areas?

  2. NE Voter says:

    My two cents: Each of the three Metro Community College campuses are slam-dunk obvious sites for satellite voting. And, it’s fair to the entire community: One in West Omaha; one in South Omaha and one in North Omaha.

    That is all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There’s already satellite voting in West Omaha, why not have it in North and South Omaha? If Phippsy doesn’t want people from East Omaha bused to his quaint little West Omaha Office, maybe he should alleviate the need for such tactics.

    Bottom Line: Dave Phipps is a disgrace to this county, and his incompetence was on full display during the recall. He should shut his mouth and hop on that Quizno’s 2 for 1 deal.

  4. Wait a Minute.... says:

    So Phipps emboldens the voices of the deceased and incarcerated by counting their signatures to recall Mayor Suttle, while suppressing the vote in North and South Omaha? Maybe the Mayor has a point and you guys are too blinded by ideology to see it.

  5. VOTER FRAUD says:

    I can guarantee you that “Walking Around Money” will come into play if these Satellite locations come online here in Omaha. Forward Omaha showed that the Democrats in Omaha will pay for votes here in Omaha. Imagine if 2012 if Suzie Buffet and Team Obama dumped a few million dollars in GTOV in North and South Omaha along with some “cash” payments. Hang in there Mr. Phipps!!!

  6. What?!?!? says:

    NE Voter: Why do we need to add the three CC campuses when there are plenty of polling places and absentee voting?

    9:47 am: There is no satellite voting in West Omaha! There are polling places, Just like there is across the city! And as far as the location of his office, that is more midtwon now than not! Plus, that is whre the office was when he took the job. The EC should be centrally located and he is.

    I guess I can’t figure out why we need additional locations when there are plenty of options to vote in the first place. Voting is a right, but with that right comes responsibility. People need to learn to be responsible and exercise their right to vote. Nothing is holding most of these people back (save for the few who may get sick right before an election, get disabled etc.) BTW…Did you knnow you can have a ballot brought to you??? I’ve delivered ballots before to the elderly.

  7. NE Voter says:

    To What?!?!

    The satellite locations are a valuable SERVICE that OFFICIALS like Dave Phipps are supposed to be providing. Conervatives always seem to have a problem with making voting easier for people — Then they b—h when their candidates don’t win.

    Remember all the bellyaching after the failed recall election? I can’t remember how many posters on this board blaiming their failed recall on low turnout.

  8. S. JENSEN says:

    I’m glad Jim Suttle understands that “White Privilege” effects minority voting here in Omaha. Voting is so difficult here in Omaha. Who has the time to go anytime from 8am until 8pm on election day or to take 2 minutes fill out an absentee ballot form. Maybe the Mayor should be our next Superintendent he certainly spends taxpayer money like one we have now.

  9. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    I, too, have to side with Mr. Phipps on this one. There is one election office– there are no satellite locations. The office was moved to where it is when my predecessor as election commissioner was serving in that capacity. But the move was not her idea, or mine, or Phipps’– the courthouse needed space, and the old sheriff’s office (current election office) was vacant. So we were moved.

    There is no reason to come to the election office to vote, or register to vote. Why would we open satellite offices in certain parts of the city? To serve what purpose? Considering the areas that were suggested, I can understand why the Mayor may want them. I just don’t see why it’s very fair or cost-effective to do so.

    I always said that, as election commissioner, my job was not to try to increase turnout — and certainly not to increase turnout in only certain parts of the county (as satellite offices would do perhaps). As long as Phipps is providing ballots at the polling places (or via the mail) for all who decide to vote, and counting them fairly and accurately, he’s doing his job. Trying to boost turnout is the job of the candidates, the parties, etc.

  10. John K. Green says:

    I am sorry, but Lautenbaugh(who called me your honor this morning) and Phipps, both of whom I like, are completely wrong and arrogantly wrong on this issue. It is the Election Commissioners job to make it as easy as the currrent state of the law allows for people to exercise their fanchise. Mail in(no longer absentee) ballots, voting machines, mail in registration, remote registration sites, handicap accessible voting sites. The EC ptotects in the practical our most fundamental right as citizens. For special and municipal elections the city pays the cost of the elections and the EC’s Ofice provides the mechanizisms for a fee. It appears that the mayor is asking for satelite pre election voting stations in other parts of town. Those stations would allow pre-election voting machines like the ones available in the EC’s office at 114th and Burke Drive. For mail in Ballots, the EC’s office also receives mail in ballots as a drop off site for those that don’t want to mail them. Why shouldn’t the poor in other areas of the city or those farther west not have the same privelege,advantage and rights . It would not be a huge expense and it appears the city is willing to bear the costs. Recently in Gretna, the City held a special election and the EC for Sarpy wanted mail in ballots only. Those ballots could be mailed or dropped off at the EC’s office in Papillion a ten mile drive. A satellite drop off point was allowed at City Hall. It worked well and received substantial ballots. Because the poor may not be able to drive to 114th and Burke or even have the extra money for the postage, their rights should be protected and if it can be done easily and inexpensively, than it ought to be encouraged and tried in a municipal election as an experiment to see if it can be tried on statewide ballots. Rather than a policy arguement, it appears to be more partisan infighting. Just my two cents worth.

  11. To Oh Mander says:

    I think Scott Lautenbaugh has lots of credibility. It seems the Legislature thinks so as well as all his ideas were adopted in redistricting.

  12. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    John– I knew if I jokingly called you “your honor”, you’d throw it back in my face– just not this soon.

  13. Can someone tell Lee he IS currently in Congress says:

    * Lee Terry, referring to Congress at that Chamber of Commerce event: “Our disapproval rating is well-deserved.”

  14. RWP says:

    It is the Election Commissioners job to make it as easy as the currrent state of the law allows for people to exercise their fanchise.

    I’ve been through Nebraska Revised Statutes Ch. 32, and can’t find this, or anything like this, in there. Do you have some reference for it, of did you just make it up on the spot?

  15. Kortezzi says:

    I’m sure Jim Suttle can ALSO find a judge who will tell the City Council that this “wild card” clause in the firefighters contract is totally valid and legally and absolutely wonderful!

  16. Rob says:

    Mr. Green, where do we stop? If we need early voting besides at the single office of the guy counting those votes, than we need to have an Assessor’s Office in South Omaha, so people can easily access their neighbor’s valuations (take computers out of it). Then we need to have a courthouse in Waterloo, in case a grandma there doesn’t like to drive in downtown. Next, let’s add a firehouse on every corner, just so it’s equal for all. Next, people in West Omaha are really tired of driving downtown to the CenturyLink Center, we need to have a new arena on 180th and Dodge.

    The only thing all these things have in common is that THEY COST MONEY. There are PLENTY of opportunities to vote for people without driving/taking a bus/riding a bike to 114th and Dodge. Lets find ways to stop spending/wasting money.

  17. MacDaddy says:

    With this new firefighters contract poised to bankrupt the city, I might have to change my mind about recall elections. This contract is nothing short of criminal. The ironic part is that when Omaha goes under, the firefighters will be left with nothing. Suttle is a real piece of work. You Omaha voters should be very, very proud.

  18. MacDaddy says:

    NE Voter: apparently voting is easy enough for Suttle’s constituents, after all, the Democrats control the mayor’s office and city council. Why would Suttle need to improve turnout in the next election? He’s done such a bang-up job that he’ll be a shoo-in for re-election. As an aside, why should the taxpayers subsidize party get-out-the-vote efforts? Campaign contributions not coming in like Suttle thought? Homeless people jack up their rates?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anything to help those people vote who would otherwise stay home, or where ever they stay. This is really getting out of hand. We have soldiers/airmen/sailors overseas who seem to find a way to vote! Get up and go vote, it’s as simple as that.

  20. John K. Green says:

    Easy! Voting is a basic, fundamental right of the citizens and the broader the participation the better it is for society. The Registry of Deeds is a recording function. The information is filed in a central location for legal purposes and the information is available at your local library, in your neighborhood, as a public accomodation. As for the assessment of tax, the valuations are done for that purpose. The computer posting of that information is just a convience, some legitimate and some for people just being nosey. My point is that we do other things to assist and encourage participation. We already do the things I previously listed. Why is this not something worth trying. Every election cycle I am always saddened by turnout and that we aren’t a country of people proudly holding up our purple thumbs.

  21. BkDodge42 says:

    I believe that we should have satellite polling locations to make it easier to vote. In the 2009 city election I was not able to vote because I was not able to receive an absentee ballot in time. We need to have satellite polling places in Kuwait and Iraq where our military members are located. With an April primary and a May general election, there is not enough time to send out absentee ballots to the members of the military serving their country. Any volunteers to man the sites

  22. Sponge and Pinsky says:

    This plays right to the Democrats’ advantage. As long as there are ‘Donkey’ Lips taking pictures of their own ‘Salute Your Shorts’, their scandals allow them free press and advertising in the grocery check-out line tabloids…..thus, they get advertising inside of the buffer zone, instead of having to measure out the distance at polling places. Genius idea, Vince!

  23. RWP says:

    I still don’t see any justification for Mr. Green’s assertion that the Election Commissioner’s job is make voting as easy as possible. I don’t think this is a statutory responsibility. I don’t even think it’s necessarily a good thing.

    I expect a substantial fraction of Omahans do not know the name of the mayor. Is it really better for society that they make what is essentially a random choice?

  24. Rob says:

    Mr. Green, this is a free county. If you feel so strongly about more people needing to vote, take the day off work and volunteer to drive people to vote. I am not for wasting government money because someone is too unmotivated to request an absentee ballot. We are talking about adults who have made a decision to not vote. The argument that a couple of stamps for an absentee ballot is burdensome is downright sily. Even the poorest of the poor could find $.88 for an absentee ballot.

  25. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    John– Now I will respond further and tell you why I am not “completely wrong and arrogantly wrong” on this. There are no real impediments to voting in Nebraska. I was on a task force post-2000 that studied the issue, and sought to increase participation. Many crazy ideas were discussed. I got to know my colleague Bill Avery in the process. (The last 2 sentences are unrelated to each other– shame on all of you for reading something into their placement that I didn’t actually say.) In the end, the task force recommended a process to make it easier for convicted felons to get the right to vote back after doing their time (I voted “no” on that, by the way). This was the impediment to voting the task force sought to remove after studying the issue for a year and a half, I think..

    It is all well and good to bemoan low turnout. How much should we spend, however, to encourage those who otherwise don’t care enough to vote to vote? We already will mail you a ballot if you care enough to ask. Can’t that be enough? We set up literally 100s of polling places every election day that are open for 12 hours. And you can vote early in person at the one and only election office located in the middle of the county at 114th and Dodge. And, you can have an “agent” pick up a ballot for you from the election office, and return it for you after you complete it. When can we be done?

    And, to say now, of all times, “Don’t worry, the city will bear the cost,” is to be so utterly tone-deaf as to defy description. I read somewhere that the city may have some financial woes to tend to. Someone has to say “no”.

  26. FAC says:

    Hmm – everyone runs to the statute. Probably looking at the wrong place. Perhaps there is a civil rights claim here. Location of the only early voting site is in the whitest, richest part of town. Difficult city bus trip for more ethnically diverse and less affluent population. Gas prices high. Many don’t trust a mail in ballot will be counted. Whatever the reason for moving the office, it is hard to argue that this is the most accessable site for the only in person early voting location.

  27. Bam says:

    Geez, aren’t they already pulling enough names from the cemeteries? Don’t they have enough of the bused homeless voters? I’m already astounded they won the general election and recall – why can’t they just have the OFD thugs patrolling West Omaha for the next election just to make sure no one comes out of their house that day?

  28. Common Sense-we are broke says:

    If you have to work you find a way to get there. If you need to go to the doctor’s office you find a way to get there. If voting is important to you…you got it…you find a way to get there. The socio economically challenged vote overwhelmingly Democratic so don’t make this sound as if it is not politically motivated by dressing it up as something else to sell it to the people.

  29. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    FAC– I guess what I’m saying is I’m not willing to spend more taxpayer dollars to accomodate the person who: 1. can’t get to his or her polling place in the neighborhood (or very near-by) on election day in the 12 hours available, 2. doesn’t “trust” the mail, 3. can’t get to 114th and Dodge (or considers it too far), and 4. doesn’t know anyone who would act as an agent and pick up a ballot (a service both major parties routinely provide, by the way). Who is this person, and how would satellite voting really help more? If the Election Commission was still in the courthouse downtown, would that trip be doable, or still too far? And, is this really the Mayor’s call? (Not according to statute, it isn’t.)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me that equal access is the real issue, not easier access to voting. The election office is located in West Omaha which is not representative of the entire county. If satellite sites seem a step too far, then there should be no early voting allowed at the election office.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:16: You are very mistaken. Your concern for equal access is a smokescreen. This is a political request to save the Democrat party in Douglas County money by shifting GOTV efforts to the taxpayers and possibly (doubtful) to increase Democrat turnout. Glad to see Suttle has his priorities straight. Top of the list: loot Omaha.

  32. To Mr. Lautenbaugh says:

    It may not be a statutory requirement that the Election Commissioner is supposed to make voting as easy or accessible as possible, but may I ask, why on earth would the Commissioner NOT want voting to be maximally accessible? I understand that some accessibility measures would be cost-prohibitive, but what is the actual cost of the proposed satellite locations?

    I ask because for years, my family cared for elderly parents/grandparents who were physically disabled but mentally quite competent and interested in voting. The process of obtaining and returning the ballot was sometimes tricky. As time passed, more consistent procedures were developed, and conveniences like being able to serve as “agent” returning another person’s ballot were implemented. This made voting a lot more accessible. Aren’t things like this a big plus?

    It also shows me that some people do rely on others for help in voting. They can’t physically travel to the polling site, and need someone else’s help to obtain and return the ballot. It’s a lot easier if that can happen closer to home, rather than finding someone willing to go across town. I would never have known that the major parties offer that service, by the way, and since I’m a non-partisan I doubt I’d even want to use them for it.

  33. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    You’re actually proving my point. With a modicum of effort and minimal planning, everyone who wants to vote can do so now. Elections really don’t sneak up on us. The vast majority are regularly scheduled and/or well-publicized.

    There has to be one election office somewhere- ours is fairly well in the middle of the county, and easy to locate (I used to tell the poll workers in my training sesions that it was over by the Green Onion, and they’d all nod). Once we start adding more locations, it becomes political. Why in North Omaha? Why not Waterloo, too? Hmmmm.

    So, this would be the worst possible expenditure in my opinion. I’d imagine it would be utterly meaningless, and wasteful. If the satellite location is actually used by many voters, it confers an advantage on some parts of the county and some groups of voters over others. I can’t defend that
    either way.

  34. Kortezzi says:

    This little exchange between John Green and Scott Lautenbaugh has been enlightening.

    I’ve learned Lautenbaugh knows a lot about voting issues, and stands his ground. I’ve learned Green has no concern whatsoever for the costs of operating the gov’t (just like Suttle), which probably accounts for our soaring OPPD bills and the lack of flood preparedness at Ft. Calhoun.

    To you “satelite” voting location advocates, take a look at a map of Douglas County sometime. 114th & Davenport is smack dab in the middle of the COUNTY. It’s not a CITY office.

    Suttle probably move the Douglas County Election office to the Sienna Francis House itself, if he could get away with it. Fortunately, Phipps appears disinclined to follow our bullying Mayor Megamind’s ridiculous orders.

  35. Bam says:

    John K Green’s sadden by our voter turnout. How about moving the city elections back to coincide with the federal and state elections to boost the turnout? Turnout for city elections has dropped ever since they did that, and the participation of police and fire unions has increased to the point where they can control the outcome. Interesting that the ones that are most opposed to this are on the left.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Conservatives are against all people who have the right to vote to be able to vote. Liberals believe that every American citizen over the age of 18 should be allowed to vote. This fight goes way back to the founding fathers. When the conservatives only thought rich land owners should vote. Then they fought against the woman’s vote. Then they fought against the black people and other minorities right to vote. You see they are scared of voting and what it might mean. Liberals are not scared of voting and welcome how the vote comes out. Even when they loose. Remember the election in 2000 how they kept thousand of Florida people from voting by purging the voter files saying those voters were ex cons. Even when they had no proof. Conservatives will fight you tooth and nail and have every excuse that people should not get to vote. Or that we need to make it easier for them to vote. They don’t care and they have no shame . They only believe their way or the highway.

  37. MacDaddy says:

    Liberals believe that not just every American citizen, but every resident, non-resident, every personality residing in the same person, the undead, and the dead should all get to vote. More than once if necessary.

    Are there really no bigger problems to spend time and money on than this? Voting is easy enough. People obviously have better things to do with their time and gas money than vote and that’s their right as Americans. That’s also their problem, not yours. Congratulations that you vote early and often. Now quit trying to waste more taxpayer money on fruitless efforts to improve civic participation. Allow people to start taking responsibility for their actions or non-actions in this case.

  38. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    Hey wait a minute. Are you saying that people that are criminals should not get to vote? How about ALL the Dems that have been fighting to get Felons their rights back. You know, the Constitutional ones like “the right to vote” and the “right to bear arms”.

    So if convicted of a felony should get to vote, why shouldn’t “I’m serving my 30 days in jail for DUI get to vote?

    BTW, never been a Phipps Fan, but he is right on it with Dictator Suttle. Who would have ever guessed we would long for the good old day of our City being run by the Chief of Staff to an absentee, ribbon cutting Mayor Fahey?

    Suttle is out of control. I heard that he announced in a “Cabinet” meeting that everyone should know that Jean Stothert was not to be worried about because she is running against Congressman Terry for Congress. Couple of points on that one: 1) She has completely invalidated that rumor to multiple people and she and her husband are on FEC Reports in support of Lee Terry (I love the internets) and 2) WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A CITY OF OMAHA STAFF MEETING????!!!!!

    If Suttle were to spend more time actually doing his job (or going on vacation-I don’t think it really matters much at this point), than trying to manipulate voting numbers for Democrats and himself, then just perhaps, all City employees would have a contract so they can plan for their own families finances and the City wouldn’t be sinking further into the BlackHole of Debt.

    Frankly, if a brilliant scholar like President Obama can’t figure it out, I don’t know why I keep hoping that an idiot that muddled through an engineering college can manage it either.

  39. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    John, other than the fact that you seem to be confused by many of your own statements, we, (those of us that are American citizens) could never become a Country of people who proudly hold up their “purple thumbs” on Election Day.

    The ACLU would NEVER allow such a requirement of “right to vote”; and neither would the Labor Unions.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Bud Pettigrew at 9:02, you’re still an imbecile. That post had all the hallmarks of a classic Bud post from the very start. The grammatical errors weren’t terribly obvious right off the bat, but the clincher was when he misspelled “lose.”

    P.S. Sorry to hear about your son, Bud. Hope he’s recovering well.

    P.P.S. Quit trying to define the political parties in such melodramatic terms. It just makes you look so silly.

  41. Jane's Facebook said: says:

    Watch Fox News tonight, I will be on the O’Reilly Factor talking about the gridlock in Congress, 7pm CT (dont know my exact hit time yet)

  42. Gary and Ace says:

    We have cruised by a few OPS Middle and High Schools that would make great satellite voting locations. We support you Mr, Mayor.

  43. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    I hear that Obama is more afraid of the Unions than the Enviro Freaks like Janie. Can’t wait to see her head explode when President Obama authorizes the Keystone Pipeline permits by November 30th just like Congressman Terry’s Bill requires him to do so.

    PS: I hope that witch donated an equal number of ears of sweet corn to the local foodbank that she wasted during her “demonstration” at that Omaha Congressional office.

  44. Bam says:

    If there was the SLIGHTEST chance that these prospective voters would vote other than for him, Hizzoner would NOT be pushing for satellite voting. Democrats fight to make voting easier than it needs to be only if it serves them, just as they fight against it when it serves them – just ask the Dixiecrats of the ’50s.

  45. Anonymous says:

    To “She Must Think We’re As Dumb As Scott”: You obviously don’t understand the first thing about government (and you’ve got lots of company on this site). Terry’s bill went nowhere. Has to pass the Senate and be signed by the prez before it is law. Not happening. So the “dumb” in your moniker appears to fit you.

  46. J. Mackiel says:

    To Gary and Ace: We would welcome Satellite voting locations in our schools. We believe voting would help end “White Privilege” that permeates our city’s social structure. For example I make over $400,000 a year and have 9 weeks of paid vacation and I accomplish nothing. It’s not fair that OPS fails to graduate almost a third of its students and condemns them to a life of poverty.

    PS. We don’t report sexual misconduct to the police either 😉

  47. Wizard Jim says:

    It is unfair, unjust and un-American to put special voting in areas that are full of your party’s potential voters.

    On the other hand, it is absolutely fair to everyone concerned if we restrict all special voting facilities and aid to areas heavily dominated by potential members of my party.

  48. Polly Tics says:

    I laugh at Omaha. I cry for you as well. People whining that there aren’t more satelite offices makes me just makes me shake my head. For goodness sake, you can walk to most polling places. If you can’t walk, you can request an absentee ballot and vote early, just not often. For people to say that “it just isn’t fair” sounds like a four year old who didn’t get the candy in the checkout lane of the grocery store.

  49. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    Hey stupid at 12:31. No where did I state that the Bill was signed into law and at no point did I ever imagine that our fine President would sign such a Bill backing himself into a corner. You seem to be as stupid as her.

    What, no defensive comment about the corn or her wastefulness?

    Fact is, the Union will get what they want and I, a pro jobs, pro economic development, pro North American energy production Nebraskan will get what I want.

    Now I understand why you Democrats have enjoyed being in bed with the Unions for all these decades. It’s kind of fun once in a while-and you and your little friend out in Hastings being losers is just the cherry on top of my fun sundae.

    Oh, and I know a hell of a lot more about how our fine government works than most of the little granolas that you run around with.

  50. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    Hey Street Sweeper. If you ban impersonations, then does that mean that all the libs that post on here will have to stop pretending to be smart?

  51. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    That’s right, when the recall effort failed, the pro recall folks yacked about low voter turnout. For such a crappy decision maker to have survived a recall effort, it was low voter turnout in the key areas. The other problem, is that most of the people that are fed up with Suttle’s actions and his constant embarrassment of this community, live just outside of the City limits for voting, but within for fees to be assessed.

    Whatever. He’s our Mayor and if you didn’t want him, you should have worked harder on another campaign and ensured that everyone you knew went and voted for someone else.

    BUT YOU DON’T treat voting adults like babies that can’t think for themselves. As a candidate, you either turn out your votes, or you lose. It’s that simple. If you haven’t motivated your voters, shame on you.

  52. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    Anon 1231, did you happen to see the Washington Post Ed page today? Yeah, probably not. Well, anyway, it seems that they in earshot when John Baird (Canada’s new foreign minister in case you haven’t been keeping up with our neighbors to the north) said that if America isn’t buying Canada’s oil, then China will. In fact, there is already a pipeline to the West Coast being built to load that there oil onto tankers destined for China.

    Let me know when you and Jane head to China for your “corny” demonstration in Bejing. Be sure to take your passports so Scott can come get you when they toss your asses into prison.

  53. If they mated says:

    Please share your “if they mated” with Leavenworth street. I chose mayor Suttle and his chief of staff Steve Oltman. The resulting offspring would have the head of Rocky from the 80’s movie the Mask and an Ewok body. Not the cute Ewok but the fat Elder Ewok

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