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First, a quick outta state SAB.

Doncha think Josh Brolin should have waited for the Rick Perry movie, instead of jumping in with “W”?

And as long as we’re on that movie, it sort of cracks us up when Hollywood is casting the part of a middle-aged mom, and chooses…the hot young blonde!

You just know Elizabeth Banks went in there trying for the Jenna part…


And a few Friday links for your clickering:

Don Walton interviews Jon Bruning

The Daily Show features JB and the Racoons

The LJS’s Cindy Lange-Kubick doesn’t like JB’s comments mainly because of…his grammar?

The York News Times (All the Fit That’s Print to News!) video interview of Deb Fischer (skip to the last 12 minutes or so)

Don Stenberg talks to South Carolinians

USAToday on Lee Terry at his Town Hall meets

Charlie Cook writes that the 2012 presidential election is officially the Republicans’ to lose

Democrat chair: “We own the economy.”

Washington Post headlines…
2 years ago: Obama preparing new push to add jobs, tackle deficit
2 days ago: Obama to issue new proposals on job creation, debt reduction

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bruning’s statement was stupid. He needs to stop explaining it and move to say something brilliant. Who in the world is advising him?

  2. RWP says:

    CLK’s ‘expert’ on Jon Bruning’s English was Bob Haller, a stalwart of the UNL campus left. In fact, one of the leading recent abusers of the backformed verb ‘incent’ has been Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education (irony is so ironic). But oddly enough, our lefty columnist and her lefty expert seem to be willing to overlook that.

    Time to put this story to bed. It’s greatly exceeded its quota of manufactured outrage.

  3. Bruning was right to some degree says:

    There are lots and lots of people that scam the welfare system and are more than happy to live on that amount of money along with any illegal income they can generate. The biggest scam in Omaha is getting pregnant with a few kids by 20 and getting OHA to to rent you a somewhat new townhome off of 108th in Fort area for a few hundred a month. Market rate is 900 for a 3 bedroom. The state pays for college and Title XX pays for daycare all day long even if you only take a few classes. Of course food stamps and free health care are provided as well. Does anybody remember the OWH story where the mother had 11 kids (and like 8 different fathers) and was delivering another child and her daughter was down the hall giving birth as a teenager at UNMC? So all 12 of those kids were unplanned? Anyone want to know the cost of the taxpayers supporting that family?

  4. Brunings staff... says:

    What are youz talkin bout. Bruning hirrred the bestest staff money could have bought. You haven’t seen his dreamz team down their?

    On a serious note: I think deb fishers campaign manager has more experience than all of Brunings staff combined!

  5. Oh Mander says:

    After seeing that Bruning clip on The Daily Show last night I couldn’t help but wonder what effect that will have on the inevitable Bruning vs. Nelson matchup. That type of exposure could bring in some serious outside cash to the Nelson campaign. I’m sure Bruning will see an influx in cash from a few out-of-state wing nuts, as well, but I think this will primarily benefit Nelson. Not that he deserves it…

  6. James says:

    Well Fischer’s campaign manager is going to need all the “experience” in the world because she has no chance to win this thing.

  7. Breaking News says:

    Due to the weak 2012 GOP presidential candidates Lee Terry is entering the race. It is about time GOP got someone good

    TERRY 2012

  8. New Poll says:

    PoliticalWire reports on a new nat’l poll that shows Dem enthusiasm for the 2012 election at an historic low. Rut Row.

  9. Patriot says:

    Hey, Bruning campaign staff hater, did you get passed up for a job? Get over it. Let’s focus on giving Ben the boot!!!

  10. Don't erase my comment says:

    If Fischer’s camp thinks they can beat Bruning I have a bridge to sell you. She is a former female governer’s pawn

  11. Kortezzi says:

    Rick Perry has the Obama camp scared. He’s got 10 yrs. of experience as governor of a big state, and he knocked off Kay Barely Republican without breaking a sweat. The economic success of Texas in the past decade makes a stark contrast with Obama’s pathetic performance. The continued attempts to blame the recession on Bush and the tsunami in Japan will make him look even less manly compared to Perry.

    I hope Jugears has a nice relaxing luxury vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Too bad Michele embarrassed him again by taking a second plane just to arrive 4 hours earlier. Then again, his campaign tour in those 2 million dollar busses was even more embarrassing, as they were made in Canada.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    So I went down to admire my garden this morning only to find that the raccoons have pillaged my corn. As though they’re entitled to just *take* from me what I’ve worked so hard to produce. As though they have a right to just sit back and watch me work and then take the fruit of my labors. Like it belongs to them. Reminds me of … Democrats. And their attitude towards taxes. Like how they describe tax breaks as “giving” money to the rich. Tax breaks down “give” anyone money; tax breaks just take less money away from those who have generated that money. But, like those raccoons, Democrats think what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs.

  13. Anonymostly says:

    Gosh darn it. I either need to proof read better or ask SS to put an “edit” function into this message board. That should obviously read, “tax breaks don’t ‘give” anyone money” rather than “tax breaks down ‘give’ anyone money.”

    I’ll have to contemplate how to employ better editing skills while I take the family to the zoo later on.

  14. Leona Helmsley says:

    What has happened to the America we all knew and loved. In the good old days everyone at all of my country clubs believed taxes were for little peope. Now we see the likes of Warren Buffett letting the cat out of the bag. I think 17% is wwaaaaaayy too much. I just can’t bear the thought that our government would start treating us like a bunch of door men and waiters, paying taxes like people who get their hands dirty……The thought of it! What has become of this country. And now they’re even talking about taxing our corporate jets.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Liberals love goverment power because they always envision it is themself who will be swinging that hammer down onto other poor souls. They know that only one hand at a time can swing a hammer. Yet for some reason they believe they will be the one hammerer and not among the hammered. They won’t be down there on the anvil being smashed by the goverment they empower.

    It must be peaceful to be so happily stupid as that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper: Love your tweet to KHAS to do their homework that the CFLA AG opinion will not help in a federal race. These are the same people who have turned their “news” station over to Jane and Scott Kleeb who they run to interview once or twice a week. Really embarrassing for the people in the Hastings area who are trying to get real news.

  17. Go for it says:

    Excellent TV and OWH coverage of Terry bringing the House chair of the Transportation Committee to Omaha yesterday to tour the flood waters. It’s called juice. Mica, the chair, said they might do legislation to ensure the CoE prioritizes flood control better–on top of Terry’s bill
    (that passed the House last month) to ditch the ‘flood in progress’ exclusion for policies.

    Just a little tidbit for the one or two Terry haters here who post under multilpe names.

  18. Terry has Juice says:

    Go for it- Terry has “Juice” ???? I do agree like O.J Simpson Terry should be in jail for being worthless but Juice of Clout in DC….. Really????? Terry might have clout at his tri lam frat meeting but not in DC

  19. She Must Think We're As Dumb As Scott says:

    I doubt Terry had the time or the finances to be in a Fraternity while in college. Anyway, do you really think the Democrats in the Senate from flood hampered states like Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska are going to let Sir Harry protect the President from signing a Bill that helps their constituents? I doubt it.

    Harry may have protected President Obama from having to choose between his Enviros and JOBS with the Pipeline Bill, but he wouldn’t dare screw the 5 or 6 Dems that are his go to votes.

  20. Go for it says:

    I’m talking about Terry’s proposal that would end the ‘flood in progress’ exclusion when homeowners buy flood insurance. It passed the House and is part of the omnibus flood insurance reform bill. Bet you the Senate passes it.

  21. Go for it says:

    All in all a good weekend for Terry. Excellent press coverage of him bringing in the House chair of Transportation Committee to look at the flooding.

    I’m assuming the one or two Terry haters must be new poster(s). If they had been around here for a while, they’d see alot of the same insults they throw were done in 08 and 10. Really worked well, didn’t they?

  22. Go for it says:

    Wanted to make another point–assuming the Terry hater(s) here are from another campaign (Lindstrom, Ewing, Howard) or the NDP, you can really tell when they are going down the tubes–they result to insults. Might be cute but that’s not gonna win you votes, guys.

    Real story is the new polls showing Democratic enthusiam for next year falling to historic lows. Wonder if it is more so in NE2–maybe Obama does’t target here in 2012?

  23. There they go again says:

    Lautenbaugh and Daub want to revive the $2billion+ Lake Nebraska / Like Linoma idea and flood Ashland. Lautenbaugh doesn’t like driving all the way to the Ozarks? Tough! I can’t wait to watch Sen. Lautenbaugh spinning in circles trying to justify a multi-billion project that takes property from landowners, floods towns, relocates Interstate bridges and rail lines, and floods Omaha/Lincoln drinking wells – all at the low, low price of more than $2billion. How asinine.

  24. Laughable says:

    It would be interesting to see Laughtenbaugh try to run for higer office. You’d probably see more than seventy past and present members of the Legislature line up to support anyone who runs against him. He doesn’t play well with others. Ernie Chambers may have had his differences with other members of the Legislature, but at least he had their respect.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Talk about the ghost of Hal Daub past. Didn’t we just deal with towns flooding? Scott needs to fire whoever does his PR work and hire one that pays attention every 500 years.

  26. What??? says:

    I made the comments and I do not work for politicians. You realize that not only your opponents think Terry is bad but voters as well. After all if everony thought Lee Terry was good you wouldnt have opponents.

    This is the same guy that was defending the army corp at first

  27. In the know says:

    Yea that old Scott Lautenbaugh is so ineffective and so not liked by his peers. It seems all his proposals including his redistricting maps went down in a ball of flame. Oh wait, that didn’t happen? It seems some Democratic hacks are still pissed over CD 2’s map and are posting BS again.

  28. Ulysses Evertt McGill says:

    Flood the valley? Sounds like a fine idea to me. Might even see a cow on the roof of a floating farmhose.

    I don’t want FOP Damn it, I’m a Dapper Dan Man!

  29. who's what says:

    “What”–it’s easy to get on the ballot–pay the fee and you’re in. Why don’t you run too? Terry has an opponent and so does Fortenberry and Smith. Voters will decide it next May.

    Meanwhile, while you were posting your drivel here–probably 100,000 people saw Terry on TV over the weekend w/the House Transportation committee chair touring the flooding. Cheers.

    On voters thinking Terry is “bad,” I think 62% of them would disagree with you…maybe you should look at the results again from last Nov.

  30. Laughable says:

    There’s a difference between recognizing Laughtenbaug’s gerrymandering abilities and respect. The contempt for Laughtenbaug among members of the body is about as thick as the cigar smoke in the capitol building.

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