He’s baaaack…

He is Weeble-like in his tenacity.

You can try to push Hal Daub away, but he will always come back at you.

Hal Daub is going to run for Nebraska regent, to replace Randy Ferlic. And the fun part is that Ferlic’s daughter, and wife of state Senator Brad Ashford, Ann Ferlic Ashford is planning on running as well.

(Oh, and Brad is also “planning” on running for Omaha Mayor, though we have been hearing that one for at least twenty years.)

But Daub, who has many ties to the University, went to UNL Law, and has a bazillion ideas about everything, will undoubtedly put his heart and soul into this race. It will likely become very much worth watching and listening to.

And we just might have an update from Hal come 9:00 AM this morning, so be sure ya’ll come back now, ya hear!


From the Hal camp :

Daub to Run for Board of Regents

Former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub announced today that he will be a candidate for the University of Nebraska Board of Regents in next year’s elections.

Daub said he will file for the District #8 seat, which includes much of the Omaha area.  The seat is currently held by Randy Ferlic, who recently announced he will not seek a third term.

Daub, who also served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, said that the University system is critical to the entire State and the Omaha area in particular.  He said he would be a strong advocate for UNO and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

“Continuing to offer a high quality education at an affordable cost to the youth of our state will be my top priority,” Daub said.

Daub is a graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law.  “Since my days as a law student at Nebraska, I have known how important our higher education system is to the State.  As Mayor, I worked closely with UNO and the Med Center, so I know how vital those institutions are to the Omaha economy,” he said.

Daub, 70, a Partner since 2001 in the law firm of Husch Blackwell LLP, has an active commercial business practice, is a member of the UNO Advisory Board, and served in the U.S. Army in Korea.  He is married to the former Mary Wurdeman and has three grown children and five grandchildren.  He was recently named Father of the Year by the American Diabetes Association.  He is a fourth generation Nebraskan and a graduate of Benson High School.  He currently serves on the Board of the Salvation Army, the Mid-America Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Autism Action Partnership, the National Board of Community Health Charities of America, and is a member of Optimists International.


So the Bold gals are in DC to lay their carcasses across the White House gates and get arrested to stop the evil Tar Sands Oil from entering these United States.

And you can easily see at the protests and through Jane’s own videos that this has NEVER been about the Sandhills or the aquifer or the pipeline.

That little stretch of road was just a convenient method for her group to complain about the tar sands oil and hope to stop the entire process in the mean time.

The irony is, there is already Tar Sands Oil flowing through the present Keystone Pipeline. And if other spills are any indication, they should worry about a spill at a river crossing with THAT pipeline, and not through the Sandhills — where UNL hydrologists insist that a spill would have a very small range in any case. The other UNL study that the Boldies talk about concentrates on river crossings.

But again, if that is their worry, then they should be worried about the PRESENT pipe and the PRESENT crossings. Heck if spills were REALLY their worries, they should be asking for the present Keystone pipe to be closed and the new Keystone XL — with newer pipe, newer technology and better digging methods at river crossings — to be built ASAP.

Of course, as we have spelled out here time and again, their goal is not the pipeline or their “save the Sandhills” BS. It is all about somehow stopping the Candian Tar Sands Oil.

Well guess what kids? That oil is going to be extracted NO MATTER WHAT (as editorialized by the Washington Post). And if the US does not take it, the Chinese will. And no matter how many times you get arrested by throwing your hemp-laden body across the White House gates, that oil will be extracted and burned somewhere by somebody.

So while the protesters are gassing up for their anti-oil caravan (irony alert!) drive back home to California and places west, they can think about just how little they have actually accomplished.

(Oh, and be sure to note the $145 million tax assessment that the oil company will be paying for that current Keystone pipeline. Huh. Money for schools and stuff. How about that. And then there are the millions of dollars in jobs to build the new pipeline. Many union gigs. Hmm. Gee.)


And on this whole “protest” thing. So what is happening? A bunch of people have the time to take out of their lives to leave home, and stay in Washington, DC — not a cheap nightly motel room, we might add — for TWO weeks?

Because if you don’t stay the whole two weeks, then obviously you miss President Obama, who is not at the White House anyway right now. Who has that kind of time? Not to mention being right at the beginning of the school year?

And then they are getting OOH! arrested! And…what? “Well before, I was for the tar sands oil.. But now that a bunch of wanna-be-hippies are going to get their hands zip tied and have their photo taken (all at government expense), well then I guess I change my mind on that issue.”

We noted the OWH’s feature story about Stan Olsen this morning. It said that Olsen did not want the West Dodge Expressway in Omaha.

So you know what he did? He got 30 like-minded businessmen and … went and shined flashlights at the governors mansion and got themselves arrested.

No of course he didn’t! They sat down and talked to the governor and argued their case. That’s what adults do. And the expressway went through and there has been nary an oil-spill on it since. Oh, and business is doing well.

But we are sure if Olsen had just sent some Beanie-Babies to state Senators he could have gotten that project tabled. He just wasn’t bold enough…


In our Friday links we noted that the USAToday had a story about Lee Terry at his Town Halls during the Congressional recess. Terry, like Jeff Fortenberry, Adrian Smith, and Mike Johanns have advertised their Town Hall meetings, have had pretty good turnouts and have answered tough questions.

Tea Partiers have given them the business. And Democrats have been sending emails to pack the crowds and quiz the MOCs on their favorite topics as well.

But whose name do you see left out above?

Oh, that would be E. Benjamin Nelson, Nebraska’s senior Senator. What, he is not in Nebraska over recess? Oh, he is in the state. And he is out and about going to hospitals and sneaking into bakeries and the like.

But you will not find his schedule anywhere to sit down and take questions from constituents.

The Tea Party folks are even planning a few events around Nelson’s chicken-itis. Well, if you don’t take any tough questions, you don’t have to give any answers…

(Oh, and yes, it is THAT Ben Nelson — the one who is #47 on the list of the richest Members of Congress.  Just in case you were not sure…)


  1. Brave? BRAVE?!!!

    Police officers are brave.
    Firefighters are brave.
    Military troops are brave.

    But Jane Fleming Kleeb brave?!! The mere notion is an insult to the word ‘brave’. That dude standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square was brave…he stood alone and risked actual physical harm and/or death. But Janey-poo and and bunch of her cronies laying together here in the USA? The only harm they were in danger of was a back ache from laying on the concrete.

    Hell, the most dangerous part of their ‘bold’ protest was entering the country’s [murder] capital.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WWJD? What would Jane do? It’s so nice to see we are all back to our summer’s end obsession. Then there’s Hal. He’s back, too, like gum on your shoe and perhaps a flood of new ideas? Proving once again that’s what’s old is…..old again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It makes sense for Daub to be a Regent. He certainly has more experience than most Regents in real life. And that’s where most Regents fall flat.

  4. Hmmm says:

    So if Jane goes on a hunger strike knowing she may die in the process, how good of a mother can she be? Is this child endangerment? Will Gwen Howard petition to have Jane’s young baby taken away from such a horrible home?

  5. Anonymous says:

    And you can bet KHAS (All Kleeb, All The Time Channel) will have video footage of Jane and her cronies getting arrested. That will be priceless when the next school board race rolls around. Good point about Jane abandoning her kids for two weeks, at the start of the school year and with a new baby no less. Isn’t Scott getting tired of playing Mr. Mom?

  6. Brian T. Osborn says:

    That lefty rag, the National Geographic, just published an article that questions the economic benefit of pumping the Canadian tar sands to Texas. It seems its destination will eventually be the People’s Republic of China no matter where it gets refined, thanks to the refineries’ pre-existing agreements for their production, and the fact that the part-owners of the refineries (other oil producing countries) have their own interests at heart.
    It would be a good thing for American workers to at least reap the benefits of building the pipeline so that they could buy more plastic crap from WalMart that will be produced in China with the oil, once it gets there. That is, of course, unless the XL Pipeline people hire a bunch of Mexicans to do the work.
    Personally, my issue with the XL Pipeline isn’t so much one of environmental activism, it is the corporate arrogance of a foreign company that believes it has a legal right to force American citizens (Nebraska landowners) to roll over and let them have their way with them via the invocation of eminent domain. I can’t believe my compatriots on the right aren’t upset about this as well. You know, states rights, individual rights and all?
    Another question about all these pipelines that criss-cross our state, “What happens to the pipelines once they have served their usefulness?” Are the owners required to remove them, or are they allowed to just rot in the ground and eventually, once rusted out and decayed, allowed to cave in, swallowing up the occasional unsuspecting farmer and his tractor as he goes about his chores in his fields?
    I have also heard a rather disturbing thing about this proposed pipeline. Our government has, (always working so hard to ensure their kickbacks … ahem, cough, cough … our safety) in its unquestionable wisdom, granted XL the authority to use a thinner casing on the pipeline than was originally recommended. If so, I guess we can all look forward to developing a taste for greasy water. Drink up, my friends!

  7. Huh? says:

    Wasn’t it Janey baby’s stance that Heineman could do something about the pipeline? Now she’s saying on the video it’s Obama that has to do it. So which is it, Jane? Heineman or Obama?

  8. RWP says:

    The National Geographic piece is based mostly on the maverick thoughts of one economist, Philip Verleger. It also notes, by way of balance that Gulf refineries only export 10% of their product. In fact, even Verleger admits the profitability of this venture is huge, because buying low from the healthy US supply of crude, and selling high on the global market, is an ideal situation.

    “The Keystone XL pipeline, Verleger argues, could transform the U.S. Gulf Coast into the most profitable refining center in the world.”

    And the hefty expense of shipping the oil around the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn means that the US pays far less than the world market price for refined products.

    And remember, those profits are subject to 35% federal tax. The refineries add a great deal of value to the oil, and Uncle Sugar takes a third of that value.

    The CEO of Marathon Petroleum recently said Keystone XL will not reduce the central US oil supply glut that keeps our prices low. In fact, Marathon is upping refining capacity in the US to handle heavy Canadian crude, creating more supply of gasoline in the midwest.

    Condemnation by eminent domain dates back to the common law of the thirteen colonies, and it’s obviously governed by the Bill of Rights. It’s not unconstitutional, and the founders specifically allowed for it. While libertarians have theorized about alternatives to ED, no one has ever implemented them in practice. Nebraska statute makes no distinction based on ownership of a corporation, or indeed between corporations and private individuals.

    Let’s say you own a piece of land, and someone else buys all the land surrounding your parcel. How do you get access to your own property without some power of eminent domain? Without ED, someone could in effect force you into selling your land at a discount by simply denying you access to it.

  9. Anon says:

    Looks like Jane is letting the other “brave” Nebraskans do the dirty work by getting arrested. She also pulled a fast one on Joe Jordan who is reporting that she said she would get arrested. As long as Daddy Dick Holland keeps picking up the tab, Jane can hang out in DC and not have to risk arrest, plenty more hippies from Nebraska she can con into doing that.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    Brian T – – I’ve never heard or read anything about decaying and rusting pipelines “swallowing up the occasional farmer and his tractor.” Did you conjure up that frightening image all by yourself? Or is it part of Jane Kleeb’s sales pitch against the Keystone XL?

    Your mention of this helps reinforce Sweeper’s point that a NEW pipeline would be superior to the EXISTING Keystone pipeline, and several other older ones that cross Nebraska.

  11. Anon says:

    From the OWH:

    “Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska was on hand for Monday’s protest but opted not to get arrested so the group would have an organizer on the outside.

    She said she plans to get arrested as part of a second group of Nebraskans who will join the daily protests Sept. 2, at the tail end of the two-week demonstration.”

    She’s a JOKE!

  12. Delusional says:

    Ferlic said his daughter will be a stronger candidate for his seat than Daub, and that Daub may lack innovative ideas on keeping tuition affordable and preserving higher education values. -LJS

    One thing I’ll give Daub credit for is having a Vision. Collecting Past due doctors accounts is a bit different than running a Billion dollar budget. Hal kept the city of Omaha in the Black and preserved out AAA bond rating. One thing know about anything Ashford is their support for big government and liberal agendas. Oh by the way, what’s her party affiliation? or should I saw history of affiliation?

  13. Hmmm says:

    So does this mean the wife of State Senator Ashford is going to run for the seat, and use some nepotism along the way? Oh wait isn’t that what State Senator Gwen Howard is doing too? Howard’s daughter is straight in from Chicago—— The Obama camp must be overjoyed with the potential to grab the 2nd district vote and put and office in town along with Howard’s… Or not as she is so low on the totem pole, probably doesn’t rise above noise level.

  14. Huh? says:

    I say we make dang sure that Jane follows through on her word and gets herself arrested (cause she known for saying one thing and then doing the total opposite – like demanding her workers leave any voluntary party positions, all while she then tries to run for a position herself). And then I think the Hastings School Board should look at getting her removed for unlawful conduct.

  15. Impotent Nebraska says:

    So Jane suited up in her Stand With Randy tee-shirt, struck her best yoga sit-in position but when push came to shove, hightailed it out of there before the arrests started. Real Bold sister! Speaking of Randy, if their theme is to stand with him, why isn’t he there getting arrested?

  16. RWP says:

    I see the Nebraska protestors, though naturally not Jane, each got a $1,000 fine. Hmmm, maybe I was too hasty in sneering at the protest. If we could persuade a few million other loons to join it, we could make a substantial contribution to the deficit.

  17. RWP says:

    Randy’s riding his horse to DC. He’s scheduled to arrive mid-October. The big delay is they’re using his horse in a carousel at the State Fair until end of next week. Then he gets to ride it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    RWP, it was $100 per person fine, not $1,000 according to Neb Watchdog. Joe had to post an update after he got burned on his first post announcing Jane was going to get arrested today. Jane proves once again that she’s all hat, no cattle and no kahoonas either. Her claim that she had to stay out of the arrest pool so she could bail the rest of them out is bogus. They have “organizers” “training” the protestors the night before every sit-in. Most certainly they have their paperwork handlers already lined up and each potential arrestee knows who is bailing them out and when the money pot is unlimited from folks like Dick Holland, it should go like clockwork. Despite her swagger, Jane has no guts. She is all about grabbing the media attention and letting the poor minons do the heavy lifting. What’s new.

  19. Alas Anon says:

    @9:12PM, you forgot to add that Jane also needs to be able to be in front of cameras and microphones getting her attention and her glory. In between she will be having lunch with all her DC pals. To hell with the people out there putting themselves on the line at her request.

  20. RWP says:

    Darn, only $100? I think we’re overlooking a major potential source of federal revenue here. $100 won’t pay the wages of the law enforcement personnel arresting them. To say nothing of the cost of treating the likely flea infestation.

  21. Wondering says:

    Do you suppose Jane will start a campaign to provide more nutritious meals in the jails of our nations capitol? You are all being unfair. I’m sure Jane must be on the lunch committee. Anyone for some nice tofu and alfalfa sprouts?

  22. Macdaddy says:

    “And then they are getting OOH! arrested! And…what? “Well before, I was for the tar sands oil.. But now that a bunch of wanna-be-hippies are going to get their hands zip tied and have their photo taken (all at government expense), well then I guess I change my mind on that issue.””

    That last scenario is entirely plausible with this President.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, BTO, Nat Geo, while not a committed lefty rag, is certainly environmentalist and has been for decades. Every now and then I subscribe just to help out the neighbor kids selling subscriptions and there are usually 2-3 articles about how Man is destroying the Earth. It gets old in a hurry.

  24. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ve heard the question raised, some of it from locals when they recently ran a 42″ natural gas pipeline through south-central Nebraska, including Phelps County. I imagine it is something that anyone that drives heavy equipment (such as tractors, combines, and grain trucks) across their fields might possibly consider, given that such equipment is pretty expensive, and it is essential to the operation of their ag business.
    I obviously exaggerated a bit (for dramatic effect) by using the words “swallowing up the occasional farmer and his tractor,” but believe me, if your $300,000 combine drops a wheel into a 42″ ravine caused by the collapse of an antiquated pipeline, I guarantee it is going to fubar your entire afternoon … and then some.
    Following my reportage here on Leavenworth St. of the slapstick Nebraska Democratic Party’s 2010 State Convention, I have been pretty much on the NDP hierarchy’s s*** list. A photo I posted of myself with the mythical Mary Jane Fields (of Bolder Nebraska fame) pretty well sealed my fate as persona non grata with Jane Kleeb. Her humorlessness resulted in her “un-friending” me on Facebook … and I didn’t even get a plush toy.
    You are correct in assuming that a NEW pipeline would be superior to the existing ones, but the issue persists. I don’t know the answer to the question, “Are the existing pipelines, and the proposed ones, protected by a guaranteed investment that would cover the costs of excavating them once they become in-serviceable?” I have only the best interests of my friends and neighbors that are involved in farming in mind. I have no money invested in promoting the pipelines, and it is obvious that I’ve stepped on enough powerful toes within the NDP to preclude my ever being offered any funding by the likes of a Dick Holland to oppose it.
    Basically, I’m just a troublemaker that enjoys making life uncomfortable for those who wield power against the best interests of my fellow citizens. I no longer give a rat’s ass which team they play for. I’ll neither root for, nor boo against, anyone merely because they sport a D, an R, an I, or any other letter on their jersey.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Yeah, those National Geographic writers tend to see the damage done to Mother Nature because they visit with her on a very frequent basis. Her children that only check in, by phone, once a year at Christmas, can’t see the wrinkles they’ve caused her, and could care less.

  26. Oh Mander says:

    RWP: “While libertarians have theorized about alternatives to ED, no one has ever implemented them in practice.”

    Is that why the Tea Party is always so pissed off? Cuz they have pills for that now…

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