Calling Chico’s Bail Bonds

Following up from yesterday…

Hal Daub, while running for Regent, has categorically ruled out ever running for Mayor of Omaha again. But running for Regent should be a big enough gig for him. The University system needs to keep growing and needs a mind like Daub’s to continue innovating.

Interesting that the first thing Randy Ferlic did was to go negative against Daub while trying to tout his daughter for the gig.

Ferlic said his daughter would be a stronger candidate for his seat than Daub and that Daub may lack innovative ideas on keeping tuition affordable and preserving higher education values.

Ha. Right Randy. That’s Hal Daub. Always just sitting there, mute, without a new idea on his lap. Way to try to keep that job in the family though.


Attention DC Police! Jane Kleeb is still at large! Repeat: Jane Kleeb is still at large! She is reportedly operating an ironic gas-guzzling SUV, with one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers. There is also now an “Obama ’12” sticker over what seemingly used to be a “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” sticker.

Well, if that APB hasn’t gone out, it should, right? Jane told Joe Jordan that her “plan” was to get herself arrested at the White House gates with everyone else yesterday. Awwww, but apparently, she was just an “organizer”. Ya see, someone had to flip the $600 bills to Chico’s Bail Bonds to get the rest of the gang outta the pokey.

Jane absolutely double-pinky swears that she is going to go back and get herself arrested in a couple weeks. “That’s the plan,” she says.

But you know, sometimes plans can go awry.

And isn’t it good to know that our law enforcement officials in the nations capital are so effectively using their time and efforts? We are beginning to see why the Dems say they need more money to run the government.


The Don Walton of the LJS notes that Ben Nelson’s latest fundraising letter tries to hammer Jon Bruning on… you guessed it! Beetlemania, a/k/a RacoonGate a/k/a “what was that about ‘grapes from a jar’?”

But the Oh So Pious one is suggesting that since JB is such a meany, that while you should contribute to his campaign, you should also give money to some other charity as well.

No word on what charities the 47th Richest Member of the United States Congress is giving to.  Was that included in the fundraising letter Mr. Johnson? We are just wondering. Seems like the sort of thing the 47th Richest Member of Congress should have noted when suggesting that other people should give money to a charity, while also paying your salary. (“He wants us to contribute to a charity AND to his campaign?! Now THERE’s a knee to the groin.”)


And speaking of knees to the groin, H-O-M-E-R-S, Homer’s has the very…last locationnnnnn. Closing their 132nd Street locale just leaves them in Omaha’s Old Market. Bummer.

On that note, here’s a fun one: Try explaining to a little kid what it means to “sound like a broken record”…


  1. Tired of Nepotism says:

    Ferlic was way out of line. Hal Daub has always been great with budgets and if anyone could hold the line on costs, it would be Hal. The Ashfords on the other hand are like a Sprite commercial, “Image is Everything” All we need now is another liberal whose qualifications are “my dad had the job”. This race is a no brainer and it in a republican district. Daub 58 Ashford 42

  2. Seer says:

    Hal is a true visionary. If he hadn’t saved up all those millions for the sewer rebuild he knew was right around the corner Omahans would be facing massive increses in their sewer usage fees. If he gets on the board of regents he’ll no doubt solve all of the University’s problems by building a new stadium and buying trolly cars. University employees can expext major improvements to their retirement system (spiking) financed by the tax payers as long as they support him. And if students can’t pay for Hal’s programs with increased tuition and fees they can always move across the river to Iowa.

  3. To Seer says:

    The Omaha Pension System was in the Black 10 years ago with Daub at the helm. It was the 2 Fahey brothers that reworked the contract. Nice try

  4. NE Voter says:

    History lesson:

    Hal Daub hasn’t won an election since 1997. From then until now, he has experienced three crushing defeats.

    Lost to Fahey in 2001.

    Lost to Johanns in 2008 (yes, I am counting his dropping out of the Senate race as a loss).

    Lost to Suttle in 2009.

    The UN-L and Lincoln establishments will bend over backwards to make sure Hal never takes a seat in the Regent’s boardroom.

    I am also amused by his statement that he never again would run for Mayor of Omaha. Remember how, during the recall fiasco, he repeatedly would not say whether he would rule out a run for Mayor. The timing of his current disavowal more or less confirms that he was involved in the attempt to oust Suttle.

    Of course, before getting tossed out of office in 2001, he pledged that if re-elected, that that would be his final term as Mayor. He said that, after that, it was time to “go fishing.”

    Anybody ever seen Daub in fishing gear?

  5. Lil Mac says:

    To know a man’s strength, observe his enemies.

    Senator Nelson’s new fundraising letter targets only Bruning and thus views Treasurer Stenberg, Sen Fischer and the other GOP candidates as insignificant. Bruning’s own campaign could not prove Bruning’s strength nearly as well as this letter does from Nelson’s camp.

    Similarly, Regent Randy Ferlic has blasted Hal Daub by stupidly saying Army Captain, Mayor and U. S. Congressman Daub, is the weaker candidate for Regent, with less ideas, than Randy’s own daughter, Ann what’s-her-name, (wife of notorious Munster-faced RINO Brad Ashford).

    While Daub didn’t say anything about Randy’s daughter, perhaps Randy calculates that sounding like an insanely angry daddy will be appreciated. Well, maybe so if this was All Star Wrestling. A University Regent going on an irrational nepotistic tirade simply looks stupidly impolitic. A Regent throwing poo like a chimp, without provocation, in spastic defense of his own nepotism, is not pretty.

    Luckily for Nebraskans, nutcase Randy isn’t going to be a Regent much longer. And Daub surely gets a boost from voters who fear Randy’s insanity might be genetic. But the real kicker here is that Randy’s outburst actually helps Daub. For all of Daub’s strengths, his major flaw is his temper. Randy Ferlic’s vitriolic poo throwing makes Daub look calmly serene by comparison.

  6. NE Voter says:

    Thanks, SS.

    I’m not suggesting that the photo was staged. I mean everyone wears their brand new Sperry Topsiders and dress slacks when they fish.



  7. MacDaddy says:

    So Mrs. Kleeb is/was in DC and she’s planning on going back in 2 weeks? How is she getting there? Electric car or walking? I guess that whole “think globally, act locally” was just a scam. Or do they have new rationalizations as to why they need to be dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere for a publicity stunt? The whole getting arrested at the White House is so last century that it’s kind of quaint. It used to be for protesting a war, apartheid, or lack of civil rights. Now we’re down to protesting a length of pipe. I guess that’s progress for you.

  8. Six (now Eight) Dollar Parker says:

    To SEER: Sorry the sewers are the property of the City of Omaha. The water and gas systems are the property of the Metropolitan Utilities District. Hal ignored the sewer problem like all of his predessors, but the sewers around the Quest/ Century Link in the Burt/Izard Basin should have been improved as part of the project. Had they been fixed Roger Dixon wouldn’t be sitting in a pile of water in his office. Blind loyalty to a failed candidate is ..well.. Blind.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The only thing missing from Hal’s gone fishin photo is hip waders. Oh, wait a minute….that’s what we wear when standing in the middle of one of Daub’s campaigns.

  10. Six (now Eight) Dollar Parker says:

    to SEER 2: wrong on the pension also. It was Hal that started all of the nonsense with the police and fire contracts. Hal made the deal with the cops to beat Brenda. When Fahey got elected, the fire department was waiting for the same deal. It will take more than one contract to get us out of this and the market going back up.

  11. Off topic tidbit says:

    Politico has an article today that alot of Members in Congress aren’t holding any town hall meetings in August. (See: Ben Nelson, D.Nebr.) From the article:

    “Democrats were more likely to shun town halls, with 68 percent of them not holding any, compared to about 51 percent of House GOP who were avoiding them.”

    BTW–Lee Terry held three town halls two weeks ago. Well attended, a good back and forth with folks.

  12. The Pip says:

    The other fun one, Sweeper, is to tell a digital watch wearing Gen Xer to go in a counter-clockwise direction. Or tell them to roll up a window. They kind of give you that puppy dog look like they are not sure if the ball is still in your hand.

  13. Terry Lee says:

    My town halls were great. It was standing room only . The citizens of Nebraska gave me a 100% approval rating… Geez enough about Terry if he was doing a good job you wouldn’t have to post every 10 minutes how great he has done

  14. Off topic tidbit says:

    TL–If you really had a legit chance against Terry, you wouldn’t resort to the snot and sleaze comments you make on him every 10 minutes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Did Howard announcer her campaign for CD2 yet, awful quite in her camp about anything other than her daughter………

  16. Nate says:

    I wonder how the folks in Hastings feel about a sitting member of their school board running around trying to get arrested in DC as the school year begins.

    Also, call me old fashioned, but trying to get arrested at a protest sounds pretty reckless for the mother of a newborn.

  17. Off the topic- says:

    And if Lee Terry wasn’t on the endangered species list on Capitol Hill we wouldn’t have to have to listen to ESPN like 15 minute updates on Lee. Face it he is in trouble. If you want to beloved that we are in the same political landscape as when Tom white faced him good luck. Congress approval 10%

  18. 4:15,
    Please send us a link to one of those lists you are referring to.
    We love to publish those lists, and it would be interesting to see what national group has listed Lee Terry as an “endangered species” or is “in trouble” in the 2012 elections, like you’ve said.

  19. Day What? says:

    Seems Jane has been in DC over a week now with no talk of returning home. Why on earth would anyone need to stay at a protest that long that didn’t involve people from their own State? If the media in Nebraska would stop hanging on Jane’s every word and ask some simple questions, a revealing story could come of it. Questions like: Jane, how can you afford to stay in DC for two weeks? Food, hotel, etc. Oh Mr Holland? Okay. So what about these two groups of other Nebraskans showing up? Are they all covered by Holland/BN dough or what? Jane said she couldn’t get arrested as she needed to be free to change plane tickets and bail people out of jail. Doesn’t sound like our happy hippies from the Neb are their are their own dime. So just how representative is this “contingent” from Nebraska of the average Nebraskan as Jane likes to tout? If we only had a working media Jane couldn’t get away with touting her faux progressive movement.

  20. anony mommy says:

    Off Topic, could you please learn to type, write or spell? Not sure which you have a problem with, but it is really difficult to figure out your point when you can’t communicate properly.

    Oh, wait, it must be Brett Lindstrom, himself, posting. What with all that hard play time on the field during the Red and White game that one year (and really no other time-gotta love those legacy players that suck out all the oxygen on a team), maybe you have a permanent injury of some kind that makes it difficult to put a couple logical thoughts together.

    That would explain a lot.

  21. Blank says:

    Anyone who knows how the Board of Regents works knows a couple things:

    1. Ferlic is a crazy old man. He is not well respected (at least not to the folks I talk to) as a Regent because he is extreme and out of touch. I hope his daughter is nothing like him.

    2. Daub would be a terrible Board member. People like Daub know nothing about higher education or the trends and ways of the higher education sector. He is a micro-manager and the Board of Regents has worked well in the past few years because they haven’t micromanaged.

    Both of these candidates stink.

  22. Alas Anon says:

    Got a question….why do all the pictures of Jane have her tipping her head to the side? Does she think it’s cute? And I think it would be well worth checking into how being arrested affects an member of the school board. Of course, that is if she gets arrested. I’m sure Sean Hannity or some media friend will be wanting her at the crucial moment and she’ll just have to suddenly disappear.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Omaha Voter: Your point would be in connection to sitting as a Regent for the University of Nebraska how? If you are going to throw a flame then back it up with something solid as to why.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Blank, the ways and trends of the higher education sector has been tuition increases that far outpace inflation, rent-seeking from the federal government, and decreased value for the tuition dollar. Not to mention that academia is a cesspool of left wing group think, RWP not withstanding. You just made up my mind for me. I’ll vote for Daub.

  25. NE Voter says:


    Have you seen the AWESOME and HILARIOUS full page poem and cartoon on the back of Section 1 of today’s OW-H?

    Surely this deserves a fresh post for discussion, argument and general merrimet.

  26. anony mommy says:

    So, in today’s OWH, there is a quote from E Benjamin, our amazing Democrat Senator. He accuses Congress of “kicking the can down the road” in the Debt Ceiling vote earlier this month (DNC, DCCC and DSCC talking points, btw).

    I disagree that requiring a bipartisan committee of 12 to find the necessary cuts to get this Country back on the right track by November 30, 2011, is “kicking the can down the road”.

    It is obvious that Senator Nelson isn’t happy that the solution will be bipartisan and equally owned by both parties and the President. Poor Ben, no where to hide and know way to make himself important in this “Big Deal”. He has been cast to the side by both Parties now.

    What is shocking (and quite disturbing) is that I have run out of fingers and toes to count how many times Brett Lindstrom has copied the Democrat talking points in his efforts to oust Congressman Lee Terry (see Watchdog’s interview with him).

    Would someone please ask him at the next Rotary group he crashes if he is knowingly being used by the local Democrat Party or if he is just too politically stupid to realize it. If the later is the case, someone should sit him down before he spends his new daughter’s entire college fund.

  27. anony mommy says:

    I get the the OWH needs to have paper subscription to underwrite it’s online activities. What I don’t get, is that I can’t login with the email of record and password anymore. I now have to login with my OWH acct # that is written on my statement. I pay quarterly and online automatically. I look at the amount and confirm pymt. I have no idea what my acct # is. To top it off, way back when I set this online billpay up, I didn’t even have an acct number with the OWH.

    They want me to use technology, just not all the time?

    SS, please post about the “poem” on the backpage that someone referenced above. The purchaser must not have been willing to pay for it to be online also.

  28. Lil Mac says:

    Agree. Blank’s illogic is so perfect in its reverse, that when you sort through it, it leads one from wondering if Daub should be a Regent to one seeing why it is necessary for Daub to be a Regent.

    Blank objects that Daub does not follow the “trends and ways” of the higher education sector. But trends and ways are things people follow by rote, unthinking. Regents who follow trends and ways are sleepwalking not leading. Then Blank says current Regents do not “micromanage”, a term that real managers understand to mean “paying attention to detail”. Thus Blank is saying Regents don’t look at details in managing things. They give the impression of leading while they actually follow others ways and trends, and, we must assume Blank then expects academics to manage themselves. Yet higher education is school taught by professorial academics who by definition are not in touch with real world decision making any more than physicians are with being hospital administrators. (Sure, physicians dream of managing and hospital administrators dream of doing surgery. But get those two mixed up and you will find both your medical bills and your internal organs messed up.)

    Hal Daub is not my idea of a kind and patient professor. But, now that Blank mentions it, Daub is the perfect seasoned no-nonsense manager Nebraskans need managing its higher education as a Regent.

  29. Blank says:

    To Lil Mac and Macdaddy:

    You’re showing you know very little about the University and pay very little attention to the momentum the university has because of a strong, but not overpowering board. The governor gave the university and it’s administration a vote of confidence by sparing them of huge budget cuts and by making an investment into Innovation Campus. This isn’t because of happenstance but because the administration (namely Milliken) has put the university on the right track. You cite tuition increases that outpace inflation, but the university has been steadfast in keeping tuition increases below 6 percent.

    If you look at the current board you’ll find two attorneys in private practice, two well known and successful businessmen. Last time I checked Howard Hawks has waaaayy more private sector experience than Daub and actually jhas articulated his ideas. Clare, Schroeder, and McClurg have done well to bring private sector experience into the university’s mentality. For both of you to act like the private sector mentality and ideas aren’t represented in the board room are nuts.

    Furthermore the university is taking the entrepreneurial road in the present. They’ve launched the Center for Entrepreunership, have successful public/private partnerships in the forms of the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute and with NuTech Ventures and UNeMed. But of course you’re both casting stones without doing your research.

    Not to mention, in Nebraska the tuition dollar goes further than anywhere else. Look up Collegebound Nebraska and see that if you’re a family of four you’re likely to receive free or near free tuition from the university if you’re making less than $50,000. Not to mention tuition is only about $5,500/year if you’re an in-state student.

    Daub provides nothing to the university and the Board of Regents that isn’t already there. His faux private sector experience is easily trumped by half of the Board already. Keep in mind he was a politician for most of his adult life, or seeking political office. He has atriculated no ideas, has no ides how the university operates to try and achieve these fictitious ideas, and hopefully he falls on deaf ears with the voters.

    Also, I can tell you’ve never been or seen a regents meeting before because you would know there are a half day’s worth of presentations, information, and questions by the members before the meeting. Not to mention what is done in their committees and outside of the board room.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    Blank, what is inflation this year? Way, way below 6%. I rest my case. As for knowing how the university works, I know quite a bit about how the university works. I find it laughable that you think Daub can’t add anything to the Regents. One of them is leaving, so what does Mr. Ferlic take with him? Or was he completely superfluous that no election should be held to replace him? The very fact that the thought of Daub on the board makes you nervous just proves that comfort is valued over efficacy. Unity is valued over improvement. If what the Regents do is so full of goodness and light, then I’m sure they will be able to get Daub to go along. But being afraid of a new perspective and new ideas perverts the very idea of the university. Sadly, that idea was thrown out decades ago. Kudos to Daub for trying to bring it back.

  31. Blank says:

    I’m not in anyway afraid of Daub, I’m simply stating that what Daub is being applauded on is nothing new to the Board. In fact, I predict the ‘ideas’ he is being given credit for before they exist are already represented. I think Daub has too large of an ego to really be productive on the Board. Maybe I wrong, I suspect I’m not.

    Your inflation arguement is bogus. It is unfortunate, but higher education really doesn’t follow standard economic inflation. Public schools have to compete with private schools who can increase tuition two percent and get much more bang for their buck. The unversity froze pay for faculty salary increases, which wasnt popular, but helped keep tuition in check. The university could easily add 20 percent to tuition, getting them on par with other Big Ten schools then only increase tuition 2-3 percent annually.

    I’ve been a lifelong Republican and I would hope someone better than Daub and Ferlic joins the hunt. Daub is better than Randy, because Randy is falling off the deep end, but that isn’t a compliment on Daub’s part.

  32. Omaha Voter says:

    To the Anonymous responder to my comment. I think if Ferlic-Ashford is an Obama supporter is very relevant to a Regent race, Clearly it would show her political philosophy. The NU system has a billion dollar plus budget and I don’t want to see a liberal blow the money on her liberal social agenda. Her husband loves to spend millions of other peoples money on half-baked ideas like the Learning community and other failed policies. The State can’t afford another Ashford in office.

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