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First, apropos of not much, here is a random Separated at Birth…

Omaha City Councilman Garry Gernandt…and Jerry Stiller a/k/a/ Frank Costanza!

Serenity NOW!!!


The Heritage Action for America issued a “scorecard of conservatism” for Members of Congress based on 19 votes and 4 bill sponsorships.

Here is the group’s description of its ratings system:

With each vote cast in Congress, freedom either advances or recedes. Heritage Action’s new legislative scorecard allows Americans to see whether their Members of Congress are fighting for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society. The scorecard is comprehensive, covering the full spectrum of conservatism, and includes legislative action on issues both large and small.

Heritage Action’s legislative scorecard isn’t graded on a curve – it is tough and we don’t apologize. After all, we are conservatives, not tenured university professors.

Number one on the list was South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint with a 99%.  Several, like Senator Al Franken, were on the bottom with 0%.

The tally for Nebraska’s delegation:

Senator Ben Nelson 25%
Senator Mike Johanns 67%

1st District Representative Jeff Fortenberry 57%
2nd District Representative Lee Terry 63%
3rd District Representative Adrian Smith 67%


The Washington Post is reporting that the State Department will report that the Keystone XL Pipeline will have “limited adverse environmental impacts” during construction and operation.

The lefties are already screaming that Hillary Clinton’s State Department — of Barrack Obama’s administration — is not being lefty enough in their analysis.

See, they should have nominated John Edwards when they had the chance.

And we like how since Hillary’s study didn’t turn out like she wanted, Jane says that “It calls into question their motivations.”  Oh, and she would have said the same thing had the State Department ruled like she wanted.  Right?  Sheesh.


Joe Jordan notes that the State Department’s field hearings on the pipeline will be:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Pershing Center
226 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, Nebraska
12:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.; 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Holt High School
North Main Street
Atkinson, Nebraska
4:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

We expect lots of chanting, drum circles, hula hoops, t-shirts and ranting form Janie and her gang.
You know, pretty much everything except rational discussions about science.


The OWH Editorial Board believes Nebraska should move forward with the ObamaCare health exchanges — instead of leaving it all to the Feds.

We discussed this last week.


GOP Chair Mark Fahleson gives an interesting analysis of Ben Nelson’s “Hoagland campaign strategy.”


So didja notice that we had a post EVERY day this week?

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  1. IRENE says:

    Ms. Kleeb,

    This would be a great weekend to protest at the White House. You may want to chain your self to the fence before I stop by.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    The Heritage Action ratings do indeed look tough, but fair. I’ve never thought Johanns, Terry, Fortenberry or Smith were as conservative as Nebraskans in general. As among the least liberal states in the US, we ought to have Senators and Congressmen with numbers like DeMint earns from Heritage. Instead, we have a liberal in moderate’s clothing (Nelson) and 3 others who have a conservative reputation but in reality are embarrassingly weak on some important votes.

    Mark Fahleson’s absolutely right about Nelson’s use of the “Peter Hoagland strategy”. That is, a scorched-earth, all-negative-all-the-time ad campaign against Bruning (or whoever emerges as the GOP nominee). If you listen to the radio or watch TV, get used to seeing Nelson let the mud fly on a daily basis until November 2012.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ya know and interesting twist to all of this is if Ben DOESNT run!

    See with all the focus on Ben, people spending so much against him, he draws the fire. In the end he doesn’t file and now what do you have? Well I’m pretty sure any qualified D polls better than Ben. IF a Lathrop or such were to run against JB I’m not so sure the race isn’t closer than the GOP would like. Then you would have Ben and Warren and Dicky putting money in like nobodies business while the GOP and JB will have spent significant $$$ on a phantom target.

    Of course Ben’s ego might get in the way of all of this.

    Just a thought, now back on your heads.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nelson made his money while working in the private sector. Bruning made his as a state public office holder. Big difference that doesn’t pass the smell test!

  5. Interesting on Terry Haters says:

    Sweeps–interesting how the Terry Hater still hasn’t come up with the ‘target’ list that Terry is supossedl;y on. Good that you called them out on it…

    Terry Hater yestwerday said he went out to eat a baloney sandwich–he must have missed Terry’s appearance on the Noon KM3 news. Good interview by LT–probably 100,000 folks saw it versus the # of people who read TH’s insult posts here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So it’s not okay to make money on private ventures when working in the Public Sector ?

    You must HATE Bill Clinton, and ABSOLUTELY LOATHE Obama!!!

    Now go and reach between your knees and pull real hard, until you hear a pop and are blinded by light! You will see so much better if you don’t have your head so far up your backside. Isn’t that so much better?

    Your welcome.

    Brought to you by COMMON SENSE!

  7. Anonymous says:

    “So it’s not okay to make money on private ventures when working in the Public Sector ?”
    Depends. I have no problem was someone making money off a book. No chance of conflict of interest there. But when your profit making activities interfere with execution of your public office, I have a problem. This is why elected officials use blind trusts when in office

    Noun 1. blind trust – a trust that enables a person to avoid possible conflict of interest by transferring assets to a fiduciary; the person establishing the trust gives up the right to information about the assets

  8. Lil Mac says:

    Johanns being rated at 67% is as high as any Nebraskan in Congress. Since Johanns was previously a Democrat, it is nice to see him proved a real conservative. Of course, he isn’t a 99% conservative like DeMint, but most Nebraskans are not that far right. DeMint would scare most NE voters. Johanns’ grade suggests he is what he says he is. That is nice to know.

    In comparison, Nelson’s 25% conservative rating suggests Nelson is a hypocrite. Nelson advertises himself here as a “conservative democrat”. Yet Nelson is closer to the 0% rating of uber-Liberal Sen. Al Franken than Johanns is to the 99% rating of uber-Conservative Jim DeMint.

    Nelson votes more like ultra Liberals than any Nebraska Republican votes like ultra Conservatives.

  9. Really says:

    So Ben Nelson has done no investments or business dealings since 1990?Ben did not make one buck besides his salary? I remember how Prairie Life Fitness got started when Kerry was governor. Hypocrites all!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Lee Terry’s Relative- 100,000 people dont watch the news at noon, let alone watch the third place station in Omaha. Did he explain why he voted to continually put the country in debt by voting over and over again for all George W’s budgets?

  11. Give me a break. says:

    OMG! Does anyone even care about Lee Terry’s race? NO, except those of you who are paid to.

    Let me tell you how this will go – you will argue mindless points about his record, freak about about North Omaha voter registration, fight valiantly for South Omaha votes, and Lee Terry will win. Again. Duh. Democrats will scratch their heads because they think he’s goofy. But he’s been there a while, he’s likable, and does a good enough job – plus your candidates are just not very good.

    So please spare the “Lee Terry SUCKS!” because he doesn’t. And spare us the “Lee Terry is a GOP powerhouse!” because we don’t have GOP powerhouses because we are kind of populist and there’s not that much money here. Oh yea, and – he’s not.

    Let us read comments we care about. Like how Jon Bruning got rich without doing a day’s worth of honest work.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    GMAB, you’re just jealous. You have “rich guy” envy.

    And this is exactly the playcalling I expected. It’s baaaaaaad that he’s rich and it’s woooooorse that he didn’t have to work for it. Damn that Jon Bruning anyway. Warren Buffett. Now there’s a rich man who WORKS for all his billions. And we almost like Warren because he seems to hate rich people almost as much as we do.

    There ya go. That’s the playcalling for the Dems in the early part of this race.

  13. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Anonymostly: No fair American begrudges “rich guy’s” who:

    Invent I-Phones, Ugg Boots, Vise-Grips, or Center-Pivot Irrigation systems that the world wants;

    Make the nation laugh like Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld, or Jay Leno;

    Toss a basketball like LeBron; play baseball like Bryce Harper; or kick a soccer ball like Beckham.

    By contrast, we have a right – no, a duty – to call out “rich guys” who get rich via the federal ATM of “unwarranted” U.S. taxpayer subsidies as has Lincoln-based Nelnet and the top executives at its affiliate, Union Bank, whose wealth flows from saddling hard-working American students with usurious, life-altering predatory student loan debt.

    The nexus between Nelnet, NU, the University of Nebraska Foundation, Senator Ben Nelson, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, and Attorney General Jon Bruning is one that is replicated in every state in the country and in just about every industry. (“Oh my, these so-called Masters of the Universe say, “We’re just taking advantage of a little old subsidy “loophole.”

    Nelnet did not make their money the old-fashioned way: by earning it. They “tooked” it via a “scheme” to defraud the very government that the right-leaning GOP company titans just love to denigrate.

    Nelnet then took taxpayer money and lavished it on Nelson, Fortenberry, Bruning, and the cycle continues to the great benefit of all those Men in Suits. Men who believe they’ve “earned” their political power.

    And their profits. What a farce.

  14. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ SS: I did not write that last Post.

    Having said that, out of Nebraska’s entire Congressional delegation, Rep. Terry is the only politician who has several times voted for America’s hard-working students and against Big Predatory Loan Lenders.

    My suggestion for either Gwen Howard or John Ewing’s campaign motto: We Like Lee but Vote for Me.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Couple of points:

    Paul Ryan scored a 78 in those ratings. It’s a tough scorecard as the authors freely admit.

    Royalties from a book are what caused Jim Wright (D), to resign as Speaker of the House. Turned out that lobbyists were buying his book by the truckload and then throwing them away. Are you sure the same didn’t happen with Obama? Has the MSM looked into that? That last question was to give you a good laugh.

  16. Give me a break. says:

    Anonymostly: I do not have “rich guy envy.” I just object so someone using the power they obtain under the guise of public service to profit at the expense of others.

    And I’m not a Democrat. It’s childish to think any criticism of a Republican must be a Democrat. There are corrupt Republicans too, and a Republican primary is the time to hash that out. Hopefully Nebraska Republicans have the good sense I think they do and will choose someone besides Jon Bruning as their nominee.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Sounds like Bruning made his money makIng wise investments just like, oh, Uncle Warren. Or did I miss that the Sage of Omaha actually invented something. I know he doesn’t play ball.

  18. Never left the Neb says:

    Just read the OWH article on Bruning’s lake house.

    Seriously, I can’t imagine for the life of me why he and his wife would try to find some little area, within a short drive of their home in Lincoln, that they could take their kids and parents and relax out of the fish bowl of running for office.

    Oh, and God forbid that they share (you know that Kindergarten learned concept), the expenses of that place with a couple college friends. Mostly, I don’t know why Jon’s wife (or the wive’s of the other guys) would even want to share a lake house with a bunch of Frat Boys anyway 🙂

    I am really begging you people to leave all things family alone. Wives and kids should not have to put up with this kind of sh*t.

    If you don’t like policy? Fine. If you object to specific legislation that has been pushed? Fine. Leave the family and their personal property out of the diatribe.

    Goodness knows that Nelson has problems in that area. Lathrop has problems in that area. The Kleeb’s have their “issues”. The list goes on and on. Is this really what campaigns should be about?

    I support Jon Bruning. I wish he had kicked Vince Power’s ass on the bogus lethal injection issue, but the State Supremes took a pass on putting to death a manipulative convicted killer and thief that killed people that his mother worked with and ruined his little brother’s life in the process. Whatever.

    I will be proud to call Jon Bruning my Senator. He is a hard worker, very intelligent man that loves his state and his country.

    Disclaimer: I have never been to any of the Bruning properties and don’t intend to any time soon. Those are private sanctuaries for political families and should remain so.

  19. Anonymostly says:

    Ivy, with all due respect, that’s not true.

    You libs love Warren Buffett and George Soros, neither of whom have ever added value to anything anywhere. They don’t produce anything. They don’t take someone else’s products and improve them. They’ve made their money as investors, much like Bruning except on a much larger scale. So, save your breath on what wealth you consider to be “legitimate” wealth (which, interestingly, you’ve defined by example as that wealth belonging to either celebrities or inventors. That’s a pretty short list.)

  20. Mike says:

    I actually like the fact that Lee voted for TARP and voted to not regulate the money. After all I am sure that if you give banks a wad of cash to lend and get money flowing you do need to make sure they use it for the intended purpose.

    Because when I get a home loan for a new house it is not as if the bank will actually check if I buy the house. They just assume I did the right thing with the money………wait …wait what are you saying wall street just sat on the TARP money….son of a b…..

  21. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Jon Bruning probably needed all that extra cash in his AG budget to pay for all the mailings, tv and radio spots and newspaper ads to promote himself … ahem, cough, cough, excuse me … public service announcements he has consistently sent out to all of us since first getting elected.

    As for the comparisons between Bruning and Buffett … I don’t believe that Warren has ever run for, or held, a public office that he could use as leverage for increasing his own wealth. Buffett’s idea of a good investment is one that creates jobs. Bruning’s idea of a good investment is one that makes him, and his frat rat pals, richer. I see the difference there, but then again, I’m that guy that, upon seeing the Emperor in his “new clothes,” shouts out the truth that the bozo is really nekkid as a jay bird.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You know what I do when I can’t pay for something I want? I call people that I just got done investigating and ask them to split the cost evenly. Yep, that makes sense.

  23. Bruning is toast says:

    I hate Ben nelson but. Bruning

    Sokol gaffe
    Cabellas gaffe
    Raccoon gaffe
    Worth millions
    Income 95k worth millions

    Is this the best we have

  24. RWP says:

    “Buffett’s idea of a good investment is one that creates jobs.”

    Oh dear. Not well up on Warren’s career, are you?

    When he bought RJReynolds, and they asked him why, he said there’s no more loyal customer than a cigarette smoker.

    He once had a brilliant investment mind. Not recently. Benefactor of humankind? Not ever.

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