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Jane Kleeb takes pride in calling people cowards and liars.
Both words are at the front of her thesaurus, which she references frequently for her Twitter account.
Well, Jane should feel free to attribute either or both to herself after her performance — and performance couldn’t be a better term — in front of the White House.

After flying out on to DC, twice, she TWICE said that she was going to get herself arrested at the White House gates.

She extolled it extensively on her website and Twitter account and Facebook.

But specifically, she told Joe Jordan that she would get herself arrested. Here is what Jordan reported on August 21st:

Update: Despite her earlier “plans” Jane Kleeb says she decided not to be arrested Monday, although six other Nebraskans were. According to Kleeb, who says she intends to join another protest in September and “risk arrest” at that time, the six were each fined $100 but not jailed. Kleeb says instead of getting arrested she “left after the second police warning” to help the six pay their fines and handle other logistical matters.

Then on August 22nd on her Twitter account, she told a random that she was heading out to DC again in September, and she would stand in front of the gates and get arrested to show her courage to be zip-tied, and processed. “that’s the plan”, she Twittered.

But alas, Jane chickened out.

She wimped out.

She let others take the fall for her.

She is the head of the organization, but had a whole bunch of someone elses stand in for her.

Are we clear?

So, was she just a coward, or was she a LIAR as well?

Did she EVER really intend to get herself arrested at the White House gates — even though she that is exactly what she told some?  We have heard from more than one of her fellow Democrats who question not only her sincerity, but her true intentions.

That is Jane’s modus operandi and we certainly are not surprised. So when you refer to Jane, you can use either “Liar Jane” or “Chicken Jane”. Pretty much interchangeable. You choose.

But hey, we are sure she had a gas of a time in DC. (Just not any time behind bars, like her “friends”.)

Oh, and Jane, nice jeans, cowboy boot and belt buckle. My! You MUST be a cowgirl straight from the Midwest!


And the Union guys continue to literally march in favor of the pipeline.

They probably would have spent multiple weeks flying back and forth to the White House to make their positions clear. But they have been, you know…WORKING.


Did we say the Dead Rat Beetle was going to be found in the way of the pipeline? Or did we say the Dead Rat Beetle was going to be found in the way of the pipeline?

Betcha duckets to DingDongs we haven’t heard the last of this story…


In his Sunday/Monday column (we aren’t really sure anymore) the LJS’s the Don Walton threw out a few estimates on what U.S. Senate candidate State Senator Deb Fischer needs to show on her quarterly campaign finance report to be “viable”.

He said he has heard anywhere between $200 – 650K.

We have heard those type of numbers as well. And, as those go, $200K and $650K are both on the low and high ends of the scales. The numbers are probably somewhere in the middle of where she “needs” to be to a) show she has sufficient base support and b) attract others to her campaign via said base.

Fischer is a relative unknown outside political circles, so she will need a bump to put her definitively in the spotlight with the other “knowns” in the race.

We too wait to see what sort of numbers she can put up.


  1. Keebler Elvis says:

    Keep in mind that this is Fischer’s come out quarter. The easy money…. Friends/family. With name ID at zero, she must match Bruning’s numbers to be competitive. 200k just isn’t going to cut it.

  2. Wanda Bee says:

    Jane is all hat … no cattle. Only drug store cowgirls dress like that. What is with wearing the boots on the outside of the jeans? That must be the way Bill O’Reilly wears his.

  3. K Orrsky says:

    So now we are all talking about Deb Fischer this and Deb Fischer that and how weak she is and how much money she would need to compete with Ben Nelson. And that whole discussion is thanks to Don Walton. This of course delights Bruning, whom she really is competing with at the moment.

    Bruning gives thanks for the stupid Don Walton. Don, your buff boy Ben wants you to put the focus on Bruning to make him melt in the heat, and yet you shift the spotlight onto Deb. Way to go you delightfully foolish news bag.

  4. BraveJaneKleeb says:

    I am not a coward. I am ready to go to jail. I have an orange designer outfit at home and it looks a lot like what people wear in jail. I can get arrested any time I want. And I would have, except I noticed I had a chipped nail and I am certainly not going to appear before a judge that way. .

  5. A Very Well-Seasoned Fundraiser says:

    $650,000? Are you kidding me? Neither Bruning or Nelson have ever had a quarter like that. Heck, even Bruning’s “big” quarter last go-round was barely $300,000. If Deb Fischer can get anywhere close to that, she’s getting traction. As for all the so-called “coming-out” money: Only rich-kids-born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-their-mouthes like Jon Bruning have cash cows they could milk for some serious change at the time of their announcement. Fischer’s “easy money” can’t amount to more than a hill of beans.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t care if Mrs. Kleeb didn’t get arrested. I don’t care what she wears. But I do care that she has no problem using up oil on stupid half-carried out publicity stunts all the while making sure the rest of us have to pay $4 a gallon just to get to our jobs. Are we supposed to take this conservation stuff seriously or not? She got Heineman to cave and it sounds like emails and phone calls would have been sufficient, but instead it’s all “Do as I say, not as I do. Peasants.”

  7. Alas Anon says:

    Those of use who know the real Jane know that she was never going to go through with her promise to get arrested. She is a liar and a coward. She prefers the spotlight and thinks she is too important. She convinced people to go with her and do this, then stepped aside and let them do the hard part. She needs to just go back to DC and stay there.

  8. Under Seasoned says:

    “Very Well” Seasoned – you should check Bruning’s first quarter in both 2007 and 2011. Both exceed $650,000. Remind me not to hire you.

  9. Nate says:

    You forgot “fringe” and “extreme.” Those are a couple of Jane’s other favorite labels. Which is ironic since it’s looking like she’ll be left of Obama and Clinton regarding the pipeline.

  10. A Very Well-Seasoned Fundraiser says:

    Riiiiiiiiight. When you’re first in the ball game and you’ve run for statewide office twice before, oh and use shady reporting tactics, you’re going to have a GREAT first quarter! That $860,000 (or whatever the number is) represents about 2.5 fundraising quarters worth of work. Don’t believe for a moment that the Attorney General raised almost a million dollars in 90 days.

    Lay off Bruning trolls.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Epic fail Liar Jane! And you are right Sweeper, she is always saying someone else is “lying” or is a “liar.” The Governor is a liar. Transcanada is lying, etc. etc. The two biggest puffed-up personalities in this campaign are Jane and her Stand With Randy man, the rancher whose 400 acres does not seem to abut the Sandhills at all.(Since when is Merrick County in the Sandhills?) Notice that Stand By Your Man Randy didn’t even go to DC to risk arrest. He probably figured out early on that Jane is loopy and told her, you’re nuts woman if you think I’m lying my ass on the line. I feel sorry for the young people Jane has duped, the students and her co-hort MAlinda. Just what these kids needs to start their careers, a rap sheet. Nice going Jane. Oh, and let’s hope Joe Jordan has learned a lesson here. Never trust a blowhard and a coward for accurate information.

  12. Anon says:

    How can the media take Jane seriously in her wanna-be rancher get-up? Who wants to bet she never wore a pair of cowboy boots and a big belt buckle until she stumbled into Nebraska in 2007? What a complete fake. Jane, you don’t own any ranch land, you have no claim to a rural life with the exception of your husband’s relatives and that is not directly to you, okay? Grow up for pete’s sake. By the time your girls get into Junior High and High School this is going to be really embarrassing for them but hopefully you will have ditched our fine state by then and moved back to DC where you really belong.

  13. Dennis says:

    The problem for the Nebraska GOP is that Stenberg and Fischer may lack the ability to raise enough money to defeat Bruning in the primary. Once Bruning is the GOP nominee, Nelson will have unlimited funds with which to finance ads exposing Bruning’s exploitation of his public service for private financial gain. All Nelson would have to do is run ads quoting Stenberg’s criticism of Bruning.

  14. anonymous says:

    200 is a good event for the Bruning fundraising machine. If that’s all Fischer does that in a whole quarter, let alone her first quarter when the money is easiest, she’s toast. Aaron can’t work for free forever. Bruning raised 728 in his first quarter running against an incumbent in his own party in 07, and another 860 in the first quarter this year.

  15. ricky says:

    Jane from Hastings was THIS CLOSE to getting arrested in D C then she saw a television camera and scrambled away from the cops to go get interviewed. Jane’s good at getting other people thrown in jail.
    Anyway who is for and who is against the pipeline? Lee Terry is for but Mike Johanns is against.
    The U S Chamber of Commerce is for but Randy the so-called Rancher and Senator Tony (no relation) Fulton are against.
    I think we need a special session of the Nebraska Legislature that would be interesting.

    ricky from omaha

  16. Poorly Seasoned says:

    So being first in the race and elected statewide three times are somehow knocks against Bruning? I thought those were the types of advantages to be sought .

    Also Bruning wasn’t in the race until mid-November after the Heineman announcement. 5 plus months of work does not equal 2.5 quarters, but I guess math isn’t your specialty.

    “Very Well” Seasoned, neither Fischer or Stenberg will hit $860K by Primary Day, let alone in 2.5 quarters, so I’m not too clear why you don’t think its a big deal.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, we all know how Jane loves publicity but this had to be carefully orchestrated to make it look like she was going to do what she said she would do, down to joining the sit-in, cross legged, mediating on her Randy T-shirt. I wonder if there is video showing her jumping up from the sit-in and the surprised look on the other Nebraskan’s faces when they realize their fearless leader is bailing on them. Now she is throwing out other excuses as to why she didn’t get arrested the second weekend. Bottom line is she’s a user and worst of all, uses impressionable college aged kids to do her dirty work. What a creep.

  18. Curious says:

    Can anyone one here give a straightforward, honest answer to the following question? How many pipelines currently in place in Nebraska carry oil, gasoline, or other refined liquids (not natural gas) across the Ogallala Aquifer?

  19. Nebraska Politico says:

    For all you fundraising prognosticators I would have Sherman fire up the “Way Back Machine” and look at the 1998 Gubernatorial Primary. Each candidate in that 3 way GOP race had millions of dollars. If Deb is going to take Jon out she better have a pile of cash.

  20. RWP says:


    There are two crude oil pipelines I’m aware of: the original Platte pipeline, that traverses the state from the western border to the S border in Jefferson Co., and Keystone (the original).

    You can easily find route maps for both online, and also maps of the extent of the Ogallala aquifer.

  21. FEC Police says:

    Isn’t it against campaign finance laws to use funds from a local race where there are no rules about who can give you money and how often toward a federal race that has very strict guidelines for spending and receiving funds from donors? It seems that this Heidel guy just converted his awesome learning community campaign site into a site for a federal election.

    Wonder what the fine is for that Professor?

  22. FEC Police--good call says:

    I am pretty sure he didnt know but he better get up to speed fast. He doesn’t even have his “paid for” in a box…

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