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The Hastings Tribune ran a story about a few Hastingsers who got arrested at the White House. Of course, they also included an interview with Jane Kleeb, and some bald assertions by her regarding her “previous statements” on the issue:

Kleeb said she decided to avoid arrest so she could help the other protesters stay safe and that she had concerns about her position on the Hastings School Board.  After the last time she was in Washington, D.C., to protest the pipeline, she head rumors that if she were arrested, the Nebraska Republican Party would run a recall campaign to have her removed from the board.

“I had to weigh if my risking arrest was worth the distraction and the time that not only would take my focus away from fighting the pipeline but also from my role as a school board member, ” she said.

“After lots of time reflecting on it, the answer was no.  I’m not going to allow the Republican Party or people who want me out of office the opportunity to distract me from the things I need to stay focused on.”

Hmm, so many ways to go here…

Well of course. It was the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S fault she didn’t get arrested! We knew it.

So let us take a look at the Tribune’s follow-up with the state GOP on Jane’s claim:


Well, Chairman Mark Fahleson and E.D. Jordan McGrain must not have home phones, work phones, cell phones, email accounts, instant messaging accounts, Twitter accounts or Facebook accounts, where they could be reached.

Well, as it turns out, we have all of those, and McGrain reached out to us last night (sending us what he was sending the Tribune), saying:

“There is not, nor has there ever been, any discussion within the Nebraska Republican Party to mount a recall effort against Jane Kleeb. We do not have the time, the resources, or, frankly, the interest in such an effort. The people of Hastings elected her and, as far as we’re concerned, they are stuck with her and her relentless self-promotion.

Given her very loud and exuberant boasts over the past several weeks – about her imminent arrest but ultimate cowardice – Mrs. Kleeb has every reason imaginable to turn the NEGOP into a bogeyman and convenient scapegoat for why, when push came to shove, she gladly allowed other Nebraskans to be arrested for her cause without ever actually backing up her words with action.”


And let us get a few last quips in…

Jane posted this on her Twitter account after she chickened out of the DC lock up:

@leavenworthst only mad because they + negop can’t use image to try make me evil, too bad they lose on issue

Jane is referring to any resultant mug-shot that would have accompanied her arrest. Hmm. Would she have gone with the cocked head, pouty-face, “We are very serious!” protester look, like this?

Or would she have done the cocked head, impish grin like this?

Or how about the cocked head blonde!

Of course, if we really wanted to demonize Jane, we would just use that one up above.

(Wait, did we run that one before?)

Alas, we shall never know. But we chuckled at the “make me look evil” part. We have no ability to make anyone “look” evil. We just print all the crap that comes out of their mouths, and focus on their day to day actions, and let them speak for themselves.

Oh, and Jane mentioned that she didn’t want the NEGOP to “distract me from the things I need to stay focused on“. Oh, like the job on the School Board? Wonder how that jibes with jetting back and forth to DC?


At 9:15 am today, State Auditor Mike Foley will release the audit conducted by his office on the Child Welfare reform efforts of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services at a public hearing of the Legislature’s Committee on Health and Human Services

We suppose this could always be a “good” report.

Except our experience with Foley is that usually is not the case. We will watch.


A few highlights from Foley’s report:

  • Child welfare costs have increased by some 27% between 2009 and 2011.
  • DHHS failed to bid publicly multi-million dollar contracts with private service providers, resulting in many amendments and increased costs with no effective oversight.
  • One service provider, Visinet, Inc., was overpaid by millions of dollars.
  • DHHS expended thousands of dollars on both duplicate claims and payments to the wrong contractors.
  • DHHS failed to secure possession of important, as well as potentially confidential, documents relating to client services following termination of its contract with a service provider.
  • DHHS failed to reconcile provider billings in NFOCUS, which prevented effective agency oversight of both service expenditures and the welfare of children in State custody.
  • Service providers failed to meet client service coordination and delivery benchmarks required by the service contracts with DHHS.
  • DHHS failed to prevent former employees of service providers from gaining access to confidential client information in NFOCUS.
  • DHHS failed to approve subcontractors utilized by service providers, as well as to ensure that such subcontractors were appropriately compensated for their services.

And probably most damning of all…

  • DHHS failed to cooperate with the audit examination.


And looks like the UNO Professor has made it official to take on Congressman Lee Terry in the GOP Primary.

Sounds like an awesome plan.

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  1. Macdaddy says:

    I can’t decide if Mrs. Kleeb is serious when she says that the NEGOP was going to waste time and money on a school board position in Hastings. If she is, then she really should seek professional help. If she isn’t, then she’s just wasting everybody else’s time, something she’s very good at.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, how many years ago did Mrs. Kleeb coin the term “the Neb?” Still haven’t ever heard it in public. Or private for that matter. But she’s swayed Governor Heineman and Senator Johanns to her side on the pipeline, and I’ll bet she can live with that.

  3. Nate says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t play the “this is why most moms don’t go into politics” card again, maybe with the word “y’all” added in order to make herself sound more legit.

  4. 9:34,
    I may think Heidel’s candidacy is the worst thing for Terry, the best thing for Terry, or (probably) neither. But I’m not sure how you get any opinion from what I wrote.
    Thanks for (sort of) reading!

  5. Anonymous says:

    True to form, KHAS TV ran another puff piece on Jane & her friends going to DC. This was by Ginger Ten Bensel, she seems quite enamored with the Kleebs. Didn’t see any opposing viewpoint given on this one; just how brave Jane and Tom and Randy, et al are. I would say any group or person who wants to “demonize” Jane has plenty of fodder already, just from her absurd eruptions on Twitter and Facebook. She said Lee Terry “sucks” in reponse to someone complaining about him. Really, you’re a school board member and you say a Congressman “sucks”? How adult. Tom Becka let her off the hook on his show too. Though he tried to press the point that she said she was going to get arrested and then didn’t, she just laughed it off and Tom either didn’t know how to point out her hypocrisy or just didn’t care. Note to Nebraska media: If this were the NEGOP you would have plenty of probing questions and commentary. Can you possibly get over your infatuation with crazy Jane and do your job for a change? And KHAS, you look really dumb letting Jane use you week in and week out. Before long you’ll be letting Jane & Scott host their own enviro-wacko show free of charge.

  6. T. Itfortat says:

    KHAS is enamored with Jane because she brings in the big bucks from the cable TV networks that pay for renting their studios when she does her remotes on FOX, MSNBC, etc. As long as she is “relevant,” they make money off her.
    Oh, and just to keep everyone honest – didn’t the NEGOP have the time, the resources and, frankly, the interest to oppose Jane Kleeb when she RAN for the school board position in the first place? I believe they did.
    Nothing to see here – move along.

  7. T is right says:

    Judging solely from the amount of attention Jane Kleeb gets from this site and the state GOP, I’d say they are very anxious about her. If she is so time-wastingly pathetic, why all the eager criticism? If not for this very website, I would know Jane only as “the wife of some Harvard-educated rancher dude who completely failed in his attempt to get elected”. Now, thanks to you, I know her as “the cute girl with whom the LeavenworthSt people are completely obsessed.” It’s like watching a 9th grader shoot spitballs all day at the chick he claims to be completely uninterested in. Thou doth protest WAY too much.

  8. Anon says:

    I don’t think NEGOP got involved in a school board race in Hastings at all. I remember the Tribune attacking NEGOP for something about Jane but I don’t think they sent any mailings or put anything out about her. Once again her local media gives her an assist. That would not happen in Lincoln or Omaha where at least they’re a little more discerning when someone blows smoke up their butt. No wonder Kleebs landed in Hastings. They can be big fish in a little pond when the media is bored with reporting hog futures and corn prices all the time.

  9. What about Fort? says:

    In addition to Governor Heineman and Mike Johanns she’s persuaded Jeff Fortenberry, Tony Fulton, Colby Coash, Coby Mach, and a number of other prominent Republicans. No Republican seeking higher office will gamble their political careers on Transcanada’s safety record. They predicted their first pipeline would spill once every 7 years, in it’s first year it spilled 14 times.

  10. Kortezzi says:

    I heard Jane on KFAB with Becka. She said she didn’t get arrested because her plane was late! Must be taking some heat from her peeps for not following through on her pledge to get arrested along with them. Don’t be surprised if her story changes yet again.

    Continued 9.1% employment will probably cause Obama to tell Hillary that State should OK the Keystone XL original route. I look forward to hearing Jane’s reaction to that. Perhaps chants like: “OBAMA LIES, BEETLES DIE!!!”

  11. MacDaddy says:

    Kortezzi, it isn’t done until it’s done. Anybody here want to bet on Obama not caving on the pipeline? Hopefully South Dakota will come through with a refinery so all these NIMBYs can keep driving around carping about global warming. Saw another one today with a bumper sticker about the pipeline. I wanted to ask her why she was driving around and not biking on such a beautiful day. It’s like vegans wearing leather shoes.

  12. Kortezzi says:

    MacDaddy, I get your point about Obama caving. He’s certainly done a lot of that (not closing Gitmo, not pulling out of Iraq & Afghanistan, not extending the Bush tax cuts, backing off from card check & the DREAM act, etc.)

    But on the Keystone XL, will he cave in to a Republican Gov. of Nebraska? Or to re-election pressures?

    I just think the latter’s a safer bet.

    Jugears does not want to be seen as a failed President, which he undeniably is (so far). He knows losing re-election in 2012 would make him a Jimmy Carter without carpentry skills. His next campaign, therefore, is motivated not by hope, but fear.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kortezzi, On Becka , Jane blamed the late plane for missing a meeting with an Obama underling. She couldn’t even name the title of the guy except that he was some sub-something to somebody in the O Admin who had invited protestors to talk. If it was inside the White House that would be shocking after the display of immaturity they have shown outside for two weeks. Becka just asked why she didn’t get arrested when she said she would and she brushed it off laughing and he didn’t follow up. There were two opps for her to get arrested because she’s oh so important that she spent ten days in DC over the first weekend and then flew back the weekend of Labor Day for just a couple days. Way to minimize your carbon footprint, Jane. Oh, and Scott must have have absolutely zilch gonads to sign up to be Daddy Daycare along with the nanny and Grandma while Jane parties in DC for days on end.

  14. Never left the Neb says:

    Nobody cares about Jane in Hastings-except her family.

    They are wondering where their momma and wife are and why the Family Truckster has so many miles on it and if they get to go to DisneyLand on mommy’s frequent flyer miles.

    Way to conserve energy Janie.

  15. Hey guys…I think it’s time we stop making fun of Jane’s ‘cockheaded’ look. As I’ve been examining the photographic evidence, it’s become apparent to me that she’s actually incapable of holding her head straight up. It appears to be a physical impediment brought on by years of leaning so far to the left…over time her body compensated by tilting the head to the right.

  16. Anon says:

    “Where’s my Mommy?” Heck, the kids are probably asking “Who’s my Mommy?” As for Malinda, the BN blogger, she looked like all the blood had drained out of her when she was getting arrested. Maybe figured out that Jane had used her and when this gig is up, she’s going to be looking for work with an arrest record. Rude awakening lib kids.

  17. antiuglyleague says:

    Jane is cute. And cute trumps everything, even an audit that suggests a bad DHHS is failing to properly oversee the children it takes from bad parents. Kids owned by government which neglects them. As tragic as that sounds, it is not as perky as Jane and her antics. And Jane is much like Sarah Palin. Most members of their own party see them as little more than a side note. Of course, both women want to believe they are appreciated for their large political brains. Yet both are babes, disliked by opponents for many of the same reasons most of their own party members find them cute but flawed. Politically, Palin and Kleeb serve as smokescreens and eye candy of sorts. Not without some use. But part of that use comes from the fact that they aren’t ugly. Here in bloggesrville they are not worth the blab but for them being babes.

    Can you say you’d rather look at Madelyn Albright than Kleeb or Palin? Get real. This is a blog not a caucus. No one is going to make a real dent in anything by being here. So relax and enjoy the view.

  18. Anonymous says:

    80’s cowgirl hick trumps “cute” any day. Wonder what her old DC friends think when she meets them at a nice restaurant in her Tom Mix get-up. Chameleon.

  19. BTW, NO self-respecting cowgirl (actual cowgirl, not cowgirl barbie) wears their pantlegs inside their boots. The only ones who do so are merely trying to advertise the fact that they’re wearing cowboy boots.

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