What does Ben Nelson have against the Congressional Black Caucus?

Last night, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee — parading as the Nebraska Democrats (as noted by the National Journal) — put up Ben Nelson’s latest campaign TV ad.

See it here:

So, first things first.

In the very beginning of the spot, Nelson says,

“They don’t get it. They put politics ahead of what’s best for the country.”

So who is this “They” of which Nelson speaks? This is an expensive ad put out by political professionals, so these images are very specifically chosen.

Well, starting in the upper right, and moving clockwise we find that he doesn’t like…

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.
Hmm. Pretty reasonable guy, Boehner. You can find many other bomb-throwers in the House, but Boehner usually isn’t at the top. But OK, he hates the Republican Speaker. Fine.

Next, is Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Well, get in line Senator, Republicans have always felt she was a joke, and most of your party feels the same. But OK, you have a Republican and a Democrat. So as Roger Daltrey said, Who’s next?

Well, that would be Republican Senator Jim DeMint, the de facto head of the Tea Party movement. Nelson has made it clear that he hates the Tea Partiers and has written off their votes, come November. So DeMint’s on his sh*t/politics-list.

But who is that last guy? To be honest, we had to take some time Google-imaging him.

That, friends, is the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Missouri Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II, of the Kansas City area.

So, just to refresh: Nelson has picked out, a Republican, a Democrat, a Tea Partier…and a Black Guy.

What is it that Black Guy Cleaver “doesn’t get” Senator? Where does he put “politics ahead of what’s best for the country”?

Or is that just an assumed “head-nod”, seeing as he’s black, and so he’s “lookin’ out for his own”?

Let us see whether Nebraska’s African American community comes down on Nelson on this, and has him explain himself.

We see that the Nebraska Democrats, under the heading of the “Nebraska State Central Committee”, (and no doubt funneled through from the national Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee) paid for the ad. But Nelson specifically states, himself, that “I approved this ad.

We got it. Nelson likes old farmers, middle aged white guys, and blonde little girls. But generally unrecognizable black guys are on his “list”.

Why is that Senator?


And onto our more generic critique of the ad…

Oh, Nelson doesn’t like “playing politics”? Sheesh, that’s the pot calling the kettle black! (Whoops!)

But seriously, the author and pioneer of the Cornhusker Kickback does not like playing politics??? That’s rich.

Here is the guy who proposed a payout for just his state to buy his vote on ObamaCare (allegedly). Here is the guy whose name has become synonymous with “back room deals”, calling out the rest of Congress?

Nelson will continue to push that sale until it gets shoved back in his face.

And shove, Nebraskans will.


And we saw that Nelson was the deciding vote on President Obama’s Stimulus #1, when the President said, “Without Ben, I’m not sure we get other votes.” You know, the kajillion dollar plan that was supposed to turn the economy around with all those “shovel-ready” jobs, and halt unemployment in its tracks?

So where does the Senator stand on this new one?

Oh, wait, don’t tell us. He’s on the fence. Could go either way.

(Cue sound of palms being greased.)


Politico is reporting that this ad will run for TWO WEEKS and…

Democrats are spending $72,215 in Omaha, $64,135 in Lincoln and $55,972 on cable as part of a $201,482 total.

They also throw out the idea that this is really the DSCC’s way to show they are committed to Nelson’s race, and that he should run for re-election.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not forget that even that bastion of liberal thought, PBS, did a scorching analysis of Sen. Nelson’s back room deals with their “PBS’ Frontline Explores Ben Nelson’s Backroom Deal” which is available on YouTube. Ben pissed off pretty much everyone with that deal.

  2. Anonymostly says:

    E. Banjoman Nelson has a lot of gall coming out with an ad like that. I saw that one last night. It was nothing short of breathtaking in its dishonesty. Yeah, “they” play politics. Someone should PhotoShop his image into the group of headshot photos of those people he’s accusing.

  3. Politico says:

    DSCC is running these adds to push his positives up and bring his negatives down, ostensibly within targeted demos. Which means each is too low and too high respectively. Which means the ads previously run haven’t succeeded in accomplishing the same. Which means he’s spending tens of thousands (probably now hundreds of thousands) just to get his numbers back to sea level. Which means a lot of Nebraskan minds are already decided on Ben Nelson. Which means he is screwed.

  4. “Confused”,

    The appropriate answer to your question would be, “Who?”.
    And should be fully self-explanatory.

    Now, while you’re looking for “rank and file” comments, please go back to the Dems and ask them what they think about Nelson’s ad ripping the CBC.

    And thanks for reading!

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    You know how all the commenters on this site like to complain about being accused of racism simply because they have an R after there name? Well, the guy at 8:53 isn’t doing you all any favors.

  6. Dazed but not Confused says:

    Confused–why rip Heidel? Let the guy run on his platform–I don’t see many takers for tax hikes in the Republican primary…but, have at it, Jack.

  7. Dazed but not Confused says:

    Confused–you want to go ahead and defend Heidel–please have at it. Throw in a good word or two for ACLU Brett while you’re at it!

  8. Dazed but not Confused says:

    I wasn’t at the Heidel news conference but I hear he did take questions. How come Brett didn’t do that at his announcement?

  9. SoWhat? says:

    I just got an email from the Benator’s office/campaign about remembering 9/11. In the first sentence he writes about the “tragedy”. WTF??? We were attacked on 9/11 by Islamic terrorists in an act of WAR.

  10. MacDaddy says:

    What? Senator Nelson didn’t mention world peace or puppies?

    What’s more telling is who is missing from the ad, specifically President Obama and Nelson’s immediate boss, Harry Reid. When was the last time Senator Nelson ripped Reid a new one for sitting on the dozen jobs bills that the House has sent to the Senate this year? Or any of the budget proposals passed in the House and not even voted on in the Senate? How about the fact that the Senate has yet to pass a constitutionally mandated budget in almost 3 years? Nelson is surprisingly quiet about all that. Instead, he picks on Nancy Pelosi and the guy who coined the “Satan sandwich” term (an absolutely awesome phrase, BTW), neither of whom have any power right now. They are in the minority in the House and currently very, very small fish. It would have taken more courage to pick on them in, say, 2009. Which brings us to President Obama, who, apparently to Nelson, is nothing but goodness and light and has not the first political bone in his body. Nelson thinks Nebraskans have short memories but this ad is insulting and dishonest. Nelson should have resigned long ago, but today is as good a day as any.

  11. Anonymostly says:

    Just Sayin at post #9, WTF are you talking about? Does the anonymous poster at 8:53 have an invisible R after his name? Because I don’t see one.

  12. RWP says:

    BTW, see how two dozen Fresno State players have been implicted in welfare fraud, for illegally obtained EBT food stamp cards?

    Guess the training table isn’t so good out there in Cali. Better post a security guard by the weinerschlinger.

  13. Kortezzi says:

    Nelson must have confused Emmanuel Cleaver for Richard Pryor (the Benator doesn’t approve of using so many naughty words). There’s a “separated at birth” pair for ya!

  14. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I wonder if the Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee knows that they paid for this ad? My experience within the NDP would indicate that it doesn’t. I very much doubt that it came up for a vote at any NDP SCC meeting.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If someone was living in a cave Ben’s ad would be believable, but seeing as though he is the master of political spin to save his own sorry two-faced hide the ad is like KFC telling chicken lickers there’s beef on them bones. Point? Marketing something as believable while standing knee deep in your own BS is an insult to voters with brains which I’m thinking there will be plenty in 2012 with a willingness to use them.

  16. Race Baiting says:

    “So, just to refresh: Nelson has picked out, a Republican, a Democrat, a Tea Partier…and a Black Guy.
    What is it that Black Guy Cleaver “doesn’t get” Senator? Where does he put “politics ahead of what’s best for the country”?
    Or is that just an assumed “head-nod”, seeing as he’s black, and so he’s “lookin’ out for his own”?
    Let us see whether Nebraska’s African American community comes down on Nelson on this, and has him explain himself.”

    The ad has two people from each side of the disastrous, stupid “debt ceiling” fight in August: Nancy and John, the leadership, a guy who leads the tea partiers, and a guy who led the left opposition, calling the deal a Satan Sandwich. So yeah, the ad is indeed stupid, since it opens the door to criticism of Ben for his own obstructionist politicking, but there is no mystery why “a black guy” is in the ad, and the fact that you characterized it this way is completely asinine. You wonder why the Nebraska GOP has a problem appealing to people of different races? Look at the bs you’re pulling here and you might get a clue why. You know, just for once it would be lovely to see conservatives making arguments based on the supremacy of their own ideas, and not pulling this stupid race baiting crap. We need fiscal prudence, we need honesty and accountability, we are not getting these things from Nelson, and… your approach is disingenuous talk about black guys. Great job.

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