A few brief thoughts this Monday morn…

We read with interest the editorials by former Senators Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerrey and LJS columnist Don Walton regarding 9/11 yesterday.

Kerrey, who was the President of New York City’s New School at the time, essentially recounted his day, and did his best to summarize the feelings of New Yorkers. Pretty human story that many of us have heard, and heard again yesterday on many programs.

But Hagel and Walton took it a step further, to essentially tell us the terrible job we as Americans have done, and the terrible job that Congress did before and after 9/11.

Walton summarized it as, Americans were all super patriotic after 9/11, and we should have DONE SOMETHING to sacrifice at that point, when everyone was all group-think on laws and such.

No real indication what that something should have been, but my guess is that it would have basically been higher taxes. (Because if we know anything, when Congress gets their mits on money, they always spend it wisely.)

But Hagel went many, many steps farther than Walton.

His main gist for the past few weeks has been that politicians argue to much and don’t get anything done.

Let us pause for a moment and ask, when at any moment in time have politicians been lauded for their cool intelligent discussions and decisive actions? If we got in a time machine and landed back here five, or ten or fifty years in the future here is what we’d hear:  “Those yahoos in Washington have their ears clogged, and they spend money like Justin Bieber at the dollar store!” (The Biebs will be the prime minister of Canada at that point, so put it all in context.)

Oh, and there will be discussions about peace accords / war in the Middle East.

Point being, Hagel goes on and on about how the terrible decisions that were made about such things as the Patriot Act…which he voted for.

Or about how, “too often today they see forces of division that dominate much of our political debate, bogged down by superfluous nonsense.”.

You know, unlike back in Hagel’s day when he would gather the national press to Omaha to announce that he wasn’t announcing anything.

Hagel says, “Americans are angry today because they believe their country has failed to stay on the steady course it has always followed to make a better life and world for ourselves and future generations. “

Ah, but don’t point the finger at Chuck, who was on Capitol Hill all that time, and now works for President Obama as well, because there are, “New, innovative thinking and programs, like a new federal infrastructure bank.”

Oh, wait, were you involved with that Chuck?

“(which I introduced with Sen. Chris Dodd in 2007)”

Well, then! Thank YOU! We knew you were on the leading edge of things, unlike those yahoos back in Washington! (wait a second…)

Hagel’s last point:

We are risking all of this with our self-absorbed drifting.

Well, he nailed the self-absorbed part, anyway…


And not to be out done, former Omaha World Herald Publisher, Harold Andersen, had this to say on his own personal blog.

We will quote it in its entirety, and you can simply awe in its awesomeness…

Short Skirts Call For Good-Looking Legs

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only male television viewer who has noticed that, whether local or national, telecast producers like pretty faces behind the broadcast desk and pretty faces and good-looking legs in the case of weatherwomen.

Blondes, natural or dyed, seem to be the news readers of choice although my local favorite is definitely Carol Wang of KMTV. She is an attractive brunette and delivers the news in pleasant fashion but without some of the giggling and happy talk that some of her blond competitors seem to feel makes them more attractive.

Now as to TV weatherwomen and attractive legs. My advice to one local TV station news program producer:

Try again. Either lower the skirt or get a weatherwoman with better looking legs.

If only we could have gotten that kind of commentary back when Harold was at the OWH…


  1. Macdaddy says:

    Chuck Hagel has spent the last 10 years griping, but about what and for why, I have no idea. That’s what passes for bipartisanship at the OWH: a Democrat who was at the scene and had something pertinent to say and a Republican whose criticisms of his own party might make some headlines but for the fact that he’s been doing it since at least 9/12/01 and people quit listening to him long ago. It was a waste of ink.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nebraskans are better off without Hagel in the Senate, and especially in our state. Good riddance. What I’m trying to figure out is why our papers would print an OpEd from him anyway? He doesn’t matter at all, anymore; he’s irrelevant. They should have printed something from a Nebraskan, any Nebraskan. That would have been relevant to our state. At least Kerry’s personal account was relevant to the day, and therefore interesting.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Don Walton’s column on the other hand is a waste of electricity. His junior high school model Senate view of how America actually never has been is an embarrassment to him and his side of the aisle. Who exactly started dividing us, Donny? Would that be President Bush, the man who we elected to lead us and make the decisions to carry out the war or would that be people like Not In My Name who protested even going after the Taliban? I mean, maybe if the Left weren’t throwing around Chimpy McBusHitler and Darth Cheney, we could have had a discussion about how to handle all this. Oh, wait, the grownups did! And the Left’s viewpoint lost, hence the weeping and gnashing of teeth which occurs any time the Left does not get their way. Don, you could have written that column anytime after September 18th, 2001. The kum ba yah lasted about a week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Always good to find reason again for why I admire Chuck Hagel so much. He puts the truth, as he sees it, out there. As a nation, we are self-absorbed and have made drifting into a blood sport of nasty politics. Regarding the news conference that he announced nothing? Seems to me the media hyped that one up into a countdown of sorts then found out they were had by their own hype.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t recall Hagel moaning that much when he was IN the Senate. Oh wait, maybe that’s because he was still part of the club and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. “They maaaaade me vote for it, I really didn’t want to!” Whine, sniff. The loser needs to stick with his kind, i.e. liberals and stop trying to carpet-bag back into our state. Didn’t like him then, can’t stand him now.

  6. RWP says:

    Hagel is history, and obscure history at that. The only entities willing to drag his corpse out of the mud of political obscurity are our dead-tree media, themselves with a foot and a half in the grave.

    It’s zombie trade unionism.

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