The Arnold’s debate

While we flipped back and forth between MNF and the Presidential debate, we were reminded of the time Richie Cunningham ran for student body president at UWM (stick with us here…).

As Mitt Romney was laying out his seven points of how to fix the economy (seven?), and Rick Perry continued to quip back at him, it took us back to Richie the C’s twenty-two points (“angled parking“), and his opponent’s two points: “Shorter classes, and beer on campus!

We’re not saying it is an exact analogy or anything, but even after the crowd carried away the other guy, Richie won the election.

(Rick Santorum as Potsie. Michelle Bachmann as Joanie. And starring Tom Bosley as New Gingrich…)

[And no apologies to those of you either too old or too young to understand any of this…]

Feel free to give your own analysis in the comments. (But if any of you start a “Saved by the Bell” analogy, so help us, you will be banned!)


For those of you still confused about what goes on in the Ogallala aquifer, Channel 10/11 (which is it???) talked to hydrologist Prof. Jim Goeke, and he explains, very clearly, why those freaking out about a potential oil spill and contamination of the aquifer ARE WRONG.

Do yourself a favor, and educate yourself by watching this three minute piece:

And for those of you too lazy to watch (yeah, we’re looking at YOU lazy bones!), let us quote from the piece:

(Goeke) tells 10/11, “Hydrologically it’s impossible, with 75% of the aquifer is west and up gradient.”

Meaning if there were a leak in the pipeline, contaminated water can’t travel upstream.

Goeke says, “So that puts everything west of the pipeline out of play.”

And Goeke adds if there were a contamination, the structure, water flow and make-up of the aquifer would keep it very localized.

“It would probably be within a mile or two of the pipeline, of the right of way, so it’s going to be very localized if there’s a spill.”

So somehow a different route, with a longer pipeline going over more rivers and streams makes more sense?

“Windmills not oil spills, and BEER ON CAMPUS!”


As long as we are talking pipeline, here are a couple more linky-loos for ya:

Wall Street Journal: Canada’s Oil Sands Are a Jobs Gusher

National Review: Ten Reasons Why the Keystone Pipeline Will Be Built

And if you really want to dig deep, here is the State Department’s Final Environmental Impact Statement.


And after Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza gave his Endorsement Hierarchy.

There are eleven levels (The National Endorsement, The Celebrity Endorsement, etc.)

We noted #9, third from the bottom:

The “Me for Me” Endorsement: Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) endorsing Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak’s (D) Senate campaign.

Seems about right.


  1. You mean the one right between “Domestic Divapalooza” and “Mark That Down” that says, “Grassroots in Nebraska”?
    That one?
    If for some bizarre reason it’s not showing up on your screen I suggest you ask your web person.
    I’d be happy to show you a screenshot, if you don’t believe me.
    (Well, I wouldn’t really be “happy”, but I’d do it…)

  2. RWP says:

    The science is settled.

    But opposition to the pipeline was never scientific. It’s mythic, based on the iconic ideals of the Lonely Sandhills Rancher (albeit their archetypal rancher lives on the outskirts of Lincoln); ‘pure drinking water’, although as Goeke shows and I’ve argued for months, a pipeline leak would not threaten the aquifer; and untouched nature, if you ignore the cattle and center pivots.

    And the same people who push this woo will laugh at Rick Perry for being a creationist.

  3. Oh Mander says:

    At this point the science is irrelevant. The pipeline will be built, and Nebraska’s politicians can then turn to the electorate and say, “Hey, I tried, don’t blame me, I’m a man of the people.” But we know full well that they could have done more – much much more – to stop the pipeline if they really wanted to. Heineman especially doesn’t really want to stop it, he just wants to have it both ways, and we all know that trying to have it both ways is one of the seven deadly sins in Leavenworth Street Land. The guy wrote a letter, for Christ’s sake. A letter. The man holding the highest elected office in the State of Nebraska opposes the project because he thinks it is bad for Nebraska. So he writes a letter.

  4. Kleeb's foot oil says:

    It is impossible to argue any point logically with a heartfelt opponent because them working from their heart always shuts down their head. A clear head won’t accept that water might travel upstream. For that is hard science, fact, reality. But if your aim is to stop a pipeline of oil, so as to prevent Americans from using North American oil running through this state at all, and you will stop that pipeline at ALL costs and beyond ALL reason, well then, you might invoke even the name of Jesus Christ to anoint your cause. It is, you say, for His sake. Of course, people who believe in Christ do so out of faith not science. And that suggests you might disregard science in pursuit of your faith-based argument. It is hard to tell that, however, unless someone is so abysmally and obviously stupid as to write, “At this point the science is irrelevant” and offer that nonsense as reason for not building an oil pipeline here instead of there.

    There is something permanently sad about deeply stupid people. Advanced degrees offer no immunity to this kind of illogic. It is pervasive and absolute. You can elect them to office where they can kill you and themselves with their stupidity. Or you can disregard them and they can pick their noses to infinity. But whatever you do, whatever they do, they just remain frigging stupid.

  5. Politico says:

    …and I hold Street Sweeper responsible for causing me to spend the past half-hour watching Happy Days, a great episode I might add.

  6. Oh Mander says:

    @ Kleeb’s Foot Oil – You completely missed my point. Completely.

    I criticized our elected officials for playing it both ways, and simply pointed out that this blog regularly criticizes Ben Nelson – who no doubt deserves it – for doing just that. My “science is irrelevant at this point” comment means two things: (1) I think that construction of the pipeline is inevitable, and (2) that the reasons behind our elected officials’ half-assed opposition is not based on science, rather on the political implications of their positions, regardless of the excuses that they offer. Nowhere in my comment will you find “heart-felt opposition” or any other argument whatsoever against building the pipleine, any hint of acceptance of the far-fetched idea that the whole aquifer is at risk, or any of the faith-based BS that you just spewed onto this blog. I hope that clears things up for you and any other reactionary nut jobs that completely misinterpreted my previous comment.

  7. MacDaddy says:

    I was at the game and right up on the HuskerVision screen was the TransCanada logo along with clips about the Husker “Pipeline.” Clearly Professor Goeke cannot be trusted because TransCanada has bought UNL. I’m surprised that I had to point that out and on a Tuesday no less. So there, RWP! Impugning bad motives trumps science any day of the week and twice on Saturdays. I thought the people who opposed the pipeline were actually Nebraskans but apparently none of them were watching HuskerVision on Saturday so it makes me wonder.

  8. RWP says:

    The pipeline will be built, and Nebraska’s politicians can then turn to the electorate and say, “Hey, I tried, don’t blame me, I’m a man of the people.” But we know full well that they could have done more – much much more – to stop the pipeline if they really wanted to.

    Ayup. Heineman wants it both ways. Not his proudest moment. I’m sure his was an entirely cynical political calculation.

    What I find interesting, though, is this. When Heineman swore off the Senate race, I assumed he was just going to finish out his gubernatorial term and retire, and good for him; more politicians should follow his example. But this ploy implies to me his political ambitions are not over. Is he thinking, with Bruning doing a fair imitation of a crash-and-burn, that there’s an opportunity to get back into the Senate race? If not, where else might he go?

  9. RWP says:

    Waste of time talking to me, MacDaddy. I’m part of the UNL purchase…unless, that is, you can outbid TransCanada, in which case I’ll be happy to testify TransCanada will coat every pure, virgin water molecule in Nebraska with a sticky film of satanic Albertan hell-slime, our precious bodily fluids will be irrevocably contaminated, our womenfolk will become depraved harlots, and our Blackshirts will quit en masse and open a hair salon.

  10. Anonymostly says:

    So, the Dem party leading the charge against Bruning’s campaign financials was “spokespersoned” (hey, I kinda like verbizing nouns) by some Dennis character who’s a lawyer in Lincoln. Would that be the very same Dennis the Menses who darkens our door from time to time?

  11. Anon says:

    Yes RWP, Randy the Stand By Your Man man has land in Merrick County and that is who doofus makes the center of her campaign; complete with life-size cardboard cut-outs. Someone forgot to pull out a map and show Jane where Merrick County is in relation to the true Sandhills. Small matter. She has already embarrassed this Randy guy with cut-outs and idolized logos of his face to the point that he couldn’t go to DC to be arrested with Jane, er, arrested with the other brave Nebraskans, not Jane. Think about it, does he really want to lay it all on the line for a wacko like Jane? Prediction: Randy has distanced himself from the loonies to the point where they may not even get him to testify at the upcoming hearings. But watch for Lame Jane’s next big PR stunt, hundreds of Cornfingers at an upcoming Husker game, all spouting the No Pipeline message. Oh she’s so clever….that’s why she gets Daddy Holland’s big bucks.

  12. Never Left The Neb says:

    So, you can’t take Nebraska Flags or US Flags into the stadium and hold them up during an NU football game but that b**** is going to get to take in Pipeline signs?

    FYI Jane, REAL Nebraskans get REAL pissed off when you F-around with their football game day.

  13. Anonymous says:

    She’s looking to place a large order of “Cornhusker Fingers” the red ones people hold up. A stupid tweety bird or Stand With Randy face sticker slapped on both sides of those suckers would suffice in her limited grasp of what constitutes a real grass-roots event. Watch for them to make some attempt in the student section to “give the finger” when the Transcanada ads pop up on the Jumbotron. Jane is so predictable. She needs to find another state that’s not onto her, oh like Oregon or Washington.

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