Hump day linkin’

  • The best evidence so far that Sarah Palin may indeed run for President in 2012:  Whatever it is she did to her hair recently…
  • Remember Brooklyn Congressman Anthony Weiner? The guy who Tweeted his junk to some gal, claimed Andrew Breitbart made it up, then was forced to quit? Yeah, a Republican has his gig now.
  • Have YOU heard a rumor, public statement or (ghast) read a website that ATTACKS Barack Obama? Well, the Obama campaign has a new website where you can report the Evildoers.  (Oh, and you can also turn in your “Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism” bumper sticker.)
  • Brad Ashford’s wife is has made it official that she is running for Nebraska Regent, against former Omaha Mayor and Congressman Hal Daub.  She is also the outgoing regent’s daughter.

Consider it an open forum on these topics or others today.

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  1. Obama sans Wiener says:

    Now that the incredible 2010 shift has once again replicated in NY’s 9th, it can be said a MAJORITY of Americans are sick and tired of Obama AND his policies/antics and of course his friends.

    Now sit back and watch and listen to the liberal establishment thrash about in their typical tantrum ways. Which of course they can’t help as it is a core value they havebhoned to perfection since the 60’s. Only today the People aren’t going to tolerate the behavior.

  2. Polly Tics says:

    What the heck has she done to her hair? Is this supposed to be a hot down hair do so that the rest of us will consider her “a regular gal” instead of some hottie with a good body? Bad move sister.

  3. Never Left The Neb says:

    Leave it to the idiot they put in charge of the DCCC this cycle to blame “their” loss in New York on the Jews. She says they are unhappy with the President’s policies regarding Israel.

    Hmmm, doesn’t that mean she should have put the blame for losing a seat that Dems have held for 88 years on her President-not the voters that failed to again rubber stamp the bad international and economic policy of Barack Obama?

    By the way, she should be fired for having made this type of statement of blame toward a very regularly attending voting block for Democrats.

    Bye-Bye Debbie.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The flogging will continue until morale improves

    This must be the Liberal Democrats slogan these days. I sure hope they keep beating that drum……. it can only help in the upcoming 2012 elections where Republicans will pick up the Presidency, the Senate, and maintain their commanding lead in the House.

    Go Debbie Go!!!!

  5. Kortezzi says:

    Why on earth would Sarah Palin copy Patty Murray’s hairstyle (or anything else, for that matter)?

    If she also gains 20 pounds, some of the more ferocious feminist Sarah-haters might dial their envy down a notch or two, briefly.

    Regardless, I don’t see Palin jumping into the current 8 person GOP field. She’s angling for influence on the race, and toying with the news media. More power to her for going that way. A month or two after MIchele Bachmann drops out, Sarah will endorse Rick Perry over Mitt Romney.

  6. Bad Hair Day says:

    No kidding, what was she thinking? Her long locks drew legions of male voters and that with her glasses and some, uh, other attributes, set her apart from the cookie cutter mold. Now Bachmann is sexier to the disenfranchised white male voting bloc. Not a good move Sarah.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not on topic, but a quote too good to not pass on.

    GOP strategist Mike Murphy wrote on Twitter: “Listening to Perry try to a put a complicated policy sentence together is like watching a chimp play with a locked suitcase.”

  8. RWP says:

    GK: be careful with that recursive stuff. You could easily blow a hole in the space-time continuum.

    Back in the early days of the internet, somebody I’d annoyed online (I know, hard to believe) tried to retaliate by subscribing me to a few hundred separate listservs. My inbox was drowning in messages about dachshund-breeding, dating in Seattle, etc.. I pleaded with the company that ran the listservs to fix it, but they said they couldn’t. So what I did was set my sendmail program to bounce all the messages back to the list that sent them. Of course, they were immediately distributed again to everyone on the list, including me again, and went back again, etc.. It’s called an alias loop. These days, mail programs detect them and interrupt them, but back then, no one had bothered to write the code to do that.

    Within 1/2 hour the listserv company had figured out how to remove me from their listservs.

    Those were the good old days, when if you really had a problem that needed solving, you could hold the entire internet hostage until it was fixed. Nowadays, somebody would decide it was a DOS attack, and set the feds on you.

  9. MacDaddy says:

    I welcome The One’s plan for my life as together we Win the Future. All you other haters and racists will be reported. I’m going to report all the livelong day. So many targets, so little time.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Speaking of plans, where is Obama’s jobs bill? You know, the one he has been insisting Congress pass without delay and without changes. Seems like Professor Constitution skipped over the part where a bill has to be introduced to Congress before it can become law. And while he’s at it, he can send those three trade agreements over for ratification. They’re in the right upper desk drawer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Palin nails the Tina Fey look almost as well as Brad Ashford nails the Herman Munster look. Say what you will about politics, it is full of ugly people; from toothless Barney Frankfurter to Munster faced Bass Ackwards, to hideous women of both parties who, had they been horses, would have been mercifully put down. With that in mind, brainless lookers like Kleeb and Palin are hardly worse than the bad policy we get from the usual ugly egotists who solicit our votes and then slip us the Anthony.

  12. Husker Nation says:

    The Husker fans let their opinion of the XL pipeline be known at last weekend’s game. Their propaganda will no longer be shown on HuskerVision. First Gov. Heineman, now this? Look’s like that’s two for Jane, zero for RWP.
    Stay tuned people, this could get interesting.

  13. RWP says:

    Neither Tom Osborne nor Dave Heineman’s opinion will count for much with the State Department. There are no electoral votes for Obama in Nebraska this time around. But there is massive electoral danger in thwarting once again an attempt to increase US domestic oil supply. The favorable environmental impact statement is all the cover they need for approval.

  14. Husker Nation says:

    But, RWP, wouldn’t you agree that the very worst thing that the Canucks can do is to irritate the followers of Nebraska’s primary religion in their own temple? Bob Devany himself just might descend from the heavens to erect an impenetrable wall of defiance.
    Maybe you should just leave your facts and scientific evidence in your office and get with the emotional uprising that seems to be taking hold here in Huskerville. After all, Nebraska is a Republican state, and we all know what Republicans think of facts and science.

  15. Husker Nation says:

    It amuses me to see all the “smaller government” – “states rights” – “stand on my own two feet” – Republicans that LOVE the fact that “big government” Socialist Hillary Clinton will bulldoze over the will of many Nebraskans, including Dr. Tom and Gov. Dave to do what a foreign company demands. Politics is so entertaining.

  16. RWP says:

    MacDaddy, Solyndra is the ONLY DOE loan that has failed (refer to “exception not the rule”). Private investors lost their stakes too.

    Nope. Kaiser got a special and blatantly illegal deal where he’d getthe first $70 m from the bankruptcy.

    MacDaddy, Solyndra is the ONLY DOE loan that has failed (refer to “exception not the rule”). Private investors lost their stakes too.

    Nope. Kaiser got a special and blatantly illegal deal where he’d get seniority over the DOE in a bankruptcy.

    Same illegality that gve the UAW seniority in the Chrysler/GM bankruptcies. The cronies get paid off first.

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