Polled Nebraska

So the Boldies are out polling.

(Because why wouldn’t a non-profit be flush with cash and be polling across the state?)

And the OWH shouted in their headline:

Poll: Only 33% support pipeline

Hmm. Is that what it said?

Here is what Bold’s cheat-sheet from Lake Research Partners said:

Question Wording:
There may be an initiative on the Nebraska ballot in November 2012 regarding the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline. Let me ask you about that. The proposition would authorize the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to regulate oil pipeline routes, water paths and safety plans. It would grant the Department of Environmental Quality local authority to ensure oil companies are financially liable for oil spills, road repairs and damage done to land or contamination of water supplies. [Split sample language continued: It would also prohibit ANY future pipeline from going through the Sandhills.]

64% of voters say they would vote yes on this proposition to regulate pipelines.

Bold’s poll says 64% say they would be in favor of a ballot initiative that would regulate pipeleine routes, govern liability issues, and wouldn’t allow the route through the Sandhills — though it is less clear what the numbers are on that last part of the question.

Now their summary does go on to talk about “opposition to the pipeline”, and puts that number at 47% — with 33% in favor of the pipeline.

But even those numbers do not indicate
1) how the question was worded, and
2) was the opposition to the pipe through the Sandhills, or against any route?

Not only is that an important distinction in Nebraska (you could say it is THE distinction right now), but you can bet it is an important distinction to those who are laying down at the White House and don’t really care about the Sandhills. (Oh, does that include the Boldies? You decide.)

But wait a minute: the summary also goes on to say, “At the surveys’ conclusion, total support stands at 63%”.

Well…but again, if we are reading this poorly written summary correctly, that is still referring to support for a ballot proposition. Again, NOT for or against the pipeline as a whole or the pipeline route through the Sandhills.

Oh, and how much of these questions were push-polled?  Shocking that we wouldn’t get the whole story from the Bolders, right? And that the OWH is just typing up what they are fed, yeah?

(We would point out that the earlier on-line OWH story said that “64% were opposed to the pipeline“. Looks like they caught their mistake.)

But then, this is the same fishwrap that gave us the 2010 Lee Terry vs Tom White numbers as 44% to 39%.

Yeah, that race ended as 61% to 39%.

Well, at least they got it half right, yeah?


The Boldies (for some reason) also polled on the Nebraska Senate race.

(Mind you, these numbers were NOT part of their published summary, so no indication on the questions, or anything else. So there is plenty they aren’t sharing)

Their poll of 604 likely voters say that Ben Nelson has a 46% approval rating.

We dunno. Seems a bit high.

And in the FWIW Dept: We’ve heard rumors — rumors, mind you — of a primary challenge to Ben Nelson. (Duh-duh-duhhhhhhh!) Seems sort of interesting that of all the info the Bold Nebraska could and could not have released, they pick some crappy numbers on Ben Nelson.


And also interesting that they did not give any head-to-head numbers of Nelson vs. one of the GOPers below.


Anywho, the Bold Pollers go on to say the top GOP contenders shake out like this:

Jon Bruning – 29%
Don Stenberg – 12%
Deb Fischer – 8%

But that there a whopping 46% who are unsure who they will support in the primary.

If these numbers are correct (and frankly, who the hell knows), then that means this race is still fairly wide open.


And finally, Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle Tweeted the following yesterday:

Tomorrow I will be meeting w@barackobama to discuss the Jobs Act and creating jobs in Omaha. Do you have ideas to share w the President?

We were going to suggest this bitchin’ plan to put the homeless “to work”. You see, on Election Day, you go to the shelters with a pocketful of five dollar bills and a bus…


  1. Lil Mac says:

    When the newspaper gave numbers in 2010 of Lee Terry vs Tom White as 44% to 39% and that race ended as Terry 61% to White 39%, the newspaper was correct about White getting 39%. That was accurate good counting by the OWH where it counts. As for underestimating Terry’s numbers by 17%, that does not count because White was supposed to win. This is a bold method of calculation.

    I have yet to see boldness cure stupidity. Now there is a pipe and Bold is tokin’ on it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bold’s poll numbers are misquoted. Ben Nelson’s 46% was actually 146%. And Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer had negative numbers. Nebraskans polled said they wanted to vote several times against any Republican because this is such a Blue state.

  3. ugh says:

    Do we really need to awaken to the ugly mug of Senator Blubberscheizzen? Can’t you wait at least until after we have had breakfast?

  4. Wide open says:

    Frankly, no matter how jacked these numbers are, any poll showing Bruning at 29% is not a good poll for his campaign. Even if that number is 39%. This guy has run statewide 3x and he’s supposed to be the frontrunner? Ditto for Don. His campaign is dead upon arrival at 12%.

  5. Even That Guy says:

    Heard the same rumor here in Lincoln about a primary challenge to Ben. And none other than . . . Kim Robak, the Republican’s worst nightmare.

  6. Rotunda Ralph says:

    Yes, Robak is the name being bantied about, but not a primary challenge. Ben is giving her a leg up for her to run when he announces he’s retiring. She’s our best shot, and frankly will crush any of the Republican candidates. The future of Nebraska’s Democratic Party begins with Nelson’s retirement and Kim’s announcement of her candidacy.

  7. Lizzie says:

    With the Boldie’s propensity for obfuscation and outright lying, it would not be surprised if the poll was taken on campus at UNL with cute girls and free beers: “You agree with me, right? TransCanada is Satan and Keystone XL is its demon spawn, right? Here, have another Coors.” Or, maybe they just did an “in-house” poll and everybody got to speak for 100 people. Sumpin like dat.

    I double-dog dare Janiepants and Mr. Holland to release the full poll.

  8. Kortezzi says:

    Lizzie, I am going to violate protocol and TRIPLE DOG DARE Jane to release the full poll!

    If she does, they’ll have to call the Fire Department to pry her away from the cameras.

  9. SoWhat? says:

    In the long run, does any of this really matter? Unless all of the liberals are going to have some kind of conversion, the US is already past the tipping point. Even if the Republicans sweep everything in 2012, nothing they do will matter unless permanent changes are made that can never be undone by a future Congress or President. All of this “stuff” is fighting over rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  10. RWP says:

    Don’t see where the ballot initiative will help them. By Jan. 2013, the pipeline will be built. If they try to shut it down, that will be enormously expensive for the state.

    And that’s assuming they can get the signatures, something that has become even harder since the last successful ballot initiative, which IIRC was NCRI in 2008.

  11. Lizzie says:

    Whoops, sorry Sweeps, I see my comment that included a quote from JF’ingK’s FB page included a link. I’ll repost here without the link:

    Geez. Janiepants is SUCH a hypocrite. I just saw this on her Facebook page:

    “Jane Fleming Kleeb
    Need info on the State Dept meetings and Bold Nebraska plans before and after the meetings? We got ya covered, (boldne link removed) Please wear Husker Red to the meetings!”

    Oh, I see, Jane and her worker elves can “Wear Husker Red” to State Department meetings to evoke their “Nebraskaness” (ummmmm Jane F’ing Kleeb is from Florida), but TransCanada can’t show support for the Huskers? In what world do they think that is okay?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh for God’s sake Lizziepants–Jane is from Nebraska as in lives here while TransCANADA isn’t and doesn’t. So what if she wears red or sees it. Are you for F’ing real?

  13. Kortezzi says:

    To Anon @ 5:32

    TransCanada may be based in Canada but they’ve operated in Nebraska for many years. They pay property taxes in Nebraska, and employ people in Nebraska. The totally non-political “pipeline” / offensive lineman ad campaign preceded this whole bogus controversy, which was ginned up by Jane Kleeb and her donors.

    The “wear Husker red to the meetings” is a crock designed to co-opt Big Red imagery to support her anti-pipeline campaign. Reminds me of the UNL gay/lesbian club’s PR stunt back in the 1980s – – “wear blue jeans on campus to support gay rights!” Cute – – but it fools nobody.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Anon 5:32, Jane is not “from” Nebraska and she will never be “from” Nebraska. She is a carpet-bagging hypocrit who landed here in 2007 after marrying Scott, who actually does have familial ties to Nebraska. But Scott’s great uncle on the ranch or whatever does not equate to blood relative of Jane; no matter how she tries to spin it. It’s as fake as her cowboy boots and belt. It doesn’t matter how long Jane sits out in Hastings; DC and Florida are her real homes. Oh and Baby Willa wants to know who the crap that woman is who wants to keep snuggling her and using her in photo opps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Only Hillary Clinton can stop the pipeline now. Oh and ask Sen Dubbas how she feels about the pipeline. I think she has a check from TransCanada and has no intention of giving it back:-)

    I wonder when a recall on Kleeb will take place? It isn’t like she has been out in front of a very public effort encouraging cival disobiedence. Such a wonderful role model for the students of her school district!

  16. Macdaddy says:

    I have a suggestion for Mayor Suttle: he should ask the President when he’s going to get his jobs bill submitted to Congress. You see, there’s talk and then there’s doing. Also ask him when he’s going to submit those 3 trade agreements he referred to in his big speech, and which are sitting on his desk, to Congress for ratification. Seriously, what is his staff doing all day that they can’t write something up and walk it down the Mall? Do they need directions?

  17. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m no fan of the kool aid drinking Boldies & Jane but who are we to Judge whether your a Nebraskan or not? How stupid is it to say if you weren’t born here you can’t claim to be a nebraskan. I guess we should ask Johanns & Fortenberry about that rule.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    The OWH says that 47% of the likely voters opposed the pipeline this year. Last year’s poll found 48% opposed. Way to move the needle, Bold the Neb. Unfortunately for Jane and her crewe, 90% of landowners along the route have already signed and Obama will probably go along with it. So unless the Bold Nebraska folks want to go all “states’ rights” against the country’s first black President the whole thing was a waste of time and money to decrease support. Anybody know how I can get an appointment with Mr. Holland? I got some ideas for him. Won’t cost much to get them off the ground. Really.

  19. Anonymous says:

    To 6:30PM: They’re called TransCANADA because they are based….where?

    To 7:59PM: You need to read the entire sentence first and do so carefully for what it said before you launch your review in part and unleash the hounds.

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