Nelson (already) doubles down

The National Journal has a big write-up about Ben Nelson doubling down on his recent ad buy.

You may remember that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — via the Nebraska Democratic Party — dropped $210K on his most recent ad which slams the Congressional Black Caucus.

Well, now they are buying an additional two weeks for that TV spot — another $220K worth.  And keep in mind, that while it says the Nebraska Dems paid for it, they only raised about 2 grand last month.  But the national Dems who want to keep Nelson’s sure vote are spending early and often in Nebraska.

Reid Wilson writes:

Nelson’s job-approval number is decent—a Democratic poll released earlier this week pegged it at 46 percent—but not great.

(Hmm. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, yesterday we wrote, “Maybe 46% approval is a decent number — but is it a great number?”. We will consider it a sincere form of flattery…)

Anywho, he went on to say:

Nelson’s goal, Democratic consultants familiar with his strategy said, is to boost that number before outside groups turn their attention to driving down his favorable rating.

Of course, if no one is buying what he is selling, then Nelson will continue to have problems.


Unicameral Speaker Mike Flood addressed constituents and anti-pipeliners the other day, and used common sense, cool thinking and reason. Which is pretty much blasphemy in the pipeline debate these days.

From the GII:

(Flood said) he didn’t want to rush and do anything the state would regret including wanting to make sure any legislation wouldn’t be considered a special interest law that would be subject to a lawsuit.

Flood noted that he was in 8th grade when Nebraska joined the Central Interstate Low Level Radioactive Waste Compact, and a state senator when the state was forced to pay millions after a lawsuit resulted in a federal ruling that Nebraska officials had acted in bad faith in trying to block construction of a waste dump for low-level radioactive waste in Boyd County.

He said he felt a close look at the laws in place was necessary before they were changed.

“If you use a sledgehammer to get to a very narrow part of the law, it will effect a lot of other things,” Flood said adding that a law against an oil sand pipeline could end up interrupting a natural gas pipeline or other service.

And then there is that small matter of an alternate route with a longer pipeline route over more dangerous river and stream crossings, and then the narrow range that any (unlikely) spill could even have over the aquifer.

But what Flood said wasn’t accompanied by a bumper sticker or beanie baby, so we are not sure the folks there could understand.


In the “we get emails” department, we received a press release from the “Deb Fischer for Senate” folks, with her recent endorsements by members of the Unicameral.  They are:

Senator Greg Adams, York
Senator Brad Ashford, Omaha
Senator Kathy Campbell, Lincoln
Senator Mark Christensen, Imperial
Senator Abbie Cornett, Bellevue
Senator Galen Hadley, Kearney
Senator Tom Hansen, North Platte
Senator John Harms, Scottsbluff
Senator Lavon Heidemann, Elk Creek
Senator Bob Krist, Omaha
Senator Dave Pankonin, Louisville
Senator Pete Pirsch, Omaha
Senator John Wightman, Lexington

And then we crossed that with the list we got from the “Jon Bruning for Senate” peeps back in June,  which listed:

Senator Tom Carlson, Holdrege
Senator Colby Coash, Lincoln
Senator Abbie Cornett, Bellevue
Speaker Mike Flood, Norfolk
Senator Mike Gloor, Grand Island
Senator Charlie Janssen, Fremont
Senator Bob Krist, Omaha
Senator Tyson Larson, O’Neill
Senator Scott Lautenbaugh, Omaha
Senator LeRoy Louden, Ellsworth
Senator Beau McCoy, Omaha
Senator Pete Pirsch, Omaha
Senator Scott Price, Bellevue
Senator Ken Schilz, Ogallala
Senator Jim Smith, Papillion

And then we were like, “Hey!  WTF!”  Because you may have noted that Senators Abbie Cornett, Bob Krist and Pete Pirsch are on both friggin’ lists!

Look, wouldn’t it be better just to be on neither?

You can love all your kids equally, but you only get one ballot in the voting booth, OK?


We will post some video fun tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you endorse more than one candidate in a primary , who are running to replace an incumbant, it a statement saying anybody would be preferred over the opposing party peep. Nelson is so revered by the people of Nebraska………………

  2. Anonymous says:

    Senator Flood also told Jane Kleeb to stop interrupting him at some point during the forum. If only more elected officials would reprimand her publicaly for her crass, petulant behavior. What’s up with the GI Independent not knowing the proper use of “effect” and “affect.”?

  3. Bob says:

    Word has it that Cornyn had a private sit down with Jonny-boy at Founder’s day dinner and told him to step out. Good thing the NEGOP had the head of NRSC coming as their keynote speaker.

    Hey Sweeper, you should start a contest on when Bruning bails from the senate race and offer the winner 2 plane tix to the inauguration. I pick January 17, 2012.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who is squeamish about a candidate who receives an endorsement from Senator Brad Ashford, Omaha? This will definitely make me think twice about Deb as a “conservative” alternative to Nelson…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bob – Bruning wont step out and its highly unlikely Cornyn asked him to step out. How do you know the private sit down wasnt because the NRSC is backing Bruning? The rumors around this race are bizarre. The only reason the Dems and other GOP candidates are going after Bruning is because hes the only candidate that can win at this point.

  6. Benthere says:

    Regarding your main discussion point, the DSCC sends an unusually early half million dollars of Sen. Harry Reid’s money to boost a Ben Nelson who supposedly blackmailed Reid over Obamacare, supposedly so Nelson could kick back dollars into Nebraska taxpayers’ pockets. Does that make sense? Why would Reid reward his own blackmailer? And did any Nebraska taxpayer see any kickback? As in all things… follow the money.

    Not one Nebraska taxpayer got a penny from Ben Nelson’s theater of blackmailing Harry Reid. But Nelson himself is now getting $430K from Senate Democrats. Ben sold his vote for Ben.

    There is a real “Nelson Kickback”. And there is his “Cornhusker Con”. But there never has been a “Cornhusker Kickback” that any Cornhusker other than Nelson saw. My wallet wishes I was paying less taxes. Instead, all I get is more of that talking turd.

    I am uncomfortable with Robak’s policies but I’d take her ethics over Nelson’s mendacity any day.

  7. Country Club says:

    @ Anonymous 1236 “Bruning is because hes the only candidate that can win at this point.” true but that will only remain if Bruning can start putting out fires and keep his numerous skeletons in the closet. He has been living a very reckless life around lincoln for a ambitious public office holder.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Screaming voices whirl around Bruning declaring reasons why Bruning’s strength might not be real and how Nelson’s weakness might be false. If Bruning is smart, he will stand there and shut up. This is mostly working to his benefit.

  9. BK Broiler says:

    Don’t let the endorsement of Sen. Ashford scare you away from Deb Fischer. Take a look at her record. Ashford endorsed a competent colleague instead of Bruning or Stenberg.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Benthere, don’t forget the cool million the DSSC spent on damage control immediately after Nelson’s vote for Obamacare, over 3 years before his next election. It made no sense then other than payback for his vote. Nelson didn’t pay attention to what Nebraskans were saying before the vote and I think getting booed at Dante’s Pizzeria made him realize he was teats up and taking on water. This latest buy is to see if his numbers can improve to above the coveted 50%. If they can’t, he’s out. Better to find that out now than a year from now.

    Everywhere I’ve been where his ad plays people just start shaking their heads.

  11. ricky says:

    If the GOP’s best line is “Cornhusker Kickback” and “Obamacare” then I fell sorry for the Republicans and Nebraskans for the lack of ingenuity and lack of vision by the dominant party in the State.
    Where are the ideas to help our state rather than try to go back two years to change a policy that helps people get health insurance and keep kids on their plans longer?
    It’s a losing issue Mr Stenberg, Bruning and Ms Fischer. Try to think of something worthwhile.
    ricky from omaha

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, the GOP had all kinds of plans to reform healthcare. Their best one cost $70 billion over 10 years as opposed to a trillion for obamacare. They even met with the President who told them that he won and to get over it. Ben Nelson’s vote was clearly bought. Everybody knows it and is embarrassed by it. Everybody but you.

  13. WWTOD says:


    “Cornhusker Kickback” and “Obamacare” aren’t the GOP’s best lines… it’s just all they need.

    And when it’s handed to you on a silver platter by your opponent, why not use it? Nobody can accuse the GOP of lying about EBN’s record… he’s the one who voted “yes” to Obamacare, voted for “the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean what it says” Soutermeyer to the Supreme Court, etc. All the GOP needs to do is run on Ben’s record. It’s clear the man is in panic mode… he apparently took Nebraskan’s votes for granted. Big big mistake.

  14. Ricky, I know this may surprise you…but when you’re 26, you’re not a “kid” anymore. Quit playing with your toys and get a damn job like the rest of us did.

    Oh yes, and add to Nelson’s record a vote supporting unions over ‘right-to-work’ states like Nebraska.

  15. Heisenberg says:

    I don’t really understand why Republicans pretend like they had a magic bullet solution to the healthcare crisis in this country, but that it was ruthlessly suppressed by congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration (in other words, the “Bolshevik plot” that Obama referred to in January of 2010). It’s ridiculous.

    Republicans proposed only sketches of plans, which basically represented (1) a greatest hits list of inadequate measures to address health care costs and insurance affordability (e.g., tort reform; selling across state lines; eliminating waste, fraud and abuse) and (2) maintenance of the status quo in terms of the number of uninsured. If you go back and look objectively at the process, you’ll see that their general approach to health care reform went from disengaged, to frightened and obstinate, to theatrically hostile.

    Listen, it’s ok if you, as a conservative, are opposed to the notion of the government engaging in activities aimed at improving the lot of Americans (who are not you) at your expense. I understand that philosophy. I disagree, but I understand where it comes from. What I don’t understand, though, is how that same sentiment doesn’t make you outraged at the hidden $50 billion tax that YOU pay in the form of higher healthcare costs that are leveled to make up for the uncompensated care given to the uninsured.

    Looking at that alone, I feel like it’s objectively obvious that comprehensive healthcare reform was desperately needed. (And, if I’m going to be objective, I’ll say that I think it’s criminal that HCR didn’t focus more on controlling costs. It was a classic case of choosing good politics over good policy.)
    Lastly, don’t pretend like a trillion dollars is a lot of money for reforms affecting about twenty trillion dollars of economic activity (both over the next ten years). Seriously, you have to look at this stuff with some sense of proportionality, and you have to acknowledge the projected budget savings under the bill. If you don’t, I don’t ever want to see the CBO referenced on this website again.

    Pinko rant – over.

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