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Two national prognosticators called Nebraska’s second district — and Congressman Lee Terry  — a safe bet for Republicans for 2012.

Charlie Cook has all of the Nebraska districts in the “Solid Republican” column and Larry Sabato said:

Four years ago even many optimistic Democrats didn’t really believe they would pick up Indiana (11), North Carolina (15) or an Omaha electoral vote in Nebraska, which like Maine awards one vote per congressional district. All three went for Obama by small margins. Indiana is very likely to desert Obama next time, as is the Cornhusker district, barring another big Obama victory.

This coincides with the KVNO summary of the NE-2 race, noting the 2010 race, and thinking about 2012.

Once line from that story caught our attention.

Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director Jim Rogers had this to say about the coming Presidential election:

Jim Rogers of the Nebraska Democrats predicted African Americans and Latinos, angered by what they perceive as Republican disrespect for the president, will again turn out in high numbers.

“Disrespect”? Well then, glad that we are talking about the issues again. And Rogers must have missed the recent reports that Obama’s Latino support is now below 50%


A couple of days ago, a bill was proposed in a Senate committee that would have prevented the National Labor Relations Board from filing lawsuits against companies that want to move to “Right To Work” states, such as Nebraska. This proposal was the result of Boeing wanting to build a new plane in South Carolina instead of Washington, because of labor woes.

But guess who came to the rescue of the AFL-CIO in defeating the bill?

That would be one Democrat Senator Ben Nelson.

This is clearly Nelson coming in for the unions, since he is ditching them in their effort to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. Was there any especially heavy pressure on Nelson in this situation?

Nelson making an embarrassing backroom political deal? Crazy, right?


Who won the debate last night?

With that many involved it is always a toss-up, but man, Texas Governor Rick Perry had a tough time on his attempted slam of Mitt Romney, no? He looked better earlier, though.

But when does Perry look really good? In this bitchin’ Michael Bay-esque campaign video!

We are totally going to see that movie. Betcha he crushes the asteroid or Obama or whatever at the end.


And who among us CAN’T get enough of the Israel-Palestine arguing? This of course only goes back a few thousand years or so. But the more recent history goes back 80 or so.

So if you want a fairly light refresher course, via one of those white-board drawings, this is pretty good:

You can watch while you’re killing those last 20 minutes of your Friday.


And GO Huskers and don’t look past the Cowboys! (Like we may or may not have done earlier in the week…)

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  1. Asswhacker says:

    What does NE Democrat Party Executive Director Jim Rogers know about “African Americans and Latinos”? Rogers is a lily white guy who spawned lily white children with a lily white woman. His opinion of racial matters is nonsense. And yet he presumes to call his political opponents racists, which includes me and my spouse in our bi-racial marriage. Rogers is the presumed racial bigot here.

    Rogers is right about one thing. We hate Obama. But we hate Obama’s liberal white half every bit as much as we hate his socialist black half, because the whole Barack is a dangerously inept political leader who is hurting this country by his lack and stupidity. And speaking of stupidity, what about Rogers?

    Jim Rogers lead the Esch campaign down to defeat in a year when Nebraska’s Second District went for Obama! It takes real negative talent to cripple one’s own candidate that way. Rogers is perhaps the worst political advisor on earth. You have to wonder who recommended him for his job.

    Keep up the good work Jim. The GOP loves you for it.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hey Sweeps! Happy Friday. Thanks for the dailies – so refreshing. I noticed an article about the boldies today and how they had a meeting about the KXL in a church. Now I don’t believe the KXL is a “political” topic – no more than abortion is – however, it behooves me to say that if the topic had been abortion, and there was a public meeting in the church, the boldies and their ilk would have been screaming like banshees to have that church’s nonprofit status revoked for their political involvement. Just sayin’ as you know Janiepants and her elves are D I S I N G E N U O U S to the core.

    Story reference:

    Local church hosts pipeline discussion
    By Harold Reutter
    Published: Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:39 PM CDT
    Bold Nebraska’s first position is that TransCanada not be allowed to build its proposed Keystone XL pipeline, according to Jane Kleeb, the organization’s executive director.

    Its fallback position is that if a permit is granted by the U.S. State Department for Keystone XL to cross the U.S.-Canadian border, the pipeline’s route through Nebraska should closely follow the route of an existing Keystone pipeline along the state’s eastern border, Kleeb said.

    She made her comments Thursday evening at a meeting at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Grand Island.

  3. Thread Hijacker says:

    What are people’s take on the Gov. Looks like his office had Foley’s report on HHS a lot earlier than he indicated. I am sure he saw, or should have seen, the report. Not sure where I stand on the whole HHS issue, but I am a little worried about his lying to us about it. ( I know, shocked about a politician lying, but come on…)

    I have criticized Jane and her boldies for this is the past, but not from our Governor. Shouldn’t we expect more out of him?? I am disappointed.

    And love the dailys sweeps!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jane and her cronies held their night-before-we-overtake-the-WhiteHouse training sessions in churches in DC too. Sounded like one was an Episcopalian. They must be into drum circles. But Lizzie has a point. I will chime in about the refreshing daily posts as well Sweeper. However, I don’t want to click through to give you pennies on Amazon lest you track my preferences the way Facebook does. Too creepy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hear the Boldies are calling, emailing, and pestering the Senators and their staff now. First off, Nebraska Senators don’t answer to interns at Bold. Secondly Sen Haar can do his own leg work. Finally what is there to either support or not? Until Haar gets a bill drafted and has a specific reason to call for the Special Session the point is moot.

    Bunch of idiot.

  6. Watchdog says:

    Anyone interested in the Grand total Kermit Brashear made from lobbying for the learning community and being its attorney. Oh don’t forget the Million he made for Warner Park

  7. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    In another of Omaha’s Failure to Connect-the-Dots:

    Sunday’s OWH in an article headlined, “Pro-Pipeline Bias in E-mails?” detailed a too-cozy relationship between a TransCanada lobbyist and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office and mentioned one Nora Toiv, an assistant to Ms. Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills.

    Do believe she is the very same daughter of Mr. Barry Toiv, who was the “AAU spokesman” quoted last month in the Lincoln Journal Star’s lengthy attempt to explain just why NU was unfairly banned from the AAU.

    Below is the first graph in the Silver Chips, Maryland’s Montgomery Blair High School on-line newspaper:

    “When 2003 Blair alumna Nora Toiv was in the fifth grade, she got to visit the White House on “take-your-daughter-to-work” day. Her dad, Barry Toiv, who was Deputy Press Secretary during most of the Clinton Administration, took Nora on a special tour through the different-colored rooms and past the security guards to the Oval Office, where he introduced her to the president at his desk.

    “President Clinton showed me all the souvenirs he had from his travels all over the world,” she recalls. “I was stunned.” The variety of these relics and the importance of the man who had collected them overwhelmed Toiv. She told her dad later the same day that she wanted to work at the White House one day, and her own career path in politics was set.”

    Clearly, the plot against “banning” NU from the AAU thickens if it, indeed, turns out that the “AAU spokesman” served for nearly EIGHT years as a deputy press secretary in President Clinton’s administration. How could he be considered objective when his background is so clearly uber-political.

    In other words, for years Mr. Toiv served as a pr person for the Clinton Administration and not only is Nebraska known as a red state; insiders in Washington, D.C. consider the state beyond crimson. It’s a well-known Fact in Washington that national Democrats do not like Nebraska.

    In my humble opinion, if the Barry Toiv who moved the AAU deadline on NU’s vote is the same Barry Toiv who was a political insider in the Clinton Administration, then he should have disclosed that clear conflict-of-interest.

    Perhaps NU should do something beyond just chalking up the expulsion to Land Grant/ag research…which is a bit ironic in my book considering that when I spoke before the NU Regents in 2008 and asked the eight Men in Suits if they were familiar with the 1862 federal/Morrill Land Grant Act, they looked perplexed as in “What does that have to do with anything?” A few looked as if they’d never heard of it.

    Later, I was told by one of the premier Regents that the Land Grant Act was “old” and that NU – in his verbatim words- “was being run just like a Corporation. It is a corporation.”

    Yet, in explaining NU’s “ban” from the AAU, NU actually leaned on their alleged adherence to ag research ostensibly from that “old” Land Grant Act. Hmmmmm.

    To recap: NU’s expulsion from the AAU and the Keystone Pipeline as a fait accompli. This bears repeating: the plot thickens.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Yes, I’m sure this is all a conspiracy against Nebraska. Probably because we have The Good Life printed on our welcome signs. We need to be taken down a notch by allowing us to collect new tax revenue and not wasting money on an academic organization that no one had ever heard of before we got kicked out of it.

  9. RWP says:

    The people I’ve known who have been best at ‘connecting the dots’ have been paranoid schizophrenics. Connect that dot.

    BTW, Ivy’s rant is a duplicate of something she posted on the LJS webite.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, the Toiv family has had it in for Nebraska for some time. Mr. Toiv went to OU and was on the ’71 football team. I hear he’s also good friends with Dan Beebe. Every Thanksgiving the whole family gets together in Silver Spring and plot against Nebraska.


  11. James Martin Davis-Kleeb says:

    Connecting the dots—The answer is simple. Street Sweeper recieved box seats from the governor to witness the awe inspiring moving performance of the greatest band ever….DOKKEN

  12. Lil Mac says:

    As a girl, Nora Toiv was guided into the Oval Office by her father where “President Clinton showed me all the souvenirs he had… I was stunned.” She told her dad she wanted to work at the White House. – One glimpse at BC’s souvenir stains collection and she was hooked. Nice dad. Wonder if he took his son to MJ’s for an overnight?

    That makes as much sense as a conspiracy by Clinton’s wife to let the air out of Nebraska footballs.

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