Science? Jane don’t need no stinkin’ science!

In today’s Washington Post, the paper looks at the upcoming State Department hearings in Nebraska regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline.

They quote UNL Professor, and hydrogeologist, Jim Goeke:

“I’d be comfortable if the pipeline was defeated on the basis of good, sound science and not emotion,” Goeke said. “I think it’s a reflection of the pride and love Nebraskans have for the Ogallala Aquifer. A lot of people love and treasure the aquifer, and they’re concerned the entire aquifer is at risk. And that just isn’t factual.”

But Professor Goeke, we have heard that windmills are better than oil spills and that we will all become hockey playing tar suckers if the pipe goes through!

You mean there is actual science involved?

Well, if you are at all interested or concerned or slightly amused or dadgummit angry about this issue, you owe it to yourself to read UNL Professor Jim Goeke’s Op-Ed in the LJS. He will inform you what the aquifer is and what it isn’t, and how the pipeline would and would not affect it.

Here is a small point:

The Ogallala Formation is layered rock, not a lake or a sandpit. Some people say “the lake beneath my feet” when referring to the aquifer. Others think of it as loose sand identical in all directions. These are misconceptions.

Start with that concept.


And then UNL Professor John Stansbury repeats what he wrote in his Op-Eds a few months ago. And though he has the Goeke’s analysis, he ignores the analysis of how a spill would spread in the aquifer.

Oh well.

Now Stansbury does give his analysis of how a spill in a river could spread, but…

1) That bolsters the argument for a route that is shorter and has fewer crossings at rivers and streams — the current proposed route, and;
2) He ignores the fact that there are currently lots of other pipelines that are older and won’t have the depth of placement that this one will, and aren’t built as well and the newest pipe will be.

So Stansbury’s argument says, essentially, shut down every pipe in America that currently crosses a river.

No wait, he is suggesting that the best, newest one is going to be the worst?

Hmm. That’s some logic working there.


But Professor Goeke again has given a scientific analysis based on his years of experience with wells and the Sandhills.

And has ANYONE on the anti-pipeline siderefuted his facts and analysis?


The only nay “argument” put out by one Jane Fleming Kleeb,  Hastings School Board member and self-proclaimed nutrition expert is as follows: We don’t have an answer to Dr. Goeke’s expertise, so we need more studies.

That’s it.

Oh, and Jane questions Goeke’s allegiances.

Well, let than, let us question Jane’s allegiance.

She is financed by a left-wing sugar Daddy out of Omaha, and supported by ultra left wing radical environmentalists.

Their goal has NOTHING to do with the safety of the Sandhills or the aquifers (plural) or anything else in Nebraska. Their goal is to stop the Canadian Tar-Sands oil from coming to America.

That’s it. End of story.

All of her “Neb” part about aquifers and windmills and all the rest is just a sideshow to hopefully stop the whole thing.

If the original pipeline route had mirrored the current Keystone pipeline route, they would have found a reason to argue against that one.

That’s the way it is.

They will keep telling you to ignore all the studies that have been done that disagree with their theories. And they will tell you to ignore all of the scientists that use things like facts and experience, when those facts and experiences don’t agree with their theories.

And that’s it.


And did we mention the sideshows?

No, you are not just going to a State Department hearing about the pipes.

You are going to get (wait for it) drum circles!
You know, just like the ones at the Grateful Dead and Phish shows!
Or, just like the ones at the Montana Governor’s office.

It’s like Burning Man on the plains!

And you’ll get vegetable festivals, that will tell you about the evils of food. And you’ll get movies about the evils of coal (and the electricity that it creates, no doubt).  And you’ll get armbands and bumper stickers.

But you will not get, in this scientific discussion, and discussion of science.  At least not by the Boldies and their pals.

A while back, someone suggested that Jane’s aggressive, partisan, attack style politics don’t serve Nebraska.

And we would suggest that someone is still correct, on that mark.


  1. Lil Mac says:

    Damon Moglen, of Friends of the Earth (FOE), Wash. DC. called Nebraska “the key battleground” over the pipeline from Canada to Texas refineries. Even a brief look at this one environmental group gives us a clearer picture of why this pipeline is being twisted into an issue.

    FOE’s website says it exists to “create a more healthy and just world.” Among FOE’s “principles and values” are these stated: “We seek to engage in activism that is rooted in an analysis of power… We therefore take responsibility for equalizing power… We value the voices of historically marginalized and oppressed people, including youth, women, queer folks, and people of color… We are committed to action, taking public positions against oppression and building broad-based movements for environmental, social, and economic justice.”

    That is a lot of fist-pounding, in-your-face, socio-politik positioning for what is supposed to be earth-loving people worrying about Nebraska’s environment.

  2. Just the Facts says:

    Wow! Anyone who takes the emotion out of this, and looks at it from a scientific point of view will realize that all this controversy is a bunch of bunk. There are 21,000 miles of pipeline that already exist in this state. Are we going to hold State Department hearing on those? With drum circles? Of course not!

  3. Nate says:

    Coby Mack is hosting a call-in with a VP from TransCanada on his Drivetime Lincoln radio show this evening. I’m wondering how far into the program they’ll get before they take a call from someone named “Klane Jeming Fleeb.”

  4. On that story, a commenter by the name of ‘jane kleeb’ questions Jim Goeke’s relationship with TransCanada, and demands more transparency with that relationship.

    Only a couple problems there janey-poo…

    1. You have no evidence that a relationship actually exists.
    2. You do not address the meat of Mr. Goeke’s editiorial (i.e. the science)…instead opting to launch a personal attack on his credibility.

    I guess that means it’s fair game for people to do the same to her.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Sweeps. I just plain love ya. Thanks.

    I am listening to Jane implode on KFAB 1110 debating Robert Jones. No wonder she sticks to print. I love it, she just feigned outrage at TransCanada coming into “our state.” Give me a break. Puke.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Jane know or care how ridiculous she sounds when she calls everyone a “liar.”? And when will the media call her out for being the hypocrite that she is? She attacks AFP saying they will bus Union workers in to the hearings. Yet on her Boldies’ site she links to what? The Bus Federation. The Bus Federation buses people in to political and media events to create a buzz and pad numbers. Oh, and they don’t care if you’re not from the state where the event is being held. Heck, the whackos just used a bus to transport people all the way from Texas through Nebraska and to DC to up the numbers of loonies getting arrested outside the White House. Again, why don’t the media report factually on Jane’s astro-turf?

  7. general says:

    The answer to Jane’s question (one of many that went unanswered) is there are two pipelines in nebraska moving tar sands oil. One is Keystone and the other is a pipeline owned by Kinder Morgan going over the aquifer. It has been in operation for over 60 years. Jane get the facts!

  8. RWP says:


    I don’t know if he is, but I am sure it’s a crude pipeline.

    He’s referring to the Platte Pipeline. The Platte system runs to Wood River, Illinois from Casper, Wyoming, where it connects with the Express pipeline system that brings Canadian crude from Hardisty, Alberta.

    It’s currently oversubscribed beyond capacity because of the desperate need to get oil from Canada to the midwest.

  9. RWP says:

    I will be tweeting live from the Burning Man on the Plains Festival, tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s as wacky as promised

    I was thinking of putting on a long stringy wig and a tie-dyed shirt, smoked in some burning ditch weed for 1/2 hour, and getting up to testify that if we grew more hemp, we wouldn’t need crude oil. But since I bet at least 3 other people will do that, there doesn’t seem to be much point.

  10. Nate says:

    Jane’s playbook:

    1. Pick a target.
    2. Freeze it.
    3. Personalize it.
    4. Polarize it.

    It’s shameful that she attempted to give Prof. Goeke the Alinsky treatment on the discussion page of his op-ed.

  11. RWP says:


    Until yesterday I felt a little sorry for JK; politics can be rough, and she gets quite a bit of abuse. Then I read her scurrilous little innuendo against Jim Goeke, a man whose only offense is he knows more about the hydrogeology of the Sandhills than anyone else, and has an opinion that interferes with Kleeb’s political ambitions and agenda, and I realized we haven’t been nearly hard enough on her.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Investigator: That is a very good question indeed. Why doesn’t the LJS or OWH dig into the Kleeb’s lifeline to Dick Holland and Obama’s green grants? They would rather go after Bruning buying a lake home with Nelnetters. The Kleeb’s have interjected themselves into Nebraska politics and the public would be served by knowing just who these two posers really are. I’m surprised Jane hasn’t called for a sit-in at the hearings and demand that a bunch of followers get arrested to make a point. Jane could grab all the publicity for the two hearings by doing her usual astro-turf crap and the media wouldn’t even notice that she didn’t have any factual testimony to provide. Success in the Bold book is create a commotion and hope the media doesn’t ask any tough questions.

  13. Lizzie says:

    Sweeps. You’re right, what Governor Dave said still applies. Too bad he took his cojones and gave them to that lying punk Jane. After her performance today on KFAB, I will no longer give Jane any more respect than I would give any other adolescent teenage brat. She is stuck in her late teens emotionally. That girl should NOT do radio or anything else where we have to listen to her shrilling. She sounded, like, really, really bad.

    BTW I predict her head will explode after the 6:00 news cycle.

  14. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’ve known Jim Goeke for many years. Hes forgotten more about the sandhills and the Ogallala aquifer than any of us could ever hope to learn. He cares more about Nebraska groundwater than anyone. I would say that there is no other person on the planet who know as much about the hydrogeology of nebraska than Jim.

    For Jane to try and smear a man who has given his whole life to Nebraska is a disgrace and it totally disgusts me. No matter what your opinion of the pipeline is there is no need to try and damage the reputation of somebody who has spent their whole life researching, studying, and protecting Nebraskas groundwater. Jane should be ashamed of herself.

  15. Green Grants says:

    Word on the Street is a Green company has been hired Jim Suttle to do energy audits here in Omaha. I wonder how this Green company got the contract? Who pays them? Who owns the company?

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Jane’s problem is that she started with theatrics and there’s nothing to do but get more outrageous with each passing event. Her reputation among the Lefties is on the line because she chickened out when she had the opportunity to grab that big badge of honor: getting arrested outside the White House by the gentlest, most understanding, and respectful cops on the planet. I only hope that in her desperation to stay at the head of the mob she’s created, that she doesn’t do something truly stupid.

  17. Anon says:

    Green Grants: If it’s Scott Kleeb’s green company getting a special deal out of Suttle, would that finally warrant a story by the OWH or LJS into how much Scott is riding the Obama green train. Were you being “subtle” hoping the dense media might actually pick up on this news tip?

  18. In the know says:

    There are many political subdivisions that do business with the Kleebs. Imagine what Bold Nebraska could do to them if they said no. I’m surprised Don Walton has not done a story.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Dick Holland’s wallet ever run dry? Maybe when the Obama fake green money dries up the Kleebs will finally pack up and move back east where Jane can always find another rich sugar daddy for her next cause. Think about it. In 2010 she was promoting Obamacare and getting paid by SEIU. Now she is getting paid by liberal philanthropist Holland to inject green politics into our state. Jane is just a hired gun and a well paid one at that.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Kleebs have only one thing for sale — the Kleebs. They don’t give a damn who they walk over to promote themselves just so long as the only ones left standing at the end of the day are — the Kleebs.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jon Bruning has only one thing for sale — Jon Bruning. He doesn’t give a damn who he walks over to promote himself just so long as the only one left standing at the end of the day is — Jon Bruning.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson has only one thing for sale — Ben Nelson. He doesn’t give a damn who he walks over to promote himself just so long as the only one left standing at the end of the day is — Ben Nelson.

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