Hearing about the pipe

TransCanada has a new :30 second ad out about the Keystone XL Pipeline, featuring UNL Professor Emeritus, Jim Goeke.

See it here:

Prof. Jim Goeke on Ogallala Aquifer from NEJobsAndEnergy on Vimeo.

This repeats what we have heard Goeke say over and over, but you can bet that for many, this is the first they’ve heard it.  “What? The aquifer is not a giant underground swimming pool?  It’s a river of rocks?  That barely moves?

This guy is probably spent more time studying and learning about the aquifer than most involved in the pipeline debate could ever forget.  And yet we are bombarded with opinions by a former Floridian who calls herself an expert on nutrition.


We listened to that former Floridian debate a TransCanada official yesterday on KFAB.  (You can listen to the 1 hour show here.)

Couple interesting points:  We chuckled when the TC guy pointed out that UNL Professor Stansbury had poor, inaccurate information that he was using in his spill “projections” — making it “garbage in, garbage out.”  Then Jane’s response was (barely paraphrasing), “How DARE you come in here — from CANADA! — and besmirch the reputation of Nebraskans!”  Wow, great counter argument there Mrs. Kleeb.  You’re like a pro debater.

Then she continued on her, “you LIE, you lying liar!” theme.  Heard that one before?

But then in her closing statement she says:

“64% of Nebraskans want the pipeline route to be changed.”

Is that right, you lying liar who tells lies!  Lies!!!


Well, last time we checked, the poll that Jane herself released, said that the 64% number was those who would be in favor of a ballot initiative to put more regulations on the pipeline.  Their little push poll, that likely asked if  they were in favor of the Dark Lord himself laying a pipeline across their living room davenport, in reality couldn’t muster a majority (47%).

Oh sweet irony!  So if Jane can’t even pull herself to tell the truth about their own published poll, what do you think she is saying about the pipeline and the Sandhills and the aquifer? And remember that her only real goal is to stop the oil from coming in from Canada.



Later in the day, Jane Tweeted the following:

Deeply respect NE university professors input on pipeline, Goeke, Stansbury, Woldt and others all matter + more studies needed

My.  That is much different than the comment she put in the LJS after Goeke’s Op-Ed.

There she said,

“We call into question is his current relationship with TransCanada and ask that he be more transparent about that.”

So Jane thinks Goeke is just a shill for TransCanada, and is therefore lying about his lifework.

Well, we would just note that though Goeke appeared in TC’s ad, he wouldn’t take any money for his work and even refused to be reimbursed for gas money from TC.

Gee, wonder how Jane has been getting back and forth to Lincoln and Wshington, DC?  Think anyone has been reimbursing her?


Finally, the big news today is that Jane and the Boldies are upset that the Unions are busing in people to Lincoln and Atkinson to testify at the State Department hearings.

Anyone else find it rich that Jane is now complaining about Union tactics?

To learn more about this, buy a dictionary and look up “irony” to see a big photo of Jane making a pouty face at Ron Kaminski there.


And where are you going to buy that dictionary?  Why, Amazon.com of course!  And when you do, be sure to first click on Leavenworth Street’s Amazon.com link!  No extra cost to you, and you get to show some love to L.St.  (Smooth baby.  Smooth!)


Another post later today on other Nebraska political news.
Check back!


  1. Lizzie says:

    What we need now is other Nebraskans in positions of expertise, experience and authority to say “I Stand with Jim Goeke.” Don’t leave the Prof hanging out there. He started the ball rolling, now it is up to others to speak their mind. It is time for the real Nebraskans to be BOLD.

    Professor Goeke is NOT saying “Oh, oh, oh, GOOOOD Pipeline” You know how Janie and her elves say “Oh, Oh, NOOOOOO BAAAAAAD Pipeline.

    He is simply saying he stands on the side of truth and science. Jane and the boldies stand on the side of lies and hysteria.

    Educators, business people, government employees, experts who agree that the truth needs to be told and Kleeb’s misinformation circus and politics of personal destruction needs to stop MUST STAND UP NOW!

    If you have any kind of a platform from which to speak on this matter then please, Stand With Jim Goeke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like Heineman and Johanns. But them siding with Kleeb’s torch-carrying mob is more frightening than any brain-dead environmentalist or greedy oil baron, for these are thinking good men who, like thinking good men in 1938 Germany, knew Goebble’s propaganda was false, divisive and all about twisting power but nevertheless felt it expedient and safest for themselves to encourage the mob’s fear to their own political advantage. America can survive anything except America’s good men in politics finding mob hysteria a handy political tool.

    The elephant isn’t healthy if it produces men like this. Of course, they are less smelly than what the Donkey excretes. A pyrrhic choice, that.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    The push for an “alternate route” is such a crock. Look at the map RWP put on his website. The planned KXL pipeline route from Alberta through Montana & S. Dakota crosses into Nebraska at a point west of their existing pipeline. Does Jane want an alternate route that runs due east along the NE/SD border before crossing into the Cornhusker state? Then it would have to cross the Missouri River! Does this year’s historic flood of the Mighty Mo give Jane pause? Course not…she simply wants to block the Canadian oil pipeline altogether.

    Is TransCanada really expected to renegotiate easements through Montana & S Dakota to get their new pipeline to line up with the lengthened route through eastern Nebraska? It is hard to believe that Johanns and Heinemann have fallen for this. Well, not so hard to believe about Johanns, but I had a higher opinion of Governor Dave until recently.

  4. GOP Leadership says:

    Heineman, Johanns, Fortenberry, Fulton, Coash, and a lot of other Republicans have shown a lot of eadership in doing what’s right for Nebraska. Maybe it’s because they’re not willing to gamble their political fortunes on Transcanada’s safety record after their first pipeline leaked 12 times in the first year(that we know about).

  5. Ted says:

    “GOP Leadership”,
    Way to ignore all the information here. Heineman, Johanns et al, are still FOR the pipeline.
    But they have called for it to be on a different route.
    The problem is, that experts like Goeke have said the current proposed route is the BEST route.
    So basically what they have done is caved to the rabble stirred up by Jane.
    That is their gamble.

  6. Help me out Jane, I wanna make sure I’ve got this straight…it’s not okay for outsiders from Canada to besmirch the reputations of Nebraskans, but it IS okay for outsiders from Florida to besmirch the reputations of Nebraskans.

    Got it.

  7. Lizzie says:

    “GLOP Leadership”

    Small note of FACT for ya. The first Keystone pipe NEVER leaked 12 times. There were fittings that leaked at pumping stations; some just a few tablespoons of oil, but they were dutifully reported. THE PIPE WAS NOT LEAKING. Try to keep up.

    Just more of the same, lies, exaggeration, over-generlaization and obfuscation of the truth by the “progressives” (an oxymoron all by itself). BTW; the pumping stations are on land owned by TransCanada, so…. well… No one can say they are not landowners in USA.

  8. RWP says:

    One of the more clueless commenters on the LJS site today claimed the pipeline would be laid ‘beneath the aquifer’. That’s the level at which many of the pipeline opponents are operating.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is going to be fun! Jane Kleeb, the defacto leader of Nebraska’s democrats vs. Ron Kaminski, a union leader that happens to sit on the Nebraska Democratic Party’s executive committee.

  10. Lizzie says:

    Sweeps –

    Jane’s tweet was nothing less than trying to bring Goeke’s undisputed title of King of Ogallala Aquifer Knowledge down to the same level as the engineer and the water guys.

    She is madly attempting to level the playing field. She is devious but not dumb like we want her to be. So evil. She is saying: “These people are ALL equally expert. We need more studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, studies, stuuuuuuu”

  11. RWP says:

    I’m at the auditorium now. The union guys got in early, while the Boldies were demonstrating outside, and grabbed most of the good seats by the stage. LOL!

    Lots of pro pipeline orange and green shirts here.

  12. Never Left The Neb says:

    Lizzie, good point, except for the fact that those that you wish to stand up and be loud are not Lefty Loons and therefore don’t like to stand up and be loud.

  13. Decorum? says:

    Why do the State Dept reps allow demos inside the hearing? Would cut down on a lot of time if they treated it the way the Legislature does and lay down the rules that there be no disruption and gavel down any applause or catcalls. It’s a forum designed for the wackos because they have no self control.

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