U.S. Senate candidate (and State Treasurer) Don Stenberg received two endorsements from Tea Party types yesterday.

First was from “FreedomWorks” a DC organization that has been funding many Tea Party operations around the country. While Nebraskans are not likely to be influenced much by a group like this, it can affect the Stenberg campaign by giving it some momentum and notoriety for out of state contributors.

This particular group, founded by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, has the ability to make independent expenditures on behalf of Stenberg. That will matter for Stenberg, who is not likely to have the cash on hand that a Jon Bruning does.

Though we found it interesting that in the associated CNN story, the Deputy Political Director noted that “State Sen. Deb Fischer is also considering a run,” and that “nine others have either launched campaigns or are considering bids.”

Wow, nine in addition to the top four, huh?

Nelson, Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer. Then…Flynn, Zimmerman… are there another seven out there we don’t know about? Or another three?

Anywho, Stenberg also picked up the endorsement of freshman U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah — and $5,000 from Lee’s PAC. Lee is known for having defeated Senator Bob Bennett (and another guy) in the Republican Primary. He is a Tea Party guy as well.

If nothing else, these endorsements show that Stenberg benefited from his road trip to the convention in Charleston last month.

FEC reports coming next month.


A few national reporters wrote about Ben Nelson the other day as being an outspoken Democrat against President Obama’s Stimulus Part II.

And our reaction was, well how ABOUT that! Ben Nelson votes for ObamaCare, and Stimulus I, and Sotomayor. But a year before he is up for re-election, he find himself some anti-liberal blood coursing through his veins!

Well, in that case we guess Nelson is on the up and up. Because NOW we just can not imagine that he would go and vote with the Democrats on major legislation if he is re-elected. Because there he is! He does not like Stimulus II. So there you go. We KNEW he was really conservative. That proves it. Done.

(Wait a second…)


Speaking of Ben Nelson and slight of hand, an alert reader noted that on his Facebook page, Nelson has been promoting the pipeline hearings in Lincoln and Atkinson over the next couple days.

Mike Kennedy then posted this comment to Nelson:

Speaking of public hearings, where were the public hearings for Obamacare? Do you plan to have town halls so the public can address their concerns about the economy and heath care? If it is important for Nebraskans voices to be heard about the pipeline, shouldn’t their voices be heard on the health care issue?

Well Mike, what you don’t understand is that if there had been hearings, people would have been able to actually read the ObamaCare bill. And there would have been no opportunity for a Cornhusker Kickback to be inserted. And the vote could not have been pounded through in a couple of days. And Nelson would not have had time to shoot his commercials defending his ObamaCare vote if he had to listen to actual citizens during public hearings.

And how would he have been able to shoot his most recent ad that has been playing across Nebraska for four weeks, if he had been publishing and holding public hearings? You do not seem to understand how Nelson works.


But we know, that you know, how works! But did you know that if before you buy something on Amazon, you first click through Leavenworth Street’s Amazon link, L.St. will get a little love, at no cost to you? Well, now you know.

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  1. Who the heck is Mike Lee? says:

    So Stenberg’s unable to raise enough cash in Nebraska to compete in this race he has to go out of state?

    A better investment for these groups would be to find a toilet in the beltway to flush their funds down rather than giving it to Stenberg.

  2. ttg says:

    Regarding Nelson’s nonexistent ObamaCare hearings, you speak of Nelson’s Cornhusker Kickback being “inserted”, “pounded” through in a couple of days, and Nelson having time to “shoot” his… commercials defending his vote. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to figure out that Nelson’s legislation really hurts in a deep and personal way.

    Ben Nelson is a full time liberal jackass trying to disguise himself as a “Stimulus II” half-ass. To American voters he’s a pain in the ass. But Nebraskans keep electing and reelecting him. Yet Nelson’s effect in office is to leave Americans, and particularly Nebraskans, as Nelson’s insertees.

    It ain’t pretty that Nelson pimps himself. But it is worse that Nebraska voters are his willing whores.

  3. Ben says:

    Look like FreedomWorks and Sen Lee are backing a know loser. The reason why Ben is in office is because Don could not beat him in 2000. What make voters think that he can win this time. Time for new blood and a real winner like Jon Bruning.

  4. Polling! says:

    Did Freedomworks bother to talk to anyone in the State of Nebraska before making this endorsement? I mean seriously? Stenberg is polling between 12%-17% after running statewide a bajillion times. Give me a break. This guy is no Mike Lee or Marco Rubio.

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