What NOT to wear

Jane Kleeb likes to stick out like whenever she is out protesting or marching or generally putting on the pouty face with hands on hips.

Well she was making herself “be seen” at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln yesterday during the State Department hearings on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

But what was she wearing?  Take a look.

Yes folks, that is a “Future Farmers of America” jacket.

For those of you west of Omaha, it is a pretty common sight at school or certain functions and events.  For those of you east of Lincoln, you may remember Napoleon Dynamite featuring the blue FFA jacket.

And for those of our readers in DC, you could probably look outside the Capitol right now and see a gaggle of students sporting them.

But here is the deal:  The jacket ain’t a fashion statement.  For members of FFA, it is a point of pride.  It’s not a Nebraska Addidas wind breaker you picked up at Husker Hounds.  It means something to those who earned the privilege of getting it and wearing it.

So it is our understanding that at least a few former FFAers (always an FFAer?) actually approached Jane and asked her to remove the jacket.  (We are guessing they figured out that it wasn’t hers.)

Anywho, she reportedly snarked back that the jacket is owned by an in-law who asked her to hold it / asked her to wear it / we don’t really know / FFAers don’t really care.

But here’s the deal: if it ain’t yours, you don’t get to wear it.

How do we know?

Oh we just looked on the FFA website under “Official Dress”.

Boy, that was difficult, wasn’t it?

And if you really want to get technical, there is a whole dress code associated with wearing the jacket that Jane, ahem, didn’t meet.  (Though, simply go back to rule #1.)

And frankly, we don’t really care.  But the FFAers do.

We are sure Jane will say she was “urged” to wear it, or she didn’t know the rules, or she was trying to represent or some other breathless retort.

But we get it Jane.  We get it with the jeans tucked into your boots and the giant belt buckle and now the FFA jacket:

You’re a poser.  You are pretending to be something you are not.

You know, like pretending to care about the Sandhills or aquifer, when you’re really just trying to stop the the Canadian oil at the behest of your radical enviro cronies and sugar daddies.

But whatever.


And as long as we are talking about Jane and her presentation at the hearings…

She began her “testimony” with (paraphrasing), “I ran as a school board member for healthy lunches and within 6 months I achieved that…but I am here today to talk about the pipeline…

Well, we are glad Hillary has THAT in the record.


And the Right Wing Professor, Gerard Harbison mentioned it in his excellent summary of the day’s proceedings, but… cheering and booing at a State Department hearing?


We (barely) get the drum circles and foam fingers (made of polystyrene, manufactured from petroleum…) outside the “event”.

But when did booing, or even cheering, during a government hearing become OK?  Did we miss something, or did this turn into a student council election?  No one showed up from Foggy Bottom with a gavel?  What the hell?

As long as we are going on the “Napoleon Dynamite” theme, let’s just end each side’s statement with a skit/dance-off.  Seems about as appropriate.


  1. Wow–that’s not really Jane Kleeb wearing an FFA jacket, is it? As the former president of the Waverly FFA Chapter who remains proud of and thankful for his FFA experience, I can assure you that the hallowed blue corduroy is sacrosanct. A non-member (even a former member like me) wearing the jacket is like a non-Catholic taking communion at Mass. Whether it’s non-physicians wearing white coats at pressers or faux cowboys posing as Nebraska ranchers, apparently what matters to Nebraska’s leftists is the visual, not the truth.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    I bet those aren’t Jane’s boots, either. She should have just worn an NC+ Hybrids hat, or ridden in on a John Deere lawn tractor, holding a lasso.

    Jane probably does own that diesel generator they used to inflate the black plastic trashbag pipe thing, however.

  3. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    I can confirm that really IS Jane in that FFA jacket – she made a complete and total mockery of FFA in attempts to say “I’m one of you Nebraskan people -really! Scott and I have always been one of you (even though we’ve only lived here for 7 years and I’m from Florida and he’s from Colorado)”.

    Fun info on the gas-powered generator: While Jane was pushing the little cart that runs the generator, someone yelled “What’s that thing run on?” and Jane with a big frowny face looked up and answered “It’s American oil!” and another Boldie followed up “It’s not like we bought the gas for this thing at BP!” Since of course BP gas is the only non-American gas, and all other gasoline is guaranteed “American”. The logic continues to amaze…

  4. Politik says:

    Wow… I grew up in Omaha with only having friends in the country and even I know that jacket is sacred territory. Good Job Jane!

    What a Joke! Also, can we start getting some reporting on why the pipeline project moving benefits Dick Holland???

  5. FFA Alumnus says:

    I’m not sure what Jane was trying to prove by wearing that jacket, but whatever it was, it was in bad taste. I’ll have to agree with Chairman Fahleson, nobody but an active (high school student, state officer, or national officer) member should be sporting the blue corduroy. I was a chapter president for two years, and I too am proud of my FFA experience. My jacket is still hanging in my closet. When I joined the FFA, I first wore my father’s jacket, and maybe some day my child will wear mine. The FFA has many traditions, only one of which is the jacket, and Jane’s (or other non-members’) actions cheapen those traditions.

  6. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    My brother has been a teacher and FFA advisor for years at Osceola, Brainard and Prague, after he rose through the ranks of State FFA in High School. My Dad was a Star FFA Farmer in the 40’s. Jane’s antics have gone too far when she dismisses the protocol for wearing an FFA jacket and is clueless to the fact that that privilege is “earned.” Earned by High School kids who spend untold hours through the years on ag projects. Some of those kids go on to continue their FFA leadership in college. This is just another example of Jane not understanding or even caring about rural traditions because she is not from a rural background, never has been and never will be. Whatever relative “loaned” her the jacket, should have known better. And shame on Jane for not removing it when former FFA’ers told her about the protocol for wearing it. Unbelieveable. I sincerely hope that Nebraska FFA sends her a letter explaining the rules for wearing the jacket and ask that she cease and desist.

  7. I echo what Chairman Fahleson said. As a former member and Star Chapter Agribusinessman award winner it’s insulting to see non-members wearing the jacket, especially in this context – a political activist engaged in a political activity. That’s a major no. It’s simply degrading to the FFA, the largest youth organization in the world; that prides itself on honor and developing leadership among members and non-members alike.

  8. Lizzie says:

    I have been praying that JK would jump the shark soon (it is inevitable). This public insult to the FAA shows me she has mounted said shark; just waiting now – with bated breath – for the jump! Come on, babeeeee! I also don’t believe those are her boots. I think she went to the thrift store and bought them.

    As I noted the other day in comments concerning the KFAB “debate.” She is stuck in Jr/High School and this immature and unprofessional display at the Department of State hearing proves it. She is looking pretty high school-y hippie-wanna-be fringy there. What this does is reveal that she considers her base to be 15 to 25-year-olds, which we all can agree is a pretty unreliable bunch. Said base is why the hearing sounded like a high school basketball pep rally.

    I agree, she’s a total poseur (that’s French for “phony show-off”).

  9. Lizzie says:

    One more thought. I snickered when Jane went all fakey outrage at TransCanada’s Mr. Jones on the radio the other day. in her “screamy” voice: “How DARE you OUTSIDERS come into NEBRASKA! ….blah, BLAH, blah…”

    H Y P O C R I T E much, Jane?

    How DARE you PUT ON that FAA jacket!

  10. NE Voter says:

    Kinda reminds me of when George W. Bush donned a flightsuit for his “mission accomplished” campaign ad.

    I’m on record as supporting the pipeline, and I’m not here to defend Jane Kleeb, who I’ve never met. But this blog has become a complete bore.

    SS, I hate to say it, but L-St has jumped the shark.

  11. Insulted says:

    I, for one, really don’t appreciate someone using an FFA jacket to politicize something. Everyone can see what her true intentions were here. This is a really ridiculous ploy to try to show people she’s a Nebraskan when she’s in fact not. Jane Kleeb is WAY off on this one.

  12. NE Voter,
    …except that GWB was, of course, an actual pilot. And was also Commander in Chief at the time. But otherwise exactly like Jane Kleeb wearing an FFA jacket at a pipeline hearing.

    And you WILL continue to read this blog as long as I keep this gun to your head!
    (wait a minute…)

    And thanks for reading!

  13. Polly Tics says:

    C’mon NE Voter, at least G.W. actually logged some miles in a jet, I rather doubt Jane has got up at 4:30 a.m. to feed the livestock, get ready for school, go to school, go to the FFA meeting, work volunteer hours on behalf of FFA and go back home to work on the farm.

    As a school board member, she should be taken to task for doing this and making a mockery of the fine FFA program. More to the point, she should have known better but, eh, she ain’t from here is she.

  14. Nate says:

    It’s almost like Jane Kleeb wakes up in the morning and asks herself “what will make me look like I’m not a carpetbagging political opportunist today?”

    Cowboy boots? Check.
    Cardboard cutout of an old guy in a Stetson? Check.
    Red and white foam fingers? Check.
    FFA jacket? Oh, you better believe that’s a check.

    End result? A patronizing, cynical caricature of Nebraskans.

  15. Bam says:

    If there’s one thing Jane’s authentic at is being a poser. What, did she have two occasions where she said she’d be arrested at protests only to bug out before the cops got there?

  16. Jane W. Kleeb says:

    There’s an old saying up there in Broken Vedigre, I know there is down in Grand Hastings, but I think it is up there in Biggietare, it, it goes, fool me once, and, and, shame on you. Fool me, and, uh, and, well, we can’t get fooled again.

  17. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Nebraska Tea Partier: You write of the Kleebs “…“I’m one of you Nebraskan people -really! Scott and I have always been one of you (even though we’ve only lived here for 7 years and I’m from Florida and he’s from Colorado)”.

    Your point is that the Kleebs are classic Carpetbaggers.

    Well, if that’s true for them, then it’s true for Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Cajun Country.

    “The Fort” has lived in Nebraska all of 14 years and for 12 of those years, he has either been a Lincoln City Council member or a Member of Congress.

    He was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but he grew up in Washington, D.C.

    He received a Master’s in Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville and shortly thereafter decamped for Lincoln, considered this country’s most conservative Catholic diocese (how convenient).

    He worked as a public relations man in Louisiana for the full gamut of city interests! and a Theology diploma from Steubenville – as discussed in D.C. – was certain to bestow arch-Catholic bona fides to a would-be politician from Washington looking for the “right” place to re-locate. Enter the Peeds and Sandhills Publishing.

    The Lincoln City Council, at the time, was giving money to Planned Parenthood. And the rest is “The Fort’s” Cornhusker history.

    Bottom line: The GOP has a right to criticize the Kleebs with respect to authentic issues on which they disagree.

    But as long as the GOP continues to raise the Kleeb Carpetbagging subject, it must be raised back with respect to Rep. Jeff Fortenberry.

    Oh, and a parallel point: The state GOP should not pontificate about Solyndra when so many, many GOP (and Senator Ben Nelson) Nebraska politicians received lavish Nelnet “contributions,”; money that perhaps (sure, money is fungible) came from the same nearly $400 million dollar unearned pot of “unwarranted” subsidies that Nelnet received during its “scheme” to defraud the federal taxpayer/U.S. Department of Education.

    GOP, S’il vous plait, arreter the Cherchez la Femme…ing of Nebraskan Jane Kleeb.

  18. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Jane Fleeming Kleeb once again you have made another major fashion mistake
    Never wear another groups clothes Honey, when your membership to that group is fake

  19. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sweeper, we had a very spirited discussion on your old Blogspot version of Leavenworth St. way back on December 12, 2007. It concerned then Senatorial candidate, Mike Johanns, who was depicted wearing an American flag across the back of his leather jacket. Where was all the feigned outrage over THAT fashion faux pas? Can all of these “offended” FFA members explain to this old veteran why they were AWOL on that one?

    According to the U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Paragraph 176, Section (d): “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel …”

    Seriously, I’m going to have to agree with Oh Mander’s TMZ call. This is a tempest in a teapot, and we all have much more serious problems to deal with in Nebraska.

  20. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    @Ivy Harper: I don’t really care for Jeff Fortenberry much either. You’re right, he is a carpet bagger, just like the Kleebs. But I didn’t vote for you, either, because you pretty much convinced me you were a big gov’t tax n’ spender, too. Yeah, NE-1 has been getting the hose for some time now on our federal representation. But I’m glad someone was there to at least give Fort a run for his money, so thanks for that, Ivy.

  21. BTO,

    We are just reporting how Jane chose to pose on her biggest stage yet, for 100% political purpose. And how FFAers reacted.

    If you’d like to skim over this political post on this here political blog, feel free.

  22. Sandra says:

    Wow, this is classic conservative belittling and deflection to distract away from the real issues facing Nebraska. And you all think “liberals” are out of touch? I have another question while I am at it: Why is it unacceptable for someone who is not a Nebraska native to want to make a difference because they do live here? Thank God (I’m assuming this ok to say since Tea Baggers post here.) that people like Jane Kleeb move to this state so my daughter can have a role model. To know that she CAN make a difference or at least put up a good fight rather than hide on blogs, unwilling to use our real names or speak out for fear of what our friends and neighbors think about real political beliefs and passions for fear of being judged publicly.

  23. Lizzie says:

    Sandra: “Tea Baggers” a euphemism for oral sex involving part of the male anatomy, is very, extremely, coarse and belittling.



    Lord have mercy, if you think Jane is a good role model, you need prayer. Hopefully the Patriots will forgive your pornographic slur and do just that.

  24. Nate says:

    Man, Ivy sure does like to grind the ax against some of the largest private employers in Lincoln. Nelnet and Sandhills Publishing in one fell swoop. That’s a tactic that’s sure to bring down the Fort.

  25. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Jane tells me on Twitter that the jacket belongs to her father-in-law and that she wore it so he could be “present” at the hearing. My response was she could have submitted his testimony in writing for him to be “present.” Even if her father-in-law long ago forgot the rules and protocol for the jacket, when she was told by people at the hearing of the rules, she chose to thumb her nose at the FFA by continuing to wear it. It’s really low when when an environmental activist uses an FFA jacket as a political prop. Perhaps the Nebraska FFA or the FFA Alumni Association have some kind of process whereby former and and current FFA members can complain and tell Jane to stop wearing the jacket.

  26. Interested says:

    Isn’t Scott a member of the FFA/ Mr. Brokeback himself surely must have did ag projects as a kid. Doesn’t the Hat and boots he wears count for something?

  27. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Both parties have posers aplenty. Personally, I’d prefer a paucity of such public performances by these packs of puckish pundits, pea-brained polemicists, posturing paraders, and practitioners of political pranks.

  28. Annoyed says:

    It’s funny how it’s posted that she refused to take the jacket off. As someone who was there (for neither side), I will note that when I ran into Jane, she didn’t have the jacket on. It’s interesting what people seem to recall when they just want to spew hate and vitriol at an educated person who is trying to do good for her state, while the rest are just standing around with their thumbs up their behinds.

  29. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’m still trying to get over Spiro Agnew’s “nattering nabobs of negativism.”
    By the way, I enjoyed your reportage.

  30. Don Kuhns says:

    Regarding Mr. Fahleson’s comment, do Catholics really throw this kind of hissy fit when they see a non-Catholic taking communion? I wonder what Jesus would have thought about that.

  31. Farmer Joe says:

    What would Jesus wear? Probably not a FFA jacket since he’s not a member. I hear he was in FRLA (Future Religious Leaders of America). Anyway, Don, all kidding aside, and it might be petty, but let’s play your game. What do you think Jesus would think of disrespect to others?

  32. RWP says:


    I wouldn’t call it a hissy fit; it’s more the inauthenticity it represents than any insult to FFA. She really would fit in better if she didn’t try so hard to fit in. Resisting the urge to snidely imply a man like Jim Goeke is in the pay of TransCanada, say, would serve her far better than wearing a FFA jacket. But I don’t care. We’re all phonies, in one way or another.

    I used to be a Catholic. We were taught that non-Catholics shouldn’t even be present during the Mass of the Eucharist. Even though I’m a genuine damned-to-Hell atheist these days, I was uncomfortable enough at being involuntarily present as a heathen at a Papal Mass (long story) that I left after the Mass of the Cathechumens. Funny how that early indoctrination sticks with ya.

    So I have no idea how the average Catholic feels, least of all in America, but according to the orthodoxy in which I was raised, non-Catholics taking Communion is an abhorrence. But hey, at least they don’t go in for beheading.

    And WWJD was certainly no part of my upbringing.

  33. Prune the Ivy says:

    Go see a shrink or something. You have some serious issues. Fortenberry made a choice to move to Nebraska……….so what? Seems like this is the whole point of economic development and tourism……come to Nebraska…….Get a job…… Raise a family……Enjoy The Good Life.

    Is Nebraska a bad place to live or something? Should we not be open to non-Nebraskans? Are you a segregationalist? Should only Nebraskans live in Nebraska?

    Or should native-Nebraskans be like your old boss and move out of Nebraska?

  34. Brian T. Osborn says:

    RWP – from one carpetbagger to another (I was born in – gasp – Iowa!) – all those times I accompanied one of my Sicilian girlfriends to church (ahhh, the things a sailor will do to get laid) I always wondered why they weren’t serving cheese with the crackers and wine. Now you tell me that was abhorrent behavior. Oh well, I guess I was just born to be b-b-b-bad.

  35. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Prune the Ivy: Have you not read the 40 LeavenworthSt. com Comments? Several Posters derided Jane and Scott Kleeb as Carpetbaggers.

    I merely pointed out an Inconvenient Truth: that if the Nebraska GOP considers the Kleebs Carpetbaggers, then they must include “The Fort” in that category as he, indisputably, fits the definition of a quintessential Carpetbagger. Even Mr. Tea Partier agreed.

    This reminds me of a 2010 Town Hall meeting wherein I politely asked Rep. Fortenberry – for the second time – if, indeed, he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska straight from Washington, D.C. (His Louisiana air-brushed biography begins in 2004 and a number of distinct years are missing and this from a “federal” employee, no less).

    He did not answer; instead, he responded nicely, “You can’t help where you are born” to which an attendee near me said under her breath, “Talk about irony.”

    I knew the whisperer said that because “The Fort’s” response came around the same time that the GOP “birther” movement was big not to mention the GOP stance on illegal immigration and “The Fort’s” comments on those issues.

    So, when his own life is the subject, “The Fort” is ready and willing to use the “you can’t help where you’re born,” but when he’s following the GOP position on undocumented workers well, that’s another story.

    See, it really is the ever-escalating hypocrisy of politicians in both the Republican & Democratic Party that fair Americans object to.

    And as I recall, there was a certain young Jewish man who criticized hypocrisy way back when.

    Speaking of Farmer Joe, please keep Posting as Leavenworthst.com needs men like you who know what really counts in life.

    Oh, and thanks for the real laugh about the FRLA.

  36. Really says:

    Her jacket is that big of an issue. You are all one 20 sided die away from a D and D party. If you get that reference please crawl back to your mom’s basement.

  37. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I have a fun, radical solution to all this pipeline discussion. If, as some say, the majority of Nebraska’s citizens are opposed to this thing and (given the voices I’m hearing – many from very conservative Republican friends) I’m inclined to believe that they are, all we’ve got to do is petition to have it put on a ballot for all Nebraskans to weigh in on it. Should Nebraska’s populace decide that they don’t want this pipeline, they can then mandate the Governor to activate the National Guard and defend our sovereign soil against the foreign aggressors.

    If, on the other hand, they approve of the pipeline, I would like to see solid guarantees that the work will be done by Nebraskans, that funds are in escrow to pay for any eventual damages caused by shoddy materials or workmanship, including the costs of removal of the pipeline once it has served its purpose, and that we receive the profits promised to us in the way of taxes, etc.. The Canadians can put up British Columbia as collateral should any of these conditions fail to be met.

  38. anon says:

    You say,
    According to the U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Paragraph 176, Section (d): “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel …”

    True. That is an actual flag worn as apparel. It doesn’t say anything about adorning or decorating clothes with the image of a flag.

  39. Prune the Ivy says:

    Looking at Wikipedia at Fortenberry’s bio, he served 1 term on the City Council. 1997-2001. 4 Years. If he were a true ‘carpetbagger’ wouldn’t he have kept on running? Why not run for re-election if he’s such a political carpetbagger?

    And when Fortenberry moved to Nebraska, NE-1 was represented by a 9-term congressman who was in his mid-50’s……probably can’t deduce that this seat was gonna be open any time soon, and thus, no viable opportunity to run for the seat…..hardly a carpetbagger situation.

    After living, working, and paying taxes in the state for 7 years, it opens up and he runs.

    Kleeb grew up in Italy, from his own website ‘lived out of the back of his pickup truck’ when working on his doctoral dissertation, studied at those NE-3 ‘view sharing bastions’ of UC-Boulder and Yale, then conveniently ‘came home’ and ran in 2006 at the age of 30.

    Now, looking at the definition of ‘carpetbagger’ as this:

    1. A political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.

    ….I leave it to you. Who is the carpetbagger?

    I suppose you are also against the likes of that long-time New Yorker, Hillary Clinton? Along with another long-time New Yorker, Bobby Kennedy? Maybe that former Nebraskan and now long-time New Yorker Bob Kerrey knows about them?

  40. Ouch says:

    The ivy just got scorched. What I find funny about the Kleeb’s plottin’ down in the 3rd and shakin’ up Nebraska politics is that they thought we were a bunch of pencil-headed Cornhusker simpletons who didn’t know real, sophisticated, sleazy politics. Wrong.

  41. Anonymous says:

    It is odd that the straightest pipeline route happens to be the safest. Just pure luck I guess.
    The longer the pipe, the more places it can leak.
    This assumes there are no other variables. Better chance for a failure if sited in a wet, unstable area. even if this is in a straight line. Looking at the proposed siting, the water table in Holt county is quite high. It should be moved east, though not necessarily parallel to the existing Keystone pipeline.

  42. WRONG AGAIN! says:

    the point of the origional point has been lost in the rhetoric spewed by both sides of the aisle and the Tea Party. I hope that FFA state leadership and National leadership call her out on this in the Naitonal mainstream media. You have to earn an FFA jacket. Thus the person who gave it to her to wear, is as guility as she is for wearing it. Shame on you Jane!! Shame on you!!! The fantasic young folks who earn these jackets deserve an apology, but like her arrest in DC, it’s not going to happen.

  43. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oh no, no, no … that was the GOOD part! 😉

    Sciocchezze, quisquilie, pinzellacchere!
    Don’t like 36/10/176 (d)? Howzabout 36/10/176 (i):
    “(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever…” I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when ANY politician wraps him/herself in the flag.
    Or, perhaps 36/10/176 (j)”
    “(j) No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations…” Now I suppose you’re going to try to tell me that Mike’s Easy Rider leather jacket was part of some kind of patriotic organization’s uniform? That’s quite a stretch!

  44. Ivy Harper Supporter says:

    I’m glad Ivy Harper is here posting on this blog. Of the three Democratic Congressional candidates in 2010 she got the most votes, Tom White second, and Rebekah Davis third.

  45. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Prune: You write, “Looking at Wikipedia at Fortenberry’s bio, he served 1 term on the City Council. 1997-2001.”

    That line actually proves my point: “The Fort” barely moved to Lincoln by 1996 and yet by 1997, he is sitting on the City Council. Wow. That was quick.

    But wait! An early bio said he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1997 shortly after he received his 1996 Masters in Theology at Steubenville. So which is it. Is it possible that he moved to Lincoln and in the very same year, he was miraculously elected to the City Council. That’s the definition of more than simple Carpetbagging; that’s called “installation.”

    How does someone move to a city the size of Lincoln and WITHIN MONTHS “earn” a spot on the City Council?

    Seriously. How many would-be politicians move to one of the United States’ Capital Cities and within ONE YEAR – or less depending on which bio is accurate – “earn” a seat on the City Council.

    The GOP has to face Facts. “The Fort” is a Carpetbagger if the Kleebs are. Period.

  46. Janedoe says:

    Leftwing draft dodgers in the 60’s wore military uniforms items and medals, unearned by them, on the excuse that they were making a point. Kleeb’s point was to try to steal unearned credibility for her self and cause. She pretends to be whatever she finds useful. It’s called lying.

    This isn’t partisan or political. This is a dishonest woman attempting to present a false and unearned positive image. Kleeb would have printed off a bogus PhD in Geology for herself if she could have gotten away with it. But that would have been too obvious. By wearing a FFA jacket, she assumed she would skate by, and if some angry FAA members did notice, they’d not take her out, like Angel’s and crips do for wearing their colors, and stick a cattle prod you know where.

    People who wear military medals they didn’t earn have been sent to jail. Keep it up Jane, smarter women than you have ended up in orange. That’s “colors” you seem bent on earning. Keep it up, Kleeb, you are heading in that direction.

  47. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The thing I like about Ivy is that she has something sorely lacking in so many other Democrats that have stood at the plate and struck out. She’s still rooting for the same principles and ideals that she has always stood for, rather than slinking away from the plate and leaving the game. Her team (the NDP) did to her what it has so many others, turned their backs on her before the first pitch was tossed, then left her standing in the parking lot as the team bus drove away, cheering just because Ben Nelson got a hit, then stole a base. She’s got a backbone.
    Does Ivy have her favorite issues that she seems a bit stuck on? Yeah, but who doesn’t?
    Insofar as the issue of “carpet-bagging” is concerned, my take on it is that anyone whose ancestors weren’t living in this state before Leif Ericson beached his longboat on our continent’s eastern shores is an immigrant. We decry the loss of our educated offspring that, upon graduating from our state’s schools, leave for greener pastures; so why should we not rejoice when anyone – anyone – that has something useful to contribute to our state decides to put roots down here?
    As for Congressman Fortenberry? Heck, he won his seat on the City Council, didn’t he? He won election to Congress too. If the NDP was unable to present credible, articulate, and dedicated candidates – then give them the support they needed – whose fault is that?
    C’mon folks, this talk of “carpetbaggers” is unmitigated B.S.. Candidates present themselves for office and run on the merits they have. If the voters don’t like them, then they don’t get elected. If they’re the only ones to come out of the woodwork to put their reputations on the line for their party, then they deserve our respect for having at least tried, more than can be said for many of us. If they’re opposed in the primary and come out the winner, then they’ve earned even more of our respect, even if they are from the opposite side of the aisle.
    The only thing we should be critical of when discussing candidates are the things that they stand for, things that they have done (or not,) and for whoever it is that is bankrolling their candidacies. If they’re an incumbent, then fire away at how they have voted. If they’ve held other offices … ditto. But to put them down because they had the misfortune of not being native born Nebraskans is utter crap.

  48. RWP says:

    How does someone move to a city the size of Lincoln and WITHIN MONTHS “earn” a spot on the City Council?

    He earned it because people voted for him. Something they conspicuously chose not to do for you. Suck it up, and stop being such a sore loser.

  49. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Jane Doe,
    Good grief! We’re talking about Jane wearing her father-in-laws FFA jacket, not wrapping herself in the freakin’ Shroud of Turin. Yeah, she grew up in Florida, didn’t participate in 4-H, and probably never has driven a tractor. But you know what? That ain’t a crime. Hell, I was raised in Nebraska from the age of six (just across the river in Sioux City before that) and I didn’t know that the FFA was some kind of Skull & Bones secret society with all these obscure handshakes, arcane rituals, and phobias about their iconography and vestments.
    Bitch about what Jane is doing all you want, but to get all strung out because she was ignorant of the significance of a few scraps of corduroy is ridiculous. Actually, from what I’ve read on the subject, the jacket is not “earned,” but bought by those who become members. The pins, medals and patches that get placed on the jacket are “earned.”
    The FFA Mission states: “The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.” All this brouhaha about Jane’s fashion faux pas would seem to be in direct opposition to that stated goal.

  50. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oh, and Jane Doe, if you think anyone believes that Jane Kleeb was trying to pass herself off as an adherent of FFA by wearing a jacket that has the name “Al Kleeb” stitched into it, then they need remedial reading lessons.

  51. Brian T. Osborn says:

    God! I’m on a role tonight!
    Jane Doe, when I was in junior high school my oldest brother got out of boot camp and headed for Navy flight school as a NavCad. When he won his wings he became an officer and no longer needed his old P-coat. I grabbed it out of his seabag and proudly wore it until I outgrew it. Does that mean I was trying to “steal” unearned credibility? Do you suppose anyone seriously mistook me for member of the military? Luckily, years later, when I enlisted, the U.S.N. issued me another one that fit me.
    Look, I’m not defending what Jane did; it was a mistake on her part. But she obviously did NOT do any of what you are accusing her of. It is obvious that what she did had no significance whatsoever to her. It’s kind of like when New Mexico’s then Gov. Bill Richards showed the bottom of his shoes to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Saddam was furious, because in his country, that was a grave insult. Richardson didn’t know. Should Saddam have had Richardson shot? He could have.
    I am certain that after all this hoopla over her nefarious, diabolical conspiracy to usurp some of that old FFA magic – she will never again wear that jacket in public. I’ve gotta give her kudos for one thing, however, she goes about her business in the light of day, using her legal name, and suffering the slings and arrows of anonymous backstabbers such as yourself.
    Really, Jane Doe, please report Jane to the your local constabulary for “impersonating an FFA member.” I’d love to be there when you do. I could use the laugh.

  52. Prune the Ivy says:

    @ Ivy. Please see 9:26pm post and 9:35pm post. This will suffice for my response.

    Quit crying over spilled milk because you lost the election and the NDP is a joke in this state. Join up with them again and fear-monger the electorate by crying over spilled oil.

  53. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Ivy was merely making the point that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, not “crying over spilt milk.” Pay attention … there will be a test when this lesson is over.

  54. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Now … a word to Jane K.
    Jane, get some “boot” jeans. The pants go “over” the boots. That keeps the thistles and sand burrs from getting in them.

  55. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I forgot to excoriate Chairman Mark Fahleson for his feigned outrage.
    Geez, Mark, c’mon! You’re overacting just like NDP Chair, Vic Covalt, always does. You’re supposed to be the chief representative of one of Nebraska’s political parties, yet you allow yourself to be drawn into these manufactured arguments like a bee to honey, or a fly to …
    It is one thing to be proud of a student organization that you once belonged to; it is quite another to ascribe quasi-religious significance to it. Deeming the FFA jacket as having been imbued with “sacrosanct” qualities is behavior befitting an overindulgent shoe fetishist.
    Tell me, Mark, what kind of spiritual ceremony did you guys perform over those things when you sanctified them? Does it involve laying naked in a coffin and doing nasty things to yourself in front of those already inducted – as the members of the Skull & Bones Society is reported to do? Does it involve animal sacrifice, or the spilling of your own blood? Is Geronimo’s skull involved?
    I’ll tell you that I am one Nebraska leftist that is unimpressed by the visual, and the aural, and the olfactory, for that matter. All the smoke, mirrors and b.s. that guys like you and Vic manufacture serves only yourselves and your cronies, not the average citizen of Nebraska. That garbage occludes the minds of followers, or as I call them, sheeple. You feed them crap like this and everyone goes into a tizzy, distracted from what you guys behind the curtains are really up to. Meanwhile, our state suffers, our state’s workers suffer, and our state’s families suffer.
    Yeah, to me the truth really does matter. You should acquaint yourself with it sometime.

  56. Billy Goat says:

    Brian T. Osborn, I suppose you would spit in the face of our servicemen at the airport as they wear the United States flag on their jacket?

  57. Prune More than Just the Ivy says:

    BTO—Just about every comment she has in here she brings up the carpetbag comment on Fortenberry. Spilled milk. Fermented milk. Cottage cheese. Re-tread arguments. Basically, NDP talking points.

    El Fin.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Brian, giving Jane a lot of benefit of the doubt when you state the jacket had no significance to her. Because most adult women run around in used FFA jackets at highly charged political meetings for no good reason. Duh. She was trying to collect cred as a Sandhills native (via Scott’s family). I think RWP said it best. She is bending over backwards saying, “look at me, I really am a Nebraskan, I wear boots and a belt and an FFA jacket!” If she would stop with the theatrical dress, the shrieks of “lying” and “liar”, maybe people would cut her some slack. Really, she acts like an immature Junior High school student much of the time.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Interested: I could be wrong but my recollection of Scott’s bio from when he ran for Congress is his parents bugged Nebraska to teach in military schools around the globe so he probably doesn’t have his own FFA jacket.

  60. Just Sayin says:

    Prune: Quit obsessing on Ivy Harper. I, too, am an Ivy Harper supporter. Her campaign was so surging that they had to bring in the “big guns” (NU) and the “banning of the brave” the last few weeks of the campaign.

    And as Ivy Harper Supporter said, she still did better than White or Davis, or for that matter, Stewart and Meister.

    She does not bring up Fortenberry’s carpetbagging status because she’s crying over spilt milk. She knew the Herculean task ahead of her when she ran. She brings it up because some of you guys won’t let go of Jane Kleeb. Kleeb’s fighting for a good cause; leave her alone.

    And Brian Osborne’s comment about all this hoopla regarding an FFA jacket is right on. It is indeed a distraction. Thanks for many insightful comments, BTO.

  61. RWP says:

    Em, Billy Goat, first of all, the code does permit flag patches on uniforms. It treats servicemen and bikers differently that way. I’m OK with that.

    Second of all, BTO was in the Navy. Some left of center guys served their country in the military. Some right of center guys, and I would be one, never did. All of the evil is not concentrated on one side of the spectrum, nor all of the good on the other. It really is possible to respect a man while disagreeing with much of what he stands for.

    Conservatives should be rejecting Alinsky-style politics, not embracing them. ‘The ends justify the means’ is not a conservative maxim.

  62. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Billy and Prune,
    Do you guys even READ what others write before you comment?!!!
    Theatrics seems to work for Jane. She’s got Heineman and Fortenberry on her side. Of course, it isn’t hard to do that when a LOT of conservative, Republican, Nebraska farmers and ranchers in the Sandhills already came to the conclusion that the proposed pipeline path was a bad deal long before Jane K. did.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Just Sayin’: The “distraction” over the FFA jacket goes to the heart of what we are talking about with Jane Kleeb, a/k/a phony, liar, user, poser. She and her supporters know she violated a code of the West by her callous attitude in wearing the jacket. Once she realized her grave error, which I might point out she didn’t know was an error because she was not brought up in FFA country, then she has to dismiss it as a silly distraction and get her supporters to mimic that cry. Typical Jane. Whenever she steps in it, it’s someone else’s fault or it was just a little misunderstanding, now let’s move on. If someone else makes a misstep she is all over them like a she-banshee. That’s why it is difficult to treat Jane as just another adult in the arena because she isn’t an honest player or an adult, for that matter.

  64. Madi from California FFA says:

    Seeing all of these people standing up to this girl who has no cultural sensitivity really reminded me that within this community of people there are a plethora of members ready to help and push for whats right.

    I know this statement isn’t all that relevant but it made me warm inside despite being irritated at this girl.

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