To the Hills!

My, oh, my.

Did we strike a nerve out there, Boldies?

We put up a little post about Jane posing as a farm-girl at the Keystone XL State Department hearings, and the entire liberal political establishment in Nebraska rattled!

You always know you’ve hit something when libs start yelping, “There’s nothing to see there!  Nothing!  You hear us?  Nothing!!!  Don’t you have something better to talk about???  There are people starving in the world!

So we just sit back and chuckle.

And yes, we read Jane’s Twitters and Facebook posts about her father-in-law’s jacket, and she didn’t know the rules and blah blah blah — which we of course predicted prior.

Just one little correction:  Jane says on Facebook, “And when an older woman came up to me and explained she would prefer I not wear his coat I respectfully took it off.

Well, we ALSO know for a fact that former FFA members approached her and asked her to take it off.

And she refused.  Apparently until an old lady joined the chorus.

Never quite get the full story with Jane, do you?


And on that Twitter topic, Jane is Tweetering out to all her followers, “do NOT talk to people w/out press credentials“.

Why not Jane?

Because they will end up in a video like…THIS?

Geez Jane. They’re just speaking from the heart. What’s the problem?

(But for the life of us, we cannot figure out why Emperor Palpatine is protesting the pipeline…


But ah, loyal readers, politics in Nebraska isn’t all jackets and boots ya know.

Sometimes we have to discuss campaigns too. And the Washington Post did a pretty lengthy analysis of the GOP Primary for the U.S. Senate race, as it stands.

The gist of the article is that Jon Bruning is manuevering some bumps in the road, and is being challenged by Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer. All pretty much stuff that you know well, if you follow pols here much at all.

But a few interesting notes:

Just recently, he parted ways with his old media consultant, Bob Wickers, for a new one, Larry McCarthy. He has also brought on Brooks Kochvar, who managed now-Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) 2010 campaign, as general consultant.

We knew that, but that’s much more detail.

Bruning’s peeps, “acknowledge that it hasn’t been smooth sailing and say the candidate is leaning more on the advice of his new campaign apparatus.”

Not exactly something you want to say out loud…

Fischer supporter and former state party chairman David Kramer…

Maybe we knew that he was on her team. But there it is, officially, in black and white. (Or whatever color your Kindle now uses…)

“There’s the Jon Bruning vote and the non-Jon Bruning vote,” said the source close to Bruning’s campaign.

Well, OK, we knew that last one too.

And then the point that everyone keeps making, of Deb Fischer:

Much will depend on what kind of fundraising numbers she produces in the third quarter, which ends this week.

It is an exciting time politicos! People wait years for this kind of stuff. And it is upon us.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Are y’all gonna yap about FFA jackets, AGAIN?

    The greatest concern about the pipeline should be: HOW MUCH WILL IT COST THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER? How many times will infrastructure, development and management costs be shifted to state and local resources? What of the consultant fees charged by the State Department? And what about those ever-present tax subsidies, TIF and hyped “multipliers” routinely extracted of taxpayers when “conservatives” want to build something for private gain at public expense???

    And then there’s the issue of the taking of private land…

    The planned pipeline will not be constructed through the Edwards aquifer here; I don’t know whether or not the plan is environmentally suspect; and I do need to consume more oil before I die. So I’m not arguing for or against, within the parameters of concern displayed at Leavenworth St.
    —> But I do predict this: IF the Canadians sell Americans the oil, the price tag they attach will not represent the total cost of that oil to the American taxpayer!

  2. TA,

    We just give the people what they want.
    And based on the number of hits and activity here yesterday, the people want All FFA Jackets, All The Time.

    Interesting analysis of the pipeline situation. Original, anyway.

    Enjoy your coffee.

  3. Lizzie says:


    An pipeline easement is not “taking of private land,” in the case of TransCanada. Pipelines are underground and agriculture activities continue over the top after construction. The landowner is paid for the easement and for crop loss extending out a number of years until his crops are back to the pre-pipe level.

    This apparently is different from eminent domain for a road, for instance, where the landowner forfeits their property permanently. This is also WAY different from those super-duper windmills that Bold NE and their greenie friends are always touting, which permanently alter the landscape and have an exclusion zone that is off around the windmill. (Does it strike anyone else as weird that Nat Wildlife Fed would embrace Bold NEs stance on the windmills that kill hundreds of thousands of migratory and endangered birds?)

    Windmills are noisy and dangerous, for both people and animals. When I realized how destructive windmills really are, I became convinced that the Keystone XL pipeline opponents have another agenda altogether, and that the people of Nebraska, especially our usually independent farmers and ranchers, are being PLAYED, and they are being played the fool, by out-of-state pseudo-environmentalists.

    So. What is the real agenda here?

  4. Fundraising matters says:

    I think Fischer has to beat Bruning this quarter to be legit. This is her first fundraising quarter, when you get to pick the low-hanging fruit, and his third. Give the giant pile of cash he’s sitting on, not to mention near 100% statewide name i.d., she needs a giant pile of cash to even start to close the gap, given her low statewide name i.d. The $350k or whatever Fischer’s camp is talking about doesn’t get her there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    TA is a carpet bagging Troll.

    It will be interesting to see the FEC numbers.

    The pipeline is a good thing and the bodies are not dealing with it.

    Oh and the Fire Union leadership is looking more and more thugish and crying like babies are at the CIR. Kind of fun watching them turn purple. They tried to screw the people and got spanked. It’s time for Firemen/women to throw out their leadership or face the fact they may all be replaced with people who will do the job for a lot less!

    Oh and look at how well Stenberg is doing, picking up endorsements, not embarrassing himself or the state. You know this is upsetting Jon as he fired his leadership team. It’s gotta mean something when the ” frontrunner” changes up like this…….. and still so much time left to screw up.

  6. TexasAnnie, I don’t claim to know what it’s going to cost American taxpayers, but it should probably mean a little relief for Nebraska taxpayers (and for any other state the pipeline passes through, for that matter). The increased property tax revenue will be a much needed injection of cash for several rural Nebraska counties…and probably a few Texas counties too.

  7. BTW, video is hilarious.

    I’m reminded of the South Park ‘underpants gnomes’.

    1. Sandboxes
    2. ?????
    3. Energy!!!!!!

    Oh, and for that gal who says “you can always find another job”, she must mean to imply that the 9-10% of Americans who are jobless are ALL a bunch of lazy bastards. After all, they could always find another job.

  8. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    That $50,000 sandbox the cigarette smoking fella is talking about is not the ‘sandbox’ but rather the Al Gore ‘lockbox’ he came up with for Social Security.

  9. Luke Pipelayer says:

    The Emperor is just upset I put him out of work when I blew up his Death Star. It’s tough out there for a galactic Sith overlord.

  10. Free Baby Willa says:

    Great coverage on FFA jacket and follow-up, Sweeper. Keep showing Jane for the hypocrite she is. And of the pipeline opponents who scream it’s no big deal, quit picking on Jane? Some of them probably have their own FFA jackets and know the rules but they choose to look the other way because, after all, it is Jane whom they love and adore and who’s such a great leader she sends others to get arrested on her behalf. Yep, that’s just the kind of person I would follow off a cliff. Another point of hypocrisy BN-style. Wasn’t it Jane who sent the tracker in to the State GOP Convention last year who taped Scott ? the speaker? The same tracker shortly thereafter was no longer working for BN but to say “oh watch out, don’t talk to anyone who doesn’t have press credentials” is a joke when they employ the same tactics all the time. Guess they can’t handle that the other side can learn Alinsky methods too.

  11. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    Jane may have taken off the jacket for that old woman, but apparently there must’ve been a chilly breeze for her Joe Jordan video-interview…….

  12. Luke Pipelayer says:

    I agree Baby Willa. Here’s what I don’t get. All of Jane’s defenders are saying the jacket incident is silly non-sense and we’re just picking on her. They’re missing the point, which Sweeper made very well in the story yesterday. The point is that she tries so hard to be what she is not. Think about this logically. If you’re not an FFA member why would you want to wear that ugly jacket anyway? “In honor of my father in-law” Oh please! That might be true, but also you’re kidding yourself if you think she didn’t put it on for a second purpose of appealing to Nebraskans and/or appeal to trendy counter culture types who like that sort of unique fashion. The message was clear – “I’m wearing this because I’m a homespun defender of the Nebraskan farm family and big oil is an enemy of those traditions.” Be real! No one, not even ex-members just wear their FFA jacket around when no longer a member.

    Sure let’s give Jane the benefit of the doubt and say all she wanted to do was honor her father in-law. So the best way to honor him would be to wear an FFA jacket? Ok, let’s buy that too. If that’s the case then we have to believe that FFA was a very important part of Mr. Kleeb’s life. Surely if it was such an important part of his life he would have had some reservations over giving the jacket to her to wear. If not, perhaps he just has bad memory of the protocols or assumed it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Or FFA really wasn’t that big of a deal for him. Or he had no idea that Jane would wear it on such a public stage. Whatever the case it’s only one of these things, it can’t be a combination of them all because it starts to contradict.

    FFA members have a right to be upset about it. Am I reading too far into it? Probably. But I’m also a former FFA member and feel it is important and I am justified to raise a stink over it, regardless of any bias I already have of Jane. It’s using the biggest symbol of the organization as a political prop. Unless you’re an FFA member or former member you really wouldn’t understand why it isn’t so silly. And if you’re not a member you should at least have the sense to recognize Jane’s phoniness. Yet, another example of it.

  13. @ Free Baby Willa,

    Technically, you wouldn’t be able to follow her off a cliff, because she’d lead everybody there, tell everyone to start jumping. As they’re jumping, she’d keep repeating, “I’m gonna jump…any second here…I’m gonna jump.” Just as the last one goes over the cliff, she yells to them, “On second thought, I’d better go double-check your travel arrangements!!!”

    @ Anon 11:48,

    It’s not a fashion obsession. It’s a ‘sick-and-tired-of-watching-Jane-try-to-impersonate-real-Nebraskans’ obsession. She makes a caricature of herself in an effort to convince people she’s really a Nebraskan, and the fact that folks like you apparently eat it up is an insult to ACTUAL Nebraskans.

  14. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The real issue isn’t about the sartorial predilections of Jane Kleeb, nor of the theatrics she employs to stay in front of the cameras; it is about the propriety of building a tar sands oil pipeline across part of the Ogallala Aquifer or rerouting it to another path.
    I will state again, for the sake of clarity, that I am personally undecided on this issue. As a defender of the working class, I understand labor’s support for building the pipeline. It MIGHT create a few temporary jobs in Nebraska. It MIGHT also provide SOME tax money to our state’s coffers. Having “experts” coming down on both sides of the issue doesn’t help clarify the risks for me; I need to study the issue in greater depth and arrive at my own conclusion.
    That said, all this furor over Jane K’s fashion choices is about as productive as the incessant national media attention directed to the Kardashians. Really, Sweeper, you are doing her a favor by keeping her in the public eye. It is EXACTLY what she wants, and I’m sure that she is laughing up her sleeve about all of the attention you bring to her.
    Many of my friends are, surprisingly enough, conservative Republicans. It is surprising that they would put up with a dyed-in-the-wool lefty like me. But, when you live in south-central Nebraska, you either have friends such as them, or you lead a very lonely life. I guess they find me uniquely entertaining.
    The thing is, most of them are farmers. They farm irrigated land, and water is as valuable to them as oil is. Without water, their crops don’t produce. Without oil, they can’t run their tractors, trucks, combines, etc. that they need to work the soil and transport their crops to market.
    I’ve asked many of them how they feel about this pipeline issue. I am NOT an adherent of Bold Nebraska and I have NOT tried to sway their opinions one way or the other. In fact, I asked them about it in order to sway my OWN opinion. I have been surprised at the answers I’ve been receiving. Nearly every one of them has come down on the side against running the pipeline over the currently proposed path. They aren’t against the pipeline per se; they are against the perceived potential of it contaminating their source of water.
    All that the full page ads in our local newspapers, inundation of the radio waves, and persistent pounding of their points on TV by the XL Canadians has done, so far as I can see, is to piss them off. They see the XL people as outsiders (carpetbaggers?!) coming into our state and shoving something down their throats without their concerns being taken into consideration. They see that nasty old liberal, Hillary Clinton, as being on XL’s side.
    Now these farmers, thanks to the current climate conditions in this part of the country, made more money last year, are expected to this year, and most likely will in the next few years than they ever have. They contribute to political campaigns and, as we all know … money talks! That is probably why Gov. Heineman recommends re-routing the pipeline; he knows who butters his bread.
    Right now, I’d have to say I’m leaning toward agreeing with the Governor. Personally, I’d prefer they build refineries in Alberta and transport nice, clean gasoline through their pipelines, rather than pumping the unrefined crap down here and letting us deal with the waste byproducts.
    Sorry again, Sweeper, for taking up so much of your blog. But, hey, I LIKE to write!

  15. RWP says:

    Personally, I’d prefer they build refineries in Alberta and transport nice, clean gasoline through their pipelines, rather than pumping the unrefined crap down here and letting us deal with the waste byproducts.

    This is where your instincts steer you wrong. There’s more benzene in gasoline than in raw crude. Yet millions of people inhale the vapor and even splash it on themselves practically on a weekly basis.

    Just because it looks icky doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. And conversely, benzene is a nice clear liquid, and it’s a major cause of leukemia and other blood cancers. If people really cared, as they say, about clear pure Sandhills groundwater, they wouldn’t want gas stations in Thedford or Mullen.

  16. Kortezzi says:

    If a NEW pipeline crossing 254 miles in Nebraska is such a threat to our groundwater, surely the OLD pipelines are a bigger threat, right?

    So why aren’t Jane and the Boldies demanding that all 18,000 miles of EXISTING petroleum product pipelines & 3,000 miles of other hazardous liquid pipelines in Nebraska be dug up and shut down permanently? Or at least rebuilt so they go completely “around” the aquifer, somehow?

    Wouldn’t Gov. Dave and Sen. Mike agree that it’s necessary to dig up those 21,000 miles of existing pipelines? They said we can’t risk aquifer contamination from pipeline leaks. I intend to ask them that at their upcoming town halls.

  17. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    Re) Brian T. Osborn @ 1226. Good Post. I think that there are many left-leaning Nebraskans out there who are tending to fall on the side of the Governor on this one. I do know firsthand that many agree with the Governor in recognizing that the Democratic leadership in the state is for all intents and purposes ‘silent’ on this issue. The lack of leadership by elected NDP leaders is ‘deafening.’ Take a stand and lead. Heck, at the very least, just take a stand for gosh sakes. Quit worrying about lobbying $ and re-election and future office and take a stand. I can’t believe that there isn’t an articulate Nebraska Democrat willing to get on a tv talk show and take a stand. Fox News with Megyn Kelly did an interview yesterday with a TransCanada Exec and Tony Fulton. Fulton looked good, and heck at the end of it, the exec. and Fulton both agreed and clubbed Hillary Clinton/Obama/ and the State Department. My point is Fox News probably wanted to get a pro-pipeliner vs an anti-pipeliner. They got Fulton who came out as for the pipeline and against the route—and a flippant crack at the State Department for choosing the route. Are there any Nebraska Democrat-elected leaders who can at least try to lead here? Where is Wild Bill Avery? Where are Lathrop and Nordquist? Mello? Please tell me there is someone else other than Malcolm’s Manure Methane Menace Ken Haar!!

  18. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    To RVJ: You write, ” The lack of leadership by elected NDP leaders is ‘deafening.’ Take a stand and lead.”

    The NDP cannot galvanize Democrats against the Keystone Pipeline because the Party is beholden to dogmatic unions which help bankroll Democratic campaigns. It’s the same reason that Mayor Chris Beutler, the city of Lincoln, and NU et al cannot take a proper stand on companies like Nelnet; they are beholden to them.

    The Bottom Line: Years ago, Congress was purchased by a Corporate/College Clique that fights ferociously against transformative change that threatens the two-party stranglehold on USA political power.

    Please read last Sunday’s essay in the Washington Post by Matt Miller entitled, “Why We Need a Third Party.”

    The idea that Jane Kleeb & Bold Nebraska – which we all know is Donkey-heavy – is being stymied every step of her uphill way by Democratic unions is truly sad.

    The reality that Jane Kleeb – on this critical issue – is sympatico with Governor Heineman and Senator Mike Johanns is really rich.

    Let’s face Facts: collectively, the Republican and Democratic parties have a huge interest (often unwittingly but mostly pretty darn wittingly) in maintaining the Failed Status Quo. Together, both parties have created what I call the United States of a Mess that we’re in. (See Florida columnist Charlie Reese’s Essay on the 535 Members of Congress who are responsible for today’s woes).

    Also Google Barry & Nora Toiv; Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Tom Daschle, Billy Tauzin, and the hundreds of other GOP former Washington, D.C. “power” players who’ve sold their soul for a second home somewhere in the entrenched East Coast of entitlement. Of course, this wholescale soul-selling happens at the statewide level, too, as is evidenced by the shameless back story of Texas Rick Perrey.

    Btw, I second your notion about BTO’s 12:26 p.m. Post.

  19. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no chemist, so I’ll defer to your area of expertise on the issue of what’s being pumped through all the pipelines that crisscross our state. Please satisfy my curiosity – what would be the least dangerous, least corrosive, least potentially polluting, and possibly most economically viable oil derivative product to transport via pipeline? Could the tar sands undergo some kind of preliminary processing that would render them less harmful?

  20. Just Sayin says:

    Brian T. Osborne: One of the best comments yet was made in your post. The real carpetbagger is TransCanada and their dirty oil pipeline.

  21. Commenter says:

    So I just watched a video with Senator Fulton on Megyn Kelly and he says it was the State Department that chose the route. And the Transcanda guy agreed with him. So why aren’t the environmentalists yelling and screaming at Hillary Clinton and Obama? Better yet, why aren’t the Republicans yelling and screaming at Clinton and Obama!

  22. RWP says:

    Dammit, it just dumped my comment. Let me try again.

    I frankly don’t think dilbit is that bad. It contains more bitumen and less light naphtha then regular crude, and has a somewhat higher acid fraction, but those acids are mostly weak organic acids – the sort you get in compost – and sulfate. And, of course, we pour bitumen over most of the paved roads in the state, including those over our sacred aquifer, and nobody says boo.

    How do you make gasoline and oil products in general safer? Short answer: very very expensively. Benzene is a result of cracking the crude oil, and it raises the octane number. The EPA recently forced US refiners to lower the percentage of benzene in gasoline, but it’s still, as far as I know, around 1%. Benzene boils in the middle of the light naphtha fraction and is extremely difficult to separate from it by distillation. As I said most of us are pretty blasé about how we handle gasoline, and a few dozen people a year in the US probably get leukemia and die because of that.

    Because dilbit is so viscous, it has to be heated to make it pass through the pipeline. If it leaks, it will rapidly cool down, and after that, it’s going nowhere fast.

    Moreover the Platte pipeline, that flows right across the aquifer from Benkelman to Gage County, carries both dilbit and regular crude and it has done so for the last 60 years. Where are the protests?

    It’s an entirely manufactured controversy, BTO. The puppet masters from the green lobby don’t give a damn about the sandhills; they want to stop exploitation of tar sands oil. They have used talismen like our ‘sacred aquifer full of fresh pure water’ to scare ordinary Nebraskans into opposing this pipeline. I don’t buy any of it.

  23. Galilei says:

    All this talk of tar. Anybody got a bag of feathers?

    RWP offers dispassionate facts, reason, and logic. Let’s tar him first. A nice dry target that stands firm on fact and reason, tar will stick to him like glue. Of course, you cannot get tar to stick to anything that is already oily, like the lefty pols who manufacture the lie and the righty pols who use it to further their own interests.

  24. Kramer Fan says:

    Hey, if Kramer is on board with Fischer, that makes me like her even more. I’ve met a few people who know Deb and say she’s really an excellent, organized, effective person who at least so far appears to have the personal values and integrity that Bruning, well… is not impressing me with. Go Deb!

  25. RWP says:

    Deb Fischer is looking the most electable right now. Problem is, I’m getting some substantial Susan Collins/Lisa Murkowski vibe off her. She needs to convince me she’s an actual conservative, and not some sap who will go for the ‘for the children’ or ‘bipartisan harmony’ scams.

    I’m for the children. That starts with not bequeathing them a $100,000 per citizen debt.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    I would have commented sooner but I was finishing my 8 week Rex Kwan Do course.

    The guy who thinks a home can be powered with a sandbox should have some really proud parents. He apparently can dress himself and also light a cigarette without catching himself on fire. BTW, how many carbon credits does one have to buy per pack?

    Emperor Palpatine apparently is not aware that we have the technology to extract water from the sea. Or the sewer. Or the Missouri River.

    Jane Kleeb has put all her eggs in one basket. This is make or break for her. Must be nerve-wracking that your future comes down to what Hillary Clinton decides.

  27. Ask Nebraska says:

    @ RWP: You write of State Senator Fischer, “Problem is, I’m getting some substantial Susan Collins/Lisa Murkowski vibe off her.”

    Could you kindly inform Leavenworth Street readers just how you’re getting that “vibe?”

    Is it in person? On the Internet? Is it coming through to you via your computer? On the phone? How close are you to the Senator?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Perhaps you could write as specifically as you did about dilbits, bitumen, and naphtha.

    We await your sexist “wisdom” with bated breath. Not.

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Apparently you are unaware of the water wars between Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas that have been raging in the courts for years now. The Missouri doesn’t have enough water, and it doesn’t flow in the right places to help many of our farmers in this state. The sea is too far away and we’d have to build several more nuclear plants to provide the energy required to distill enough water to do the job. To do all that? Gosh! We’d have to raise taxes!
    You should take a look at Google Maps (satellite mode) and count all the pivots that exist in this state. It might amaze you. Nebraska farmers irrigate about 8.5 million acres, most of it with pivots that are supplied by underground aquifers. Around 565,000 acres are supplied with water diverted from Nebraska’s rivers and streams. There were over 90,000 active irrigation wells in operation in our state in 2007. They suck up so much water that the groundwater level has receded appreciably.
    Even Emperor Palpatine knows that producing corn and soybeans takes a lot more water than it does to slake the thirst of the folks that live in Lincoln and Omaha.

  29. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Another thing that kind of got me about the two meetings scheduled here in Nebraska, for the purpose of discussing the proposed pipeline, is that they took place smack dab in the middle of harvest. Most farmers are working their asses off right now and don’t have the time to scoot off to Lincoln or Atkinson to take part in the circus. I’m sure that a lot of them would have really liked to have been able to have their concerns heard, but they had to leave it all to the theatrics of political clowns, many of whom don’t depend on the aquifer the way they do.

  30. Lizzie says:

    Wow asknebraska, way to attack Dr. Harbison with your comment. Apparently you can’t really argue his point.

    I get what he is saying regarding Fischer and Murkowski. The last thing Nebraska needs is another RINO, what with the spate of left-leaning pseudo-environmentalists that have been spawned in fear – chief among them being Governor Dave – of the campaign of politics of personal destruction waged by the Kleebs and company.

    Really Osborn, you think guys are not coming to the hearings because they are too busy to come comment? You made your comment sound like it was intentional by the DOS. If they really believed their livelihood depended on it, they would be at the hearings in droves. The ranchers and farmers are staying home and keeping quiet because they see what Jane and her “friends” do to people who speak up in support of Keystone. Looks like someone has been able to break Nebraskans’ famous independent pioneer spirit after all.

    Do Nebraskans really not get that this whole dust up is NOT about the “tar sands?” It is about promoting the Kleebs and a leftist agenda to turn Nebraska from decidedly red to purple to blue. Massive amounts of money is being spent and has been spent in the state by and on democrat strategists to sway multi-generational dyed-in-the-wool conservatives to the lefties’ side.

    Nebraskans are being played by these powerful and well-funded out-of-state interests. Please, please never forget that Jane Kleeb entered NE as a community organizer for SEIU, the big brother of ACORN. Nebraska is simply the Kleebs’ vehicle to a brighter political future. There are a lot of people with Janie’s thrift-store boot print on their backs in NE

  31. Farmer Joe says:

    BTO – What Lizzie said. It’s way early in the season yet. Most farmers around here haven’t made the fields yet or are just getting started this week. Though it does take a lot of prep work and no doubt they are/have been busy. But no farmer or rancher who is really convicted about this issue on either side is going to be out anything if they made it to one of these meetings.

  32. Pro-life says:

    RWP: To say that Sen. Fischer is the equivalent of Murkowski or another RINO, is to insinuate that she’s not pro-life. She has a 100% voting record on the the pro-life issue in the Nebraska legislature.

    In addition to that, you should actually look at the bills that she has sponsored that reduced the taxing power of municipalities and protect land owners. Good stuff.

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Liz and Joe, since you both post by nom de plume, we have no idea where you live, if even in Nebraska. However, I live in the heart of corn and soybean territory – Phelps County – and I guarantee you that harvest is WELL underway. Driving to Lincoln or Atkinson at this time isn’t going to be a priority for farmers – harvest is. They might drive to Wisconsin for a football game, but let’s not mix politics and religion.

    As I have stated before – I am NOT an adherent of Bold Nebraska. My opinions on this matter are formed more by conversations I have had with many of my conservative, Republican, working farmer friends. (Yeah, they tolerate me, probably for comic relief.)

  34. Lizzie says:

    Hey BTO, it’s LIZZIE; Liz is my aunt.

    Your Republican farmer and rancher friends are also decieved by the Janester, I am afraid. If you want to have an educated and informed opinion, try reading that Platte Institute report, or please, just listen to Goeke. He is recognized as the foremost authority on the aquifer, all of Janes tricks aside; she can’t dethrone him, she can only threaten and try to intimidate him.

    What is up with people not wanting to know the truth? Do those ranchers and farmers not realize that the US energy future is hanging in the balance? Or do they realize it and just not care? It would be maybe another thing altogether if all those guys were not spilling ag chemicals into the aquifer and running cattle on the sandhills, but they are, and that business has been going on over 100 years. There are FAR MORE ill effects to the water supply from agriculture than oil in Nebraska, and both industries have been operating for decades.

    Just sayin…

  35. RWP says:

    More about Deb Fischer: I think we can assume all Nebraska GOP candidates will have 100% pro-life records. However, I’m a fiscal but not a social conservative, and I don’t care about the abortion issue, one way or another.

    The main issues for the Senate in the next six years will be cutting corporate income tax to make the US internationally competitive again, cleaning up the tax system, and reducing federal spending. At the state level, Fischer is on record as having said most state taxes should not be reduced, except property and inheritance taxes, and she wants to increase state spending on K-12 education, a common phenomenon among legislators who’ve spent most of the career on school boards. I’m sure cutting property taxes plays well out in her rural district, but it’s the income tax that hurts Nebraska’s competitiveness. I’d far rather cut it, and let school districts fund the schools to the extent they want, within of course the limitations of the cap.

    She’s also the prime mover behind an effort to earmark more state revenues for roads.

    I’m not writing her off for any of this; a state legislator primarily represents her district, not the state. However, the unwillingness to countenance reductions in income taxes, sales tax or any other tax besides property and inheritance worries me. And IMO the biggest slam dunk for spending cuts is eliminating the Department of Education. With Fischer’s top-down attitude toward education funding, will she go to Washington and vote for that?

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:


    My farmer friends were talking about this long before it became the cause célèbre of Jane Kleeb. They don’t spend much of their time perusing the blogs, tweets and press releases of anyone political, be they elected officials or self-made media darlings.

    I DO want to have an educated and informed opinion; that is why I’m reading all the propaganda produced by all sides of the issue. Personally, I find that there is a lot of bovine byproduct being produced in Canada and exported to Nebraska and a lot of bullshit (that’s what we call it here) being manufactured locally by Bold Nebraska. We have no saints involved in all this, it would seem.

    I return your question about truthiness to you with a backhanded lob – do you REALLY believe the crap about THIS pipeline being essential to our national security? I’ll admit, we’re on the horns of a dilemma, buy we’re not facing Armageddon just yet. The oil proponents exaggerate that we can’t live without it, while the environmentalists inflate the truth in the opposite direction by claiming it will be the end of life as we know it.

    As for all the chemicals that the agricultural and ranching industries have allowed to seep into the aquifer, I can’t argue with you on that one. I guess the alternative is that we all stop eating. I’m not read to do that just yet.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The real skunk in all of this is the Nebraska Defense!!!!!! They need to hand out Pink shirts, and put the “magic” man back on the bench. What a sorry performance . It looked like Jane Kleeb and Cosgrove coached the team. I mean really??????

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