When you smell a skunk, think of Ben

In a new ad entitled, “Skunk“, Senator Ben Nelson’s ad people put his name and image next to the word, “Skunk.”
See it here:

In the spot, Nelson claims that as Governor, he balanced eight budgets (uh, which was mandated by the State Constitution), cut taxes and left the state with a surplus.

Which would be awesome for him to recount…if he were running for re-election to the Governor’s office and it was 1998.

But the reality of Senator Nelson is that as Senator he…

  • has never balanced a budget,
  • voted in favor of higher taxes at least 80 times,
  • voted to increase the national debt by over $9 trillion, annnnnd
  • was the deciding vote on ObamaCare which cut $500 billion from Medicare.

But you know, otherwise great commercial featuring, “Ben Nelson: Skunk”.


Here is the really interesting part about the ever ubiquitous Nelson spots:
Why the heck is he bombarding Nebraskans with them over a year before the election?

Well, as we have discussed before, many still believe that Nelson has not made up his mind on whether or not to run.

These spots — paid for by the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and funneled through the Nebraska Democrats — are likely a way for Nelson to try to booster his ever flagging poll numbers in the state.

Some think that if these ads running over and over and over can’t give Ben’s polling a lift…he will drop out.

So think of Senator Nelson the next time you smell a skunk in the road.

Ahh. Good times.


The Platte Institute put together a nice run-down blasting 13 Myths of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

Here is the only problem with their synopsis:

  • It doesn’t rhyme at all.
  • There are no accompanying caricatures of talking birds, turtles or deer.
  • It’s in black and white.
  • Dude, don’t you know that 13 is, like, an unlucky number? Do you really expect me to read that unlucky report dude?
  • It doesn’t use the words “precious”, “sacred” or “big oil”.
  • Again, very little rhyming.

To paraphrase Emperor Joseph in Amadeus: Too many facts.


Speaking of “Hey Dudes”, a reader pointed out that the video of the Anti-Pipeliners has been a big hit over at Breitbart.com

Always fun to see Nebraskans in the news.


And you thought you’d never scowl at a cheesehead?
Thought those Lavern & Shirley types from Milwaukee and surrounding parts were OK?
Well look what they’re selling in Madison this week:

Are Husker fans going to take that sitting down?
We’re going to head on over to Amazon.com and buy us some Husker stuff!
(Not where you thought we were going, huh?)
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  1. Lizzie says:

    Good morning, Sweeps! Thanks for making the effort every day; this is becoming my first stop. Hope you have a fantastic day.

    Wow. Amazingly bad ad for Benji there. Ummm, duh?

  2. LL Fool J says:

    “Eeny meeny miny mo, catch Bucky the Badger by his toe / If he holla, don’t set him free / Give that boy some plastic surgery.” – Lyrics courtesy of Councilman Thompson

  3. Kortezzi says:

    Nelson’s lazy left eye looks sicker by the day. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot look cheerful anymore.

    Sweeper, I get your point about the Democrat party orgs running ads for Nelson. But Nelson is appearing in the ads himself, so clearly he is part of the effort. Your theory about “testing the waters” by watching his polls move in response to these ads makes some sense. But I give more weight to the fact he’s participating in the ads personally – – he is going to run.

    As far as Wisconsin goes, what’s up with this “wear black” thing by Husker fans? I get the point about wanting to show how NU fans travel in large numbers. But why concede ownership of the color RED to Wisconsin? Will we do the same thing when we go to Ohio State or Indiana next year? Will the Badgers wear all black or all white to Lincoln next year? Not sure this has been thought through. NU is an 8 point underdog in this game, so if we win, Badger fans will be awfully upset. Enough to trash their own state capitol building again? We’ll see…

  4. I think the purpose of the whole ‘wear black’ thing is not to impress TV audiences or announcers, but to serve as a way to distinguish themselves in what will be a sea of red, and give a reminder to the players that their fans will follow them to the end of the Earth.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    When you smell a rotting raccoon carcass, think of Jon Bruning! 😉
    Jon will never stop campaigning for the next higher office until he manages to dethrone both God and Satan.

  6. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    Doug Schoen yesterday on Fox News said there are 3 guaranteed locks for Republican Senate pick-ups in 2012……1) North Dakota 2) Virginia 3) Nebraska.

    EBN will not go out a loser……well, at least in an election. He’ll run for cover and drop out by the end of the year. It will be hard to get his positives up by the end of the year, considering his Cornhusker Kickback vote came in December…..the GOP should make note of this anniversary and hammer him with ads in December to keep his negatives up.

    Question is, who will the Democrats run? Robak, Lathrop, Fahey, or Beutler?

  7. Oh Mander says:

    I don’t know, it sure looks like he is running. Maybe he is trying to boost his “Under 30” numbers. Kids these days love the skunk. Can’t get enough of it. The skunkier the better.

  8. RWP says:

    Beutler just raised the city’s portion of the property tax by 10%, and has gone on a mini-spending spree. Seems like every road in Lincoln is dug up. Not good if you want to be a Senator whose job 1 will be slashing spending. He’s also vulnerable on the charge of cronyism.

  9. Stenberg's troubles says:

    Wow, the OWH really de-pantsed Stenberg today. Unlimited spending on outside counsel? Yikes. Looks like the Don isn’t quite the budget hawk he claims to be.

  10. Out West says:

    A more objective look at the OWH piece by anyone not on Bruning’s band wagon would lead them to believe that Stenberg and Bruning both are targets. There’s enough mud there to make both of them look bad. If there is a winner coming out of that article it’s Deb Fischer, and she wasn’t mentioned at all.

  11. Rappin Franklin says:

    We are the Omaha’s Negotiatin’ Crew
    Negotiatin’ on down, doin’ it for you.
    We’re so bad we know we’re good.
    Blowin’ your mind like we knew we would.
    You know we’re just struttin’ for fun
    Struttin’ our stuff for everyone.
    We’re not here to start no trouble.
    We’re just here to do the Fire Contract Shuffle.
    (Jean Stothert)
    Well, they call me Mean Jean,
    And I like to dance.
    Passin’ these ordinances is like makin’ romance.
    We’ve had the goal since election day
    To give Omaha Figherfighters less pay.
    And we’re not doin’ this
    Because we’re greedy.
    The Council are doin’ it to feed the needy.
    We didn’t come here to look for trouble,
    We just came here to do
    The Fire Contract Shuffle.
    (Chris Jerram)
    This is Satellite tax Jerram, and I’m world class.
    Just because I’m an attorney, doesn’t mean I’m an Ass.
    I argue all day and argue all night,
    I got to get ready for the Contract fight.
    Now I’m as smooth as a chocolate swirl,
    I dance a little funky, so watch me girl.
    There’s not one here that argues like me,
    My Fire Contract Shuffle will set you free.
    (Pete Festerson)
    I’m Neutral Pete I stop’em cold.
    Part of my defense, is delay and hold,
    I’ve been jammin’ for quite a while,
    i’m known for sittin on the fence and settin’ the style,
    Give me a chance, I’ll rock you good,
    Nobody messin’ in my Dundee neighborhood.
    I didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble,
    I just came to do The Fire Contract Shuffle
    (Repeat Chorus)

  12. Kortezzi says:

    To Reginald Vel Johnson:

    Funny you should suggest Mike Fahey as a possibly Democrat replacement for Ben Nelson in the 2012 Senate race. I spotted his $62,000 supercharged black Jaguar XF outside the Paxton this morning, where Sen. Mike Johanns has a condo, and the car was still there at lunchtime.

    Fahey’s Jag had a bright orange parking ticket on the windshield, which must be a mistake – – surely nobody in the Omaha Police Dept would ticket Mayor Fahey after he gave them 75% pensions beginning at age 45 based on their last year of spiked income!

    I think Fahey’d be driving a less flashy car if he was planning to get back into Nebraska politics. He enjoys his time in the Ozarks too much.

  13. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Senator Ben Nelson’s “ad” is quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. Why associate oneself with a skunk. Seriously. It’s altogether atrocious, actually.

    Yet, Paul Johnson, Senator Nelson’s campaign manager, according to FEC campaign reports received somewhere in the neighborhood of $47,973.77 for just seven and a half weeks’ worth of “work” for the good Senator between April 4, 2011 and the end of May, 2011.

    That’s right, the FEC July quarterly reports show that on April 4, 2011, Paul Johnson got a check from the Nelson campaign for $13,500; later that same day, Nelson’s campaign “disbursed” three additional “disbursements” to Johnson: again, on April 4, 2011, Johnson received $686.95 for reimbursement for Travel & Subsistence; also on April 4, 2011 Paul Johnson got another “disbursement” for $1,000.82; and yet another for $4,786 dollars. On May 4, 2011, Paul Johnson got another check for $969.25 plus one for $2,013.83 plus another one for $1,450.34 (All this, despite the fact that Senator Nelson’s FEC report also shows a virtual boatload of money going to Johnson’s air fare, his lodging, his $200 dollar meals at Johnny’s Half Shell & his $146.50 lunches at Source Restaurant.

    Four weeks later, Paul Johnson received another “disbursement” for $13,500; Just 21 days later, Paul Johnson received another check for $13,500. To recap: that’s $27,000 thousand dollars in just three weeks.

    It appears from the FEC reports that Paul Johnson received nearly $55,000 in this one three-month period which means in a one-year period – at this rate of “reimbursement” and “disbursement”, Paul Johnson is on track to earn approximately $50,000 dollars more than Senator Nelson himself.

    Johnson’s deal with the Senator’s campaign is kinda like NU’s Chancellors who get their hefty salaries and then receive housing allowances, Country Clubs, expense accounts, free cars, maid & lawn service, free Husker tickets and Bowl trips. What’s their salary for? Buying second homes at Big Sandy or in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    Additionally, Senator Nelson’s campaign “disbursed” on April 18, 2011 $102,374.95 dollars to Hickman Analytics located at 2 Wisconsin Circle. For what.

    On April 2 & June 1, 2011, fund-raiser Don Schimanski received disbursements to the tune of $24,000. For what.

    When Senator Nelson doles out approximately $47, 000 to a campaign manager who lives in Louisiana – as Paul Johnson does – for approximately one month’s worth of “work,” knowing that this is more than the most Nebraskans make in one year, you know something is deeply wrong with our political system.

    The fierce and ferociously-guarded, inside-Washington way that the $6 billion-dollar Democratic & GOP campaign consultancy INDUSTRY has feathered their own nests in the entrenched East Coast of entitlement at the expense of America itself must end.

    When I think of, say, how hard the Dakota County Democrats worked on last year’s Pancake Feed, hours and hours of time, money, and effort so that they could contribute to the State Democratic Party coffers, I am sickened by the disparity.

    With a campaign manager who spends like Johnson and who (I presume) okays “Skunk” ads, something’s gotta give, Senator Nelson.

    Please give these figures some real Food for Thought.

  14. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    @ Kortezzi. Ha! That’s hilarious. I hope there aren’t any pictures of ole’ Mike with his shirt off, like the OW-H had back a couple years ago. Bad images….

    With Bank of America coming out and saying they are charging a $5.00/month fee for debit card usage due in large part to the Dodd-Frank bill, it can’t be good for him that the only member of the Nebraska delegation to vote for the bill was…………none other than………..Ben Nelson! I’m guessing this could probably fuel the negatives more……

  15. RWP says:

    RVL: just google Ben Nelson atm card. Nelson admitted last year he had never used an ATM and had never heard of ATM fees. But he said “I know about the holograms”, which he didn’t, because ‘hologram’ is Nelson’s special word for ‘bar code’.

    So the odd are that Nelson voted for this without knowing what a debit card is or what fees are charged for using it.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Wait, what? Senator Nelson was one of those irresponsible people in Washington who voted against the debt ceiling and thus caused us to lose our AAAA++++++ credit rating and pushed the economy to the brink of a double dip recession? He’s bragging about that? Who is this ad for? The Tea Party is licking its chops to vote against him and could care less what he does during his final days in the Senate. Obama and the Lefties said that anyone who voted against raising the debt ceiling was committing treason.

    Senator Nelson: Who am I? Why am I here?

  17. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I just got word that a democratically elected county chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party has just been booted off of a secret listserv that services the elected officials of the Nebraska Democratic Party. I was threatened with expulsion from this very listserv when I was still an active officer of the party, for daring to speak the truth. Within MINUTES of my stepping down as Chair of the Phelps County Dems … I was.

    Evidently the infraction this person was found guilty of was (once again) telling the truth. That has been very typical of the way that NDP Chair, Vic Covalt, has been running the party. If you don’t get in line and do as you are told, you are marginalized (if not expelled) from the party. No one is authorized to dispute the decisions made in Lincoln and they will be damned if they so much as express an opinion that is contrary to that held by the oligarchy. So much for DEMOCRACY!

    The purpose of the aforementioned listserv was to allow the NDP SCC delegates/alternates and the various county chairs a way to discuss topics of party interest between themselves. However, if you take a stance on any issue not promoted by the “leadership” of the party, you get silenced. There obviously is only one way to think, and that is as you are ordered.

    This is typical of the kind of “leadership” I found within the Nebraska Democratic Party, and is one of the major reasons I have chosen to now be (as Vince Powers always said) on the outside of the tent … pissing in.

  18. Polly Tics says:

    Wow. You’ve got unions v. environmentalists, you’ve got people airing out democrat laundry and you’ve got democrats calling out E. Ben.

    And who thought staying home on a Friday night reading local political blogs would be a bad idea?

  19. Just Sayin says:

    Thank you, Ivy Marie Harper and Brian T. Osborne for the helpful background information.

    The pancake feed Harper described in Dakota County broke my heart.

    And Osborne’s discussion of what happens when you tell the truth was equally compelling.

    The Republican party is no better, though. The party system is broken.

  20. JAH says:

    I have one question for Ben — why make Medicare an issue when you actually did vote to cut spending on Medicare by $500 million with your vote on “ObamaCare.” You are the skunk on that issue, Senator.

    Oh yeah, you have gone senile and jumped the shark at the same time. You claim to be trying to save medicare and yet cut it at the same time. That’s real smooth Mr. Good”Fake”Hair.

  21. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Just Sayin,
    You ain’t heard NOTHING yet! If you all want to REALLY get pissed off, go to a website called LEGISTORM and look up how much we taxpayers are all paying through the nose for all the STAFF that our representatives and senators keep on the payroll. I guarantee you’ll be shocked! They shovel dollars by the truckload down the pig trough in Wasington, D.C. I kind of wonder how much more money gets wasted that way right here in Nebraska at the Unicameral.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The cure for the people of Nebraska is to embrace the tea party movement and cleanse the parties of the elietists on both sides. All it would take is a few hidden cameras and voila both sides would be exposed to such an extent so as to rid themselves of the cronies.

  23. Brian T. Osborn says:

    One of things that always got me about the NDP was that the only representatives to it that are mandated by Nebraska state law are the State Convention Delegates. Although the NDP Constitution calls these representatives the party’s “supreme governing body,” once the State Convention is over, the oligarchy has no further use of all these folks that stepped up to the plate and volunteered their time and services. They are kept out of the loop insofar as what is going on in the party, and all they ever hear from the Lincoln office is exhortations to give more MONEY.

  24. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I used to go to the NDP SCC meetings with a small digital recorder. Since it is in the NDP Platform that the party supports the open meeting laws, it was legal for me to do so. It was amazing the things I came away with! In fact, part of the evidence I was willing to present to AG Bruning, when I filed a complaint with his office, about what I perceived as illegal campaign activity by Ben Nelson’s “coordinated campaign,” was recordings of incriminating statements, made publicly, by then NDP Chair, Steve Achelpohl.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    For the record, my view on how political parties should be run is this:
    Since they belong to the people that are registered members, EVERYTHING that happens within the party should be an open book to them. ALL decisions should be made democratically, and NOTHING should be done behind closed doors. All sources of funding and all expenditures should be readily accessible to anyone that choses to see how the money is being handled.
    Political parties belong to US, the average voter, NOT to the special interest groups, not to powerful executives of corporations, not to cliques of attorneys in our major cities … ALL of US! Those who run the political parties should be answerable to US. Candidates and elected officials should have NO more say in how the parties are run than any other registered member of their party.
    Political parties should serve more to shape policies and principles than merely serving as campaign offices for candidates. They should serve to provide a megaphone for explaining to others what their adherents stand for … or against. Their policies should not be dictated by their elected officials, but the elected officials should heed what their parties have democratically decided. If a candidate wants to independent from the party, then let them run as an Independent!
    SECRECY in politics is what has led us to the corrupt morass in which the parties now find themselves. Political parties should, like a good garden, grow in the pure light of day.

  26. Go BTO! says:

    I’m a Republican but appreicate it that BTO takes the time to post here and document case after case of malfeasance by the NDP. Keep it up, BTO! It is ironic that one has to go to a Republican leaning site to hear the truth about the NDP. Of course, Vile Kyle wouldn’t permit this kind of back and forth over at NNN about the NDP–they kock you off posting if they disagree w/you! But you can look there and see what little interest there is on the NNN site–over the last 13 days, Vile posted six articles and there are only 17 posts and comments. Not much of an interest I guess. On topic, I wonder if EBN packs it Jane K. runs for his seat.

  27. Just Sayin says:

    To Go BTO: I too appreciate BTO’s comments. However, it seems to me that he is saying that both parties have lost their way–that they are elitist, secretive, and will not brook disagreement.

    For starters, look at the corporate contributions to Republican candidates and office-holders. They are as guilty as the Democrats.

    To BTO: Your 10: 43 a.m. post provides a wonderful philosophical framework of what political parties should be.

  28. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The reason I post on LS is quite simply that I have found that my opinions, even though mostly contrary to Sweeper’s stances, are more welcome here than anywhere else. Also, since I know the oligarchs of the NDP monitor this website faithfully, it is the only venue available for a Democrat like me to be heard by them. I used to have access to the NDP’s secret listserv, but they did everything within their power to ensure that I was limited in what I could say there. Opinions like mine could prove to be contagious and result in a revolt, upending their power structure. Democracy, REAL democracy is a thing to be feared by the elitists.
    After Kyle Michaelis penned what has euphemistically come to be known as the “Osborn rule,” an SCC rule that allowed them to eject anyone with unauthorized opinions, I began to boycott NNN. In Kyle’s defense, I can say that, in all the time that I did post over there, he only removed one of my posts, no matter how snarky I got. Vic Covalt, on the other hand, removed the right of ALL Nebraska Democrats (the OWNERS of the NDP blog) to post their opinions on the NDP blog after I had the audacity to be critical of something that Ben Nelson had done.
    I don’t think Jane K. wants to run for higher office. I think she wants to become the Chair of the NDP, and I think that ‘could’ be a good thing. But I might be wrong. I was wrong about Vic when I supported him.

    Just Sayin,
    I haven’t any functional experience with the inner workings of the NEGOP, but yes, I have heard from others that it is run in much the same manner as the NDP. For the average American voter, democracy is but an illusion. Those behind the curtains, with their hands on the levers of power, have a big burning ball of flame with some guys face on it; he bellows over loudspeakers and distracts our attention from what is really going on. We need more Totos like me to pull away the curtain and reveal the wizards for the phonies that they are. I would suggest that EVERY legally elected delegate to the central committees of both the NDP and the NEGOP, start recording everything that takes place within their parties. Then, hold the feet of those entrusted with the representation of the voters within their parties to the fire. If you find the people of your own party betraying the principles of your party … shout about it and demonstrate the proof of what you have captured. If you find that those you have entrusted with the reins of power within your own party have broken the law … turn them in!

    When Bold Nebraska was unveiled, Steve Achelpohl was indeed on their board of directors. I emailed Jane Kleeb at the time and told her then that I could not support Bold Nebraska because of it. Besides, I’m not much of a follower.

  29. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Oh heck! I feel like throwing a little more gasoline on the flames.
    The very last Democratic meeting I ever attended was an NDP SCC meeting in Broken Bow. At that meeting, an SCC delegate from one of Lincoln’s legislative districts (delegate A) was ousted in favor of someone whose lips were permanently affixed to the gluteus maximus of the party oligarchs (delegate B.) Delegate A is, admittedly, a rabble-rouser (YAY for the rabble-rousers!) had just been elected to fill a vacant slot at the previous SCC meeting. She came to this one not even knowing that her position was going to be in jeopardy. It was announced that the oligarchy had decided that her election wasn’t done “properly,” and they then ran candidate B against her, who “surprisingly” won, no doubt thanks to a hefty turnout of her supporters, each of whom appeared to have known this was going to happen.
    Well, since I hadn’t been to the previous meeting, since I am no longer an SCC delegate (my election as an alternate for LD38 was rendered null and void by the paperwork being “lost”,) I can’t vouch for how candidate A was elected in the first place.
    What I CAN vouch for is that candidate B was ineligible to serve in the positions since she was registered to vote in a different LD. The NDP office defended her position by stating that she had “just” moved to Lincoln. The Nebraska Secretary of State’s website indicated that this was a lie. Candidate B was STILL registered in another LD. The address eventually provided as cover for Candidate B happened to coincide (very conveniently) with the address of one of the NDP Lincoln office’s employees.
    That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I will no longer support, or defend, the NDP until they throw the whole bunch of current bums out of office and replace them with trustworthy people. And I’d start by firing the current bunch of “interns” that are arbitrarily creating policies that the county chairs (those who do the most work for the party, but have absolutely no decision making authority) are expected to carry out.

  30. shrinkwrap says:

    Tyranny is rarer than excuses.

    The cry, “Tyranny! Alas, I am gagged!” is a handy excuse for when I have failed to persuade others, or I failed to navigate Robert’s Rules, or some other lack on my part. I mean, me being gagged by tyrants sounds better than me just being ignored.

    But, look around, most of what everyone says is ignorable. What are the chances that pearls of wisdom flow like water from our own yaps? Thus when we are gagged, methinks that is usually the result of us having stuck our own big foot repeatedly into our own mouth.

    When my words are ignored, I too am tempted to see tyranny gagging me. When I am part of the electorate, the elite are my tyrants. When I am part of the elected elite, the mob is turning on me. But in truth, unless I have my jaw wired shut, the only way people ever quit listening to me is by them having heard me speak until my words convince them to ignore what I say.

  31. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Silencing dissent is a nearly full time occupation of tyrants. If they can’t silence them with rules and regulations, they attempt to do so with ridicule.

  32. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The most laughable thing about “shrinkwrap’s” post is that the issues I discussed aren’t even addressed. That is a method very typically used by the NDP tyrants; they can’t argue the facts, so they attempt to deflect all the attention onto whomever is raising the issue.

    Demonizing the bearer of bad news seems to work for them in the “why can’t we all just get along” NDP. This is precisely the same way they deal with the Republican Party. They don’t stand on their party’s own principles (when constantly defending Ben Nelson’s latest mess, how can they?) – it is much easier to attack anything said or done by the opposition. They have become a regressive and reactive party, rather than the progressive and proactive party that I once thought they were. They remind me of last night’s Huskers.

    The cases I presented earlier just skim the surface of what has been, and is, going on in the Nebraska Democratic Party. I don’t know how long it happened before I became active in it back in 2006, but the decay is deeply layered.

    The NDP Communications Director, Missy Wiggily, has reported on the secret listserv that the county chair in question tendered his resignation to one of the interns in the NDP Lincoln office and was, therefore, rightfully removed from further use of it. I have been in contact with that county chair, and he EMPHATICALLY denies that he resigned. He said that if he ever did resign, it would be in writing to the Chair of the NDP, and not via telephone to some party intern. Besides, since when does the hired help have the authority to accept resignations and arbitrarily deny services to an ELECTED official in their party?

    I understand that Kyle Michaelis tried to blame the server that hosts the NDP listserv. I have dealt extensively with distributed data systems over the years, working with communications systems on a nuclear cruise missile base for Raytheon and with Memorex-Telex in the airlines industry. Such selectivity by a piece of electronic equipment only occurs with the active participation of the human element.

    Since Leavenworth Street has become the de facto legitimate place for all Nebraska Democrats (and hopefully all Nebraska Republicans, Greens, Independents, etc.) to freely discuss all things political, I invite the county chair in question, the NDP Communications Director, the NDP Executive Director, and the NDP Chair, and any other interested parties to use this venue to debate this issue. It can be considered neutral ground since the NDP listserv is evidently by invitation and excommunication at the whim of NDP interns, and not everyone can access the NDP Facebook page. But please, use your real names. Otherwise, anything you have to say on this topic is bovine byproduct.

  33. Holdrege Voter says:

    Brian Osborn, why do you care about what happens at the NDP? They’ve disowned you, go back to your other organization you’ve bragged so much about being a part of over the years, the Sicilian Mafia.

  34. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Holdrege Voter,
    Why don’t you go crawl back into, and finish licking out, that cesspool you crawled out of?

  35. Brian T. Osborn says:

    There’s another thing the NDP tyrants love to do. If their feeble attempts at minimizing your damage to their “authority” don’t work, they attempt to flank you by bringing in one of their sycophantic lackeys so that it appears they have a “consensus.” Still no refuting my claims I see – only attacks on my personal character. That is so typical of how they work.
    Again … using your REAL names … I challenge anyone in the NDP hierarchy to come here on LS and defend what they have done. The ball’s in your court.

  36. Holdrege Voter says:

    Notice how BTO doesn’t deny that he was part of the Sicilian Mafia, only that we attack his character.

    Brian please answer 2 questions

    1) Have you ever been a member of the Sicilian Mafia?
    2) Have you ever bragged to people that you were a member of the Sicilian Mafia, or that you have mafia connections?

    Hey BTO, talk about tyrants, tell everyone the story about you losing your chair spot at the Phelps County Democrats last election, where you only notified select people about the election meeting, then tried to hold a vote 10 minutes before the scheduled start time at an out-of-the-way location in the park where nobody could find you and your 3 supporters, then after the normal members found you and demanded a fair vote Harriet Larson beat you. People in your own town, people who know you the best, don’t see you fit to serve as anything, even a lame county chair. Ask Rebekah Davis about it, she was there.

  37. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Well, “Holdrege Voter,” you are either Phelps County Democratic Chair, Harriet Larson, or Howard County Democratic Chair, Marion Bahensky, because I very much doubt that Rebekah Davis would write such tripe, and you three were the only ones there besides – as you put it yourself – my hand-picked friends.

    You want the truth of the story? Well, here it is, even though you can’t handle it. As for question #1. I lived in Sicily for 12-1/2 years, I hated the Mafia for what it did and what it represented. It reminded me a lot of some political figures in this state. So, no, I was never a member (nor a supporter) of the Sicilian Mafia. I abhor what the Mafia is. Besides, any idiot knows you can’t be a “member” of the Mafia unless you are pure Sicilian. I have more in common with RWP, what with my Irish/Scottish heritage and all.

    I believe that takes care of your stupid question #2 as well.

    Now, about my “losing” the chair of the Phelps County Democrats in the last election. I published the time and place of the meeting in the Holdrege Daily Citizen (easily verifiable), as is required by law. You three women decided to set up a table for candidate Davis in another part of the park. That is due to your ignorance, not through any nefarious plan of mine. Meanwhile, all those who chose to attend the meeting did so at the time and place advertised in the media. It was in one of the three shelters in the park – none of them in an “out-of-the-way location.

    You three showed up, with surprised looks on your faces, a half hour after the meeting had been adjourned. At that time, Phelps County no longer had a county chair for the simple reason I refused to run again, and no one else wanted the job. Harriet Larsen (whose husband had been a candidate for Congress, then later, Mayor of Holdrege) said she’d be willing to assume the responsibilities, so we all decided to re-open the meeting and she was voted in, unanimously, including my vote. She has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING since, other than attend the State Convention where she was elected as an SCC delegate and has done ABSOUTELY NOTHING there either. We later had a meet-the-candidates get together with Rebekah Davis and Mike Meister at the Episcopalian Church and Harriet Larsen had NOTHING to do with it. She showed up late even for that!

    Do indeed ask Rebekah Davis about what happened there Marion. I’m sure her version of the events will be considerably different than the bullshit you are trying to spread here. Why don’t YOU brag to all the good people here on Leavenworth Street about how, as a GOOD DEMOCRAT, you crossed the picket lines as a SCAB during the 1968 New York City school teachers’ strike? Then you can tell them how you manufactured the big blow-up between me and Lisa Hannah when we were the Chair and Vice Chair of the NPD 3rd CD. Please remember, I am notorious for keeping all of my emails and arming myself with a digital recorder. I find that keeps people honest.

    Here’s a suggestion for you, Marion. Why don’t you get out of politics and allow the good people of Howard County to choose a new county chair? Have you ever published anything in the papers there about the county convention meetings? … I didn’t think so.

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