A Primary for NE-2 Dems?

We are getting word that state Senator Gwen Howard will indeed jump into the Democratic Primary for the 2nd District Congressional seat.

This is the opposite of what we heard from Joe Jordan the other day — indicating the Washington muckety-mucks were bending her against running. So it looks like Howard will disturb the Democrat coronation that Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing hoped to reign over this Spring.

And here’s the deal: Howard could win.

As a strategist recently suggested to us, turnout for the Democrat primary will likely be low — 25,000 voters or so. (You know, unless Hillary decides to Primary the President.) So 13,000 votes wins it. And there are a great many liberal, pro-choice voters that will make the trek.

Howard could argue that she gives the best contrast with Congressman Lee Terry, not Ewing.

The Democrats could actually have a primary on their paws.

Will they let it happen?


Ah, the OWH. It is so much like the box sitting in Forest Gump’s lap.

On Sunday, front page, below the fold, we saw an image of a woman slugging through some Sandhills wetlands, next to the headline: “Debating the pipeline’s risks”

So if you bothered to read, you would be expecting…a debate! Right?

Oh, no no, naive reader! You instead got a few lines from a Holt County nurse who cranked out the same, “We have to save our drinking water!” line we have heard over and over again.

And then who do we get? We get UNL Professor Emeritus, Sandhills land owner and hydrogeologist James Goeke. Who (agin) set out the facts that the Ogallala Aquifer is not an underground pool. That it is rocks and clay and cement-like. That ground water moves at maybe a foot a day.

“I’m a landowner in the Sand Hills. I don’t think anyone loves them more than I do. I would never ever give my approval or consent to something that I feel would be egregious to my interest,” he said.
“This is the epitome of ‘Not in my backyard.'”

But the OWH goes on to say,

“His stance has sparked sharp disagreements within the halls of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln…”

Oh really? Did we hear ANYONE refute ANY of what Goeke has said???


But on page two, we see another photo of our Sandhills nurse, with a cut quote talking about “sacrificing our drinking water.”

And this is what passes for a debate on the issue.

Professor Goeke, if you’re not going to rhyme and bring along some stuffed animals with you, we are not sure why you are even bothering.


An analysis by an unnamed Democrat strategist in the Huffington Post the other day on the Nebraska Senate race (amongst all the others in the country).

Strategist Person suggested that the Tea Partiers in Nebraska will drive the candidates so far to the right in the GOP Senate primary — particularly on Medicare and Social Security — that Ben Nelson will coast to a victory on “protectin’ the seniors!”

One Democratic insider also thinks Tea Party dynamics in Nebraska favor Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson, whose contest is currently ranked a toss-up. There, the GOP establishment pick, state Attorney General Jon Bruning is fending off state Treasurer Don Stenberg. Both have catered to Tea Party groups for endorsements, moving towards positions on Medicare and Social Security that Democrats think will damage both.

“Nelson is staking his whole campaign on Medicare and Social Security, as their grand protector,” the Democratic operative said.

A pseudo-interesting take, but only because the words “Tea Party” are now thrown in instead of “right wingers” when this comes up.

Any time there is a GOP primary, the Dems always come out and claim that the evangelicals, or the pro-lifers, or the flat taxers, or the Limbaugh listeners, or whatever conservative group du jour they can crack on, will drive the candidates too far right.

This isn’t a new claim, but again, putting “Tea Party” there gets the lefty media all lathered up. The thing is, in Nebraska the Tea Partiers have not really set themselves apart. Oh sure, national Tea Party groups have endorsed Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg.   But has either of them taken strangely conservative positions on issues that they didn’t already hold? Of course not.

And don’t even get us started on the fact that when Nelson voted for ObamaCare, he voted to cut over $500 billion from Medicare. This election is going to be about Nelson backing ObamaCare, and towing the Democrat line. And Nelson will be married to the President until Election Day. We will see how that union works for him.


Who’s got some FEC numbers?


  1. Science Rules says:

    If we’re going to demand the debate be based on pure science then it looks like Jane Kleeb should win this one. Ninety-eight percent of climate scientists agree that global climate change is a huge man made problem. We shouldn’t be using the tar sands oil at all.

    I don’t think you’ll get close to 98% of scientists to agree that the pipeline poses the small risk that TransCanada is trying to shove down the publics throat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh how I hope Howard wins. It will be interesting to watch the OWH deal with the mother daughter combo in the same cycle and Lib/Lib with one being a -Chicago lib at that!!!

    Science, we don’t need no stinkin science:-) oh and dinosaurs……….

  3. Lizzie says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! “Climate scientists” O X Y M O R O N! Great start to my week. Thanks Science Rules.

    …and thanks, Sweeps. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Oh, and BTW ScienceGuy, the Keystone will also be bringing good ole USA oil from the Bakken formation down to refineries in TX.

    So – if you are saying Janiepants is right, you are agreeing with her that the main concern is the pipe’s location. She says she is okay with running the oil through NE otherwise. The debate in NE has never been about the Keystone’s contents, but rather its LOCATION. Right?

    Or has it?

    See, folks. This was never about Nebraska or the aquifer. People in “theNEB” are being used by extremists with a whole other agenda. I feel very, very sorry for the ranchers and farmers who are being stirred up by fearmongers and their fact-less accusations. These hard-working Americans have been duped. What will it take to get them to listen to true facts? When the foremost expert on the aquifer – not one of “many experts” who are equal – but the recognized authority on all things aquifer geology and water, says that there is no danger of contamination of the aquifer and these people like Nurse Cindy ignore the FACTS, then there is another agenda at play.

    I wish people were curious/motivated/truth-loving/calm/smart enough to find out what that agenda is for themselves.

    It is so disheartening to watch these good people being stirred up and fear-mongered into a position that is not based in fact and is, in fact, bad for the nation. My daughter in another state back east says NE is becoming a “laughingstock” (her word, not mine) in the press. So sad.

  5. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    SAB for Gwen Howard………Bruce Villanch.

    Nelson gets the NSEA endorsement. Big shocker. I would assume if Ben runs he will not have the endorsement of the Nebraska Right to Life. Has there ever been a NE national or big-ticket state/constitutional officer pol to not get the NRTL endorsement and win election?

  6. So, ScienceRules, are you saying that the preferred strategy would be for America to continue purchasing oil from overseas, where it must be transported thousands of miles by huge, fuel-chugging oil tankers? Ah yes, that sounds much better for the environment!

  7. Kortezzi says:

    I live in Gwen Howard’s district. She is a liberal but sometimes has backed tax cuts, in between crusades against school bullying and ever more government largesse on social workers. On a personal level, she’s likeable, responsive, and very hard-working even though she’s 66.

    As with many liberal politicians, Howard is less objectionable as a state legislator than she would be as a Congressional representative. Put another NE Democrat in the House or Senate, and they’ll be swept up in the socialist tide that that party has come to represent. But here in Nebraska, they swim against the tide of conservatism that prevails in nearly all our rural areas, small towns, and a significant share of the Omaha suburbs.

    The 2012 anti-Obama environment will put the wind at Lee Terry’s back. He will beat any Democrat nominee he faces, but it will be interesting to see if John Ewing has the party backing to win a primary against an experienced and well-connected legislator/social worker like Gwen Howard. I bet she outworks Ewing and beats him, if she does indeed run.

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Put another NE Republican in the House or Senate, and they’ll be swept up in the anti-social tide that that party has come to represent.
    As all things are cyclical, I believe that the conservative wave in America has already crested and the working class folks are beginning to realize that the cozy relationship between politics and big money has worked to their own detriment. They will be seeking candidates that are going to stem the flow of all wealth into the hands of a pampered elite. They will be seeking candidates that support those who work with their hands, and will oppose those whose only “work” is shuffling paper around in order to redistribute wealth into the hands of the already wealthy. Of course, as with all things, Nebraska will be about seven years behind the rest of the country.

  9. Alfred Einstein says:

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Shelley Kiel
    Nancy Thompson
    Tom White
    Gwen Howard

    So it goes for Nebraska Democrats.

  10. RWP says:

    Actually, what ‘Science Rules’ is very cleverly doing is conflating science (anthropogenic global warming, about whose existence there is near consensus) with policy (ergo, we should not exploit new fossil fuel sources). Just because you believe that AGW is happening (and I do) does not mean that the best policy reaction to it is shutting down new sources of oil.

  11. Omaha Dem says:

    I think Gwen Howard should run. John Ewing is a horrible candidate. Has anybody looked into Mr. Ewing’s pension and how it was spiked? Gwen has always been for the working man!

  12. Anonymous says:

    RWP, really? Are you Kidding? AGW?

    Sen Howard will have a fun time in a debate, a veritable genius of public speaking (well compared to Sen Bloomfield:)

  13. Husker Jo says:

    Gwen Howard is to the left of Shelley Kiel and Jane Kleeb.
    Can she win the primary — of course!
    The Democratic base is on overdrive right now – demanding that Planned Parenthood be protected as if it was vital to our national security, organizing shutdowns of bridges, roads in major US cities as their plan to “get the rich”, turning over its leadership to the likes of George Soros and Lady Gaga.

  14. Reginald Vel Johnson says:

    Has anyone else seen the Youtube video of Herman Cain debating President Clinton about federal health care coverage in 1994? I’ve only seen a couple of clips on TV about it, but I’m pretty sure Cain is asking the question from Omaha, as it looks like Loretta Carroll from KMTV with a microphone. I suppose that would be around the time that he was with Godfather’s in Omaha.

  15. Lizzie says:

    For those who would rather ship oil from saudi arabia and venuzuela, you should know that a typical oil super-tanker holds 2 MILLION barrels or 84 MILLION GALLONS of oil.

    One well-placed terrorist or eco-terrorist missile (for the “greater good, right?) pours ALL that oil into the ocean. There is no high-density rock and sand to slow its hemorrhage; no up-gradient flow to minize its impact.

    Apparently that’s what the opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline want, because that is what we are risking by continuing to be dependent on oil from unfriendly nations across the sea. Just sayin…

  16. Dennis says:

    If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t under estimate Ben Nelson on the Social Security and Medicare issues. In 2006, Nelson hammered Ricketts over his support for privatized S.S. and won going away. This year, Bruning has already come out for the Ryan Medicare voucher plan and privatized S.S. (Interestingly enough, the Ryan plan contains those very same $500 billion in Medicare cuts that the GOP likes to complain about!) Stenberg has supported S.S. privatization since 2000. The positions that Bruning and Stenberg have taken are very unpopular outside of the hard core GOP base. If I were a Republican, I would get out more and talk to some people that don’t watch Fox News and listen to Rush.

  17. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Here’s a simple plan that might work. Sure, it doesn’t jibe with Jane K. or the Keystone Klops, but it could help. Let’s simply USE less oil. Why must the current population of the earth use up every drop of oil possible in our lifetimes? Would it really kill us to leave some of it in the ground for future generations?
    One thing that would work is by using the newer technologies that are available. There is no reason for people to fly all over the world for business meetings when they can be done via teleconferences. We don’t really have to travel to the Husker games when practically everyone owns a big screen TV now. Our forefathers lived just fine without having to drive to the store, drive to church, drive anywhere they could easily walk in fifteen minutes. If we woke, and went to bed, earlier we wouldn’t use so much electricity to light our homes. We don’t really need to heat and cool our homes to the degree that we do – sit in the shade in the summer, put on a sweater in the winter. Saving oil does not take rocket science; it only takes a willingness to do it.

  18. Dem Observer says:

    Not only can Howard win, she will win. Ewing is a terrible fundraiser, a worse speaker and completely ignorant of the issues. I heard only three people showed up for his fundraiser last week. Once the primary is over, it looks like it’s back to hawking license plates for Johnny Boy.

  19. Lizzie says:

    BTO, I have a new-found respect for you, so I am going to tread lightly.

    Do you wear glasses; use a comb or brush; toothbrush; tupperware; ziplocks; fast food plastic packages; polyester or any synthetic fabric; drive an electric car; or ride a bike, on asphalt; do you listen to CD’s; watch DVD’s; have a cell phone; laptop; MP3 player; use a pen or mechanical pencil? This is just a smattering I got from reviewing my day so far. Everything on this list is a petroleum-based product.

    That’s why the short answer is not the right answer. Even delivered as evenly as you did. TransCanada is a oil conveyance builder, not an oil company. They are doing us a service as far as I am concerned, because my entire day is surrounded by and facilitated by petroleum products. I would challenge anyone to count the number of petroleum based products involved in their day. It will be a nice reality check for y’all. After the terrible tragedy of 9/11, I DO NOT want to give my money to people who hate me, plain and simple. The majority of the terrorists who attacked us on that day were Saudi citizens. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela HATES us and says so repeatedly. They are taking our money and we are willingly giving it. We need to develop US oil and gratefully accept Canada’s generosity as they prioritize a US distribution system over others.

    Amen. Let’s all stand.

  20. Brian T. Osborn says:

    You do have some valid points there, Lizzie. But, when all of those things you listed come to me from China on big oil guzzling freighters that return to China … empty, how is that a good thing? Nearly everything that is available to me in stores anymore have “Made in China” on them. A lot of things that used to be made here in the U.S.A. are made with the same equipment that American workers once used, but are now handled by laborers in China.

    We need to not only develop and conserve our own oil, we need to ensure that we use less plastic and more recyclable materials. And, most importantly, those materials need to be made in America by American workers. True patriots keep American jobs in America. Capitalists that shipped our factories overseas should, as far as I am concerned, be shot as traitors.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

  21. Use It All says:

    Save oil for what? I’ve never understood that. If it’s a harmful substance, yet can be used for some good (fuel, and other products as Lizzie mentioned) then why not use every last drop? Leaving it in the ground does no good. I understand the logic in conservation. But there’s a difference between water and trees versus oil. I suggest in the case of oil over-consumption in the long run is actually better. The faster it’s used up the faster the marketplace will make available viable alternative sources. In a strange way it appears to me the environuts are the ones truly in love oil. “We must conserve it!” Or what? “Or else!” If there comes a day when every drop is exhausted and for some reason we still need it…fine, I was wrong, chase me out of town with pitch forks. But at that point if there’s no other viable energy source, the nuts get their wish, so they can thank me while I’m fleeing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dennis, if you were a Republican………….and if frogs had wings. What tremendous insight you have into a group you are constantly denigrating. If you were a Republican……… Your boy Nelson is TOAST. IF he really felt he had such a tremendous position on the issues he wouldn’t be mixing up Governor issues, which will open him up to Low Level Radioactive Dump Debacle, with Medicare. What a joke. Oh and he would be spending some of HIS campaign money, ah but he isn’t he’s spending yours and every other Democrats $$$. When he bows out of this faux run he will be set up to be King maker in this state for a long, long time. BTO and the rest of the D party will need to line up and kiss the ring to get anywhere. Sorry Brian I know you aren’t the type to do so and it will cost you. Vic and his ilk will slink into their newest sugar daddy, Dickey won’t last forever and his offspring won’t support like he did, and do what ever Benita want’s.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Good grief Sweeper. Are you and Lizzie going steady or what? Talk about sucking up. Yikes. Gwen Howard needs a makeover from top to bottom and that includes her politics as well as its style. Would that local Dems know how to market a great candidate they might stand a chance. Instead, we get Lee at the kiddie table for two more years. Talk about paint drying.

  24. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    One does have to wonder about a federal agency who allowed then-candidate John Edwards’ Form 3 Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports to describe approximately $2 (two) million dollars worth of God-knows-what off-kilter monetary outlays to Rielle Hunter and her Democratic co-horts as “consulting fees.”

    Seriously. What can you say about an agency that lets the National Enquirer’s reporting give you a heads up on the authenticity of candidates’ reporting forms that you, as the overarching authority, are supposed to be monitoring.

    Ergo, ever since the Edwards’ affair exposed the agency’s monumental, long-standing deficiencies, it could easily be argued that the FEC is a farce.

    Having said that, in light of Senator Ben Nelson’s July quarterly FEC report of Contributions and Disbursements (money in; money out), I called the FEC to receive a precise definition of what is considered “appropriate” with respect to a campaign’s disbursements.

    A helpful FEC Information Specialist told me that all campaign disbursements must be “necessary” campaign-related expenditures.

    On May 9, 2011, Senator Ben Nelson’s campaign “disbursed” $429.00 for College World Series tickets.

    I asked the FEC information specialist if baseball games fell under the banner of “necessary.”

    She replied verbatim, “I would be very hesitant to do that; I believe that baseball comes under the category of “entertainment” which is not considered appropriate.”

    Beyond that, she said, who got the tickets is supposed to be declared. So, inquiring minds would like to know. Who were the tickets for?

    Just curious.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Use It All,
    You are a greedy ignoramus. Future generations won’t need any of this stuff, but YOU do? I’ll tell you what, you are a waste of oxygen and should be deprived of it so that there would be more for the rest of US.

    anonymous@3:53, tell us about your incident with the three underage girls in the strip club at the Coco Bongo.

  26. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ anonymous: I have no idea what you are talking about. None. Didn’t happen.

    Do you realize that the Internet is not a complete Wild West; that it does not provide cover for defamation and libel which is what your “anonymous” charges are.

    Fair Posters write under their own names. You should do the same and since you seem to “know” about the non-existent incident, why don’t you tell me about it so I don’t have to ask SS.

    BTO – and the great majority of others reading this – understand just how outrageous it is to Post sentences such as you did under the cowardly banner of “anonymous.”

  27. RWP says:

    anonymous@3:53, tell us about your incident with the three underage girls in the strip club at the Coco Bongo.

    Sure, they were dressed as girls…

  28. RWP says:

    And, most importantly, those materials need to be made in America by American workers. True patriots keep American jobs in America. Capitalists that shipped our factories overseas should, as far as I am concerned, be shot as traitors.

    True patriots don’t strangle American industry under piles of regulatory paperwork.

    You would have to be insane to try to site a chemical manufacturing plant in the US any more. By the time OSHA and EPA got through with you, there wouldn’t be any carcass left for the trial lawyers to strip.

  29. interesting says:

    In 2007, then Vice Chancellor Wade Robinson told Ivy Harper the following in a letter.
    “I am writing to notify you that based on your recent actions directed towards faculty and staff at the university of Nebraska Omaha – you may not access any part of campus that is not open to the general public.” -10 11 News

  30. very, very interesting says:

    Could it be that the folks over at NELNET had some sway with Vice Chancellor Wade Robinson? I understand those kickbacks that NELNET was passing out were very handsome. Ms. Harper was trying undermin their plans to continue scamming students and the government, as I recall.

  31. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ very, very interesting, you are very, very right. But first, the following Post:

    Senator Ben Nelson’s July quarterly report (which covers April, May, & June, 2011) is actually a fascinating document.

    The good Senator received $910, 000.00 dollars in contributions (money in).

    His campaign office spent around $315,000.00 in disbursements (money out).

    Although the Money Coming In (MCI) is illuminating, what I find totally compelling is his Money Going Out. (MGO).

    For example, on May 25, 2011, Senator Ben Nelson’s 2012 Senate Campaign disburses $758.00 to Latona Properties up in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

    Now, since that was the beginning of Memorial week-end, I was curious as to who on Nelson’s campaign visited a resort town in New Hampshire the very same week-end as Memorial Day. Was it a “necessary” campaign meeting? A “necessary” fundraiser? Who was in attendance? How many “necessary” Nelson staffers attended? Did the Good Senator attend?

    On that same day, Nelson’s Campaign disburses $250.00 to Liberty Lane Service Company for “transportation.” Total: more than $1,000 dollars.

    This morning, I called Liberty Lane in Hampton, New Hampshire and the young woman who answered the phone said, “There is no such entity as Latona Properties.” She said “it” did not exist in May of 2011. So, of course, I am confused.

    When I asked, “Are you sure?” she said. “Yes.” She added that “Latona Associates” also “no longer exists.”

    Yet, according to Senator Ben Nelson’s July Quarterly report, someone from his campaign “disbursed” $758.00 dollars for “room rental” to Latona Properties for the 2011 Memorial Day week-end and this someone also “disbursed” $250.00 dollars to Liberty Lane Service Company for “transportation” to Hampton, New Hampshire.

    Turns out that the now-“defunct” Latona Associates is a company previously headed up by Paul M. Montrone, the former head of Fischer Scientific, who, according to a 2006 Forbes account, received approximately $66 million for five years worth of back-breaking CEO work. His company included health-care equipment.

    Montrone happens to be a big Democratic donor who was instrumental in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Montrone now heads a private “holding company” called Liberty Lane of Hampton, New Hampshire. In 2009, Montrone sold his former headquarters of Fischer Scientific – which is headquartered in Hampton, New Hampshire – to a company that now rents out rooms to the public for fun, weddings, and “high-security” political gatherings.

    Just curious…which was it?

  32. RWP says:

    Latona Associates is a private equity company, and isn’t defunct, as far as I can tell. They have the same location, as far as I can tell, as Liberty Lane, which looks like a shell corporation.

    Seriously, Ivy has something here. These are not property rental companies. They’re substantial private equity corporations. What the hell is Nelson doing shelling out campaign cash to these guys?

    Wake up, Nebraska GOP. This reeks.

  33. RWP says:

    OK here’s a theory. These guys put on some sort of major junket for Nelson, and his campaign, under Senate rules, had to reimburse them. The ‘Latona Properties’ and ‘Liberty Lane Service Company’ are dummies to throw off the FEC rubes. It’s cheap to incorporate in NH. Hampton is 50 miles from Boston, just over the state line. Back in my grad. school days, I’d ride my bike up there in an afternoon.

    So what is Ben doing for Latona Associates?

  34. RWP says:

    My theory. Latona backs mostly telecommunications and internet infrastructure, but also some biotech. Nelson was trying to get a $240 m earmark for Innovation Campus, just before earmarks shut down. So Latona sends a biotech. to IC, big kudos to Nelson for negotiating it, and in return, get sAdmin. backing for a major telecom. venture. Something like E squared.

  35. To Ivy says:

    Can you give John Ewing a call on how to run a congressional campaign on a shoestring budget. After today, his money has dried up!

  36. RWP says:

    More. From bostonfinancial.com

    “President Clinton once referred to Fred Seigel of North Hampton, president of Boston-based Beacon Capital Partners and contributor of some $86,000 during the last election cycle – as the “Energizer bunny” of political fund-raising.
    Seigel, former deputy finance director for Bill Clinton’s campaign in New England, and his business partner Man Leventhal helped raise some $3 million for the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton presidency. Both were invited to the White House to have coffee.
    Seigel laughs now when he is reminded of President Clinton’s reference to his fund-raising prowess, but he wasn’t laughing after a 1997 Wall Street Journal article alleged he was mixing business and politics too closely.
    Despite an immediate correction, the article resulted in the U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development pulling out of a major deal involving Seigel’s Energy Capital Partners that would have insulated thousands of-low-income homes. The matter was only put to rest a decade later, after Seigel won a $8.8 million damage awards judgment in a beach-of-contract lawsuit against HUD.
    (Eventually, HUD admitted liability but it contended that there was no way to assess damages since no loans had been consummated yet. In addition, there was very little precedent to award damages for any reason on a breach of a federal contract. But the court – after an elaborate analysis of how much damages should be awarded, concluded, “True, lost profits are rarely awarded against the United States. ‘Rarer however, is not the same as ‘Never.’ “) Seigel won’t comment on the matter any more, but although he has “throttled back” on political giving since then, “I still support people who I like,” he said.
    While his largest contribution ($25,000) went to the Democratic Party, his next went to Dodd’s failed presidential bid ($11,500). Seigel used to work at Latona Associates which also gave money to Dodd.
    Siegel didn’t contribute to the Obama campaign, but he still has a friend in the White House. He gave $2,300 to the campaign of U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who the president-elect recently named his White House chief of staff.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love this internet thing, why it has people working together to pull at the lose threads the Feds either are too lazy to pull or incompetent to. Either way E.Ben Nelson is going to get found out. Just like that bozo running the Justice Dept. Gun running with foreign countries will get you every time, think Iran-Contra & Ollie North! Shredders must be working overtime now………

    In other news, it is a quite a statement on the the affairs of the NDP when members are working at uncovering the rot within and Sen Howard looks to be your best Congressional Candidate. Maybe Sen Howard is just doing this to help her Chicago daughter break in to Nebraska Politics. The daughter might have won either way, but now there will be so much Howard in the air, it will be like having the stock yards back in operation.

  38. Anonymostly says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of the LJS over the next day or two to see how Don Walton can spin this investigative reporting by two commenters at LS as a positive for E. Banjoman Nelson. The lamestream media should be ashamed of themselves in general but this is yet another specific illustration of how partisan they are, especially at the soon-to-be-defunct (if there is any justice in the universe) Lincoln Urinal Star. The media hacks in this state can pour over John Bruning’s financial reports, but as for the guy who’s appearing in all those ads, they just don’t seem to have the inclination.

  39. Arthur Curry says:

    Oh snap! Joe Jordan is reporting that Don Stenberg is now against the Keystone XL pipeline route through the sandhills.

    Is there even one elected official or candidate who thinks allowing a foreign company with a terrible history of accidents to build a leaky, dangerous pipeline over the source of 80% of our drinking water is a good idea?

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, Ivy, I doubt those attacks on you about the altercation or whatever it was came from any conservatives. Isn’t it interesting how quickly those you thought were friends on the left can turn on you?

    Which reminds me of the recent dust up between the anti-pipleine enviroliberals and the pro-pipline union peeps. The reliably extreme left wing whacko nutjob cartoonist at the LJS, Neal Obermeyer, vented his cartoonist spleen at the union types who testified in favor of the pipeline. Never seen him go after a lib before. Truly, he is a first-rate a-hole.

    It’s kind of fascinating how some libs act when an issue pops up that divides them. Really illuminating.

  41. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Hey, Ivy, howzabout you and I reforming the Nebaska Democratic Party? Wouldn’t it be nice if the party that supposedly represented us … actually did?

  42. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Brian T. Osborn:

    Absolutely! We’re doing it as we speak or should I say…as we write.

    Let’s get together soon.

  43. RWP says:

    I suspect this sort of shenanigans is far commoner than most of you think.

    Incidentally, Nelson also got $8K from Beacon Capital, a real estate firm specializing in rental property in major cities, also run by Fred Seigel. Nelson’s gotten an awful lot of money from large private equity firms with no discernible interest in Nebraska. Incidentally, Liberty Lane was an item of considerable interest in the financial markets in 2008. Using Goldman Sachs, they tried to issue one of the first IPOs as a ‘blank check’ corporation. It’s pretty much what it sounds like — you give us money, we invest in acquisitions, we won’t tell you right now which ones. The IPO went nowhere. There weren’t too many blank checks being cut in 2008.

    And finally, to feed your paranoia, Thermo Fisher, the company in which a lot of these guys are maja playas, has had, since Nelson’s time as Governor, an exclusive contract to sell lab supplies to the University of Nebraska. Did I say no substantial interest? Make that one substantial interest.

  44. Brian T. Osborn says:

    This is the kind of crap that makes politics stink to high heaven. We need to expose EVERY politician that has done such stuff and provide them all with a nice 8′ x10′ time share.

  45. RWP says:


    The libertarian response to campaign finance limitations has always been full disclosure. However, that requires someone to read the FEC filings and connect the dots, which takes time; and it requires the voters to care, and I’m not sure they do.

    I think we get the government we deserve. And, following on Macdaddy’s comment on the newer thread, I don’t think we deserve very much right now.

    I’m not enthused by any of the GOP candidates either. I can accept Bruning might have been blameless re his Nelnet buds, but at the least he should know better. I like Don Stenberg, but he has an air of Harold E Stassen about him (google it, kids!). And Deb Fischer has shown no particular conservatism beyond the so-con issues.

  46. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If people put as much effort into watch-dogging their government as they do their fantasy football leagues, it could be done. Unfortunately, it appears that whatever the Kardashian sisters have been up to holds their attention with much more interest.
    One would think that those kids that grew up as nerds, playing Dungeons & Dragons for hours on end, would find digging into complicated FEC reports right up their alley. They could even compete with one another by assigning points to the outcome of their findings. If your discoveries result in the conviction of a U.S. Senator, for example, you get 1000 bonus points!

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