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We interrupt this post to feature a ridiculous helmet-haired lie, that proves there is some “there” there.

Ben Nelson in Politico responding to the complaint that Nelson’s campaign ads, featuring him and paid for by the party, are actually campaign ads, and not “issue” ads, as Nelson’s camp pleads:

Nelson said Thursday morning he was not aware of any Senate ethics complaint, but characterized the FEC complaint as purely political.

“That’s politics. That’s politics,” Nelson told POLITICO. “This is the Democratic Party putting these [ads] on and because they mention me, I’m involved. But this is not something we, our campaign, is putting on. This is just to get a headline.”

“There’s no violation here,” he added.

Mention him?

They are ads with Nelson talking to the camera.  They don’t “mention him”.  It IS him.  This is a basic campaign ad.  The only question really is, what’s the penalty for their cheating.

But this is the best he’s got?  Really?

Watch this one kiddos, because with that sort of lame defense, it is looking much much more likely that Nelson is going to get in some trouble over this.


The final day of polling by PPP says Barack Obama cannot win Nebraska.

But he could come close in NE-2, or is actually ahead in NE-1.  Yup.

Apparently Nebraskans (and not just GOP Nebraskans this time) don’t have a majority Favorable view of any of the GOP candidates, but all of them beat the President in a head-to-head matchup, statewide.

It is worth noting that they left out Herman Cain in both the Favorable and the head-to-head with Obama questions.  Yet they polled on both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.  Hmm.

And, we would note that unless we are reading it wrong, there is a not a party breakdown by district.  So it would be nice to know how many D’s, R’s and I’s were polled in each Congressional District to achieve these numbers.

And FWIW, we wonder a bit if everyone actually knows what knew District they are in.  But anyway, here are a few numbers to gawk at:

(If at some point the GOP nominee is someone other than Romney or Perry, just click on this link for Gingrich’s  or Bachmann’s or Paul’s numbers, if that helps…)

Note that “Base” is the statewide number.


Well John Ewing’s Congressional campaign is officially derailed.

Just wait until Gwen Howard starts kicking out her ads…

(evil music) “John Ewing is a scofflaw.  Even as a former cop, he ignores tickets.  And when John Ewing wants to take time off with his family, is he in Nebraska?  No.  COLORADO!”  (happy music) “Gwen Howard celebrates  in Nebraska only.  Vote for Gwen.”


Here is our only question on the Ewing matter:  If Ewing was a cop and pulled over Jim Esch for drunk driving, would Ewing have let off Esch if Jim had used the “Do you know who I am?” defense?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


My, that story disappeared from the front page quickly.

And you have to dig waaaay down to find it on their Metro News page.  Is someone trying to bury this?


Check back to Leavenworth Street on Monday for more on the John Ewing story…


We still watch with some wonder at the whole “Occupy Wall Street”.  Can we all be honest that these are people with nothing else going on and they just like to protest?  Every worthwhile commentator notes that when you walk through the crowds, there is just a menagerie or generic “protests” going on.  There is no focus.  There are no demands.

People want to compare these hippy-wannabes to the Tea Partiers, but there is a significant distinction.  If you boil down the Tea Partiers demands they are:  Leave us alone!

The OWSers basic demand is:  Gimme!

We received a few comments when we linked some OWSer’s set of demands from their website.  The critique was, Hey these aren’t everyone’s demands!  Stop lumping them all together!

And to that we say, tough luck hippies.

If we had a nickel for every time the Tea Partiers were called “racist” we would be so rich that they would change “Occupy Wall Street” to “Occupy Leavenworth Street”, and the filthy mobs would be breaking the glass at Barrett’s Barleycorn and climbing up the Bronco’s sign.

So when we say every single protester is socialist/communist putting their hand out — nay, grabbing — we are comfortable with that analysis.  Because that is the hippies’ M.O. for how to judge other “movements.”

They are basically a Grateful Dead audience waiting for the concert to break out.  Eric Cartman should throw them in the basement with a bag of Doritos and a hacky-sack and be done with it.


It is only October, but at this point the Burying Beetle is the top nominee for Politician of the Year.


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  1. Get a job says:

    Maybe if these people worked they wouldn’t have so much to protest about. And don’t give me that “there are no jobs” act. Yes there are. I see ads in grocery stores, retail stores, etc etc.It may not be the greatest, but it is a job. Even I worked at a supermarket for a brief time when I was laid off once. Better than sitting around collecting welfare and beating drums.

  2. anonymous says:

    Sweeps, regarding your statement, “Here is our only question on the Ewing matter: If Ewing was a cop and pulled over Jim Esch for drunk driving, would Ewing have let off Esch if he had used the “Do you know who I am?” defense?” Or, you could have written, “If Ewing was a copy and pulled Tysver over for drunk driving….”

  3. MacDaddy says:

    From Ben Nelson’s ads: “I’m Ben Nelson and I approve this message…”

    Anon 9:44: we were laughing at them from the beginning.

    There is a great SAB for Gwen Howard out there somewhere. Her doppelganger has been on many TV shows as a bit player. I just can’t place her.

    John Ewing illustrates the saying: “You can’t choose your family.” Sis’, you have officially been thrown under the bus. And BTW, he’s getting you socks for Christmas.

  4. Harper, Ivy Marie says:

    Unlike the majority of LS readers, I’ve actually filled out FEC Form 3 reports and here’s what I learned:

    They’re a Farce. Members of Congress – and their campaign staffs – learn this pretty darn quickly. (See the John Edwards campaign.)

    The FEC, as an agency, does not feel beholden to the American taxpayer, they’re concerned only about their bosses: Members of Congress. And frankly, they’re scared to death of doing – or saying – anything that might mean a phone call from a U.S. Senator’s office to an FEC top dog.

    The way the FEC is set up, it literally invites political campaign staffs to push the monetary envelope, to use a fairly benign euphemism.

    The way the FEC is set up, all campaigns staffs have to do when a question occurs about either a Contribution or a Disbursement in any given Quarterly Report, is Amend said “inaccurate” FEC report even if the “accurate” Amending report makes absolutely no sense when compared to the original report.

    Washington: the Way it Works.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Just to keep things on an even keel, Sweeper. Many “hippies” were instrumental in the development of the personal computer and the internet, all of which makes this blog possible. I think if you looked about 40 some years into the pasts of many of your current Republican leaders and scratched the surface, you would find a good many that were “hippies” in their day.

    Of course, this demands a very loose interpretation of what a “hippy” is or was. In most cases, those of us that were defined as “hippies” back in the day were just kids wearing long hair, possibly partaking of a bit of God’s 3rd day gift, and enjoying all that “free love” that was around back then (is it worth more when you have to pay for it?). Many of the old “hippies” went on to become very productive citizens – artists, musicians, writers, producers … bankers, investment capitalists, entrepreneurs … firemen, policemen, EMTs … veterans.

    The need to put everyone into a neat little niche with a clearly defined label on it is the lazy person’s way of viewing his/her neighbor. In reality, the recipe we are each composed of uses a variety of ingredients, spices, and (oh yes!) herbs. That’s a good thing because it makes each of us unique.

    One of the major reasons, as you have pointed out here already, that the various groups enjoy banding together, putting on weird costumes, banging drums and flashing lights is … IT IS FUN! Tea Partiers, Occupiers, Boldies, Timids, Husker fans … all act out their craziness in public because it is FUN! Besides, it beats sitting around watching what passes for television entertainment these days. And let’s not forget – sit-ins, marches, drum circles, etc. provide great opportunities to hook up with a member of the opposite sex (or same one, if that’s what turns your crank.)

    The corporate bosses don’t need to be worried about these Wall Street Occupiers eventually trading their protest signs for pitchforks and torches, all they have to do is have their congressional lackeys legalize the recreational use of marijuana, and they’ll all go home, get stoned, and forget whatever it was they were ranting about.

  6. Ladies of the SEIU says:

    Were ready to protest Jane. Tell us what bank to be at and we will jump on our Harley’s and meet you there.

  7. Lizzie says:


    Yes, I AM a Hippy. I am also a Jesus Freak, and a raw milk drinker. I also like to fish and hunt. I also drive a gas-powered auto on asphalt. I am also a Patriot and a Tea Partier from the word GO!

    What these directionless lost youth are who are part of “OWS or OWhatever street you are on right now” are not Hippies. They are not idealists, as you can tell from their non/mixed protest “messages.”

    They are there for the free meal and the attention. They are Jane Kleeb times a thousand lost souls.

    Oh, and speaking of “The Kleeber” as my daughter likes to caller her. She and her motley crew have made a embarrassing spectacle of themselves in our Nation’s Capitol today; seeking to bring to completion the absolute degradation of our National Dignity that the Obamas and their “Livin’ Large ‘Cause We’re in Charge” began.

  8. Rob says:

    I saw Lee Terry was getting a hard time from the Wisconsin delegation. He sure is working hard getting his message out on the important issues of our day.

  9. To Terry Hater Rob says:

    You must have missed the OWH article yesterday on the cybersecurity proposal that Republicans have developed–chiefly by Terry.

  10. Watching says:

    I was pretty surprised at the article on Ewing–I know him and it just sounds out of character. I think it hurts him–how badly we’ll have to see. There is just something ironic about a former police officer being cited for failing to follow a police officer’s directive. John’s explanation on why he didn’t follow-up and avoid the issuance of a bench warrant just didn’t sound legit though.

  11. Fair and Balanced says:

    Our future depends on their optimism.

    Cheer for the TeaKluxKlan and jeer at the OWS kids.

    OWS is about taking back our government from the corrupt corporate interests who have bent the system into an ongoing auction where the highest bidders get to make all the laws. Mitt Romney is wrong. Corporations ARE NOT people. It’s time that our elected representatives realize that voters deserve at least as much attention as campaign contributors.

    A casual glance at the crowds will tell you that the Tea Party is comprised of a bunch of selfish old white folks who only seem to be interested in letting the world know they’ve got theirs and the rest of us can get screwed. OWS on the other hand is comprised of young people who are worried about their future and the future of the U.S.A. A bunch of cynical old people isn’t worth giving much consideration. It seems like getting old and bitter comes naturally to many people. When our young people become cynical it’s time to worry. Our future depends on their natural optimism. Their cynicism is a sure sign that something major is wrong in society.

  12. shrinkwrap says:

    Hungover from years of being drunk with power, disappointed at suddenly being unloved at home, and reeling under the influence of excessive hair tonic, Senator Ben Nelson drove himself into a concrete legal and ethical bind, while doing double the posted FEC limit. Nelson was found staggering nearby, holding his political intestines in his hands, muttering, “There’s no violation here. Nothing to see, folks. Move along. I have this all under control.”

    It is too early to determine whether Nelson’s crash was a purposeful suicide attempt or simply a case of the dumbass.

  13. A casual glance at the crowds tells me that the OWS is comprised of a bunch of selfish young folks who only seem to be interested in letting the world know they don’t have theirs and want ours.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ivy is right. Worked on a campaign that had the candidate’s Dad and best pal giving “in kind” of their “services” then being reimbursed in cash raised–according to their FEC reports. Odd, nothing was ever done. Nobody watches and if they do, nobody does squat.

  15. RWP says:

    Following up on hippies and BTO.

    Steve Jobs was a hippie, and not a trust fund hippie either. Adopted by working class parents who never went to college, he dropped out of an artsy-fartsy private school when he realized he wasn’t getting anything out of it and his parents couldn’t afford it. He still stuck around and sat in on courses he liked, paying for his existence by returning coke bottles for the deposit.

    He loved the Whole Earth Catalog. He smoked dope. He built electronics. He dropped acid. The guy had hippie cred out the wazoo. What he wasn’t was a whiner. He read about India, so he explored India. He didn’t push buttons on a game console, he built game consoles. And eventually he found a path in life, and the path was, to borrow a phrase, incredibly amazing. He figured out how to interface silicon to an ugly bag of mostly water that we call human, so the ugly bags could use the silicon without RTFM.

    So there are hippies, and hippies.

  16. Ida Horowitz says:

    Robynn Tysver “directs” the entire state of Nebraska’s political coverage. Hmmmmm.

    She, C.D.K. and editor, AS, get to determine whether a political candidate receives Tom White/Rep. Lee Terry “Marquee Match of the Midlands”-type coverage.

    Or no coverage at all. None. Nada. Nothing. Or negative coverage. Or skewed coverage. Or incomplete coverage. Or scorched-earth coverage. Regardless of what’s actually happening on the ground.

    So, those three (ostensibly objective) “journalists” wield quite a bit of power and as it turns out, OMG, at least two of the three are really pretty partisan. Yeah, that’s what a little in-depth investigative journalism reveals.

    Given that alarming state of affairs, Nebraskans should understand that the Fourth Estate can no longer hide behind their retro spin, “We just “report” the news.” That’s simply not true anymore. In a small state like Nebraska, the OWH & the LJS remain the gatekeepers, and if the gatekeepers are unduly partisan, well, that’s Trouble, with a capital, “T” and that rhymes with “P” for Politics.

    Fair play dictates that Nebraskans need to get cracking and examine each and every incident in OWH & LJS political reporters and editors backgrounds because these days, they are “determining” and “manipulating” the news way, way more than they are “covering” it. (See Rebekah Davis & Ivy Harper’s 2010 Congressional campaigns.)

    To paraphrase the adage: “Oh, what a messed-up paper we print, when first we practice to deceive.)

  17. Hardy Haar? says:

    @RWP – So, Sen. Ken Haar, who won District 21, by a whopping 20 votes, is “bought-and-paid-for” by the Sierra Club, Labor, the NEA, etc. (10/04, 11:53am) and is married to the CEO of Planned Parenthood. Who are the groups that would support his defeat in 2012, other than TransCanada and NE Right to Life? Does the subtraction of southern Saunders County and addition of more of Lincoln to District 21 bolster or hinder his chances of re-election? How about the name recognition he has gained during the pipeline debacle?
    Others, feel free to weigh in…

  18. Ivy Marie Rose Harper says:

    OWH. Robynn Tysver, “Ewing, a retired Omaha police officer and a Democratic candidate for Congress, was issued a misdemeanor ticket in November 2009 for allegedly refusing to follow a police officer’s order after his sister was stopped by police for a broken headlight.”

    In 1996 when Alanis Morissette’s song, “Ironic” came out, our son was studying irony and I remember trying to convince him that despite the Canadian’s best song-writing intentions, “rain on a wedding day” or “a black fly in your Chardonnay” did not constitute irony. Those two happenings were unfortunate, perhaps, but not ironic.

    Nor was “good advice that you just didn’t take.” In fact, not a single line of Morissette’s song entitled “Ironic” consisted of actual irony.

    A fire house burning down; that’s ironic, I would tell him.
    A billboard about Education, paid for by a prominent Teachers Union, filled with misspellings; that’s ironic, I’d declare.

    And yes, a retired police chief having a warrant out for his arrest; that falls under the ironic banner.

    But given how much power contemporary journalists hold, I think it’s time for American citizens to demand that all journalists, political reporters, and editors submit to the exact same kind of scrutiny that political candidates undergo.

    After all, as Robynn Tysver has so brazenly shown, her “coverage” or lack thereof can make or break a candidate. Consequently, as Ida pointed out, she holds more power than a potential politician so let’s ask the good journalist to provide the public with every single detail of her professional, personal, and private life.

    What’s fair for the political goose is only fair for the journalist gander. Or something like that.

  19. Polly Tics says:

    Jeeze, can you people be more obvious in your accusations on who Street Sweeper is?

    Admit it SS, they got you. You are really Kay Orr.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Great reading.

    Lee Terry wins again.
    Ben Nelson is done.
    The pipeline is built as is.
    Ken Haar gets waxed….. the GOP picks up 4 more seats

    Life is good:-)

  21. Don Kuhns says:

    Let’s see, Leavenworth Street 119 likes on Facebook.
    Nebraska Tea Party 94 likes.
    Libertarian Party of Nebraska 755 likes.
    KFAB 2521 likes.
    Occupy Omaha 2773 likes.

    Still Laughing?

  22. Democrats Against Ivy Harper says:

    Ivy, you’re a babbling idiot, you think the Republicans will take a liking to you and vote for you if you badmouth Ben Nelson, John Ewing, and whoever else on their blog? Please, join the Republican Party for all any of us care, you can be their laughing stock instead of ours.

  23. Democrats for Ivy Harper says:

    Ivy, I may not agree with you on everything, but you add much to the debate. Corruption in government is a problem, and it’s a bi-partisan problem. I don’t care who shines a light on it. We need to expose all the crooks, The real problem is partisan sheeple who insist on supporting crooks long after they’ve been exposed.

    Ben Nelson has exposed himself as unworthy of holding public office. Jon Bruning doesn’t look any better. There are few things I agree with Deb Fischer on, but I’ll consider voting for her. I won’t be voting for either Nelson or Bruning.

    The real grass roots base of both the Tea Party and the OWS movements are people who are fed up with corruption in government and corporate influence on our system. I think there’s room to work together. We may never agree on some of the social issues, but if we don’t take our country back from the corrupt bipartisan gang that’s running it now those social issues won’t matter.

    Keep it up. We need your voice Ivy.

  24. Sick of Coash says:

    Anyone see the World Herald article this morning “Official Quizzed on Abuse”, looks like Colby Coash is throwing Heineman under the bus again. We gotta find a Tea Party candidate to oust this RINO.

  25. Not a Coash Fan says:

    Sick of Coash,

    You’re a partisan creep. Coash did nothing more than recognize that there is a problem at BSDC. That’s not “throwing Heineman under the bus,” it’s a statement of fact.

    The Governor appointed Jodi Fenner, a lawyer, to head the situation at BSDC. There’s a systemic problem at BSDC and Fenner is part of it. Part of the problem is Heineman’s habit of appointing lawyers with no knowledge of the departments they head. The bigger systemic problem is in the Governor’s office. It’s time he starts putting people in charge who are competent, and stop promoting political hacks who only serve him and not the people of Nebraska.

  26. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    I, for one, am not “sick of Coash”. I don’t see how what he said could possibly be read as “throwing the Governor under the bus.” We’re all concerned about the alleged abuse at Beatrice, as is the Governor. When such allegations come to light, it’s our job to get to the bottom of it. Some have used Beatrice as a way to attack the Governor, but Coash has not. He’s been a good Senator and a frequent ally on many, many issues. We could use more like him.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Coash is better than ANY Democrats in the legislature and a few republicans like Ashford, Adams, Harms, Cornett, Schumacher, and Campbell.

  28. More Democrats for Ivy Harper says:

    Democrats against: when you call people “babbling idiots,” it reflects on you. The people on this blog make good points; you don’t need to resort to personal attacks.

    Democrats FOR Ivy Harper: your post is measured and well-written. You’re right; Harper is challenging corruption. She was prescient about Nelnet. She has empowered us with our land grant rights. Keep writing, Ivy!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I agree that if we make good points then we do not need to resort to personal attacks. But what about those who don’t or can’t make good points? What about people who inadvertently find themselves politically welded to some pseudo-conservative nonsense based on patriotism instead of facts, or some pseudo-liberal nonsense based on hopeful tree hugging instead of facts?

    Politics often puts you into bed with stranger than strange bedfellows. Oftentimes a sensible person is deeply invested into a group, a party or project which then embraces something the person finds impossible to factually or logically justify. They must either accept it on faith or endure the nonsense as the price of membership. — What comes to mind is Nelson getting caught traveling double the posted FEC limit, and GOP Gov Heineman siding with Democrat Jane against geologists and academics toting facts, and Jane herself siding against Obama and his geologists. — If you don’t have facts to point out, you don’t have a point. But how then do you defend yourself?

    When smart people find themselves stuck on the dumb side of the issue, we’d better expect personal attacks from them because they don’t have anything else to use.

  30. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If Pres. G.W.Bush hadn’t gutted the FEC, perhaps they would actually have some power to look into allegations of campaign finance law improprieties. But, they are understaffed, underfunded, and too many of their people are entrenched into their cushy bureaucratic jobs thanks to political patronage. How can they bite the hand that feeds them?
    So, what we common citizens get from allegations, such as those brought forth against Sen. Nelson by the NEGOP, is … not so much – a wink and a nod – a day or two of kerfuffle in the Urinal Star and the Weird Harold … then it is back to business as usual.
    Until “We the People” actually start paying attention to this thing called government, doing OUR jobs as guardians of our own liberties – rather than merely going through the motions by voting for whomever spent the most money on campaign advertising, or by telling us the most convincing lies – then we will get the kind of representation we deserve. Those who get to make the rules that our lives are dictated by, and those who get to sit in judgement of us, will answer only to those who have bought and paid for them.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    So far the OWS have crapped on a police car, mounded piles of trash in a public park in NYC and won’t let sanitation workers in to clean it, spouted anti-Semitic hatred, Truther rubbish, and caused the Air and Space museum to close down early because…who knows why? Their mommies didn’t breastfeed them enough as children? The whole thing is pathetic as we see the attempts of Lefty politicians, union bosses, and the Fifth column in the media to prolong the theatrics and claim this represents America. They are every bit as delusional as the protestors.

    “Do it for the children” has been a staple of Democrat slogans for decades. Behold the children as they literally trash America and show off their lack of logical thinking and grasp of reality. How’s that working out for ya’?

  32. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I have a gut feeling (maybe because I WAS a breast-fed child) that not ALL of these Occupiers are from the left side of the political spectrum. They just MIGHT include a variety of all kinds of irritated, unemployed people that are sick and tired of the status quo.
    If I were a corporate board member, or one of their political playthings (U.S. Representatives, Senators, Governors, etc.) I think I would be VERY concerned should this rag-tag band of unfocused, irate rabble-rousers ever join forces with that OTHER rag-tag band of unfocused, irate rabble-rousers known as the Tea Party. A coalition of opportunity, focused on a common enemy – not unlike that formed by the Western Allies with the Soviet Union (strange bedfellows indeed!) to defeat the Nazis – could create a very interesting scenario.
    “Do it for Corporate America” has been a staple of Republican slogans for decades. Behold the unrestrained capitalists as they literally trash America (sending our manufacturing capabilities overseas and allowing trained workforce to wither away) and show off their lack of logical thinking and grasp of reality. How’s that working out for ya’?

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Sure they will, BTO, because their aims, demographics, and tactics are so similar. Just like the meanings of the words “literally” and “figuratively” are so similar.

  34. Just Sayin says:

    Brian T. Osborn: Your 12.05 PM post was excellent, notwithstanding Macdaddy’s ire. There are many mainstream people in OWS. And yes, they should hook up with the Tea Party. Both groups are fed up with the status quo.

    Additionally, I heard one radio commentator today (I am paraphrasing here.) say that the Tea Party was an older group trying to reclaim a better past, while OWS is a younger group trying to lay claim to some sort of future. The Tea Party blames the government; the OWS blames corporate control of the government.

    Who knows what alliances might unfold.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    The Tea Party is older people who have been paying into the government for a long time saying that the government is robbing us blind. The OWS is a bunch of young people who haven’t done jack crap with their lives, have been living off the government rather than paying into it and yet are demanding even more. It’s not a sympathetic viewpoint, just a pathetic one.

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Macdaddy, Please provide us with evidence to back up your claims. I believe you are merely spewing the crap you invent to make yourself a legend in your own mind. We’re not swallowing it.
    Good grief, maybe they could use you to sing the new Monday Night Football song. That is, until you implode from the vacuum between your ears, just as Hank Williams, Jr. did.

  37. anonymous says:

    It’s strange to hear BTO use a Nazi comparison since he himself brags about being part of an organization (mafia) that uses murder, torture, extortion, and intimidation as normal business operations.

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