Occupy Leavenworth Street!

New ad from the pro-Keystone XL pipeline folks.
See it here:

Kurt Potts – Keystone Pipeline Landowner from NEJobsAndEnergy on Vimeo.

You have to say that Mr. Potts shows some guts to put his face on a pro-pipeline ad. Why? Well, because he is very likely to get harassed by the anti-pipeline rabble. The ones who call and threaten you when you put in a Letter to the Editor. Yes, that has been going on for some time now.

Of course that is the M-O for these types of “organizers”. Take a look here and you can see the OWS protesters who plan to hassle the families of bank executives in their homes. Of course beyond the idiocy of the basis of their “protest” is just their disgusting tactics.

But these are “ends justify the means” types, so expect everything, peoples.


And while we are at it, do note that Mr. Potts in that video is speaking of the Ogallala Aquifer that he pumps from in Fordyce, Nebraska.

That would be on the present Keystone Pipeline route — not the Keystone XL.

But wait! You mean the Keystone pipe goes ALREADY goes over the Ogallala Aquifer? How could this be? We have been told how ridiculous, dangerous and outrageous that would be!

Well, it sure would be nice if the next pipeline they build takes a shorter route over fewer rivers and streams (where leaks are more likely to occur — than across hills). And with the newest, best pipe materials.

(Wait a minute…)


And as long as we are talking all things pipe, the Washington Post editors editorialized in favor of it.

But didn’t they see the “Windmills…” bumper stickers?


We have seen some Democrats come in an state that they don’t necessarily back the Occupy Wall Streeters, or that not all Dems are on their side.

And maybe that is so. But the Dem leadership certainly is.
Namely the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (That would be the group who cashed in for Jim Esch and Tom White.)

And for your viewing pleasure, be sure to catch the latest music video about the Occupiers. (You’ll enjoy this one.)

See you at the Occupy Omaha protests!

No one has been real specific on what it is we are protesting. So we will be the ones with “Bring back Twin Peaks!” sign.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Uuh, Sweeper, I note your disgust when commenting: “these are ‘ends justify the means,’ types.”
    Like it or not, teleology or purposive ethics IS a valid ethical system and as such should not be disparaged. Besides, we all have a RIGHT to protest. Right? If one wants deontology (duty ethics) one must remain true to founding principles (prima facie axioms, for example: the United States Constitution). In the instance of Wall Street corruption which has been instituted by Congressional fiat and certainly disavowed by constitutional axioms, it is seemly that one’s duty IS protest…

    I realize that ethical commentary/understanding is in short supply. But ethical theory is no less valid!

  2. Just Sayin says:

    TexasAnnie: Well said!

    Street Sweeper: You mention the “disgusting tactics” of Occupy Wall Street.

    “Disgusting tactics” were used by the banks who got away with highway robbery in 2008. “Disgusting tactics” are used by the corporations who can determine with their huge contributions a) who wins and b) how congressmen vote. “Disgusting tactics” is a mainstream press that tries to marginalize honest, dignified protest.

    Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals will be at Occupy Omaha. Ordinary Omahans in other words.

    I hope the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street can agree enough to join hands against a HUGELY corrupt status quo!

  3. Annie and JS,

    I realize that it’s early, but try reading the WHOLE thing again.

    What I refer to as “disgusting tactics” are the antics of the rabble who want to harass the families of bankers. If you think that’s “cool”, well then we know how to label you.

    The OWSers, on the other hand, if you ask the people who walk around their living conditions, well…
    Maybe their tactics aren’t disgusting, but their personal hygiene is another story.

    And thanks for (sort of) reading!

  4. Just Sayin says:

    I saw the film link this time, and maybe you’re right about disgusting tactics from some of the more extreme organizers.

    However, I stand by my statement that the original and most “disgusting tactics” have been brought to you by none other than the banks, corporations, and politicians who have had a blank check in the bankrupting of America.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just be sure to bring cameras so the protestors and their behavior can be archived for later use. Ya just gotta know some of these protesters are going to knocking on your door for a job one day. Either that or taking your tax dollars and protesting because you aren’t giving them enough to live off. You bad person you, to expect a person actually to work for their meals. So take pictures and post to Facebook etc so future generations will have a clearer record of John Kerry moments. So HR departments will know who protested them.

  6. Vernon,
    Just walk around with your laptop and it’s plenty mobile.

    Actually, the Vimeo one isn’t made for mobile (or so it says on my phone) so you’ll just have to click the link or wait until you are at a desk. The YouTube one should be fine.

    And I should add that we at Leavenworth Street love mobiles and are 1000% friendly to them. (Except those damn Fisher Price ones that run on batteries…)


  7. Benthere says:

    “The ones who call and threaten you when you put in a Letter to the Editor. Yes, that has been going on for some time now…”

    It sure has. As Governor, Ben Nelson privately called anyone and everyone who publically, in an oped letter, criticized his public actions. He would speak to them, thier spouse, thier children. He had Lt Gov Robak call thier parents. He called them from his office, from his home. He called at night under the cover of darkness. Dozens and dozens of people he called, as the weilder of his own private Army (NG) and armed police force and political operatives, he would obliquely or not-so-obliquely try to intimidate brave citizens to silence. He pissed on free speech. Now, that’s what a Governor does.

    Of course Kleeb and OWS seek to force and intimidate, coerce and smash. Its what they do. That’s what people like them do.

  8. RWP says:

    Looks like the Occupy Omaha folks aren’t actually going to occupy anything. They’re just going to march. Boooooring. If you don’t do at least a week’s occupation, you can’t get that real reek of fermenting body odor going, your drug supplier has no way to set up a secure location, and there won’t be any sleep-deprived members of the opposite (or same) sex around for a bit of quick, unhinged nooky.


    BTW, maybe Sweeper can do this great social movement a favor by posting street addresses for Warren Buffett, Dick Holland, Wallace Weitz and the rest of Omaha’s capitalistic leeches, so the 99% can march to their houses and yell and scream, the way they do in Manhattan. Tho’ Omaha’s a little more spread out….

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I wonder if the government will eventually deal with the OWS protesters in the same way that it dealt with the Haymarket Affair in 1886 or with the Bonus Army back in 1932.
    I’m sorry to see both Sweeper and RWP falling on the bandwagon by making unfounded accusations of drug use by these protesters. That is just pure propaganda and beneath them both (consider yourselves scolded.) As for the personal hygiene of said protesters, it must be said that anyone camping out in parks, public squares, etc., usually don’t have handy access to showers. Only those “protests” organized, and funded, by powerful special interest groups, or sugar-daddies, get to stay at the Hilton.
    I believe that most social revolutions throughout history were begun by the unwashed masses. They, with their pitchforks and torches, marching on the homes (castles & palaces) of their rulers were what usually effected change. If the desired changes didn’t then occur, the angry mobs got bigger, to the point where regime change occurred, often with some good, bloody entertainment.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good points Brian at 11:42AM…amazing how the bourgeosie fight so hard these days to protect the aristocracy as having a right to be an…… aristocrat. Talk about backassward.

  11. RWP says:

    I think you’re giving the OWS crowd way too much credit, BTO. Frankly, I don’t have much against drug use, but I think it, and the unsanitariness and inarticulateness of the protesters, speaks to their ultimate mental vacuity. At least ‘The rent is too damned high’ guy knew what he was against. The only unifying idea these folks seem to have is that the rich have too much darn money.

    ‘Social’ revolutions have usually ended in mass murder – c.f. the French, the Russian, the Cambodian. Perhaps you regard the Terror, the Gulag and the Killing Fields as good bloody entertainment, but I don’t. And you’re precisely the kind of guy who would piss off an American Robespierre and be first one up against the wall.

    But fortunately, i think these feckless twits will soil themselves at sound of the first gunshot. Not that you’ll be able to tell from the smell…

  12. Lizzie says:

    Geez. I hope anon at 12:19 was “sarc-on” Otherwise – Really? Word police?

    There is a HUGE disconnect going on with the OWhateverStreet, and that is that it is the LEFTISTS who have created the huge fiscal mess we are in as a nation. The mortgage lending meltdown that sent this whole crapball rolling was a creation of the Clinton administration to bring “equality” to home ownership. It was fueled by Barney Frank and his boyfriend who was head of Fannie at the time. It was a terrible failed socialist experiment with all kinds of backroom and bedroom dealings that we are still paying for now. It is pretty easy to point the finger at “Corporate Greed” and Wall Street, but their own darling President Obama is among the worst offenders when it comes to playing to the rich and his Wall Street cronies. Where to you think Timmy (“It’s my tax software;s fault”) Geitner comes from? This is why I fault the protesters, BTO, they are pointing the finger everywhere but where it belongs: the leftist/socialist democrats and their FAILED, FAILED, FAILED policies of “equality” that do more to keep the poor “in their place” than anything.

    You cannot keep dumping (my) money on the poor and expect them to magically become prosperous; it has the opposite effect, it makes them dependent and takes away initiative. Capitalism made this country great. It is why we were the most prosperous nation on earth. I hope we can be again.

    Again I say, geez.

  13. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I think it is too early to really tell just what kinds of people are migrating to these OWS events. The ones we see – the unwashed, drug addled, ignorant and inarticulate – are just the frosting on the cake. They are the ones that make for great media sound-bites because, let’s face it, they’re more entertaining. So they are the ones that show up on the evening news.
    I believe that the same has held true for the depiction of the Tea Partiers. The pissed off, average American worker, isn’t nearly as entertaining as the bozo dressed up in his $500 Revolutionary War costume, blathering some reckless, reactionary tripe. Bumper sticker one-liners are easier to fit between the commercials than logical, well deliberated thought.
    Look, we’ve both been guilty of making unfounded statements about those we disagree with, but we’re going to get nowhere so long as we continue to do so. I’m trying, not completely successfully, to be more willing to meet in the middle, rather than always just screaming my admittedly leftist viewpoints. So long as we all just spew our biases, we’ll continue to drive a wedge between us, and our real enemies will sit back, allow us to weaken ourselves as a nation, then march in for the easy pickings. I don’t want that, and I’m pretty sure that you don’t either.
    Right now the unifying force between these hordes gathering on the left and right is frustration with “the system.” Both the OWS and the Tea Party are pissed as hell, but there is no real consensus, from either side, on how best to go about changing it. They’re just acting up, like unruly children. But they will grow up – faster than we expect – and the solutions they come up with may not be the best for any of us.
    I thought you’d understand that my comment about “good, bloody entertainment” was offered with a healthy sarcastic twist. The danger of allowing those on the radical fringe to drive policy is that they generally are pretty good at destroying things, but not so good at fixing them. It will take the efforts of everyone that lies between the fringes to find some common ground. Otherwise, the wild ones on the extremities will tear through the middle to get to the throats of those on the other side. Revolutions involve everyone, whether they chose to participate or not. And, you are absolutely right, RWP, they often commit indiscriminate murder, or worse.
    I agree, to a point, about the feckless twits, be they from the left or right; many will disperse at the first sign of violence. But, the conditions are ripe for the bomb tossers, the crazy gunmen, and those with the bullhorns to incite those that are easily led to do what they might not normally be inclined to. Leaving all the issues that drive such mobs unanswered is precisely the kind of thing that makes revolutions gain ground.
    “Let them eat cake,” is no longer a viable answer.

  14. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Although I am an admitted LEFTIST, I agree with your point about dumping money on those that become addicted to welfare. I have always thought that welfare should exist for those that CAN’T work – those too young, too old, too infirm, etc. – and for those that need a TEMPORARY lift up out of the hole. My philosophy includes those farmers and ranchers in this state that receive subsidies (a.k.a. government welfare) and those corporations that receive economic incentives (a.k.a. government welfare.) If they say they are all in favor of free markets and freedom from government regulation, then allow them to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.
    Capitalism did indeed make this a great country. But in its currently unrestrained manifestation, driven more by greed than altruism, it has become a monster that feeds on the working class, rather than nourishing it. When the capitalists realize that their futures are inevitably linked to the welfare of thier workers, and they treat them as they would their own children, it is a wonderful thing. But, when all they can see is more for ME, ME, ME … they shouldn’t be surprised when the the mobs, armed with pitchforks and torches, appear on their doorsteps.
    And, Lizzie, you may be right about Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, but there is more than enough blame to go around on all sides. The Republican Party and the Conservatives are equally guilty of stirring up the mess we currently are in. It isn’t just us Liberals that got us here.

  15. Harper, Ivy Marie says:

    @ SS: Your last sentence says, “No one has been real specific on what it is we are protesting.”

    Au contraire.

    Some protesters have been quite specific. As someone against the Donkey/GOP Status Quo which is maintained by all three broken branches of government, I’ve been following OWS closely and I’ve heard several protesters declare that they’re seeking student loan justice.

    If “We the Corporations” – as a couple of OWS banners proclaimed – can bail out the Big Banking Battalions who brought America to the brink of bankruptcy, we have an obligation to help hard-working students who played by the Political/Corporate/College (PCC) “rules” and learned later that the “rules” were rigged, to echo the eminent economist and my personal hero, Paul Krugman. (See NELNET executives’ homes with stunning Spanish architecture and brick red, barrel-tile roofing in Big Sandy).

    Interesting isn’t it, that I – against scorched-earth Democratic pushback – made the unholy alliance between the entire state of Nebraska; including Nebraska politicians from both the Democratic Party & Republican party, NU, the University of Nebraska Foundation and – drum roll – NELNET a centerpiece of my 2010 Congressional Campaign.

    I campaigned on the Fact that the untoward NELNET-NEBRASKA POL-NU trinity stood as a microcosm of what was happening in the rest of America’s 49 states with respect to Big Bankers (cuz let’s not forget that predatory student loan company is just another word for banks) and Politicians and Universities.

    Everyone won – Politicians/Corporations/Colleges (the PCC) – but the student.

    to be continued.

  16. Kortezzi says:

    Ivy, you’re right that student loan forgiveness appears to be the most universal of the demands by the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors (although incoherent gibberish dominates their chants and signs).

    Too bad these protestors don’t heed the advice of Herman Cain, who advised them to march on the White House instead. Paying back student loans isn’t too difficult IF STUDENTS GRADUATE AND FIND JOBS. That isn’t happening like it used to, thanks to the Obama recession.

    Obama’s pending takeover of health insurance industry have put the brakes on any hiring by American businesses. Easier to sit on your cash and wait for a more favorable political/economic climate than take a risk that hiring people will saddle your company with huge and permanent health care expenses.

    College expenses are rising much faster than inflation, and even faster than health care costs. Let’s face it, most universities are ripping off their students by not giving them the education they are paying for – – especially if they’re studying liberal arts, instead of engineering, hard sciences or business.

    Besides marching on the White House, why don’t these protestors also redirect some of their outrage against the university administrators who are doing nothing to reverse the trend of rising tuition, and failing to steer them away from fields with terrible career prospects?

  17. Just Sayin says:

    Ivy Harper: Thank you for articulating that it was BOTH parties who, with along with the banks, brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. Herman Cain doesn’t understand “the system” if he is really blaming the White House. As BTO just said, “there’s enough blame to go around on all sides.”

    And yes, Harper, thank you for bringing up student loan justice–a specific, very genuine area of reform needed. These OWS demands would be like Senior Citizens marching to preserve Medicare. But Seniors at least have had a past. Students are looking for a future.

    Kortezzi: You’re right about some of the outrage being directed to college administrators with the escalating cost of tuition and their disingenuous promotion of degrees that don’t secure a job (though I personally believe a good liberal arts education is priceless–you just gotta know what you’re getting when you enroll, hopefully without student loans.) It’s a double whammy when you have staggering loans and can’t get a job that will pay them back.

    Still, as Harper said, it is the political/corporate/COLLEGE clique that has rigged the rules, so occupying Wall Street instead of marching on the White House or the College Administration Buildings is better. Follow the money to the corporate titans–who both get the congressmen they want elected and then tell them how to vote!

    It’s so ironic. We pay the salaries of congressmen to screw us and give themselves state-of-the-art health care and golden retirement plans for just SIX years of “service.”

  18. Bobby says:

    Thank you Lee Terry for considering Nebraskans on your new bill. I was just telling my therapist last week that more robocalls is what is missing in my life.

  19. Ivy (at 2:02),
    I don’t speak Portuguese, but if I did, I would tell you that, yes, I realize there are all sorts of different very specific demands from all the different Occupancies on Wall St. And that is the point I will be making with my “Twin Peaks” sign. That there is no organization, no specific demands by any leadership. It’s pan-protest.
    Protest EVERYTHING!
    Good luck with that.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I laugh every time I hear/read the phrase “Obama Recession”. Really? You’re going to name it after the guy that was called in to pick up the pieces? That’s like calling our full coffers in 2000 the “Bush Budget Surplus”.

  21. Harper, Ivy Marie says:

    @ Lizzie: You write, “See, the “occupiers” only hate rich conservatives and republicans.”

    First, I haven’t heard a single protester use the word ‘hate.” Not one. Nobody. So please stop the hyperbole and speak for yourself with respect to incendiary language.

    Second, all one has to do is read the news, talk to neighbors, watch a variety of broadcast stations, or listen to today’s unemployed or under-employed 20/30/40-somethings to know that Americans – across a vast political and demographic spectrum – are absolutely, completely, thoroughly fed up with BOTH the Republican and Democratic Party and that includes the Soros’ and the Koch brothers who, along with their puppets in politics, have brought us the United States of a Mess that we now live in.

    Third, if you read my Posts, you’ll see that I’ve consistently stated that the GOP & the Democrats – in indisputable collusion – are responsible for today’s economic woes from President Clinton to Alan Greenspan to 43′ to Chris Dodd to Franklin Raines to Rep. John Boehner to Jamie Gorelick to Karl Rove to the CEO’s of Sallie Mae, NELNET etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (See D.C. lawyers/lobbyists).

    The idea of a viable alternative to the “tyranny of the two-party” system, to quote Paul Krugman, is what is freaking out both the GOP & the Democrats who have benefited greatly from the Way Washington Works.

    To be even more specific with respect to the political shell game that goes on:

    Now – because it appears to serve Senator Ben Nelson’s interests – Nebraska Democrats have made NELNET “ethics” and their relationship with A.G. Jon Bruning a front-and-center issue. Come on, Mr. Rogers. Conflicts-of-interest span the state from Sidney to the Omaha suburbs.

    As someone who – long ago – connected the NELNET – NEBRASKA dots, I can assure readers that the Big Sandy brouhaha is simply the tip of the sandbar.

    The University of Nebraska Foundation received an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping 880,000 shares of NELNET stock during a period when NU had entered a three-year “partnership” with NELNET and when the predatory student loan company desperately sought the gravitas that a Land Grant University can confer plus NELNET needed student loan volume in order to “execute” their scheme.

    Then, the NU Foundation – with approximately $22-30 million dollars of NELNET “contributions” – becomes a “cheerleader” and “benefactor” for all things Lincoln including the Mayor, the Arena, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, Senator Ben Nelson and everybody but…

    The beleaguered, besieged, beaten-down American taxpayer who unwittingly paid out billions of dollars in “unwarranted,” “unearned” U.S. Department of Educations federal subsidies…

    To predatory student loan company titans – mostly from the GOP – who retired to islands in Maine and bought Big Sandies – all over the nation – that were built on the backs of loan-soaked American students.

    With the help of the country’s CEO-wanna-be Chancellors. The shame.

    Nebraska: America’s Platte RiVersailles.

    P.S. The NELNET-NU “partnership” dovetailed with the time in which I applied to a UNO MFA program only to learn that Nebraska’s PUBLIC federal/Morrill Land Grant Act University had established a Nebraska taxpayer-funded, “money-making” program that was – verbatim – created “specifically for out-of-state students.” How about that for an outrage! Not to mention my bogus ban.

  22. Lizzie says:


    Please go there and watch it. See, the “occupiers” only hate rich conservatives and republicans. The uber-rich socialists and extreme leftists like Moore, they love them and will take their support, gladly.

    Truth is dying.

    Typical leftist disingenuity and hypocrisy. Sorry BTO, but I don’t believe you are a “leftist” you are a democrat, not a socialist.

  23. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I see the NDP has a new video up on their Facebook page. It is called “Peas.” It presumes that Jon Bruning, Deb Fischer and Don Stenberg are, like “peas in a pod,” all the same.
    I wish the NDP could tell all of us what they stand FOR, rather than simple mindedly ranting about what, and whom, they stand AGAINST. I get it that Covalt and Co. believe they should support Sen. Ben Nelson; that goes with the territory. But, if they’re going to expend NDP resources on something, it should be spent educating Nebraska’s citizens about the Nebraska Democratic PARTY and what IT stands for, rather than inundating our televisions with Ben’s terribly boring, annoyingly repetitive defense of HIMSELF.
    Anyone else sick and tired of the skunk/fumble ads yet? I AM!

  24. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If the truth were to be known, Lizzie, I proudly call myself a Socialist for the simple reason I am NOT anti-social as you, and many of those that think like you, appear to be. I am a COMMUNist because I believe in – the COMMUNity that I live in, the people I COMMUNicate with, and the COMMUNal good that working together brings. None of all that means that I have any love for governments that have existed, or currently exist, that call themselves “communist.” It doesn’t mean that I accept wholeheartedly the writings of Marx, the ideals of Lenin, the little red book of Chairman Mao; nor does it mean that I could possibly ever befriend dictators such as Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.
    You are correct in calling me a democrat since I am a strong advocate for democracy. But, for democracy to thrive, the people must be well informed, they must be free to exercise their rights to express themselves and to disagree, and they must be a functional part of the selection process that determines who represents them in government.
    I support a lot of “leftist” causes that those of you on the right despise. In my opinion the social benefits of quality health care for everyone, quality education for everyone, good rail and highways for everyone, a strong national defense for everyone, etc., make our country and our society safer and stronger. Only if all American citizens are given an equal chance to live healthy and safe lives can we be a strong nation that provides good jobs and opportunities so that all might achieve the American Dream. I oppose unnecessary welfare, as I said before, including giving tons of money to Nebraska farmers so that they can afford to vacation in Hawaii, buy new F350s every other year, and follow the Huskers to all their away games.
    As for some publication being funded by George Soros, Michael Moore, and others – please tell me what is wrong with that? It’s their money, can’t they do with it as they choose? Isn’t that what you’ve been telling us all along? If it’s OK for the Koch Bros., Karl Rove, and others … why not them? If a conservative person gladly accepts a conservative PAC’s support, does that still mean that “truth is dying?” Does it indicate typical rightist “disingenuity and hypocrisy?”
    You see, Lizzie, a lot of us “leftists” don’t “hate rich conservatives and republicans.” We just wish that they would be more fair about how they go about their businesses, giving more to those that do the actual production, investing more in productivity here in America, and investing in our society, rather than just in themselves. Even a filthy rich guy like Andrew Carnagie understood that concept. He knew that philanthropy was a requirement for those that got the biggest slice of the pie. Too many of today’s capitalists only want more for themselves, and THAT is what is being protested.
    Really, Lizzie, if you aren’t one of the 1%ers, then you too should be favoring the OWS movement, or as it should be called, more appropriately, the 99%er movement, because that is who it really represents … the 99% of us that are expected to bear the burden of this nation so that 1% can enjoy the benefits. If you support them because you think you’ll be like them someday … well … good luck with that.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Pres. Obama’s job proposal failed. Some are saying it is because the 2009 stimulus led to higher unemployment and greater economic uncertainty. WRONG! The last stimulus failed because the Wall Street sons-of-bitches and the banker bastards put the money in their own damned pockets rather than creating new jobs to put Americans back to work.

  26. Lizzie says:

    BTO – why are you making the broad-brush assumption that those who have the most money are hoarding their wealth and not philanthropic? Most of the wealthy I know are HUGE givers. If you are really a socialist/communist I am sorry – check recent world history for how that’s been working out for people. BTW America is a democratic republic, not a democracy.

    Michael Moore can give his money to whomever he wants, just like you and I can. My beef is with the OWS “occupiers” who are simply ranting against the “Wall Street rich” and “corporations.” Michael Moore IS a corporation, but since his world view is more in line with theirs, the protesters are not protesting HIM. Like I said, disingenuous.

    Not that it matters, but I am self-employed and currently have FOUR distinct and different professional functions for various clients that add up to more than full-time. I pay way more than my fair share in taxes. I am multi-talented and diverse. But you’re right anon 5:37; I am NOT a writer. So what?

    Ivy. You have not heard anyone at OWS hating because you have not been listening. Many of the OWhateverS “occupiers” are filled with hatred toward the status quo and are speaking it out. The rest seem to be robots who chant/repeat each other’s words in a creepy way. Either way, not productive. Many of the youth involved seem to be in rebellion for rebellion’s sake and as Sweeps mentioned, cannot elucidate their demands in any kind of a coherent fashion. I agree the economy sucks, but the guy who was elected to fix it has made it multiple times worse. I contend it would have been a much different (and better) scenario if we would have put a fiscal conservative in the White House in 2008. But we didn’t.

  27. Anonymostly says:

    Lizzie, in the unlikely event that my wife passes away (God forbid) or kicks me out of the house (God forbid) I will beat a path to your door and pledge you my undying love. Okay?

    By the way, is your last name Cheney? If so, I think you ought to be running for Pres-o-dent. I even have a campaign slogan for you:

    “Liz Cheney: twice as hot as Sarah Palin; ten times smarter than Barack Obama.”

  28. RWP says:

    BTO, you’re clueless.

    No CEO with any sense would set up a manufacturing plant in the US at the moment. The regulators would have it shut down in 6 months. Why do you think they mke iPhones in China? Wages? Not really. Wages are a small part of the unit costs. It’s the cost of regulatory compliance.

    I was down at Missouri Western at St. Joe on a recruiting trip on Monday, and was comparing notes with their compliance guy on their dealings with the local EPA office (which we also have to deal with). He said their major problem was the Art department, which had a jar of used oil paint labeled ‘waste’. Once you label it waste it comes under the EPA’s jurisdiction, and so they hit them with a citation for unlicensed storage of hazardous waste. And the point is, the EPA is relatively easy on universities. They go after us mostly so our students will be indoctrinated into the EPA’s doctrine of cradle to grave monitoring of everything. Except there are fewer and fewer places for our students to work anymore, because the EPA has driven the US chemical industry offshore, mostly.

    This is your party’s doing. This is Lisa Jackson, your President’s EPA administrator. So don’t give me this crap about no investment in the US. Your guys have made that investment into financial suicide.

    So spare me the crocodile tears. The Democrat Party killed US manufacturing, not Wall Street.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    BTO, the last stimulus went primarily to state and local government to “save, not create” government union jobs and reduce their deficit spending. A nice chunk went towards tax breaks for individuals. Very little went to corporations. Of the part that went to corporations, several Obama-connected ones made out like bandits. Of course, OWS thinks that the solution to all this crony capitalism and the government picking the winners and losers is more cowbell! But only if democrats are in charge of course, because evil Republicans would just give the money to companies like GE. Unlike Obama, er, wait, um.

    So despite your wishful thinking that the Tea Party and the OWS trust fund babies would hook up and form some sort of liberalterian party to re-elect Obama and restore the glory of Pelosi House, it ain’t going to happen. But you’re not alone in your fantasies and misconceptions. Those anti-Semites at Adbusters had the very same ideas back in June when they organized this “spontaneous” grassroots uprising. They just forgot to organize some port-a-potties.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, does anyone else admire the self-control of the Lefties of OWS to refrain from throwing in some anti-war protesting over the continued existence of Gitmo, summary execution by drone, an undeclared war on Libya, and assassinations of Americans overseas? It’s really impressive the way they’re staying on message.

  31. Brian T. Osborn says:

    LIzardbreath, Right Wing Prof and McCrappy,
    Hmmm. Put down your biases and actually read what I wrote. I have come to a point where I have chosen to take neither the left, nor the right, turn in the road. I am attempting to hear what those on the right are actually saying, I am attempting to hear what those on the left are actually saying, and I am making a genuine effort to make sense of it all somewhere in the middle, because that is where we will find a way out of the mess we ALL are in. I am no longer interested in finding so much who is at fault, but what it will take for all of us to get out of the hole we’re all in – before we all lose all that is important to us!
    Yeah, I’m a “lefty” because that is where I have lived most of my life. Don’t expect me to change overnight. Don’t expect me to abandon the core principles that make me … me. But, I promise I will listen to you if you don’t insist on just tossing injurious one-liners. You’ve gotta listen to me too. If all you’re going to do is insult me, well then **** you, I don’t have time to waste listening to prefabricated nonsense.
    I assume those with the most money are hoarding it because there are no new jobs being created. If they were investing in a purpose that benefitted the nation I live in, there would be no unemployment. As for my self-definition as a socialist/communist, please go back and read what I actually wrote. Read it again, and yet another time, maybe then it will sink in. If not, ask someone else to explain it to you.
    No one complains about what their friends do. It happens on your side of the fence too, so quit acting all upset about it. It is disingenuous of you.
    I’m so glad that you have analyzed the motives of the thousands of people participating in the OWS demonstrations based on the very few clowns that have attracted the attention of the media. As I wrote earlier, the clowns are always the ones that get the screen time because they are more entertaining. I think this thing is going to get a lot bigger, involving a very diverse cross section of America, before it is all over. I could be wrong, we’ll see.
    I won’t disagree with your analysis of why nobody wants to invest in America anymore. You have obviously given it some thought and come to a conclusion based on evidence and logic rather than emotion and dogma. As far as it being MY party’s fault, I refer you to what I wrote previously … it isn’t MY party.
    My fantasies include throwing ALL the bums out. Clear enough for ya? I think that is something that both the 99%ers AND the Tea Partiers might agree with me on.

  32. Brian T. Osborn says:

    The Obama administration just lost any support I may have ever given it. They’ve let loose the hounds from the DOJ against medical marijuana dispensers.
    Hell, even Christians must agree with me on this one: Genesis 1:11-12.

  33. Brian T. Osborn says:

    It will be very interesting to see how the Nebraska Democratic Party responds to the Obama administration’s decision to crush medical marijuana dispensers in light of their having overwhelmingly passed a resolution at their last State Convention that states very simply, “The Nebraska Democratic Party supports and promotes the legalization of medicinal marijuana.”
    I’m really not expecting much, since none of the other resolutions passed by the NDP State Convention, nor those passed by the NDP State Central Committee ever see the light of day. The oligarchs that run the party are too busy covering Sen. Ben Nelson’s ass. After all, according to them, the NDP only exists to glorify the ground he walks on. And I’ll guarantee you that the NDP SCC had NOTHING to do with approving all those annoying ads that you are harassed with on your television. I’ll bet the delegates didn’t even know about that until they too saw those horrid commercials.

  34. Brian T. Osborn says:

    You walk all over people with your high heeled sneakers then expect them to treat you with respect? Hah! I’m not into sadomasochism.

  35. Lizzie says:

    BTO – I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn’t think you were thinned skinned, and while I use sarcasm, I’m not being mean. Sorry you got offended, but I think we need a little pot-kettle here.

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:

    MacDrabby, Simon Cowell would call you “boring.”

    Lizzie, you use “leftist” and “democrat” like they were profanity. THAT is why you get tagged with a nom de plume of my choice. I’m not really thin skinned, but I do have a policy for dealing with anonymice when they irritate me. It is, “Don’t get even, escalate.” It humors me.

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